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Yankee Candle Tart Loves Me Loves Me Not

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8 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    8 Reviews
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      02.02.2014 11:50
      Very helpful



      Not for me this one!

      I am a huge fan of the Yankee range of fragrances whether they be candles or the tarts and not so long ago I made a bulk purchase of tarts from Amazon. It was basically a mixed bag so I was excited and hoped that I would get a few that I hadn't tried before and I did and this was one of those.

      With smoking in my home, a love of spicy food, a cat and two hamsters and a slight damp issue I do get paranoid about the place not smelling so fresh. Most evenings I use incense or light scents not only to freshen the place up a bit and make it feel more homely but also because I simply find a nice scent relaxing.

      This Tart:

      The tart is a round, white disc of wax with fluted edges and the word Yankee is engraved into the top of it. It comes in a plastic wrapper with a picture of a daisy on the front and of blue sky and on that label we are told what it is and who it is by and on the back of it burn time is given along with a couple of do's and dont's and so on.

      Using It:

      To use a tart from within this range is simple. You can break it with ease for smaller oil burners or you can use the whole thing in a larger oil burner (as I do) or you use half of this tart and mix it with another tart (mixology this is called lol). Any way that you use it you need to light a tealight under it and within a couple of minutes the hard wax melts into a pool of oil and you can expect 8 hours of fragrance from this one according to Yankee.

      Soon after lighting this one though I wasn't one bit keen. All it smelt of to me was daisy's,no mix of anything else was apparent and it was very sweet and cloying and to me it was just really heavy and fake in its fragrance. If you like a really strong scent that wafts through your home with ease and rather quickly this one is great cos it really does however for me I found it really overpowering and headache inducing and after just about 10 minutes of this one releasing its scent I put the tealight out and the scent still was in the room for a good twenty or so minutes afterwards much to my dismay.

      It is very floral but for me too much so and way to in your face and this is one that I tried to get used to a couple of times and in the end on the second go I got rid of the oil and replaced it with a different tart from the range that I much preferred. Too heavy and boring for me I'm afraid and I didn't like the headache it brought on at all!

      Available in various sized candles and in tart form from Yankeecandle.com, Clinton's and Amazon or Google online and there are plenty of outlets that sell Yankee as it is very popular of course and for the tart expect to pay about £1.25.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      19.12.2013 20:39
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      I really love Yankee wax tarts, and I always order them in tens from ebay. I tend to always buy fruity fragrances, but if I do opt for something else I always do some research first. However, the last time I made a purchase, I just dived in and ordered all sorts without doing any research beforehand! This has reaped some rewards ... but in some cases backfired spectacularly....

      Not drawn to it
      According to the Yankee website, the scent of this tart is evocative of "a fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be pulled"! I am not sure this tells me very much about what to expect - and realistically it may not have put me off even if I had read the description before making my purchase as with all wax tarts, this comes shrink wrapped. Having my first sniff of this while still wrapped, I instantly wasn't sure. It has a very strong floral scent that I was not drawn to.

      Daisy don't!
      After putting this in my tart burner and lighting a tealight underneath, the scent of this quickly became evident - and again I was really unsure about it! It does actually remind me very much of other daisy-scented products I have smelt in the past, but it is very strong and sweet - and quite cloying. I actually left the room this was burning in for a good thirty minutes, and when I went back in the room the smell was so strong I had to blow it out.

      In summary
      I am sure some people would like this fragrance but it really isn't for me! It is way too flowery and strong, and it is not a fragrance I like - in fact I have thrown the remainder of the tart away as I really can't bear it! But of course this probably would appeal to some people - and in fact others rate it quite highly in reviews I have read since. And I can vouch for it being a good quality tart in the sense that it gets to work quickly, and definitely scents the room well! But not for me at all I'm afraid.

      Wax tarts cost around £1-£1.50. this scent of candle also comes in other formats such as votive and jar.


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      20.06.2013 16:06
      Very helpful



      Sorry Yankee "loves me loves me not" - This is a loves me not story

      =Yankee Candle Tart Loves Me Loves Me Not=

      After buying the "Sugared Vanilla" Yankee Candle, the white colour candles had me extra interested in the possible fragrance and this was a blind buy as I got it from eBay within a purchase of 10 candles.

      =Price and Availability=
      Yankee Candles are available from a variety of sources, both online from retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Yankee Candles and off=line from retailers such as Clintons Cards, The works, Department stores, The Works, even B+Q.

      I purchased the Wax tart and it worked out at an average of £1.25 per tart, which is a ball part figure for wax tarts,

      =The Tart=
      The tart is a small circular disc and has a fluted edge, the candle itself has Yankee Candle engraved in the top.

      The tart is shrink wrapped, and has a sticker on the top of the candle which tells us it is by Yankee, the fragrance, "loves me loves me not" and the picture is that of a single daisy, the sticker underneath has the to use information and the contact details for Yankee.

      =8 Hours Buning=
      With a Wax tart, Yankee say you should get 8 hours of burning time, and I have found this to be right, I usually break a tart in half, and burn the half over about 3 or 4 evenings, so that I get to enjoy the fragrance.

      I was looking forward to this tart, so usual evening routine, daughter gone to bed and oil burner on so I can chill out and relax, .at first smell the candle had a lovely floral smell, didn't seem too strong, even through the wrapper, so I figured would be floral and I guessed a light floral as it was a white candle.

      =The actual Burn=
      As first whilst the wax is going through the melt stage, the floral scent starts to come to the air, and you get a smell like a meadow and fresh cut grass, then once the heat has melted the wax and this is hot, wham bamm you get the full floral release, and full on is not the word, it reminds me of a cheap air freshener, a false sense of fragrance, as though someone has been let lose with a chemistry kit and tried to recreate the garden of flowers, and gone horribly wrong.

      =My first and only night=
      I did not even both using the tart for the second night, or even the other half, I ended up windows open, spraying air freshener anything to get rid of the smell.

      =My thoughts=
      I always think that if we all liked the same thing life would be boring, there may be people who love this fragrance, but it wasn't for me, that's not the fault of Yankee, so I have given it a 3/5,

      =General Information=
      Tarts - 22grams burn time of 8 hours around £1 to £1.50

      Sampler Candle - 32 grams - burn time 12/15 hours £1.30 to £2.00

      Small Glass Jar, - 3.7oz (140 grams) - burn time of 25/40 hours around £10

      Medium Glass Jar - 14.5oz (411 grams) burn time of 65/90 hours around £15

      Large Glass Jar - 22oz (630grams ) burn time of 110/150 hours - around £20


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      31.05.2013 22:27
      Very helpful



      Love this one

      =The Purchase==

      I love anything that smells nice and with my house with 2 children, 2 dogs, a cat, a husband and a recently added kitten I like to make sure that my house smells fresh. I try to resist the temptation of buying new tarts as I have so many that I haven't burnt yet however I fail miserably. We live in quite a small village and even we have a Yankee candle stockist, I was rather upset when I discovered it closed a couple of months ago only to find it opened up in bigger premises a few weeks later!

      ==The Invention==

      Yankee Candles were created in 1969 when Mike Kittredge melted down some crayons trying to make his mother a gift, after someone saw what he had done they bought it off him and he then bought my wax to make some more and Yankee Candles were born.

      ==The Range==

      There are a great range of different Yankee Candles and a great difference in price and burning time to boot, these are price off one site however you can get them cheaper if you shop around or buy in bulk especially with the tarts,

      Wax Tartlets - £1.20 - 8 hours burning time
      Tea Lights - £6.45 for 12 - 4-6 hours burning time
      Sampler - £1.75 - 15 hours burning time
      Small Jars - £7.99 - 25-40 hours burning time
      Medium Jars - £15.99 - 65-90 hours burning time
      Large Jars - £18.99 - 110-150 hours burning time
      Small Tumbler - £9.45 - 35-45 hours burning time
      Medium Tumbler - £14.75 - 45-50 hours burning time
      Large Tumbler - £18.25 - 70-90 hours burning time

      There are over 100 different fragrance options and I like the fact that they bring out new fragrances for the different occasions through the year and that no matter what your budget you can enjoy the range.

      ==The Package==

      The tartlets come in a simple plastic wrapper which is wrapped tightly around the tart, the tart is like a pastry case narrower at the bottom than the top but not by much and has fluted edges. This particular tart a lovely crisp white in colour and on the top of it there is a picture of a lovely looking daisy with long striking petals. The description of this tart is "A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be plucked ... oh, the anticipation"

      On the underneath of the tart there is a small sticker which has some small pictures on it of warnings to do with the tart, there is,

      A sign to say it will burn for more than 8 hours although some lose their smell before the 8 hours is up.
      Do not use with electric
      Do not leave unattended
      Do not use near curtains
      Keep 10cm between candles
      Keep away from children
      Do not use in a frying pan
      Do not add water

      ==My Thoughts==

      This tart only burned for a matter of minutes before the scent began to drift around my front room where I generally use the tarts, the smell starts off smelling slightly like freshly cut grass and then develops into a lovely light floral scent. The scent seems to get stronger as it burns up to about the maximum fragrance at about 30 minutes burning time, with the scent being so strong you can smell it throughout the house which is great and you can smell it the next day after burning.

      The tart is supposed to burn for 8 hours but I personally would say I got a good 10-11 hours from it, I only felt the need to burn the tart for about an hour at a time as it was such a strong scent that was all it needed. I love this scent it reminds me of a summers evening and it is one I will certainly be buying again and this time I am going to snap it in half before burning as I have been told this can make the tart last longer.


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      04.10.2012 11:58
      Very helpful



      The smell of Zoflora in a wax tart

      ~~~ Loves me, loves me not ~~~

      'Loves me, Loves me not' is offered by Yankee Candle in many different formats to suit both your home and your purse. Over the years the Yankee Candle brand has expanded into different types of home fragrancing, moving with the times. They not only sell votives, sampler candles, and house warmer jars; the range now includes wax pot pourri tarts, car fragrances, electric plug ins and a more recent addition - the reed diffuser.

      ~~~ Tart ~~~

      The star of this review is a tart; a circular disc of highly fragranced wax, which is instantly recognisable by its fluted edges. Saying that though, you usually smell them before you can see them. The fragrance is usually intoxicating.

      Loves me, loves me not has been my latest tart to burn. These have no wick to light, and instead are melted using a tart burner with a lit candle underneath. You could use a non-Yankee branded oil burner, but please make sure that the well at the top is deep, as when melted, they give a surprising amount of wax, although you could just use half like I usually do.

      The 'loves me not' wax tart is pure white in colour and as such would co-ordinate with any home decor. The tart comes tightly wrapped in clear plastic and the label adorning the packaging illustrates a single daisy. Yankee describe this scent as 'A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be plucked... oh, the anticipation! Like a romantic daydream, Loves Me, Loves Me Not captures the essence of summer love.'

      ~~~ Price ~~~

      Loves me, loves me not wax tart usually costs between £1.00 and £1.20 per 22g tart, and can be found in many high street retailers and also online from yankeecandle.co.uk. Please shop around though as there are bargains to be had.

      ~~~ My Thoughts ~~~

      I love of all things related to Yankee Candle, and whenever a new one comes out I buy it. There are not really any stockists where I live, so when I go somewhere that does sell them, I tend to go mad and stock up. I could buy online, but I prefer to smell them before I buy. These are quite tightly sealed in cellophane, but they are usually so highly scented one can still detect the scent through the packaging.

      The wax tarts are the best way to experience the high quality of the Yankee fragrances I feel; this is due to them being more intensely fragranced than a votive or sampler, and being such a low cost if you don't like one particular scent, you simply buy another; the higher costs associated with a Yankee candle make this a less favourable option.

      'Loves me, Loves me not' in solid form, has a lovely floral scent. I tend to break mine in half so they last for two uses, and this is easily done as they are made from compacted beads of wax. The tart melts quickly in my electric burner to form a pool of transparent liquid and the scent of daisies starts to waft around my home. Any lingering odours in my home (from pets, kids and the other half) are quick to dissipate as the scent rises.

      Being 'presumably' a light, floral scent, I felt this tart would be more suited to burning during the day, and so I did just that. It is very natural and true to life scent. It is the perfect scent of a summer daisy, but my goodness it's just too strong. I prefer stronger scented perfumes and candles as past reviews will testify, but the floral scent from this is just too intense and dominant.

      The scent is very fresh, courtesy of some green notes. It gives it an almost herbal twist. There is even a touch of vanilla scent to add sweetness. These different notes do nothing to tone down the whole effect though. It could be a really lovely welcoming scent, but this one, for me, is just too headache inducing. It carries a distinctive and noticeable floral smell but it's so strong it reminds me the same scent of floral disinfectant. Zoflora anyone!


      What would normally be a positive, with this scent has become otherwise; the scent lingers in the air for at least a couple of hours after I turned off my burner. Whilst melting this tart I'm torn, I like the idea of the delicate scent of a daisy, but I do feel the actual strength was just too overpowering and intense for such a delicate little flower.

      As previously stated, I broke this is half, and used this throughout the whole day yesterday. It gave my home an intense floral smell for well over 12 hours which is great value, but not when you're not keen on the scent. I did contemplate about throwing the remaining half of the tart away, but I think I shall give it another go; this time breaking it into half again, and hope that this gives it the more delicate, feminine fragrance I was initially expecting.

      I'm a bit on the borderline with this one; I love Yankee Candle fragrances as they are generally so true to life, but with this particular fragrance, I could have been in a whole field of daisies and not got the same intense bouquet. It has a lovely premise; of young love in the summertime, but this is more like a whirlwind to the senses, and definitely not one for me.

      Not recommended :(


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        20.09.2012 21:23
        Very helpful



        I love it!

        I love to keep my home smelling nice and my favourite way of doing this is with Yankee Wax Tarts, I've recently been trying some new ones that I managed to find in a small local gift shop. For those who don't know Yankee make a large variety of scented wax products and wax tarts are little round discs of oily wax with no wick that need to be melted using an oil burner and an unscented tea light. Each tart measures approximately 1 x 5cm's and has a fluted edge like a jam tart.
        Yankee Wax Tarts cost round about £1.20 give or take a few pence depending on where you buy from. They are becoming a bit more available on the high street but can be found in many online stores such as Yankee direct, Amazon and the Scented Candle Shop.
        Yankee claim that by using natural oils and extracts in all their wax gives true to life fragrances, I have found this to be the case.

        The wax tart I have been using over the past few days has been Loves Me Loves Me Not, it is sold wrapped tightly in clear polythene with a small label on the front, this always has a little picture reflecting the fragrance of the tart, in the case of Loves Me Loves Me Not the picture shows a pretty little white daisy against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds. Yankee state that Loves Me Loves Me Not is a fragrance that "captures the essence of pretty white daisy flowers", naturally the wax is white.

        When I bought this I gave it a quick sniff in the shop and the best way I could describe it was just floral, not particularly a daisy fragrance but in no way unpleasant, it reminded me of something but I couldn't quite think what.

        As with all Yankee wax tarts once placed in the burner with the tea light melting the wax it doesn't take long for the fragrance to filter around the room, as soon as this happened I could instantly recognise the fragrance, its calla lily, a while ago Yankee used to do a calla lily fragrance and I loved it, lilies are my favourite flowers and I absolutely love their fragrance, I haven't seen the Calla Lily tart for ages so I assumed it was discontinued.

        Loves me loves me not smells gorgeous, its quite strong and heady, the fragrance spreads all around my home both upstairs and down, I always melt wax tarts for a couple of hours at a time, the smell lingers long after the wax has solidified and in my opinion this is the best way to get full value from them. I always leave the wax in the burner and then just re-melt it another day. Yankee claim a wax tart gives up to 8 hours fragrance which on the whole I would agree with.

        If you like to use wax tarts and like floral smells particularly lily then I would definitely recommend Loves Me Loves Me Not, its become one of my all time favourite fragrances and I have since bought it again. You can also buy this fragrance in various candle forms such as house warmer jars, tumblers, votives and tea lights.

        Loves Me Loves Me Not is in my opinion a fragrance that suits both daytime and evenings.


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        20.08.2012 20:34
        Very helpful



        A quality wax tart with great fragrance and longevity.

        Knowing how much I love Yankee Wax Tarts, my daughter often treats me to one or two when she has been out shopping and just recently she came home with one of my favourites: 'Soft Blanket' and also another one which I had not tried before but she thought I would like, this 'Loves Me Loves Me Not' wax tart.

        Loves Me Loves Me Not is one of the newer Yankee fragrances and up until my daughter buying me this wax tart I had not seen any in the shops where I usually purchase my wax tarts when in town, but I had seen it in a glass jar format and had liked the look of it with photograph of a summer daisy on the label and also the pure white wax.

        Yankee describe this new fragrance as a fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be plucked and state that just like a romantic daydream it captures the essence of summer love.
        I expected the wax to smell floral of course and it certainly does capture the essence of daisies and summer flowers. I have came across a few wax tarts which although smell really lovely, they fail to smell anything like their name or description. Loves Me, Loves Me Not however, matches its title perfectly.

        I am not always a lover of floral fragrance. Indeed I always prefer the musky, spicier fragrances from the Yankee range, closely followed by the fruity ones. Floral fragrance is always my least favourite and I am the same when it comes to perfume and toiletries, therefore I was surprised at just how appealing this fragrance was to me when I first held it to my nose and I was looking forward to using it.

        After unwrapping the wax tart and placing it in my oil burner with a tealight underneath, I waited as the wax began to melt and very soon the fragrance began to appear. I must point out that you must ensure the well in your oil burner is deep enough to hold the wax tart and if not, you should slice the tart in half or to whatever size fits your burner. Fortunately mine has a deep well and so I placed the whole tart in the well.
        I usually find that after around 4-5 mins as the wax begins to melt, I begin to detect the fragrance from a wax tart, however, with this one I began to smell the fragrance after only 2-3 minutes.
        The fragrance became stronger as the wax melted and soon the whole room was filled with the scent, wafting out into my hallway and up the stairs.

        Yankee state you can expect up to 8 hours burn time from a wax tart before the fragrance disappears, which is something I have found varies from candle to candle. The longevity of some wax tarts I have used are really good and I have actually experienced over 8 hours of fragrance with some of them, but there have been one or two that have disappointed me also. I am pleased to report that Loves Me Loves Me Not is one of those which actually exceeds the 8 hours and I was very happy with the longevity of this one.
        The fragrance also hung in the air for a long time after extinguishing the tealight. I burned this wax tart for around 3 hours on an evening and the next morning I could still smell its fragrance as I walked down the stairs.
        I could still smell this fragrance after 12 hours of burning and it was only after this time that it finally began to disappear and so overall I achieved around 13-14 hours of fragrance from this wax tart which represents excellent value for money.

        I really liked Loves Me Loves Me Not and it is one I shall be buying again as this could be one to add to my favourites list. It also makes a lovely drawer scenter and I always store my wax tarts in my drawers prior to burning them and so they always serve more than one purpose for me.
        I definitely recommend this one!

        Loves Me Loves Me Not can be purchased from branches of Clintons and Collectables as well as department stores. It can also be purchased online from Yankee stockists and Amazon. This fragrance is also available to purchase in other formats such as glass jars, tumblers, votives and tealights but I personally think that the wax tarts offer the best value for money.


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          28.05.2012 10:43
          Very helpful



          made me feel ill!

          Yankee Candle originated in the USA and offers a huge range of scented candles and other treats for the home.

          ~Loves Me Loves Me Not~

          Every year, Yankee release new scents. Spring 2012 saw the release of 5 new fragrances. One such fragrance is 'Loves Me Loves Me Not'.

          Loves Me Loves Me Not can be purchased in the form of tea lights, jars, sampler votives and wax tarts. A wax tart is a disc of scented wax which should be melted in a tart burner. Each tart is said to hold at least 8 hours of fragrance.

          This particular tart is white in colour and has a clear wrapper. The label adorning the tart shows a fresh daisy with a cloudy sky backdrop. The underside of the tart gives some warnings about how to use the tart.

          Yankee Candle describe Loves Me Loves Me Not as..

          'A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be pulled . . . oh, the anticipation!'

          If you wish to purchase this scent, head to www.yankeescents4.com where it is priced at £1.05. The tea lights are £5.99 and the large jar is £17.99. Amazon, eBay and other Yankee websites also stock this scent. It is also worth checking out your local Yankee stockists as they are likely to have the new scents in stock.

          ~My Thoughts~

          During a recent Yankee splurge, I purchased all 5 of the new 2012 scents. I bought 10 tarts for just under £10.00 with free p&p and was really pleased that the new scents were included in this offer.

          I am not usually a big fan of flower based scents but I am open to trying different scents. I have used some Yankee tarts which have been quite floral and really liked them so I wouldn't judge a scent before burning it. This tart looked really pretty and very 'Spring'. I chose to melt this one during the day whilst flitting about doing my house work. It isn't the sort of scent which gives a cosy atmosphere to the home but nor would you expect a Spring floral scent to do this.

          This tart was highly fragranced before I even melted it and to be honest, I wasn't really all that keen on it! I placed the full tart in the burner bowl and lit a tea light underneath. I went to get my cleaning stuff and came back a few minutes later - the scent filtering (or should I say shoving) its way around my living room was highly concentrated and extremely flowery!

          I don't mind daisies - I spent long enough in the garden as a child and we had lots of daisies scattered about but this took my breath away (and not in a good way). As the tart melted further, I found it impossible to be in the same room as the tart burner. I hated it! There was no denying the tarts strength as I could smell it all around the house but it was overpowering and simpy awful.

          Perhaps this scent is only designed to be appreciated by those who adore floral scents but personally, I doubt many could stomach it! It did resemble daisies - not a few but millions! Each time I entered the living room, I kept thinking of my head been forced into a bucket of fresh daisies or walking into an enclosed garden centre with no way out! I felt sick - literally felt sick and kept heaving. I have never had this issue with a Yankee tart before. I feel the scent would have been more pleasant if it hadn't been so strong,

          I suppose I expected a fresh, clean daisy smell from this tart hence the reason why I was disappointed by the overbearing, green floral scent. I had to open the balcony door to rid the house of the stench and even had to get my fiance to blow the tea light out after 30 minutes as I couldn't go near it. The scent faded quickly (thankfully) and the tart turned solid. I haven't been able to bring myself to use it again as a whole tart so broke it down into pieces and have managed to handle a little bit melted at a time.


          Definitely not for me. I would only recommend Loves Me Loves Me Not if your favourite flower is a daisy or if you have a huge house and only use a tiny bit at a time. Doing this gives longer than the recommended 8 hours of scent.

          Overall I was disappointed with this particular tart but this is no negative reaction to all of the new scents Yankee have released. This one is perhaps a little too natural smelling for me.

          Thanks for reading :)


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