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Yankee Candle Water Garden

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Brand: Yankee candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    4 Reviews
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      11.01.2014 14:47
      Very helpful



      Another great scent from Yankee

      Unfortunately, this is one of many great Yankee scents that was retired by Yankee in 2012. This means that no more tarts / candles etc of this water garden scent are being made by Yankee at the moment, but the water garden scent is still available on the internet on various sites - try Ebay as a start point. Also, I've bought retired scents in the tart form and can honestly say that so long as the tart is still in its original wrapping, the scent doesn't noticeably diminish.

      For those that haven't been bitten by the Yankee bug and aren't sure if it's moral or legal or melt a tart - they are a wax disc which are heavily laden with natural scents. When this disc is melted in a tart burner (like a tealight powered oil burner but with a deeper well to retain the molten wax) the scent is released and will fill a room for 8 hours. Although Yankee suggest the 8 hours time length, we've had many tarts that still have a noticeable effect for almost double this time and the water garden tart is one of these.

      This tart is billed as containing the smell of "water flowers, lush green notes and hints of melon and musk". The main elements that hit my nostrils are the sweetness of melon - a light, honey sugary scent and a refreshing wateriness from the water flowers, but not the bracing scent from some of Yankee's sea orientated tarts, it's a lot gentler. Personally, I don't get much of the musk element - I'm not saying there isn't any at allbut I think musk can be quite overpowering so I wonder if Yankee have purposefully held back on the musk to stop this from happening?

      I only use Yankee tarts in two rooms of my house, depending on the type of scent. Food related scents tend to get melted in my kitchen to mask smells from when I've made a stock from a chicken carcass to transform the kitchen to smelling like an abattoir to smelling like Nigella Lawson's armpits, or at least how they smell in my dreams!

      The tarts that get melted in my living room are the more floral, fresh scents and water garden is definitely, in my opinion, a living room scent. It's a very light, but fresh and noticeable enough smell, the sort of smell that puts the finishing touches to a damn good spring clean.

      Like I mentioned earlier, it's still possible to buy this discontinued scent in tart and candle format, just keep an eye out on the internet and don't forget the online shoppers' mecca that is Ebay.

      Five stars, thanks for reading.


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        18.05.2012 20:55
        Very helpful



        Another gorgeous scent from Yankee.

        Lately I have taken to visiting a branch of Clintons whenever I am in town. The reason being that since Christmas time, they have had many Yankee candles at reduced prices and very often half price. I have picked up quite a few bargains there and just last week I was able to buy another lot of Yankee wax tarts reduced to half price making them only 60p each.
        A selection of sampler votives, some tealights and glass jars had also been reduced, but I have found it is the wax tarts that are the best bargain in my opinion and I have used this opportunity to ensure I keep a little stock pile of these at home.

        Some of the wax tarts I have been purchasing have been ones I have tried before, but I was pleased to see on my last visit that there were a few fragrances I haven't yet tried. One or two didn't really appeal to me when I held them to my nose to smell the scent in store, but when I picked up this Water Garden scented wax in tart format, it appealed to me right away.
        I love musky fragrances and the musk fragrance of this water garden wax tart immediately grabbed me and I knew right away I would have to purchase more than one of these and so I picked up five, all priced at 60p each.
        It wasn't just musk that I could detect, there was also a fruity tinge and a slight floral freshness to the scent which did conjur up images of the outdoors in my mind and the water lillies on a tranquil looking pond on the packaging did seem to match the fragrance, as did the pale green/blue coloured wax.

        Yankee actually state Water Garden to be soothing reflections..... pretty water flowers and lush green notes with hints of Melon and Musk and so my own description pretty much matches what they state it to be.

        I had high hopes for this wax tart as the scent was quite strong before removing the wax tart from its packaging and usually I find this is a good indicator of how strong the fragrance will be when in use and its longevity. The stronger the scent before use usually signifies a strong throw from the wax when you actually come to use it and begin melting the wax. When the fragrance is strong, I find that I easily achieve the 8 hours of fragrance that Yankee state you can expect from a wax tart and very often it is actually over 8 hours.

        After placing the wax tart into my burner and lighting a tealight underneath it was only around two minutes before I began to detect the fragrance slowly filling the air and it was just as nice as expected. It was initially quite strong, which I didn't mind at all. The musky notes filled the room and I could also smell the fragrance out in the hallway too.
        After extinguishing the tealight the scent hung in the air for a little while after, which I was pleased about, although there have been other fragrances I have came across which have hung in the air for far longer I must add, with some still evident the next day.
        Usually when burning wax tarts I find the fragrance begins to fade gradually after the initial few hours, however with this one, it just seemed to fade very rapidly. I was a little disappointed by this, as I like to eke out as much fragrance as I can from a wax tart and although I did manage to achieve 8 hours of fragrance, it was not a strong 8 hours, as by the time it had reached 7 hours it was already rapidly fading.
        Because it had smelled so strong prior to use, I had thought Water Garden would be one of those which exceeded 8 hours, but this time I was wrong.

        I do really like Water Garden and don't regret buying it at all and will purchase again. I am just slightly disappointed that it wasn't as strong and didn't last as long as I initially expected. It is however, a very nice fragrance to have around your home and if you are a fan of musky scents, I can recommend this one.


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          08.11.2011 18:07
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          a pretty scent

          Water Garden was one of the first Yankee Candle fragrances I ever tried and I recently bought another wax tart of the scent in the sale. I wouldn't describe this as a favourite scent of mine - well I think the fact that it has taken me several years to buy it for a second time shows that - but it is one I like and one that I have also bought as a gift for others.

          ==About Water Garden==

          The official description of Water Garden is 'Soothing reflections..... pretty water flowers and lush green notes with hints of Melon and Musk.' All Yankee Candles are sorted into varieties, such as fruit, flowers, food etc... and this particular one falls into the fresh category along with others such as Sun and Sand, Beach Walk and Beautiful Day.

          ==Wax tarts explained!==

          For those of you who have not tried Yankee Candles or aren't familiar with the concept of a wax tart, I'll do my best to explain. Rather than being an actual candle with a wick, a wax tart is a disc of fragranced wax which is melted under the flame of a tea light in a 'tart burner'. These burners can be purchased from Yankee Candle costing around £5 for the cheapest ones, going upwards.

          Each wax tart should give approximately eight hours of fragrance but you don't have to use it all at once if you don't want to - it's fine to re-melt a tart after it is solidified. Another thing you can do is to break a tart up and mix it with another fragrance to create your own unique scent.

          ==Wax tarts not for you?==

          If you don't think a wax tart is for you, there are other options available in the same fragrance. Yankee Candle make various products in each scent. In the water garden scent you can also get a votive (aka sampler) candle, a glass tumbler filled with wax or a housewarmer jar which is a jar (sort of like an old fashioned sweet jar) filled with wax. Also available are tea lights (box of 12) and scented sachets, although to be honest I got one of the sachets free ages ago and it was rubbish so I wouldn't recommend those!


          When I smell the water garden scent the first thing that comes to mind is simply that it is very fresh, but I cannot put my finger on exactly what it smells like. It's quite floral and it does make me think of water and lakes and I wonder if perhaps what I am smelling is water lily? It's hard to tell, but whatever it actually is I really like it. I found it similar in a way to Island Spa, so if you like that one you may like this.

          It's quite a light scent this one and in all honesty I think it is suited best to spring/summer, but even in the autumn winter it's nice to use in order to just remind me of summer days. I feel Water Garden is quite an uplifting scent and it reminds me of stepping into an expensive spa - not that I do that very often you understand, but even so!

          ==Come on baby light my fire==

          The wax tart is a pale blue colour and the label depicts pink flowers and a pond covered in lilies. When I unwrap this and place it in my burner, the scent is immediately very intense before it's even lit - much more so than it is when wrapped.

          After lighting the tea light it doesn't take long for the scent of Water Garden to fill the room. It's one of the Yankee Candles which I feel has a nice intensity - I can clearly smell it (otherwise what's the point?), yet it's not an 'in your face' scent and doesn't overpower you the moment you walk into the room.

          One of the best things I found with Water Garden was that the scent travelled and I could smell it in every single room. In fairness I live in a poky one bed flat - I'm sure if I was in a three bed semi, I may be telling a different story - but the scent did travel well and it saved me money on air fresheners for the other rooms!

          Each tart is designed to last eight hours. The tea lights I use last four hours each so I know when the second tea light has gone out the fragrance should have faded. With this one however, I got to the end of my second tea light and could still clearly smell the fragrance so I lit a third and I seemed to get another two hours or so of scent from the tart.

          ==Price and Availability==

          I buy my Yankee Candles from Collectables and Clinton Cards, but I've noticed that Debenhams seem to have started selling Yankee Candle again, probably just in time for Christmas. Online I use www.yankeedoodle.com. The prices below are approximate as are the burn times, but hopefully they will give a rough idea...

          Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
          Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
          Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
          Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
          Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45


          If you like the fresh scents and are looking for a candle with a fragrance that will travel, or perhaps even just fill a large room, then Water Garden is a decent buy and one which I would be happy to recommend.


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            26.07.2011 12:58
            Very helpful



            a nice tart

            ==Yankee Candle Water Garden==

            I have to admit to having a whole stash of unopened unused Yankee Candle Wax tarts. I am trying to keep them well hidden from Himself who told me outright that he finds the continuing buying and burning of these things a little over the top and unnecessary. Of course I haven't listened to him but just made my obsession with the tarts a lot more secretive.

            ==Price and Availability==

            This scent from Yankee is a relatively new one and I hadn't seen it in my local stockist before so I had more or less purchased it even before I had given it a sniff due to the fact I feel the need to try all the scents that look even the slightest bit appealing. I have had a little look online and this scent is widely available though I didn't see it when I took a recent trip to B&Q and they do stock a large range of the tarts.

            At 90 pence for the tart I paid a good price as they usually go for anything up to £1.10p depending on where you buy them from and for this price I feel they are a nice little treat without breaking the bank. Considering they are a room fragrance just like an air freshener they represent far greater value for money than buying a dodgy old can aerosol which doesn't last as long and doesn't produce such a natural smell.

            ==Look and Design==

            The tart itself is a pastel shade and I often doubt whether these shades produce the greatest smells but of course I was willing to give it a try. The colour is a very light aqua type green colour and the photo shown here doesn't really show what it is like when you buy the tart itself as it is much lighter and softer in colour. The photo on the front of the tart shows some water lilies and a large pond area which I must say looks very tranquil and serene.

            The tart is the usual flower type shape and is a thick disc of wax which needs to be placed in an oil burners dish and a tea light popped underneath in order for the wax to melt and release the essential oils with which the wax is infused with. They are very easy to use and mess free when compared to the many years I spent burning smoke ridden oils in my burners and I love the fact that once the tea light underneath has gone out then the wax will harden in the dish and make it easy to keep the item stored away without the fear of spilling the wax everywhere.

            ==General Use==

            As like most of the wax tarts I use from Yankee I decided only to use a small amount of the tart at first. This is so I can swap the scents around more often as each tart has an average burning time of around 8 hours and this seems to last for ages if you don't continually burn the tart. Using a little means that it is used up quicker and I can also pop another tart in the burner without any waste. I also find that the scent lasts better as when using a whole tart the majority of the oils will burn out first and leave a large amount of the wax without a very strong smell.

            This tart wasn't that strong in aroma when giving it a good sniff through the plastic cellophane wrapping that it comes housed in for packaging purposes but again this didn't put me off buying it as a few of the tarts have a far better scent once melted down and this was the case with this scent.

            Although light and discreet it wasn't so unnoticeable as other tarts I have tried recently and the aromas did a good job at filling the room I was in and very slowly seeping through each room of the flat. It was nice when I went out for a couple of hours (extinguishing the tea light on leaving of course) and when I returned the first thing I smelt through the front door was this lovely aroma of the "water Garden" wax tart.

            The scent is really very relaxing and serene as the picture on the front would have us believe. There is a mix of light floral scents such as lilies and blossoms which make it very summer like and very natural which I must say is very nice and has a slight sweetness to it. Whilst the scent which seems to give it a little more body and longevity in the air are a few musk type tones which work well with the lighter first notes. The scent as a whole is really appealing and although not strong seems strong enough to fill the house with a lightly scented air that seems really peaceful and enjoyable.

            ==Overall Opinion==

            I didn't think I was going to like this scent as much as I did and to be fair the lightness isn't something I always do like but I find this scent works really well at providing just the right amount of fragrance in the house to make it smell naturally clean and fresh. It has the feeling that it doesn't try too hard whilst being able to show that it doesn't need to as the scent it produces is really pleasant.

            The tart for me is a winner and I have added it to my "will buy again" list. It is so natural in aroma that one can't help but feel drawn to its freshness and utterly true to life aroma. I have to award a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and give it a very high recommendation.

            I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

            Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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