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Yankee Candle Wax Tart Red Apple Wreath

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    6 Reviews
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      18.11.2014 14:16
      Very helpful
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      • "Strong scent"
      • "Long lasting"
      • "Christmas in a jar"


      • None

      Christmas in a jar

      The Yankee Candle idea began in 1969 when a young Mike Kittredge melted down some crayons to make his mother a Christmas Candle. The Candle was so impressive a neighbour asked to buy the candle, so Mike Kittredge agreed and made another. From then on the Yankee Candle has become synonymous in the fragrance candle market and now has over 150 fragrances to its name.

      The Yankee Candle range can be quite expensive when you first look at them. They have 4 main candle types:-

      Tea Lights
      Wax Tarts
      (They also create car fresheners and aromatherapy scents).

      The most well know range is the Jars, which come in several sizes and styles:-

      Large, Medium and Small Jars
      Large, Medium and Regular Tumblers

      Presentation, Packaging and Price
      I purchased my Yankee Red Apple Wreath a while ago from Ebay as it was on offer for £12. I think normally the large jars are about £18.00

      The Large Jars are huge!!!. They are in an enormous glass jar which holds 22oz of candle. On the front there is an image of large Christmas Wreath on a front door. The Glass Jar is very classy and can be used again if so wished. It is a strong glass and the the design is simple but gorgeous. The large jars are very luxurious and are a real treat! The fragrance of ‘Red Apple Wreath’ is literally Christmas in a Jar. It combines the scent of a fresh wreathm with hints of pine with apples, cinnamon, walnut and maple. This Christmassy combination is perfect and so inviting!

      When you light the candle the fragrance soon fills your whole room and is warming and inviting. Unlike other brands of candle this fragrance doesn’t fade into the background but remains strong, but not overpowering to the last drop!

      The large jars have a burning time of 110 to 150 hours so for the price tag are well worth the money.


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        05.01.2012 20:19
        Very helpful



        A gorgeous warming fragrance

        I am still currently working my way through my Yankee Christmas samplers. I ordered far too many on Yankee Doodle and I am still only half way through! I went a bit mad as the prices for the samplers were so ridiculously low and it was incredibly hard not to put all of them in my online shopping basket! I didn't have any method in choosing the samplers I just chose what sounded nice especially as some didn't have pictures!

        Currently burning away in front of me (and for the previous night) is the Yankee Red Apple Wreath sampler. This ended up being bought as the sampler cost me a very good price of 80p so it was certainly worth trying. I always associate wreaths with funerals and even that word gives me the shivers but the thought of a warm red apple fragrance was quite inviting. When it arrived it was a lovely shade of pillar box red and you could instantly smell the sweetness through the wrapper which compared to my last sampler I used it was a positive start.

        I do like the labels that Yankee create for each of their candles and the Apple Wreath Sampler features a lovely image of a green wreath on a door adorned with red apples, so very fitting! Taking the sampler out of its clear plastic wrapper (which actually has a red tinge to it from the candle wax) you can instantly smell the sweetness now it isn't a horrible synthetic sweetness which you can get from some candles or other products but it was quite a warm, rich aroma which is lovely and inviting and did have a Christmassy feel (shame its 5th Jan!).

        The candle isn't specially just an apple aroma it also features the oils of cinnamon, walnuts and maple just to give it more depth. The cinnamon is without doubt the most prominent and gives it that Christmassy aroma. As for the walnut and maple aromas these are certainly more subtle against the prominent cinnamon aroma which takes over especially when the candle is being burned which is fine by me as although it is very noticeable it isn't too overpowering and is softened by the sweet apple scent which makes it a much more balanced fragrance. However, it is a shame that the maple and walnut aromas are not stronger but the fragrance to me is lovely as it is.

        So far my candle has been lit last night for a few hours and tonight for around 2 hours so it has had enough time to really warm up especially when sampler candles have a burn time of 15 hours! I think because the Red Apple Wreath sampler has such a prominent it doesn't take long for the aroma to fill a room. My candle is currently situated on my coffee table right in the middle of the lounge and it doesn't take long for you to really notice the aroma, it certainly fills the room easily. Once the candle was blown out last night the aroma did still linger for quite sometime which was certainly a pleasant aroma.

        Overall, this is definitely a candle which I really like and one that I will be buying again ready for next Christmas (planning ahead early!) as it has such a warming aroma which is made even more Christmassy with the help of cinnamon which puts a little spiciness to the whole fragrance. Compared to some other Yankee Candles I have tried recently the aroma is long lasting and definitely noticeable which is great as there is no point burning a candle and you can't even smell the fragrance. I would without a doubt recommend Yankee's Red Apple Wreath candle whether it's the sampler or large jar, its wonderful fragrance will warm the house with ease.

        ~ Useful Info ~

        Brand: Yankee Candle
        Burn Time: 15 Hours
        Wax Type: Paraffin
        Availability: Limited but in store and online
        Price: £0.80p upwards


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        27.12.2011 13:29
        Very helpful



        a nice festive candle

        *Got a few more Christmas candle reviews to crosspost from Ciao - hope you all had a fab time but it is never to early to stock up on Yankee for next year hehe* Also please note dooyoo only add one product per yankee scent so reviews can be about tart, votive, jar etc!

        Yankee Candle is an American company offering a wide range of home fragrance products.

        @Red Apple Wreath@

        Red Apple Wreath is one of the Christmas fragrances available from Yankee Candle. It can be bought in various sized candle jars, tealights, tarts and sampler votives.

        I will be discussing the sampler votive in this scent. The sampler is a small, individual candle which has a wick running through it. The wick is secured to a silver disc at the base. The sampler should be placed into a votive holder. The sampler is infused with essential oil scent and once it starts to melt, should offer around 15hours of fragrance.

        This particular sampler is a deep red colour which fits in with the Christmas theme. It is shrink wrapped and has a label showing a wreath with festive apples around it. Red Apple Wreath is described as :

        "A happy holiday homecoming with the festive aroma of sweet apples, cinnamon, walnuts and maple"


        Each sampler is 49g in weight. Current stockists and prices :

        *Amazon UK - £1.65
        *www.yankeecandlescents.co.uk - £1.31

        The tarts are around £1.10 and jars start from £4.00.

        @My Thoughts@

        Another Yankee Christmas scent today. I have tried the wax tart and the sampler in this particular scent but other than the way of burning and the strength differing, there isn't much variation between either format of candle. I wanted to try as many Christmas scents as possible this year and this is one which I have liked.

        The scent of this sampler could be detected through the wrapper. The samplers are often quite subtle until burned but I could detect a fairly strong, spicy aroma through the wrapper. The sampler looked festive as it burned down and flickered from within my votive holder. It burned down evenly and I would say I got around 13hours of scent from the votive. I chose to burn mine over the course of a few days in my bedroom as I prefer burning tarts in the living area.

        @All Things Spicy..@

        Although not as strong as the tart, the sampler does produce quite a heady scent. It is one of the strongest samplers I have burned and filled my bedroom up with a delicious scent within 20minutes of burning. It isn't strong enough to filter through my home (unlike the tart) but it did create a festive, cosy ambience within my bedroom and any "smelly fiance" smells were shifted from the air rather quickly!

        Red Apple Wreath is definently festive. It is a full bodied scent which combines some beautiful scents together. The scent is predominately spicy. The cinnamon comes through very strong and is incredibly warming. The apple and maple combine to create a crisp and uplifting sweet aroma with a festive, fruity edge. This takes the edge of the cinnamon a little and lightens it so it never becomes over bearing. I wouldn't say that the walnut is overly noticeable though there is a delicate, woody undertone to the scent.

        The sampler offers a consistent scent as it burns but doesn't hang around long when it is blown out. The overall scent, I found to be very pleasant and natural. It had a nice mixture of scents which came through as undertones to the cinnamon but the scent remained spicy throughout its burning time. I wouldn't say this scent evoked any special Christmas memories for me but it does smell Christmassy in general and I really like it. It isn't my favourite Yankee Xmas scent though.


        I was pleased with both the sampler and the tart version of this scent though found the tart to be stronger and better value for money at the end of the day. It is a lovely scent which whilst warming, is fresh at the same time and could be burned during the day or at night time to create a festive ambience in your home.

        Recommended - 4 stars!

        Thanks for reading xx


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          13.12.2011 17:05
          Very helpful



          one of the better Yankee Christmas scents

          When I've been out Christmas shopping recently I've noticed that a lot of shops are selling the Christmas Yankee Candles, even those who don't carry the Yankee range at other times of the year. One that a lot of shops not only stock, but seem to be heavily promoting, is the Red Apple Wreath fragrance. I actually bought this last year in the January sale for just 50p and it was one that I really wanted to try out, just because the name sounded so yummy.


          If you're not familiar with Yankee Candle, I should explain that they create a scent and then make it in several formats. The Red Apple Wreath is available as a wax tart, a votive, a box of twelve tea lights, housewarmer jars (the classic Yankee sweet jars filled with wax) in three sizes and glass tumblers, also in three sizes. You can also get a Red Apple Wreath room spray which may be a good way of trying the scent for those who don't like to have candles burning.

          I purchased the wax tart. Again, for those who don't know, this is a disc of wax with a fluted edge. Like the bigger candles it is infused with scent, but it doesn't have a wick - instead you must melt it in a tart burner under the flame of a tea light. This is similar to an oil burner, but typically has a bigger bowl to accommodate the melted wax. Yankee sell tart burners starting at £5 for a basic one, or much more for a novelty or electric one.

          ==My Experience==

          The scents of Yankee Candles are usually strong enough that you can smell the fragrance clearly through the wrapping. Red Apple Wreath had quite a soft apple scent when in the packaging, but as soon as I opened it I was met by a much stronger scent.

          The smell of this is predominantly a sweet red apple scent, but there is a very subtle aroma of cinnamon to it. I'm not a huge fan of cinnamon, but I feel it's quite muted in this candle and the scent of the apple and cinnamon together works very well and does indeed smell rather festive.

          As it melted I found that my sitting room where I was burning this was slowly filled with the beautiful apple scent. In fact, it also filled the kitchen next door, although it wasn't quite so strong in there.

          I thought the intensity of the candle was perfect. I could smell the scent clearly in the air, but it wasn't an overpowering scent, just a gentle lingering background fragrance.

          The wax tarts are designed to give eight hours of fragrance each. Other formats will have longer burn times - please see the price guide below. If you do not want to have your wax tart burning for eight hours solid, you can let it solidify and re-melt at a later date. I think the eight hour estimate given for this one was fairly accurate. I didn't count, but the tea lights I use burn for four hours each and I used two with the wax tart.


          I bought this from Boundary Mill in the sale. If you're not near to one, Clinton's Cards on the high street sell these. You can also buy online directly for www.yankee.co.uk

          Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
          Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
          Tea Lights (pack of 16) - Burn time 4-6 hours each -£5.99
          Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
          Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
          Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45
          Small tumbler - Burn time 35-40 hours - £9.25
          Medium tumbler - Burn time 45-50 hours -£14.49
          Large tumbler - Burn time 70-90 hours -£17.99


          On the whole I really liked this fragrance. It's quite a sweet and light fragrance and despite the spice, it's not as heavy as many of the Christmas scents tend to be. This is definitely one that I would buy again and a fragrance that I would recommend.


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          18.09.2011 19:25
          Very helpful



          Nice scent

          This fragrance from Yankee just manages to avoid being sickly sweet and instead it leaves you with a nice warm feeling inside, don't get me wrong it does have a strong, sweet smell but it is not too over the top, at least not in my opinion. You will get about eight hours of burn time from a standard size tart that will cost around the one pound mark, slightly cheaper if you buy in bulk. Naturally you will need a burner before purchasing this product however the fragrance does come in other forms.

          This is a great fragrance for those cold winter nights and especially around occasions like Halloween and Xmas as it fills the room with a lovely festive aroma of apples and with the sweet aroma that comes with them it is a warm scent that helps to lift the spirits. Alongside the fruity apple I can also detect cinnamon as well which gives it a spicy tinge that compliments the apple so well.

          The fragrance is strong and lasts a decent amount of time even when all of the oild has burned off so while the burn time is eight hours I could still detect the fragrance a little the next morning when I first entered the room 9the door had been closed) however once the door was opened the lingering fragrance soon dispersed.

          Certainly this is one that I will be using again this winter as it is a nice warm fragrance and one of the better ones from the Yankee Candles range.


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          09.09.2011 18:29
          Very helpful



          Autumn/Winter Fragrance from Yankee Candle


          The Red Apple Wreath wax tart from Yankee Candle was one that I've had a while but only recently got round to melting. I've had a few 'seasonal' releases from Yankee that have been quite heavy in scent and haven't really suited the weather so was waiting for a dull and gloomy day before melting this one. Typically the Bank Holiday weekend was somewhat of a washout so it gave me a good opportunity to catch up with some films that I wanted to see so at the same time I thought I'd give Red Apple Wreath a try...

          Wax Tarts

          By now the majority of regular readers of my reviews will know that a wax tart is a piece of fragrance-infused wax that when melted produces a room-filling aroma. Yankee produce dozens of different scents in a number of different formats and the wax tart range is the cheapest way to get an idea of the fragrances on offer and providing around 8 hours of scent they often represent excellent value for money when you consider that they cost around a pound each. I'm a fan of Yankee and their products as the number of reviews I've written about them will testify and constantly top up my collection of wax tarts as I find them to be a great way of providing a pleasant fragrance around my home which I find creates a welcoming and warming atmosphere. Wax tarts are unlike traditional candles in that they don't have a wick, instead they are placed into the well of a tart burner and melted from beneath by a lit tea light. I find that they are easy to remove and replace once the wax has solidified and they are my favoured choice when it comes to Yankee's range of products as they allow me to sample the various fragrances that are on offer without having to spend a lot of money.

          Red Apple Wreath

          The wax tart under review here, the Red Apple Wreath, is a Winter fragrance and quite seasonal in appearance being blood red in colour and featuring a illustration of a green and red wreath on its sticker. As ever with wax tarts this one weighs 22oz and is tightly wrapped in transparent plastic, once removed from its packaging it has a mottled look to it which is due to the fragrances and essential oils that make up its composition and has a subtle apple aroma which is immediately noticeable. Wax tart in place and tea light lit I allowed a few minutes of melting time to pass by and soon became aware of the different fragrances that this one produced and overall I was very impressed.

          The Apple notes are the ones that I immediately recognised and rather than being overly sweet they were quite subdued in fragrance and are somewhat tempered, these aren't the crisp, green apples that make up the other Yankee fragrance 'Granny Smiths' instead they are almost toffee-like in fragrance and initially reminded me of hot apple pie. Cinnamon is definitely apparent in "Red Apple Wreath" and accompanies the apple notes well giving them a depth of flavour and a slightly warm feeling which was reminiscent of home baking and Christmas-time goodies and I could understand why this was released as a Winter fragrance as it does lend itself well to the festive time of the year.

          There are sweeter highlights contained in this one which I understand to be Maple and a slight nutty edge which comes from the inclusion of Walnuts and all in all I would describe this one as being a rich and sweet fragrance which would suit any living or dining room. It is a complex fragrance, the separate ingredients do blend together but are recognisable on their own and throughout the melting time of my wax tart I was able to distinguish the individual elements that were included, the Apple notes combined with the Maple give the fragrance its sweetness but is dampened by the Cinnamon which gives it a richness of flavour and for anyone who enjoys Yankee's cake or cookie fragrances then there would be plenty to like with this one.

          I easily got a good 8 to 10 hours worth of fragrance from my single wax tart and over the course of the weekend I had this one melting throughout the day and evening. I tend to allow the wax to solidify after each tea light has burnt itself out and by doing this it seemed to extend the tarts life-span, each time the wax tart began to melt I detected the Apple notes first of all and although it had lost the majority of its fragrance by the 10 hour mark it was still emitting a subtle fragrance even when I removed the wax from my burner. All in all this one was fantastic value for money and would be one I recommend for both its fragrance and longevity and it certainly appealed to me, for something that cost me less than a pound (I got mine a few weeks ago from the yankeedoodle website when it was included in an offer they were promoting) it was well worth its money and I would definitely buy this one again especially now as it's coming into the Autumnal months.

          Red Apple Wreath gets a perfect five star rating from me, there's nothing to complain about with this one and I wholeheartedly recommend this one to anyone who likes the sweeter fragrances that Yankee produce. If you like home-baking aromas then this one will definitely appeal and although it isn't as sweet as some others in Yankee's collection it's still one to check out for yourselves. Definitely recommended, thanks for reading my review.


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