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Yankee Candle Wax Tart French Vanilla

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    5 Reviews
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      20.06.2013 18:54
      Very helpful



      Four out of five stars

      French Vanilla is a yankee candle fragrance that I got in wax tart form as part of a mixed bundle which I purchased from Amazon. It retails at around the £1.25 mark usually so it is very affordable and like all other wax tarts it provides on average eight hours of fragrance. The tart is a pale milky white shade and it reminds me of the colour of white chocolate. To melt it I simply put it into my tart burner and placed a tea light underneath.

      Yankee candle describe the smell as sweet and traditional, but when I smelt it in its solid form before burning it I got a slightly unpleasant whiff of what reminded me of cat wee mixed in with the mix of floral and sweet chocolatey fragrance. Whilst this would probably put a majority people off of actually burning it I went ahead anyway and I actually quite like the smell of it although it is certainly not one that I absolutely love or anything.

      It is a nice mix of strong, masculine floral notes mixed with sweet vanilla and it has quite a sharp, somewhat manly perfumey/aftershave sort of smell. It also has a bit of a 'milky bar' kind of smell - white chocolate, which adds a lot of sweetness which I find helps balance out the slightly masculine smell though the scents tend to take it in turns to become noticeable and one minute it smells like aftershave/manly perfume and the next it smells sweet and chocolatey.

      Although I am able to smell the vanilla the vanilla isn't that noticeable which I like as in my opinion vanilla can easily becoming sickly and overpowering and the fragrance is pretty well balanced. The sweet fragrance as i have said is more of a rich, chocoatey scent which i really like. It is not the most natural smelling fragrance I have tried from yankee candle and I must admit it has a slight air freshener sort of tinge to it but I do quite like the smell.

      The fragrance is very strong - almost to the point of becoming overpowering, and it filled my house quickly, making it smell very warm, cosey and welcoming. The overall fragrance of French Vanilla is not one of my favourites however I would repurchase it because I like the white chocolate smell that it has, but I'm not too keen on the strong floral/aftershave kind of notes.


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      08.03.2013 19:14
      Very helpful



      This is my favourite wax tart from Yankee Candle because it has got a beautiful fragrance

      WHAT IS IT?

      A wax tart from Yankee Candle. It is called French Vanilla and this wax tart has got a fragrance that is purely vanilla.


      French Vanilla is very beautiful. It is a strong fragrance that gets into every room of my home and I am surprised because vanilla is not a very strong fragrance usually. It has got a very rich and creamy smell that I like very much because vanilla is usually mixed in with other things so you do not achieve the fresh and very comforting smell by itself.


      French Vanilla is a beautiful wax tart and it is one of my favourites from Yankee Candle. I like to smell it in my home but my husband complains if I burn it in the summer because he says it is one that I should reserve for round Christmas but I do not agree with that. It is a heavier fragrance than a lot of vanilla candles so I can understand why he says this.

      I like that the fragrance is strong as soon as I light the candle under my wax tart burner and when the wax starts to melt the smell comes into the air straight away. The fragrance is very sweet and I think it smells a little bit artificial not like a fresh vanilla fragrance but it is so nice that I do not mind this. It makes my home smell like I am making people welcome and many visitors have complimented me on the fragrance when I am burning this wax tart.

      The sweet fragrance stays in the air for about one hour after the candle has gone out and as it fades I think it smells like a cake baking even though I can not smell this part when the fragrance is at its strongest level while the wax is still melting. My friend burns French Vanilla and she says she uses it because it stops her from snacking on sweet food when she is on her weight loss programme.


      This wax tart costs about £1.20 and I have used it in a votive candle as well but I thought the fragrance was not so good.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      30.09.2012 01:07
      Very helpful



      A scented wax tart from Yankee Candles.

      Review of Yankee Candle French Vanilla Wax Tart

      Yankee Candle is a popular manufacturer of scented candles, votives, wax tarts, car air fresheners and similar products. They seem to have taken the UK by storm in recent years and I must admit that I am actually a fairly recent convert to the craze. I first discovered this particular Yankee fragrance when I encountered it as a car jar, an air freshener designed for hanging in a vehicle. I loved the scent and have since purchased it as a wax tart.

      **The French Vanilla Wax Tart**

      Wax tarts are not candles at all, they are solid discs of coloured wax designed to be melted in a special tart or oil burner. Each wax tart weighs in at 22g and should burn for around 8 hours. You can of course re-melt you wax tarts, but the fragrance will not be as strong after time.

      This particular wax tart is called French Vanilla and the wax is a delicate cream colour. The picture on the wrapper is of a group of ice cream cones, pretty apt for a vanilla scented tart in my opinion.

      I am lucky enough to live near a designer outlet shopping centre which houses a branch of Yankee Candle and it was from here that I bought bargain bag of 8 mixed wax tarts. I believe I paid just £5 and as this fragrance was among them, I felt I did very well indeed!

      **The All Important Part-The Scent!**

      As mentioned above I had already encountered the French Vanilla fragrance in a different format, so I was pretty certain I would like this wax tart. Bearing in mind that my purchase was a bargain bin special, my French Vanilla wax tart was slightly shop soiled, and so I was unsurprised that as I unwrapped it, that the wax disc broke into 3 pieces.
      I did not mind unduly, I often break my wax tarts prior to burning deliberately in order to get a longer period of the lovely scents. The wax melted evenly and the scent was apparent almost as soon as the wax became warm.

      The wax tart was being melted in my dining room, which although not of a palatial size, is not exactly a tiny room either, and it filled the room with scent.

      It is a rich, sweet aroma, very 'heady', with really warm notes. It actually reminded me of the bakery shops my uncle owned when I was a child, all warm and sweet smelling.
      I loved the fragrance and was very impressed with the lasting power of the vanilla scent. This is one of Yankee's stronger, longest lasting fragrances in my opinion.

      Unfortunately, my other half hated this scent! He said it made him feel headachy and he found it too sweet and cloying for his taste. Interestingly enough, both my partner and my daughter disliked my Yankee Candle French Vanilla car jar too, so perhaps it is an acquired taste.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I really liked this Yankee Candle fragrance; it is a homely, comforting kind of scent. That said, even though I liked it very much, I won't buy this particular one again in deference to my family's objections.
      To conclude, I think it is safe to say that my household is divided 50/50 regarding this wax tart! I would definitely recommend this one to others, with the proviso that this is not for those who dislike the scent of Vanilla.

      Thank you for reading

      ©brittle1906 September 2012
      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name


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      01.06.2012 09:54
      Very helpful



      Not the best choice from Yankee

      My French Vanilla sampler candle was amongst a few that I bought during a recent clearance sale on the Yankeedoodle website, drawn to this one primarily because of its price I like to try out fragrances that I haven't had before if I can get them for a good deal. Usually sampler candles cost anything up to £1.80 each but I managed to get hold of mine for 90p which when you consider you get around 12 hours of burn time from a single candle and they have a few hours worth of fragrance infused into the wax then it was too good a price for any Yankee fan to miss.

      French Vanilla is quite an old Yankee fragrance now, it's been around for a number of years and as I mentioned in my recent review of the Tangerine sampler I didn't have that many high hopes for these when they arrived at my home. This and the others that I bought feature the old style packaging and company logo on the trunks of the candles and I assumed that they were old stock being sold off cheaply. To get any fragrance whatsoever out of my candle was going to be a bonus I thought so when I lit the wick of this one I wasn't expecting too much from it so it was surprising then for me to discover that despite its age the French Vanilla sampler still managed to pack quite a sweet punch.

      I'll quickly mention what a sampler candle is in case there's anyone reading this who doesn't know. Yankee Candles produce a number of variations on the wax theme and as well as making candles that are housed in glass jars that can cost anything up to £19.00 they also offer the fragrances in cheaper formats. Samplers (or votives) are designed to give an idea of what a fragrance is going to be like, they're short, stubby candles which have a burn time of up to 15 hours and whilst they tend to lose all of their fragrance after a few short hours they're a good way of getting to know the fragrance they contain. Generally speaking they're not as strong as wax tarts (another cheaper option) but because they have their own wicks and can look quite decorative I buy them when I see them on offer as I do like the effect a lit candle can give and the ambience they create. Depending on the fragrance you choose you'll get varying amounts of longevity from a sampler candle but they do have a lifespan of anything up to 15 hours and if they're cheap enough they can be a good buy.

      French Vanilla is described as being "A scrumptious confectionary delight, soft and sweet like rich cream" and after 15 minutes of the wick being lit and the wax to begin melting I could detect its sweet aroma. Vanilla is used heavily by Yankee and features a lot in their 'baking' scents and is included in quite a few of my own personal favourites so its inclusion here without being mixed with something else was quite nice to discover. It's a very 'ice-creamy' fragrance which is a lot stronger than I thought it was going to be even in this format and you would have to be a real fan of vanilla to appreciate this one as it doesn't hold back in its intensity and provides wave after wave of quite a heady scent.

      Sampler candles aren't usually very strong and don't tend to release a lot of fragrance but French Vanilla seems to be the exception to that rule as my little votive was rather powerful and the vanilla fragrance became very noticeable over a short period of time. Some people could find this one to be a little too much if I'm being honest as it doesn't hold back and as there's nothing else added to the mixture to dampen down the overly sweet notes it could be a little too artificial-smelling for many to enjoy. I think vanilla works better when it's added to something else, Yankee bring out a lot of seasonal, Christmas candles which feature vanilla and these work better in my opinion as they're usually mixed with berries or fruits and have more of a 'freshly baked' smell (Christmas Cookie and Cupcake being two examples where the vanilla inclusion works well).

      French Vanilla on its own is perhaps a little too strong to be the only 'note' in a fragranced candle and I couldn't help but be reminded of those artificial-smelling electric plug-in's you can buy when I was burning mine and despite initially liking it I soon found it to be a little too sweet and sickly for me to fully enjoy. That said, if you are a big fan of very sweet fragrances, specifically vanilla then this would definitely be one to check out for yourself as even though it's been around for a few years French Vanilla is still widely available online in all the wax formats that Yankee produce.

      I'm in two minds whether or not I'd buy this one again as I usually complain about the lack of strength the sampler candles seem to have yet this one provided many hours of fragrance. I do think it's best suited to a hallway rather than any specific room as its fragrance does travel well and used in the right place it could nicely fragrance a home and give it a welcoming feel and ambience. It's certainly been one of the strongest samplers I've ever had from Yankee and I do think that I got plenty for my 90p when I bought it so overall a 3 star rating seems fair basing this on everything mentioned in this review.

      I wouldn't suggest anyone new to Yankee making this their first purchase as it lacks the complexity of later fragrances and similar to what I thought about the Tangerine sampler I do think that it's a one-note-wonder, however, if you love the smell of Vanilla and want it to fragrance your home then you'd get exactly what you wanted with this one. Recommended, but only just.

      Thanks for reading my review


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        12.05.2012 18:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        French vanilla wax tart!

        ~ THE WAX TART ~
        The Wax tart is made by Yankee Candles and is called French Vanilla. I love the smell of vanilla which is why I went for this wax tart. On the front of the tart there is a small sticker which states what fragrance the wax tart is and there is also a small picture of what looks like empty ice cream cones. The tart is a creamy white colour and as soon as you unwrap the wax tart you can smell the strong, sweet smell of the vanilla. The source of the vanilla oil is extracted from tropical orchids. I wondered if this would smell a little similar to the Vanilla Cupcake fragrance which I have purchased before. I remember this smelling very sweet but also delicious.

        Not long after lighting the tea light in the wax burner the tart started to melt. As it melted it gave off a nice, light scent of vanilla. The wax tart continued to melt and the more the tart melted the stronger the smell became. The smell of the wax tart smelt very strongly of vanilla and smelt very, very sweet. The smell of the tart filled the living room and drifted off into the kitchen and the bedroom a little. When I walked past the burner or near to the burner the smell of the tart was a lot stronger. It wasn't very long before the whole living room smelt very strongly of vanilla and although it was a lovely smell it was a little too sweet and was slightly sickly after a while. After about an hour or so I actually decided to blow the tea-light out as the smell of the wax tart was becoming a little too sweet for me. The smell of the wax tart disappeared a short while after blowing out the tea-light and there weren't any lingering smells left in any of the rooms including the lounge where the wax tart had been melting.

        You can purchase many products in the Yankee Candle range which are French Vanilla.
        Prices have been taken from the following website: http://www.yankeedirect.com/products.asp?OrderBy=&Search=french vanilla&Fragrance=&ProdType=&offset=1

        Car Freshener (Pack of 3) - £3.98
        Car Freshener (Single) - £1.99
        Electric Plug in - £8.49
        Electric Plug in Refill - £5.99
        Large Jar Candle - £18.45
        Large Tumbler - £17.99
        Medium Jar - £15.45
        Medium Tumbler - £14.49
        Regular Tumbler - £9.25
        Sampler Candle - £1.60
        Small Jar - £7.49
        Tea Lights - £6.25
        Wax Tart (Single) £1.15

        Please note that prices may change and vary in different places.

        The smell of the wax tart became a little too strong for my liking and was very sweet and became a little too sweet and slightly sickly. Although I blew the tea-light out I have used the wax tart again a few times, for shorter periods. The overall smell of the wax tart is very sweet and really nice and if you like sweet smells then you will love the smell of the tart. I'm not sure whether I would buy this wax tart again due to the sweetness of it and the fact that it was a little too sickly for my liking. I do how-ever give the product 4 out 5 stars and recommend it to others if you think you can put up with a very sweet, sickly smell.

        (review may also appear on ciao)


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