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Yankee Candle Tutti Frutti

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      27.12.2013 15:28
      Very helpful
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      Another fantastic Yankee scent

      For those that don't know, Yankee make wax tarts, candles of differing sizes in jars and tumblers, pot pourri and reed diffusers. Most scents are available in all of these formats and all the ingredients used are 100% natural. A tart is a petal shaped wax disc which when placed in a tart burner (almost the same as an oil burner, but with a deeper well to retain the wax) melts and releases its scent. Yankee say each tart lasts for 8 hours, but with the exception of one scent I've never had a tart yet that isn't still releasing its scent for sometimes nearly double that.

      This tutti-frutti tart contains the scents of a cherry, raspberry, strawberry and lemon whirly-pop - I think whirly-pop is American for lolly judging by the picture on the cover of the tart! Those fruits aren't I associate with tutti-frutti fruits in ice-cream, but I won't split hairs over that. The bright red wax smells extremely fruity and sweet, another Yankee scent that's almost good enough to eat. As with a lot of Yankee's scents, there's a lot of sweetness in there - it's very sugary as well as fruity.

      This is one of those Yankee scents that works well either in the kitchen or in the living room - it's not too foody to make your living room smell like you've moved the oven in there and sweet enough to mask strong smells in the kitchen.

      This is another Yankee scent that has sadly been retired by the company, but it is still available as a tart and in other formats on various websites like Ebay and yankeescentre.co.uk, so a quick search through google should still provide some success in finding this scent. For it's strength and the tastiness of the smell, I'll give this tart the full five stars. Thanks for reading.


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        27.04.2012 19:57
        Very helpful



        strong, fruity, warming scent that will make your house smell good enough to eat!

        I was delighted to receive a Tutti-Fruitti scented Yankee Candle from my friend for my birthday. I love the chunky jars that Yankee candles come in and the scent is delicious!

        The Yankee Candle Company was started in 1969 when Michael Kittredge from Massachusetts created his first scented candle from melted crayons as a gift for his mother. The candle soon drummed up interest from others and he started producing more to meet the demand.
        The first Yankee Candle shop was opened in 1975 in Massachusetts, where Kittredge was from.
        Today Yankee Candle is the number 1 most recognised name in the candle business and they have the world's largest and most compelling selection of candle and home fragrance scents.

        I have the medium sized jar which is my favourite size as it is really wide and chunky whereas the large jar is tall and not as wide. The screw on lid is made of chunky glass with "YANKEE CANDLE company" imprinted on the top. The candle itself is a deep red colour and the jar has a sticker on the front with a picture of a brightly coloured swirly lollypop and "Tutti-fruitti" underneath.
        Upon lifting the lid the scent is very strong - sweet and fruity. Cherry is the first scent I can detect, but there is also raspberry, strawberry and lemon in it!
        Although this candle is not in the Yankee Candle Christmas range to me it is a winter candle - the strong cherry scent is very warming and rather reminds me of 'winter berry' scented candles I have used in the past. I don't think this is what Yankee Candle intended since most people would probably associate the swirly multi-coloured lollipop on the label with summer.

        On burning the candle I found that the sweet candy fragrance quickly filled the room, I found it strong, but not overpowering and the fragrance remained for a long time after the flame was extinguished. Yankee describe these as "long-burning jars" and it is recommended that you let them burn for a few hours at a time to ensure the top layer of wax melts all the way around so that you don't end up with a candle with a sunken hole in the middle.
        The medium jars are estimated to have 65 - 90 hours of burn time.
        Price and availability
        Online the only place I can currently find this candle in stock is on www.yankeeplanet.com and it will set you back £15.45 reduced from £15.99 (this is round about the average price for the medium jars)!
        I would usually recommend www.yankee.co.uk but this scent is currently out of stock on this website in medium and large jars, wax tarts and samplers/votives so it seems to be a popular scent.
        You can also buy Yankee candles in Clinton Cards and in Collectables or they are available on Amazon.co.uk

        You can usually buy the large jars (pictured above, which I personally think are too tall and ugly in comparison to the medium chunky ones) for £19.99, the samplers or votives for £1.75 and the wax tarts for £1.20.

        I would recommend this Yankee Candle - it is a strong, fruity, warming scent that will make your house smell good enough to eat! The wax tarts and samplers are great if you're not sure the scent is for you. The burning time makes them well worth the price!


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          17.10.2011 12:34
          Very helpful



          A lovely scent - just not as good as others

          I usually prefer to buy my Yankee Candles in the form of wax tarts, as I find that they are a good way of trying out a scent and much cheaper than buying a jar only to find that you don't like it. I actually got this Tutti Frutti Yankee Candle as a freebie online, as there was a buy two get the third free offer, and I was buying two jars anyway as gifts for my sisters.

          I'm not sure why I chose to purchase the Tutti Frutti fragrance as my jar candle. I'd never tried this fragrance before and the red colour doesn't match anything in my house! Still, as a fragrance, the name and picture of a brightly coloured lollipop really appealed to me and I looked forward to trying it.


          The jar candles come in three different sizes - the small, which is 3.7oz and gives 25-40 hours of fragrance, the medium which is 14.5oz and gives 60-90 hours of fragrance and then the large 22oz jar which gives 110-150 hours of fragrance. I have the medium size. The design of the jar is similar to an old fashioned sweet jar - with a heavy lid.

          The jars are rather iconic of the Yankee brand, however because of their chunky design, they will not necessarily suit every home. To be honest, I find them a little old fashioned looking for my own home and often struggle to find somewhere where they look 'right'. If a jar is not your thing, you may be interested to know that a more modern looking tumbler is also available.

          Want to try a Yankee Candle but apprehensive about the cost? Well you can buy a 'sampler' which is a small votive candle, about 2 inches high, for a fraction of the price of a full sized candle. You can also buy a box of 12 tea lights or a wax tart. The idea of a wax tart is that it is a disc of fragranced wax which is melted in a burner (also available from Yankee at £5 and upwards) to release the fragrance into the room.

          ==The Fragrance==

          This was an online order and I had never smelled the fragrance before purchasing it. Of course though, from the picture I was expecting something very fruity and very sweet and that is definitely what I got.

          When removing the lid from the jar, I don't even need to put my nose close to be able to smell the yummy aroma. It really does smell like one of the lollipops depicted on the label - the multi-coloured whirly ones that tend to be found at the seaside. In fact, smelling this candle brought back memories of the time we were in the car coming home from the beach and my sister somehow stuck one of these lollipops to the inside roof of my dads car. It left a lovely red stain on the felt and thanks to her we were never allowed those types of big lollipop again!

          So, yes, a very fruity candy fragrance - in fact my fiancé insists on me mentioning that it smells like 'when you put all the different colour skittles in your mouth at the same time.' It's a nice fragrance and I do like it, although I don't think it's necessarily the nicest fragrance from the fruit range. It's quite a sugary scent and dare I say just a tad synthetic. The cleaner, crisper fruit scents such as Orchard Pear or Tropical Fruit.

          ==Burning the Candle==

          When lit I find that it takes a little while for the scent to really come out and fill the room. The lady from Yankee Candle who does the QVC shows recommends that the medium and large jars are burned for a minimum of three hours at a time. I believe this is because anything less and the whole surface of the wax may not fully melt. This means you will be left with a ring of wax on the outside of your jar, rather than an even burn all the way down.

          Once the scent has started to come out, I find that it is strong enough to fill my sitting room with a subtle, fruity aroma, but the scent does not seem to be intense enough to travel room to room like some of the other Yankee Candle varieties.

          If I am totally honest, then I would have to say that I find the scent disappointingly subtle. Whilst I don't necessarily want a candle that will hit me with fragrance or be overpowering or sickly, I would have liked if this fragrance had been a little stronger.

          I find if I've been burning this for a few hours, I can't really smell it any more. It could just be my nose getting accustomed to the scent, especially as I tend to detect the fragrance if I have left the room for a while and come back in.

          As I have the medium jar, the estimated burn time is 60-90 hours. Unfortunately I'm not so dedicated to have actually counted how long I have burned it for, but I'd say that I've used just over a third and feel I must have used it for at least 20 hours, considering we had it lit for almost the whole day last week. This would bring the estimate of 60-90 hours bang on target for the lower estimate.


          Although I am specifically reviewing the medium housewarmer jar, I have included prices for the different formats below. The prices are approximate and will vary on where you shop.

          Wax Tarts - £1.10
          Votives - £1.60
          Small Jar - £7.45
          Medium Jar - £15.45
          Large Jar - £18.45
          Tea Lights (pack of 12) - £5.99

          I buy mine from Collectables or Clinton Cards on the High Street, but you can also buy from www.yankeedoodle.co.uk or www.yankee.co.uk online


          To sum up, Tutti Frutti is a nice fragrance and it evoked happy memories for me (although if my dad was to smell it, I'm sure the memories of trying to clean lollipop off the car roof would not be welcome!). It is a good quality candle with a long burn time as I have come to expect from Yankee, however if I have to be honest, I would like the fragrance to be stronger and not only that, but I don't think the scent is as special or 'stand out' as some of the others in the Yankee range, so unfortunately I feel I can only award it a rather average three star rating.


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