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Yankee Candle Warm Spice

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9 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candles / Category: Home Fragrance

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    9 Reviews
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      28.11.2013 12:51



      I love it

      Suffering with anxiety I often use candles to help keep me calm and relax before bed. Without a doubt Yankee Candles are my favourite brand. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices and in sooo many different flavours. It would be impossible for me to try and name them all.

      These small tarts cost just under £1.50 and last around 8 hours burning.. which is not too overly expensive. I think people often link the brand Yankee Candle with being expensive. However if you actually look into the burning time and quality.. the value for money is fantastic.

      The tart comes in a clear cellophane wrapper which keeps the fragrance fresh. Each candle is labelled with the fragrance too - this particular review is on the 'Warm Spice' Candle.

      The candle is light brown colour and with a wavy edge it looks a bit like a shell - in my opinion.

      The smell is a very warm 'Christmassy' smell which reminds me of the back end of the year. I would describe the smell as a spicy Cinnamon mixed with Sugar and Vanilla

      To use these tarts you need a wax burner which are also available from the Yankee Candle Range and very easy to use.

      Although I love this candle and would recommend it, it is not my favourite fragrance in the range, I will write a review about my favourite one separately.


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      29.04.2013 19:46
      Very helpful



      A lovely fragrance any time of year

      Keeping my home smelling nice is very important to me, and my favourite way to do this is by using scented candles or wax tarts. I love the way the atmosphere can be changed depending on the fragrance of scented wax. It can create a bright fresh clean feel to a room or a warm cosy romantic atmosphere, it can also bring back pleasant memories. 

      I have recently been trying some  fragrances from Yankee that I haven't used before, one of which is Warm Spice.  I usually opt for the floral scents and would never have chosen this if I was ordering it online as the colour alone would put me off but I bought this from a large department store and the smell instantly bought back memories of when I was little, my great Nan always used to bake and at Christmas she used to get me to stir the Christmas cake mixture and make a wish, the smell of Warm Spice instantly too me back. 

      Wax Tarts are simple little discs of oily wax without a wick, I always think they feel slightly oily rather than waxy, they measure approximately 6cm's x 1.5cm's and cost round about £1.00 - £1.20 depending on where you buy them from. They have a fluted edge and do look just like a little tart. In my opinion Yankee make the best wax tarts and these are the ones I always use.    

      The tart comes wrapped tightly in clear cellophane allowing you to see the pale brown  wax, the wax tart has a label stuck to the front which shows a small picture that usually depicts the fragrance of the wax, Warm Spice, as you might imagine, has various spices on it including nutmeg and cinnamon. 

      You can usually get a good idea of what the wax tart is going to smell by just by smelling the wrapper, handy of you are in a shop and not too sure if you like the sound if it.    
      Yankees official description of this is:-    
      "Deliciously indulgent and creamy, a classic blend of vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg."

      To use a wax tart you do need an oil burner and an unscented tea light, its just a case of popping the unwrapped wax tart into the burner and lighting the tea light below it so it melts the wax tart. Once lit it doesn't take long before the oily wax is starting to melt and the fragrance filters around the room.    

      Once the pale brown coloured  wax melted it wasn't long before a delicious warm spicy fragrance filled my room, cinnamon was very evident along with the brown sugar, it was sweet and warm. The fragrance isn't overpowering but strong enough to overpower any cooking smells. This would be a lovely wax tart to melt at Christmas time or when you are expecting visitors as its so welcoming. 

      I always melt my wax tarts for a couple of hours at a time, I find the fragrance lingers for a long while after the wax has solidified and this in my opinion is the best way to get the best value from the tart, we could still smell this after the burner had gone out. 

      Yankee state their wax tarts will give you up to 8 hours fragrance and I agree. I just leave the set wax in the burner dish ready to re melt the next day. Once the wax has run out of fragrance I leave it to set then remove the wax from the dish.    

      You can melt the wax tarts whole, break them in half or even mix them to create your own fragrances. Personally I don't mix mine I just melt the tart whole without mixing fragrances, in my opinion Yankee mix the fragrances perfectly well. Yankee use only natural ingredients in their scented wax and their fragrances do really smell genuine.   

      Yankee wax tarts can be found in many independent shops and also some major department stores as well as many online stores such as Amazon UK and Yankee Direct. They are great value for money and a lovely way to fragrance your home for a small amount of money, also a good way to try different fragrances before you spend more on a larger candle jar which are quite a lot of money to lay out if you then decide you don't really like the smell. .  

      I like Warm Spice although I'm not keen on the colour of the wax the fragrance is lovely and bought back memories for me. With my home being open plan I can smell this all through downstairs and also upstairs. I would personally use this one either daytime or evenings and although it does smell festive I would use it all year round as its such a lovely warm fragrance. 

      If you like using scented wax particularly sweet spicy fragrances then I would certainly recommend Warm Spice.


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      05.03.2013 14:48
      Very helpful



      Lovely candle

      Yankee make the best candles in the world, in my opinion.

      Why I wanted it.....
      If you read my last review, you know I love Yankee. But this is my favourite one. It reminds me of Christmas.

      Yankee cover this tart with cellophane to keep in the beautiful smell. On the front is information saying "warm spice" and pictures of the ingredients. On the back is a sticker with safety information.

      What is looks like......
      The tart is a light brown colour 22g in weight and a wavy pattern around the tart.

      What is smells like....
      Like I have said this is by far my favourite, it's a warm, spicy smell that fills the room amazingly well. Unlike some other Yankee candles, this one smells like what it's supposed to.

      Brown sugar
      And other stuff, but these are the more dominant.

      How to use.....
      This does not have a wick so when buying make sure you have a wax burner. Take it out of the packaging and put it in your way burner, with a little tea light underneath to set the smell off.

      Yankee candles say....
      You don't always have to use these as a candle, you can out them in draws as fragrances to make your clothing smell lovely.

      Lasting time.....
      Around 8 hours.

      You can buy Yankee candles online or in store, the shops that sell it are Hallmark, Past times. But I am always on the look out for different places.

      Online they are around £1.20, Yankee sells them for around the same price, but I do think £1.20 is the cheapest you will get them.

      If you love spicy smells, this is the one for you. It reminds me a lot of Christmas, it's a very warm smell.
      The tarts are cheap as they last for around 8 hours.
      Widely available.

      Buying them often are quite expensive.

      Great smelling candle that does actually fill the room.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes I would.


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      06.01.2013 19:58
      Very helpful



      My favourite spiced Yankee scent, possibly my favourite full stop. A delight to have in the home.

      So after seeing so many positive reviews of Yankee products on Dooyoo and wanting to improve the ambience of my home, I decided to become a part of the world of Yankee candles at the end of summer, when the evenings had a hint of cold and my favourite time of year, autumn, the time of Halloween, squashes, last warm rays of summer and bonfires on the evening air finally came around.

      So I was on the look out then for a combination of the fruitier Yankee scents and also some that I could use to herald my favourite season and pop into my oil burner to enhance those early autumnal hints on the air. One I chose for that purpose was Warm Spice, and it has been a fixture at Rarr Towers ever since. Here's why.

      ***YANKEE CANDLES***

      Have they actually declared world domination yet? Or is it still a work in progress?

      I defy anyone on Dooyoo to say, hand on heart and life of loved one on the line, that this brand has completely passed them by. Yankee Candles get rave reviews on here and before I tried them for myself I have to admit I did wonder if the product range could be so consistent across the board, but I have to admit that I have yet to use a Yankee that I haven't enjoyed.

      With beautiful scent combinations across a range of candle sizes and great lasting power, these products are truly good value for money, even though some of the larger candles can be around the £20 mark - but the longevity you get with the scents and the great sensory quality they bring to your home make them the understandable leader in their field.

      I always use the wax tarts, as at a rough retail average of £1.20 they don't break the bank, have good lasting capabilities (you could also cut them in half to make them last longer if you prefer a more subtle level of scent) and offer a great way to sample new scents from the range without laying out a great amount of money. They are precisely the same product as the jar-held candles, they just don't have a wick and instead are melted in a burner with a tealight below.

      ***I know I'm preaching to the converted but of course, never leave a candle unattended or in reach of children - particularly when it has a small pot of molten wax above it!***

      ***VALUE FOR MONEY***

      Well first of all I initially always purchased my tarts - so to speak - whilst in the company of Mr Rarr, being "middle aged" as we liked to joke and going around a smart garden centre near Rarr Towers. At about £1.24 a shot, we were happy to purchase a few weeks' worth each time we visited. I still maintain to this day that if you want to buy them on the spur of the moment at full retail, then they are good value for money as I have yet to have an issue with longevity of scent and I have tried quite a few now.

      However, I bought a few batches of 10 tarts - so to speak even further! - via a seller on ebay who did a mix of your choice from their selection, postage free, for £9.95. All seemed genuine on the arrival of the first set so I can only assume that they are genuine sellers who can offer a lower price as a result of not having overheads - I don't know. But saving a few pennies and some time at Christmas was a big priority so I was happy to buy again.

      One that I was delighted to see in the range was Warm Spice, so I doubled up on them for both myself and Mother Rarr.

      ***USING WARM SPICE***

      This Yankee tart wax is a dark beige or light brown colour. It's not the most appetising colour, but you're not serving this beauty as a desert.

      On popping this tart in the burner, I noticed that it seemed to take slightly longer to be notable than some other scents - however I think this is because overall this is a more subtle scent in the spicier Yankee ranges.

      Once you do notice this scent, I find it pleasant, not sharp at all, welcoming, comforting and it makes my house smell great.

      We use the full tart each time - oh stop it! - so we popped our latest Warm Spice in the burner three days ago to move away from the equally delightful Christmas Cupcake. On the first night I found the scent beautifully subtle but notable. It helped me relax and chill out after a day at work and we went through at least one tea light, possibly two, burning it all evening.

      The following night we did the same. The scent delivered again precisely as it had the night before - not dwindling at all.

      Last night I expected that Warm Spice, after already performing for an estimated 7 hours or more, might have started to fade slightly. Again, it was so subtle (and we were cooking) that I was surprised when I came back downstairs after it had been lit about half an hour, opened the living room door, and was not hit by, but very much happily embraced by, the lovely, spicy, slightly creamy and soothing scent. I was really impressed at this as I had intended to review the product positively before but had never noticed quite how long this tart is value for money before until I took a more critical eye to it.

      I am typing this as our plucky little tart - alright you can have that one - begins his fourth night of labour. Already, even though a red wine casserole is on the go in the kitchen, the living room is a lovely, relaxed place for a couple to enjoy some TV and a few glasses of wine.

      ***THE SCENT***

      Basically, it is spicy, but it is subtle. Not like an Indian curry spicy market, but more gentle and with a very slightly creamy undertone tying it all together. It has a nutty, woody edge to it and when I bought it to enhance the initial hints of Autumn on the air, it did so perfectly. Yet equally it takes on a more warming note in winter, and I can see this being used right up until the start of spring, when my desire to get into the garden and grow some food might inspire me to step to the fresher, fruitier scents in the range. Not to say this is cloying - I think they have the balance of comfort and notable scent just right here.


      I know it is hard to rate the different styles of scent from the Yankee range against one another but I do have my favourites from each 'genre' as it were. Warm Spice is without doubt my staple in the spicier, autumnal fragrance ranges and by that I don't mean it becomes reliable and dull but that using it is like a welcoming hug - coming home to this in autumn and winter is utter bliss for me, and to make it even better it doesn't clash with the scents of home cooking. It is a beautiful offering from Yankee and I hope they never discontinue it! Thoroughly recommended to anyone who loves a little spice, autumn leaves and a big warm hug.


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        03.01.2013 13:06
        Very helpful




        When it comes to home scents I really do like using Yankee Candle Tarts. I pick them up in Clinton Cards or from a small shop on Weston Super Mare Pier for about £1.25 each and this was one of my most recent purchases as I really thought this would be a nice scent for burning over the Christmas period.

        This tart is a light brownish, creamy colour and comes sealed in a see through plastic wrapper which is very simple to peel off. On the front of it we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and there is a picture shown of various gold and brown spices and then on the back of wrapper another label adorns it and on there we are shown do's and don'ts in the way of diagrams , the size is stated which is 22g and contact details for the manufacturer are shown.

        The Tart Itself:

        What you get is a thick lump of round wax which is fluted to the edges. You can snap it in half for smaller oil burners or use the whole thing as I do as I'm a purist and like to only burn one scent at a time.

        This melts very fast in an oil burner with a small candle underneath it and releases its wonderful scent very quickly indeed. The scent of this to me is really nicely and naturally scented with vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg and its very well blended but rich without being heavy.

        This scents the whole of my very large home very quickly indeed and once I have burnt it a good length of time and make sure it is off this scent lingers a good few hours wonderfully too.

        I really do like this one. I love the vanilla and the nutmeg that I can detect the most in this which is spicy without being overpowering and I got at least 9 hours of burn time from mine.

        This is also available in candles and the likes in the same and in different fragrances too.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        30.10.2012 11:49
        Very helpful



        perfect for these colder months

        When I first bought my tart burner (with my first DooYoo vouchers) I did recieve quite a few tarts to burn along with the burner itself, and I also invested in more varied ones from Amazon and ones which were discounted in my local Clintons.

        Warm spice was a tart I purchased from my local Clintons at 60p - I bought it a couple of months ago and have saved it until now as it struck me as more of an autumn scent and I wanted to save it until this time of year for that reason. I had high expectations for it as many other Yankee scents suited to Autumn/Winter have some sort of cinnamon scent which comes with them which I am not a great fan of, so this one suited me completely judging by the delicious scent through the plastic.


        The packaging

        The tarts are wrapped in transparant plastic which can easily be opened using your finger nails or snipping with a pair of scissors.


        About the tart

        The tart is beige in colour and when melted it turns transparent and a bit yellow in colour. It is made from wax and is round with ridged edges like all the tarts in the Yankee range. The Yankee Candle Co logo is also stamped into the tart.


        The labels

        The front label advises you that the tart is made from pure natural plant extracts.

        The back label then gives you your usual warning symbols for what not to do with this product ie . keep out of reach of children ect.

        The label also confirms the tart weight is 22g and total burning time is 8 hours.


        How to use

        You literally pop the tart on the top of your burner, light your candle and put underneith and it starts to melt within 5 minutes and you get the first wafts of scent from the tart. Within 20 minutes it is melted completly and the smell fills the room.

        As well as melting a tart on its own, I have read you can mix tart scents to create more unique smells - you simply break off smaller bits of tart and melt together. More information on mixing and ideas can be found on the Yankee website.


        The scent

        This tart I have found is very quick to melt in comparrison to some others I have tried - for some reason it takes a while to melt some others? Within 20 minutes the room is literally bursting with scent from this tart and you can actually smell it in the kitchen and on the stairs which was a lovely surprise for me as sometimes it takes a while for you to pick up the scent whilst you are in the same room and usually a tart is nowhere near as dominent.

        The scent is titled warm spice - which to me is a bit misleading as I would imagine spice and cinnamon scents as a result... But to me it actually smells like nice baking scents - ie. cooking cakes?


        My verdict

        ... And yet again another tart has overtaken as my favourite - which at the moment is Warm Spice! Due to the quick working powerful delicious scent... So far have been burning this tart for 6 hours and the scent is as dominent as ever - and shows no signs of dying down which is great as they are advertised to last 8 hours!

        The scent also lasts a long time in the sense if you burn it the night before you can smell it the next morning 12 hours later.

        Very pleased with my little bargain and I will be buying this one again!


        The RRP for the Yankee tarts is around £1.20


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        29.10.2012 20:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A comforting and warming aroma.

        Warm spice is a classic for autumn.

        I've been using the Yankee candle wax tarts for a while now after reading many reviews. This is my third scent that I haven't tried and although not my favourite; as I prefer fruity aromas; it is very pleasant. As you can gather from the name it has a very sweet spicy aroma that filters pleasantly around my home, it is a smell very much associated with autumn and Christmas, in my opinion anyway. I ordered these Yankee wax tarts on Amazon for around £1.20 but have seen them when out at a local garden centre for around £1.49. Even though the packaging these have an amazingly strong scent. I looked at a few of the candles and other products and found they are quite expensive and choosing the scent to try isn't easy as there are endless options available and it's difficult not to want to try them all.

        The tarts are scented wax discs for want of a better description, with a fluted edge. It is not a candle though, so you need to melt it using a tea light. I use an oil burner, although you can opt to buy a tart burner, but considering I have oil burners that will do the jobs just as well I decided against this. The packet claims eight hours of burning although all the wax tarts I have tried have given me around ten hours, I have also been given some great advice about breaking them up to extend burning. They are nice and strong without being over powering. The aroma stays strong and ot in use returns to solid wax releasing a more subtle scent which would be ideal for bathrooms and toilets. I burned mine in my front room and the whole house was soon filled with the wonderful spices taking you on an imaginary journey to exotic lands the smell lingers for approximately an hour after burning which is perfect.

        The warm spice wax tart is a beautiful caramel colour and like all the tarts is wrapped in plastic to keep the smell from fading whilst stored and it weighs 22g. The obvious precautions apply when burning candles, keep away from curtains and any other flammable fabrics, also I would be extra cautious when burning around children as not only is the tea light a danger but the wax gets incredibly hot.
        The tarts are about one and half inches in diameter with a pretty fluted edge and are produced in the USA.

        These will make great stocking fillers and additional present's for Christmas.

        This scent is available in in 3.7oz jar for around £7.50 and 22oz large jar for around £14.25 among others too numerous to mention.

        Yankee Candle Europe BS32 0BF
        Telephone number: 01454 454 500


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          29.09.2012 01:53
          Very helpful




          I love to have nice scents around the home but until fairly recently I didn't often bother with scented candles as I had found that most cheap ones were so weak you could barely smell them or the scents were artificial and a bit unpleasant. However as I was reading so many rave reviews of Yankee Candles on here I decided to give them a try a few months back. My first Yankee Candle was a sampler/votive style candle and I was a bit disappointed with the strength. Some people recommended that I should try the wax tarts instead, as the scent from the wax tarts is stronger. This warm spice scent was the first wax tart that I tried and I absolutely love it.

          The wax tarts are round disks of wax with scalloped edges and no wick. Therefore you can't light them like a normal candle. You have to place the wax tart in a burner and then light a tea light underneath. As the tea light melts the wax, it starts to give off its aroma. Warm Spice is available in other candle formats as well, from small ones up to large jars, but my review is only based on the wax tart so I can't comment on the strength of the other formats.

          Warm Spice is a scent which appealed to me straight away when I saw the name, and when I picked it up in the shop I could already smell it through the wrapping and liked it. When I burn this, the scent starts to develop and spread through the room fairly quickly, often being well detectable after about five minutes. Warm Spice smells very comforting and quite rich. It is a mixture of vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg which creates a really lovely effect. It is not too creamy and sickly, like some vanilla scents can be, as there is enough variety and spice added by the other components. I definitely think this would be a lovely scent for winter evenings but I also enjoyed burning it in the summer as it has quite a warm exotic feel so I think it is one for any time really. However, it is not really a fresh clean refreshing scent and is definitely more of a deep and indulgent one, so you do have to be in the mood for it. I really enjoy burning this one if I am curled up with a blanket and a good book (it reminds me of the Hunger Games as I was burning this while reading that) and I also like to have it on the go while studying as it provides quite a chilled atmosphere and keeps me feeling relaxed.

          The wax tarts are supposed to offer 8 hours of scent but this one seems to be never ending! I burn it in spells of a couple of hours a time and I have burnt it for far longer than 8 hours and there is still about half the tart left! After burning the scent lingers in the air for a good few hours, and it is strong enough to be noticeable and spread very well to fill a whole room and edge out into the hallway. I would not go as far as to say it fills the whole house, but it has a good strength which I am very happy with.

          I have had no problems removing this tart from my burner if I want to swap it for a different scent. I have the official Yankee petal burner, which is a very popular one, and if I take the bowl and simply tap the bottom the wax tart comes out, so I haven't had to scrape it out or waste any. Constant repeated burning, melting and resolidifying has not caused any problems at all and it always solidifies back into it's well shaped form with no lumps and bumps.

          I would definitely recommend this one for the lovely scent, it's good strength and the fact that it seems to burn for much longer than 8 hours in my experience. This has definitely convinced me of the quality of wax tarts and I now have a few other scents too.


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            20.09.2012 19:49
            Very helpful



            A wonderful Indian sort of spiced wax tart

            Yankee Warm Spice Vanilla Tart

            I really loved the Yankee spiced Sandalwood Vanilla tart and these creamy spicy scents are ones that really appeal to me. This "Warm Spice" was a new release for summer last year although it is still easily found. This is another one that I thought I would try having loved anything that has India spices and this promised the scents of vanilla cream, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar, no sandalwood I notice but still a sort of Indian Chai tea combination.

            Over the years I have had a number of scented candles as I do like the wonderful scents that fill my rooms Having read so many reviews on Ciao and Dooyoo about tarts and candles I get constantly tempted to try more. This one I read about on Ciao.

            Yankee Candles the company originated in the USA. But have quickly become a household name over here . They offer a huge range of home fragrance products from sprays, reed diffusers through to all kinds of shapes and sizes of scented candles. They are often found in garden centres and gift shops so it is a case of keeping your eyes open. We do actually have a big Yankee Candle shop in the Westfield Centre in Derby and despite the fact that I rarely go in there as I find them very expensive I did buy this one from there. It is also worth noting that www.yankeedoodle.co.uk often has them at discounted prices if you want to order a few.

            I had to cut the very tightly sealed plastic wrap from the outside then as I took the tart out I had a good sniff. It smelled quite wonderfully evocative of Indian cafes and reminded me of visiting my lovely Homestart family who make delicious chai tea too. The vanilla creaminess blended so beautifully with the cinnamon and other ingredients that I would happily have this as a bath product too

            This little tart is a pale brownish colour, almost like white tea or maybe even chai tea so not so exciting to look at and on the front is a picture of cinnamon sticks, star anise, a whole nutmeg and other spices which is a lovely exotic photo evocative of India and the islands in the India Ocean.

            I popped half the tart onto my little burner and I put a lighted tea light underneath and waited. The tart began to melt quite quickly and then the scent began to fill the room.

            As the tart melted the scent became stronger and now there was definitely a wonderfully Indian smell reminiscent of cafes and spice shops and it just took me right back to our Honeymoon in India. It is a warm, cosy comforting scent as the vanilla adds a creaminess to the sweet spices creating the perfect chair tea scent.

            I put this one in the room we sit in next to the kitchen on the windowsill as ours is a tiled sill so there is no danger of the heat burning anything through the burner. Even though tea lights have the wax safely within their aluminium foils they can still create a massive amount of heat that will damage furniture as I discovered to my cost when I got scorch marks on a wooden table. I now put my burners either on the tiled surfaces or on a couple of drink mats that are heat proof just in case. Another thing to be wary of is that you should NOT ever move a burner with melted wax as they are very hot and melted wax can cause nasty burns on skin or melted wax spilling can also cause wax stain damage or burns on carpets and other furnishings. Always put any burners out of the reach of children and never leave them in rooms unattended as candles can obviously cause fires. Someone I know put a tea light on their TV and left it, it melted the TV top and fell into the inside and set their room on fire so please be VERY careful they are to be treated as mini fires.

            Having given all the dire warnings I am a big fan of candles and especially the scented ones as they give off lovely fragrances and also add atmosphere to a room with gentle flames flickering in their containers. They are a lovely addition to a room's ambience but just need to be treated with good sense.

            I am absolutely delighted with this fragrance it is my sort of scent. I can sit in the room and close my eyes and imagine I am in an Indian cafe or walking through a market selling spices. The scent does not knock you out with its strength but it was plenty strong enough to fill the room and was a natural sort of aroma, as though it had the real spices in it.

            The tart didn't take long to start giving off its scent and then the cinnamon blended beautifully with the creamy vanilla, and the smell of Demerara sugar made in the factory in Guyana and then nutmeg and cardoman which is one of my favourite spices and so very Indian. It is a real spice island mixture of scents and one I will be buying again and again.The only negative thing I would add is that this one didn't seem to last as long or give off as strong a smell as many of Yankee's other fragrances which was disappointing as it is such a great warming, comforting smell.

            Thank you Yankee candles for this lovely scented tart, I will certainly be buying this one again as it smells so wonderfully warm and exotic. This will be one that I will buy over and over again as it is just perfect in aroma but will you please look into making it a bit stronger so the smell lasts better.

            Yankee creates candles and other products in many fragrances I am not sure which options this scent comes in but if interested in them look on line. The products offered by Yankee also vary in price depending on where you buy them but this gives a bit of a guide.

            Wax Tarts which are about 22 grams and last around 8 hours usually cost from, 90p to £1.50 each.)
            Votive candle which are 1.75 oz and last about 15 hour cost between £1-75 to £2ish
            Small housewarmer jar candle which is abut7 oz and lasts about 25-40 hours costs between £5-99 and £7-99
            Medium housewarmer jar candle has14.05oz and lasts 60-75 hours then costs between, £13-99 and £15
            Medium 2 wick tumbler -12.5 oz lasts 45-50 hours costs around, £12-99
            Large housewarmer jar candle -22 oz lasts 100-150 hours and costs around, £17-99
            Large 2 wick tumbler -22.7 oz lasts 70-90 hours and costs about, £16-99
            Lidded glass tumbler -7oz lasts about 35-45 hours and costs around £8-99
            Tea light scented candles -240 grams and each lasts around 4-6 hours and these come in a box of 12 for about £5-99.

            Sometimes different scents are offered in other formats such as car fresheners and sprays for the house as well so if you are really interested in this scent then go onto the Yankee candle website and see the many different possibilities you can choose from.

            The prices do vary from store to store so it does pay to look around if you are lucky enough to have more than one shop that sells them or try on line. Personally I think the little tarts give you a great trial of the scent, if you really like it then you may choose to get a candle which last longer. The only thing I find is that once the candle has burned down a bit it doesn't really look as nice as the wax is up the edges and it just looks tatty. With these little tarts once they have done their job you just remove the wax from the burner. A tip I have learned from Nar on here to put them in the freezer then the wax pops out easily - so thanks Nar for that it is a really handy tip. Then you just throw the wax away. If you were really into crafty stuff you could melt them and make your own candles if you saved them up and bought some wicks from a craft shop. I might even give that a try and let you know how they work!

            Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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          • Product Details

            Scented Potpourri Wax Tart, Scent: Warm Spice, Burn Time: Up To 8 Hours Per Wax Tart

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