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Yankee Candle Tart Apple Pie

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2 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    2 Reviews
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      11.10.2012 09:24
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      A lovely scented tart

      I have been a fan of Yankee Candles for about a year now and when I was having a mooch on Ebay I found this Yankee Candle tart and had to buy it simply because of the name. I hadn't realised that this scent was no longer widely available to buy until I looked to buy it again and realised I had found a tart I really like and it's really hard to buy!

      Mike Kittredge founded Yankee candles in 1969, he wanted to make a present for his mother so he melted down some wax crayon that he had and from that the Yankee Candle was born. It is said that some people saw the gift he had made for his Mother and requested that they could buy it off him so with their money he bought more wax and made his Mother another gift and it went from there.

      Yankee candles come in many different shapes and sizes which all carry relevant price tags, there are over 100 different fragrances and new ones are released throughout the year for different occasions, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, valentines the list is endless. The tarts are in my opinion the best value and allow you to have a wide variety of fragrances to try without too much of an outlay. The range carries,

      Wax Tartlets - £1.20 - 8 hours burning time
      Tea Lights - £6.45 for 12 - 4-6 hours burning time
      Sampler - £1.75 - 15 hours burning time
      Small Jars - £7.99 - 25-40 hours burning time
      Medium Jars - £15.99 - 65-90 hours burning time
      Large Jars - £18.99 - 110-150 hours burning time
      Small Tumbler - £9.45 - 35-45 hours burning time
      Medium Tumbler - £14.75 - 45-50 hours burning time
      Large Tumbler - £18.25 - 70-90 hours burning time

      Not all fragrances come in all of the different size options I think it depends how popular a fragrance is. I personally like to stick to the tarts as I like to be able to change my fragrances regularly although I have found that if you line your burner with foil you are able to lift them of (when set of course) and change your fragrance as often as you choose.

      The tart came wrapped in tight plastic which I find easiest to open with a knife or one side of a pair of scissors. On the front of the tart is a little label showing a delicious looking apple pie, the tart is a dark red in colour which I found a strange colour for an apple pie fragrance. As this is a Yankee Candle tart you have to place it in a burner with a tea light burning underneath it, the smell begins to drift around once the wax begins to melt from the heat of the tea light. I found that this tarts smell drifted around the room within 10 minutes, the initial scent was very sweet and then after a little longer the smell started to turn to cinnamon. I didn't feel when I was burning the tart and sat in the same room that it smelt like apple pie it was only when I went upstairs to one of the children and then returned to the room that it smelt just like an apple pie cooking in the oven.

      The smell of this tart only lasted about 7 hours which was a shame as it's supposed to last 8 hours and I really liked the smell. The smell still remained in my house the morning after burning it which was nice and it made the room seem warm which I think is the cinnamon smell. I really like this tart and give it 5 stars from 5 it's just a shame it's not easy to get hold of any more.


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      31.08.2011 08:18
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      A yummy scent more like cinnamon pie

      As a 'newbie' when it comes to the whole Yankee Candle scene, I've been really interested in the huge variety of scents that are available both past and present. I was stunned to find out about the lists of scents which Yankee Candle have introduced and then 'retired' in order to create room in their ranges for new and exciting scents. These retiresd scents are obviously now hard to find and therefore tend to cost either more or a lot more depending on what they are.

      This particular Yankee Candle wax tart cost me £4 due to it's hard to find status. Although the current range of wax tarts cost between 89p and £1.20 each so this one cost me nearly four times the price, I didn't mind because it's always nice to have something special that not a huge amount of people have experienced. I therefore felt it was well worth the extra money. Plus the idea of my house smelling like Apple Pie was a winning idea for me!

      As with all Yankee Candle wax tarts, this one came wrapped in tight plastic with a rimmed label showing a picture of a very delicious looking apple pie on the front! The scent that I could smell even when wrapped was quite strong, but as I've said in many of my wax tart reviews this is never an indication of the strength of scent when burning so I try not to form too much of an opinion at this point.

      The packaging is always best removed over the bin or the sink because I find they always shed flakes of wax as you open them which can be difficult to get off a kitchen counter or table etc. Also the packaging will always need to be removed with scissors as it's quite strong plastic designed to seal as much of the scent in as possible.

      This tart is a very dark crimson red colour and when I began burning it, the colour remained a very dark red in the burner. It took about 30 minutes to fully melt but the scent began to be released quicker than that which I was quite pleased with. I was happy to note that it was quite strong as far as Yankee scents go but not awfully like Apple Pie. As a huge lover of home baking, that smell when something is in the oven baking is unmatched so I was waiting with excitement for this sort of smell to be released. After about 45 minutes the scent transformed into exactly that of home baking, it was delicious! However this particular element of the scent didn't last too long which was a little disappointing.

      As the tart continued burning I noticed that the scent wavered between two very noticeable elements. The first being that lovely home baking smell and the second being very strong cinnamon. This cinnamon scent wasn't a bad smell but not very 'apple pie'. In fact my overall opinion of the scent was that the tart should have been named 'cinnamon pie' not 'apple pie' because that was exactly what it smelt like! The fact that this tart had two different 'sides' to it's scent was quite new to me for a Yankee Candle experience. I've not yet had another one that has literally flicked between two scents every half hour of so. Again it wasn't a bad smell just unexpected.

      The scent itself was of a high level which I always like because it means that it's strength tends to fill a lot more of my house than one room. This is always pleasing as in my opinion it provides better value for money if my whole house smells lovely rather than one room! I can't say that the scent itself was evenly distributed because of it's two different elements but it's ability to fill the room at an even level was adequate. So tthat was another pro.

      Yankee Candle say their wax tarts have a burning scent time of 8 hours approximately. I've found this to vary depending on the particular scent as some have been more, some less. This particular scent gave me a good 6 hours and a weak 2 hours before I knew it was time to throw it away. The difficulty I've found with wax tarts is that they are burnt using tea lights which often have between 2 and 4 hours burning time. So if I'm burning a wax tart while I do household jobs I have to keep an eye on when the tealight is used up so I can quickly change it before the wax cools and sets. As I've noted in some other tart reviews, the scent of the tart itself is noticebaly weaker once the wax has cooled and re-set and is then melted again. So really if you intend to burn them and want the full affect, the best advice I can give is to burn a tax consistantly over one day rather than a few hours a day over a few days. The benefit will be a higher scent level.

      Overall I would give this tart 4 stars because the scent was still lovely although rarely smelt like 'apple pie'. It did have that beautiful home baking element to the scent which is what made me purchase it in the first place so I was more than happy with that. My only ciritism is that next time I buy an 'apple pie' scented product from Yankee Candle I would really love it to smell like apple pie because I honestly think it would be my favourite if thats what it smelt like!


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