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Yankee Candle Tart Black Raspberry

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2011 15:14
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      Waste of Money

      If you read my reviews you will be aware that I am a new lover of the whole Yankee Candle scene. I've fast become very interested in the scents available and experementing with all manner of weird and wonderful candle scents!

      This particular review is for the Yankee Candle Black Raspberry Tart. I purchased this online for about £4 for a pair of two which is approximately double the price most people pay for their tarts. However this particular scent is now classed as rare and hard to find due to the fact that Yankee Candle retired it a while ago. It means that they aren't producing any of their products in this scent anymore so what's left out their is selling for more than it's initial sale price (most tarts cost between 89p and £1.10 if they are from the 'current' range). I was really excited when I read about this particular scent because I love raspberry, cherry and blackberry scents and flavours for everything and they always fill my top ten lists in sweets, food, toiletries etc and my all time Yankee Candle scent is black cherry so when I realised I could get Black Raspberry I was really intent on tracking a tart or two down!

      It did take me a little while to find this scent and I also looked at purchasing the larger Yankee products in this scent as I was positive it would be a close first place with Black Cherry on my top ten scent list. The cost of the jars in this scent had rocketed far beyond justifieable though so I thought best to at lest buy the tart version and keep an eye out for a cheaper glass jar size one.

      When the tart arrived I was quite disappointed, I know this scent is retired but it's red colour had almost dyed the whole front of the packaging sticker, and this isn't something I've seen on any other Yankee Canlde product. Still it was ledgable and the picture could be seen of some cherries although very red the whole background was it was hard to distinguish background from cherry! None the less I took it staright out of the postage bag ready to burn. I noticed that their was no scent coming through the packaging at this point. However as I always say in my tart reviews this is never an indication of the scent level when burning so I wasn't overly fussed that I couldn't smell anything.

      As with all Yankee Candle tarts they come wrapped in tight plastic which needs to be removed with scissors over the sink or bin. This is because I've found that all the tarts shed scrappings of wax when they are opened and it's hard to clean them off your kitchen surface or table etc. When I took the plastic off I held the tart up to smell, it was quite a nice sweet and pleasant smell. Not much like raspberry, but nice though.

      Once in the tart burner it took about 30 minutes to melt. During that time a lovely aroma has usually begun to fill my kitchen where I burn the tarts but that was not quite the case with this tart. There was literally no smell being emitted. I was quite perplexed by this so when I went to smell the melted wax I was suprised to find it smelt lovely in the burner, nice and raspberry like, not tangy but pleasant. The sort of scent I really love. Not musky but fruity and nice to be around. I couldn't understand why the scent wasn't working in it's usual way so thought maybe I would give it more time...

      After the first tea light I was burning the tart with died (4 hours later) I was not a very happy camper. My house smelt...of nothing. The tart had not scented my kitchen at all, let alone had the strength to scent other parts of my house. I wondered if I had a dudd tart on my hands?!

      As I often say in my reviews the scent of the tart noticeably lowers if you burn it on and off for days as it seems to loose it's scent quicker when you melt the wax, let it set and cool and then melt it again. That said this particular tart was going against everything I've learnt about Yankee tarts so I thought I would try again the next day. Sadly I had no luck then either!

      I must say on close expection the scent was gorgeous but as for it's useage? It didn't work and was useless! My house smelt the same before and after so it didn't do it's job at all let alone give me a chance to add it's smell to my top ten or bottom ten list!

      It's only getting one star from me because it's a dudd tart in my opinion. Good job it's retired!


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