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Yankee Candle Vanilla Frosting

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    5 Reviews
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      22.02.2014 17:51
      Very helpful



      A lovely bakery scent, that smells good enough to eat!

      --- Introduction ---

      I currently have a bit of an obsession with scented candles and Yankee are my favourite brand. However, the jar candles are very expensive and not really within my price range. When someone suggested buying a Yankee tart warmer and some tarts instead I was confused as as I'd never heard of them. However after looking into prices and reviews I decided that a tart warmer was the way to go. Having purchased my new tart warmer, I went in search of some tarts to burn. Whilst I was at Asda I happened to find their candle section and I was most impressed to find that they had a range of tarts available for £1 each. I picked up one of every flavour and the Vanilla Frosting tart was the first one I decided to burn.

      --- What is a Yankee tart? ---

      A Yankee tart is basically a solid block of scented wax shaped like a fruit tart. They come in a variety of scents and are available from all Yankee outlets and most supermarkets. The tart comes in a plastic wrapper with the scent displayed on a sticker on the top. To use the tart you remove the plastic and place the tart on the top of a tart burner. Tart burners are very similar in design to oil burners, with the main difference being that they are much taller and there is more space between the tea light candle and the ceramic dish where the tart sits. It is important that you purchase the correct burner as if you burn a wax tart in a regular oil burner the dish may not be big enough and the tea light may too close to the ceramic dish causing it to overheat and crack. You can pick up tart burners at most Yankee shops and they are also available online. However be careful if you are buying online to make sure you a buying a tart warmer and not an oil burner.

      Once your tart is unwrapped and in the ceramic dish at the top of the warmer, you simply light the tea light candle underneath and let the tart melt. As it melts it will give off the scent which should be strong enough to fill most rooms.

      --- Vanilla Frosting ---

      I have to admit I was in a bit of a hurry when I was at Asda and I just quickly picked up one of each scent without really looking at them. However, once I got home I had a good look at them at decided that Vanilla Frosting sounded the nicest of the bunch so I decided to burn it first.

      This tart was scented so strongly that I could smell it before I even took it out of the packet. Once I opened the plastic wrapper I was greeted with a strong, sweet smell. Smelling this tart cold I thought it smelt very sweet and was overpoweringly vanilla scented. However, once I lit the tea light candle and the wax tart began to heat up, the smell was very much a baking scent and the vanilla was a lot less strong. I have to say I loved the way that this tart smelt whilst it was burning. It took around 15 minutes for the tart to completely melt and the scent to start filling the room.

      This tart smells like baking cakes. It has a very warm, sweet bakery smell and I think this scent is perfect the kitchen. If you enjoy the smell of baking cakes then this scent will be perfect for you. I think it smells more like cakes that vanilla frosting, but I personally prefer that. You can however, definitely smell the vanilla notes. I really love the way this tart smells, if I burn it in my kitchen I can smell it throughout the whole house and the smell lasts for a few hours after the candle has been blown out. I have burnt this tart 3 times for around 2 hours each time and it still smells wonderful and doesn't seem to have faded at all. Yankee Candle say that each tart will burn with a strong scent for around 8 hours and I would say that so far my tart seems set to burn well for at least that time.

      One quick tip that I found online and really works is when you have blow the candle out and the wax solidifies in the ceramic dish is to pop the whole burner into the freezer for around 5-10 minutes and the wax freezes, meaning it unsticks to the sides of the dish and just pops out. This is by far the easiest way to remove your tart from the dish.

      --- Overall opinions ---

      I really love the smell of this tart. When it is burning it smells like cakes and baking and it is a really lovely scent. It is a strong scent that fills the whole of my house when it is burning and it lasts well even after the tea light has been blown out. I find that whilst this scent is strong, it is not overpowering and does not give me a headache as some scents to. This is by far the most realistic cake smelling scent I have ever smelt and I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a realistic baking scent. The scent of the tart lasts really well and can easily burn for the 8 hours that Yankee claims it will. Overall, this is a really great homely scent that I think will be a universal favourite for most people (who doesn't like the smell of cakes?!).


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        27.08.2013 18:36
        Very helpful



        A beautiful scented wax tart by Yankee

        I tend to spread my food shopping between a local Iceland store and Lidl and Aldi, though recently when the dvd player in my sons room broke my husband suggested a trip to Asda to see if we could pick up something for them from there. As we managed to find a no frills mini sized dvd player straight away I then left hubby to peruse the rest of the electrical aisles and wandered off myself to a nearby aisle that was selling homeware. To my delight I spotted several Yankee candle products and decided it would be rude not to stock up on a few of the wax tarts, especially as they were just £1 each.

        Having bought a few different fragrances this review will discuss the most recent one I have just finished burning which is called the rather delicious sounding Vanilla Frosting..

        Vanilla Frosting is part of Yankee's 'Simply Home' range with products costing the around the same as 'regular' Yankee candles and tend to be stocked at large supermarkets though can also be purchased from card shops as well as several online retailers.

        I picked this, and a few others, up for just £1 as mentioned which I thought was a very reasonable amount to pay. I tend to buy my wax tarts from eBay shops or in bulk format from amazon where they retail at around £1.50 if p&p is taken into consideration, so for the price I paid I was more than happy especially as I could smell each one first before deciding whether to buy or not.

        Describe as being "..Sophisticated and classic, being a smooth blend of rich vanilla and romantic flowers.." this not only caught my eye because of its sheer mouth watering name, but also the simplistic packaging with its matching themed sticker emblazoned on the front which depicts a slice of cake smothered in (presumably) vanilla frosting. The wax tart is packaged in the same manner as others in the range; being in a transparent sealed plastic wrapper which enables you to clearly view the product and we can see that the wax tart is a warm and rich looking beige with a yellow hue to it. The wax tart itself has the usual fluted edges with the company's logo embossed in the centre.

        On opening the wax tart from the wrapper the vanilla scent is far more intense and whereas normally I break a wax tart into two or three pieces to use at a later date, this gave off such a divine scent that I decided to burn whole and placed the entire disc in the centre of the bowl of my burner.

        Once a lit tea light had been placed underneath I eagerly awaited the aroma to start penetrating the air and luckily I didn't have long to wait.

        I would describe vanilla frosting as being a heavenly rich scent - it smells absolutely divine and literally makes the mouth water. The fragrance for me is very similar to one of my favourites - Christmas Cookie as it has the same strong vanilla notes which finish off with a just baked cookie scent in my opinion.

        The wax tart emits a pleasant scent even when still ensconced in its wrapper and once it is being burned it becomes a stronger, intense fragrance but never becomes overpowering or headache inducing. I love Yankee candle wax tarts but there are a few that I've found I can only burn for a very short period of time as the scent ends up giving me a headache, but this luckily isn't one of those thankfully.

        Once the wax tart starts to melt it pools into a dark looking liquid and this is when the fragrance reaches a peak. After around 30 minutes I find that it gives off the strongest aroma before very slowly fading to a comfortable - but very noticeable - degree.

        Would I recommend this particular fragranced wax tart? It gets a big yes ad thumbs up from me definitely and I've already made a mental note to stock up on a few of this fragrance on my next visit to Asda as it is simply beautiful. A 22g wax tart is supposed to give an approximate burning time of around the 8hr mark and this has far surpassed it and given almost double, though obviously the longer it is burned the weaker it becomes.

        I've been buying scented candles,oils incense sticks all of my adult life in fact I remember scented candles (along with cushions) being my first purchase for my home now when I moved in with my husband 20 years ago and nothing has really changed except I tend to stick to wax tarts these days as I not only find them cheaper but they give off a more intense fragrance than a candle I find. I've been recently swayed by the Kringle brand after being introduced to their wax tarts by a friend but I have to say that Vanilla Frosting is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites.

        This is a beautiful scented wax tart that has a freshly baked 'cake' scent to it with just the right amount of vanilla and is simply stunning. I'm not sure where the addition of romantic flowers comes in to the equation as I can't say I've noticed a floral element to this at all, though that's not a negative as I truly adore the fragrance for what it has to offer.

        Very good value for money as I burned this for approximately 3 hours a night over a 5 night period and the scent remained throughout making it not only economical but gorgeous with it. If you are a fan of Christmas Cupcake or Christmas Cookie then you will adore this.

        This comes highly recommended by me and it is a fragrance I will use again in the near future as even my husband and children have commented on how lovely it actually smells.


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          21.07.2013 13:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A really lovely scented tart, I just wish the scent lasted longer!

          I'm a regular burner of Yankee Candle Wax Tarts, I find them to be a wonderful way of scenting my home and the list of scents these tarts come in seems to endless so I'm always getting the chance to try something new.

          I normally purchase my tarts in randomly selected packs from either Ebay or Amazon where I get ten tarts for £9.99. These can also be purchased from the likes of Clintons Cards and House of Frasier along with a few independent stores dotted around the country. My local large Asda store now stocks these tarts too though and at £1 a tart I couldn't resist trying a few scents out which I would pick for myself for a change.

          One of the scents I returned home was this Vanilla Frosting tart which I was keen to try out. I absolutely love the scent of the vanilla anyway but this smelt beautiful through its clear plastic packaging in store and I quickly added it to my trolley.

          For those of who are not aware of what a Wax Tart is (where have you been?) I shall briefly explain. A Wax Tart is scented candle with a difference. Yankee Candle create these in the scents of all their other candles (jars, tumblers, samplers, tea lights etc) and they allow a cheap but often pleasant way of trying out a new fragrance before buying one of the larger, more expensive items. Although I personally much prefer these tarts to the candles anyway and just stick with them!

          The tarts are round pieces of wax with curved, wavy edges making them slightly resemble a flower head in shape. They come in a variety of colours dependant of the scent of the tart and do not contain a wick. Rather than lighting the wick to burn these tarts you place them in a tart or oil burner and burn them above a tea light. Yankee Candle claims each tart has a burn time of eight hours although I find that depends on the scent.

          This Vanilla Frosting tart comes complete with the image of a slice of rather delicious looking cake covered with, you guessed it, vanilla frosting. Above this image is the Yankee Candle logo and scent name. The see through plastic wrapper allows you to see the pale orange coloured tart inside. The packaging makes this tart look good enough to eat but the scent makes it smell good enough to eat too! (It's still a chunk of wax mind you so probably best you don't).

          Fresh out of its wrapper this wax tart smells like rich, buttery, sweet, vanilla frosting. Food smells like these always remind me of Christmas and I feel this is a very homely scent albeit maybe too sickly for some. Fortunately I don't think the scent of vanilla ever becomes sickly if done correctly and this one certainly is done correctly.

          The tart sets to work quickly after lighting your tea light underneath it. Within five minutes my room was filled with a sugary, sweet, vanilla scent which did actually make me feel quite hungry! It really did smell like someone was downstairs baking, I found it to be a very nostalgic scent which sent me whizzing back to baking cakes with my Grandmother.

          The scent was a strong one which gently wafted its way through all the upstairs rooms in my house and lingered in the air for a fairly long while afterwards, at least a couple of hours. I personally really liked this but I suspect there would be a lot of people who would find this quite overbearing. It did an excellent job at masking pet smells left by my three cats and two dogs though, the vanilla frosting scent was the only one I could detect in the upstairs of my house!

          I was expecting this one to have a rather long burn time. In my experience the stronger smelling scents are the ones which still leave a strong scent lingering at the end of their eight hour burn time. Unfortunately this wasn't the case for this vanilla frosting tart. Whilst its initial scent was very strong and long lasting it calmed down rather quickly. I tend to burn these tarts for two hours at a time and on the second use the scent was much weaker than the first use. By the third use I was barely getting anything from it and I didn't even bother to burn it again for a fourth time. This was quite disappointing and I would have much preferred this one to have a much longer life and for that reason I'll have to knock a star off.


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            23.10.2012 17:57
            Very helpful



            Creamy vanilla tart from Yankee but with a slight burnt aroma


            ===Why I Bought This===

            I enjoy using wax tarts but had not tried this one. My way of buying new tarts is usually to go on to Ebay and just buy whichever is the cheapest. That way I can get a bargain and sample new aromas.
            I have two Yankee tart burners and I like to use these as a cheap way to fragrance and freshen my home - but there are so many different fragrance tarts I try to buy different ones each time.

            ===The Brand===

            Yankee candles are a well known USA brand which has been going since the late 1960s. Yankee are well known for selling large jar candles, small votive candles, tarts and also attractive jar shades, plates and candle holders. They also now do car air fresheners as well.

            ===What Are Tarts Anyway?===

            Well I wondered that myself a while ago when browsing Ebay and finding hundreds of them!
            Tarts are little discs of solid wax with serrated edges as if they had been moulded in a cake case.
            These wax discs do not have any wicks and are meant to be melted in a burner over a candle for the aroma to be released.
            Each tart costs just over £1 and the fragrance is said to last up to 8 hours. After that the wax should be disposed of.
            There are literally hundreds of different tarts to choose from and they come in the following categories:
            *Spice and Festive.

            ===Tarts V Candles===

            I have also been lucky enough to be given one of the large jar candles that Yankee make.
            However I would say that the tarts have advantages over the candles.
            Large jar candles need to be burnt for 2-3 hours at a time to get the wax to melt in the correct way and not 'tunnel' down the centre.
            Tarts can be used for however long or short a time as you wish - the fragrance is released after as little as 5 minutes and they can be extinguished whenever you wish.


            Yankee.co.uk have a huge list of suggestions for blending two compatible fragrance tarts together to make a new aroma.

            ===The Product===

            Disc of cream/fawn wax wrapped in cellophane.
            Called 'Vanilla Frosting' - from the 'Simply Home' range.
            Made with pure natural extracts.
            Image of a slice of iced spone cake on the label..
            The back has a round sticky label which details lots of basic safety advice on using candles etc - one telling you not to heat up in a frying pan!
            22 grams.


            To use you must first have either an oil burner or tart warmer and put a tea light on the base and light - the wax tart should be unwrapped from its cellophane wrapping and placed in the dish.
            In about 5 minutes the smell begins being released as the wax melts.
            Once all the aroma has been depleted and the wax has reset it is just a matter of popping it easily out of the dish and disposing.
            You can also pop out the set wax before it is finished if you wish to use another aroma in the tart burner for a change.


            £1.20 from Ebay - but wax tarts are around that price in most places.
            Also available as votive candles and in the larger jars.

            ===My Opinion===

            I do not like using synthetic air fresheners so I will often just light up a wax tart for 10 minutes to give a little waft of fragrance through the house. I usually snap these into halves or quarters as you do not need to melt the whole tart in one go - or I will divide it between two tart burners in different rooms.
            This tart was from the Simply Home range which I had not tried before, but as I had loved the Vanilla Cupcake tart not so long ago I thought this one would be very similar.
            Sniffing it before unwrapping was a bit of a disappointment as it had a sort of harsh burnt note to it - and was not quite so smooth and creamy as the Vanilla Cupcake.
            Anyhow as I had bought it online I decided to use it anyway and broke half into my tart burner.
            The smell was not as harsh as I had imagined it might be, and it is growing on me.
            However there is one little note of fragrance that just seems to jar a little with my nose, so although this is a pleasant fragrance it does not have quite the same smooth and creamy aroma as the Vanilla Cupcake.
            I am at a bit of a disadvantage buying these tarts online as you never get the chance to sniff them before you buy - but I have not had one that I absolutely hate yet.All in all an ok foodie fragrance but if you can get Vanilla Cupcake instead.
            Like other tarts this soon fills the room with a glorious smell.
            It is not masculine in any way but my husband. who does not really like candles and 'smelly' things has not complained about this at all - which is definitely a good sign.
            It is not the sort of frosting smell I would expect personally.
            Even when not lit I find the tart fragranced the room. I tend to leave the half I am not using on top of our TV for the warmth to release the aroma. I also find that just having the tart in the bedroom unlit does give a great background smell - I have some on my bedside table at the moment.
            I find that using the tarts for just 10 minutes or so at a time these tarts seem to last for many weeks and are great value - I much prefer to use these than the large candles and they are more economical. Even the cellophane wrappers smell so nice it is a shame to throw them away.

            ==Star Rating===

            4 Stars - a bit of a burnt aroma to me..

            ===Would I Recommend?===





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              20.12.2011 10:40
              Very helpful



              I love it!

              Yankee Candle is an American company offering a wide range of home fragrance products. They have a range known as "Simply Home" and this range features products which are often a bit more difficult to source in the UK.

              @Vanilla Frosting@

              Vanilla Frosting is a fragrance which is part of the Simply Home range. If buying from the USA, it is available in a jar format. Within the UK, it is possible to locate a wax tart featuring the scent of Vanilla Frosting. A wax tart is a tart shaped piece of wax which is infused with fragrance. It should be melted in a tart burner for the scent to be released into the air and the scent can last up to 8 hours or sometimes more.

              The Vanilla Frosting wax tart is a creamy yellow colour and is shrink wrapped. It has a small label showing a delicious chunk of sponge cake topped with frosting. The official description for Vanilla Frosting is :

              "Vanilla frosting scent fills the room with a sugary-sweet aroma"


              The current UK online stockists :

              *www.amazon.co.uk - 3 tarts for £4.99 (£3.00 postage)
              *www.ebay.co.uk - £1.50 (75p postage) or £4.99 (£1.00 postage) for 3 tarts

              @My Thoughts@

              I have set myself a challenge to use and review as many Yankee tarts as possible. I love my home smelling beautiful and adore burning Yankee tarts either during the day or on a cold night. Having my burner lit in the corner gives my home a cosy feel and welcomes any guests. I am fond of the regular range of Yankee scents but was taken by a votive my sister picked up at a carboot a few months ago. This was in the Vanilla Frosting scent but I was gutted when I realised how difficult it was to buy over here and I would grudge the cost to post from the USA.

              Stay with me, the story ends good. I was recently browsing my local Birthdays Superstore (is it called Partyland or something?) and I spotted a display of Simply Home tarts. And there it was - a huge box of Vanilla Frosting - I bought several and some other scents! I paid £1.35 a tart which is more than I would normally pay but this scent is so worth it I didn't mind. It pays to look in local shops to see if you can find this.

              Anyway the tart looks lovely and smells sweet through the wrapped though not the strongest of Yankee scents. I melts down quickly, forming a puddle of wax resembling honey. I normally burn my tarts for a few hours then blow out the tea light. The wax solidifies and is ready to be used the next time. I would say this is a suitable scent to be burned any time of the day or in the evening. It has such a beautiful strength that it is noticeable though not too heavy or sickly. It is welcoming and creates a beautiful ambience in my living room. The scent travels reasonably well though is strongest in my living room and only subtle through the rest of our flat.

              @Creamy Frosting!@

              You can tell this an American scent as normally we would say "icing". I would say that Vanilla Frosting is a scent that is a bit like Vanilla Cupcake and a bit like Christmas Cupcake so a similar aroma could be achieved by placing a bit of each of these tarts into a burner and infuse them together - my idea of heaven really! If you like sweet scents then this one is for you. I find it to be quite a special, homely scent which offers pleasant memories of baking with my Gran as a child.

              Vanilla Frosting is a very rich and indulgent scent but in my opinion, isn't overdone or sickly. Once melted, the aroma is very strong and floats around filling the air with a heavenly sweet aroma. The scent overides any other smells in the house including cooking smells. Vanilla Frosting is a full bodied scent which always makes me smile and feel comforted. I love frosting on top of cupcakes and the scent makes me think of freshly decorated cupcakes. I normally use Betty Crocker frosting which is American and it is almost identical to this scent but stronger.

              Vanilla Frosting is heavy of the sweetness without a doubt. It is full of sugary goodness and the scent if it could be touched, wouldn't be smooth - it would have a crumby, sugar coated texture. The vanilla aspect of the scent is very natural and decadently sweet. It is creamy and smells beautiful and reminds me of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes - spongey and light. I could easily burn this discreetly and make any visitors believe I had baked and iced some delicious sponge cakes.

              Vanilla Frosting lingers in the air for quite a while after my candle goes out. I would say I got around 10hours of scent from one tart and the scent remained consistent each time I burned it.


              Vanilla Frosting evokes fond memories for me and I am more than pleased with how it performs. It may be hard to find but it is worth sourcing out as it is an amazing scent.

              Overall 5 stars from me :)


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