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Yankee Candle Wedding Day

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    9 Reviews
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      25.06.2013 15:16
      Very helpful



      A great idea for a wedding gift or a celebration light and floral

      =Yankee Candle Wedding Day=

      I originally brought the Yankee Candle Wedding Day as a gift, I brought 6 of the mini sampler size candles, and 6 of the tarts, as my friend was due to get married abroad and have a party at home, so I thought it would be an unusual gift and the plan was to give it from my daughter, the relationship never got there. So I have them, as the name I can't really re-gift them.
      =Yankee Candles=
      The Yankee Candle company now market an array of products from tea lights, candles, accessories, car air fresheners the list goes on. They can be purchased from many retailers both in store and online.
      I paid £10 for the 12 items, as I brought them as a bulk buy from a seller off eBay, they were left over from her wedding favours, so I saved some money! Usually a wax tart is £1.25, and a sampler candle can be £1.75
      =The Candles=
      Both products are shrink wrapped and are an off white colour, they are called "Wedding Day", the main sticker (front of sampler, top of the wax tart) this has Yankee candle, the name "wedding Day and a picture, in this case some white roses, which look like they could come from a bride's bouquet, on the reverse is the care instructions, how to use and contact details.
      =Initial Smell=
      When I smelt the tart through the wrapper, it had a sweet floral smell, almost calming feel to it.

      =Wax Tarts=
      I always break my tarts in half to get double the benefit, and I found that this was a floral smell, I could not identify any particular flower, but they were sweet like a summers day, but gave a calm and relaxing feel to them. I found the aroma was milder than compared to a fruit based tart, but each one is different.

      -Tarts- I found that the tarts had about 7 hours of fragrance with the last hour being very mild, and after burning the aroma only really lasted in the air for about an hour.
      I tend to burn mine for a couple of hours on an evening, and then let the aroma continue from there.

      I found with this that the aroma did last longer with the candles and they seemed to keep their shape well, again, I would have them burning for about 2 hours at a time, I did trim the wick about twice, to keep the flame down but also not to waste excess wax.

      =In-between The Use=
      Whilst the candles and tarts were waiting to be used I popped them in my clothes draw, and over a period of about after a week or so , I noticed how pleasant the smell was when I opened the draws, so they do work lovely as a draw freshener,

      I try to think of whether a candle is suited to a season or not, bit for me this is a summer candle, as its light and floral, I feel on a winter's night the aroma would just not be strong enough to carry it through the cold season.

      =Would I buy again=
      Whilst I like the design and name, I would buy as a small wedding gift off my daughter, but I wouldn't buy again for me, as I not really a floral person with candles aroma.

      =Would I recommend=
      For anyone who likes floral and a mild to medium aroma then this is perfect.

      5/5 from me.


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      04.06.2013 21:07
      Very helpful



      This worked well for me

      Last June for my wedding anniversary I purchased this 'Wedding Day' scented candle as a little gift for my wife, as she had really enjoyed the previous few Yankee Candles that we had tried.

      I suspect that almost everyone knows about Yankee candles, what they are, what they offer etc, but this is just a quick bit of info for anyone who may be new to Yankee Candles.

      The Yankee Candle Company was started in South Hadley, Massachusetts when (a moneyless) Michael Kittredge, created his first scented candle during Christmas 1969 from melted crayons as a gift for his mother. From there the company set off and continually grew to what it is today.
      The Yankee Candle Company now markets an array of products, including candles of various scents and sizes, scented wax tarts, candle accessories, votive candles (Samplers), votive candle holders, tart warmers, jar toppers (for use with the House-warmer line of candles), reed diffusers, Electric Home Fragrance units (scented wall plug-ins), car scents, room sprays, Good Air products - the list goes on and on!

      The candle that I bought for my wife as a little gift for our anniversary was a Wedding Day scented candle in a large glass jar.
      There are said to be over 175 different scents available today, with generally 4 different sizes of candle that are most commonly used and these are:

      Sampler candles priced around £2 with a 15 hour burn time
      Small glass Jar priced around £8 with a 25 - 40 hour burn time
      Medium glass jar priced around £15 with a 65 - 90 hour burn time
      Large glass jar priced around £23 with a 110 - 140 hour burn time.

      The glass jar has a little picture of some white roses on the front of it which look like they are part of a bride's bouquet, and inside the glass the candle wax can be easily viewed, which is a slight off-white colour, which again could be considered to be the colour of a bride's dress.

      Upon removing the lid there is a lovely sweet, floral scent, which is relaxing and calming. The floral scent to my nostrils reminds me of roses.

      My wife was really pleased with this gift, and we burned it in the lounge after we had had a nice takeaway to celebrate our anniversary. The Wedding Scent candle lasted us for about 2 months before it burnt to the bottom of the jar, and was no longer possible to use. I have not timed the total burning time from the candle, but I am confident that it would certainly be in the region of the 110 - 140 hours that Yankee specify for this size, and I wouldn't be too surprised if it exceeded this somewhat. Often we would light our candle at dusk, and let it burn for 2-3 hours each night as we watched TV, and so as you can imagine this small amount of time each evening means that the candle will last for well over a month even if it is used every night.
      The glow from the candle is lovely, and obviously the heat that it generates also helps to warm up the warm a little bit.

      Overall this is a lovely floral scent from the Yankee Candle company. It is quite subtle, and so if you are after something that takes over the room, and covers up strong odours or smells then this is probably not the best choice from the huge range. It is more suited to a summers evening for a relaxing and gentle scent.

      Thanks for reading.

      © L500589 2013


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        27.09.2012 16:02
        Very helpful



        A Yankee Candle wax tart that should have been excellent, unfortunately it's slightly nasty...

        I'm a big fan of Yankee Candle wax tarts and bought this one when it was released as a commemorative fragrance to mark the Royal Wedding between Kate and Wills. I must admit, the hype of the wedding kinda passed me by but (well) any excuse to try a new Yankee Candle variety! I kept the tart until the day of the wedding, my four year old was hugely excited by the spectacle on television (thanks to much over-enthusiasm at nursery) so I thought I might as well keep the momentum going for her sake at least.

        Wedding Day is a virginal white tart, there's no specific mention of the Royal Wedding on the packaging which in my opinion makes it better as these tarts would make a nice wedding favour for anyone's wedding - it's not just the Windsors that have a fantastic day on their wedding day, after all! The circular tart is shrink wrapped in clear plastic with a simple label stuck to the top showing several beautiful white roses; as always you'll need a knife to get into the tart, something I'm surprised Yankee Candle haven't addressed yet as a simple 'pull strip' would make them far easier to unwrap.

        This, like any other wax tart, is wickless and you'll need a tart burner to use it. You pop the wax tart into the burner, light a tealight underneath and wait for the fragrance to start permeating around your room. Upon opening it was immediately apparent that this isn't the strongest tart you're ever likely to encounter, in fact I found it rather insipid in the beginning and didn't think the actual scent had much substance.

        Yankee Candle say Wedding Day contains 'romantic floral notes and subtle fruits' - well, all I can say is that the fruits are so subtle that I couldn't detect even a hint of anything other than floweriness! And not a particularly nice floweriness in my opinion either... When the fragrance is first released it's very much a hotch-potch of floral fragrances, I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a 'bouquet' because the different notes seem to clash too much with one another - I'd imagined this would have a predominantly rose fragrance (based on the label) but I can barely detect the beautiful smell of roses at all. Instead it seems to be a mixture of whatever cheap floral oils Yankee Candle could find to put together this tart.

        The fragrance isn't very pungent, admittedly my living room is slightly larger than average but I could only really detect the smell when I was sitting in close proximity to the burner - there was a slight whiff in the dining room but this was only because my burner is located very close to the door that leads into the dining room. The weak fragrance didn't make its way upstairs, which in hindsight I'm glad about as the smell after the tealight has gone out is less than pleasant - and whereas the actual smell as the tealight is burning is quite faint, ironically the nasty tones afterwards seem much stronger.

        You see, after extinguishing the tealight the smell becomes quite sour and bitter - definitely not the kind of thing most people want on their wedding day! Me and Mark are planning to tie the knot in 2013 (well, after seventeen years the time seems kinda right - damned babies getting in the way of my big day!) and I certainly wouldn't want anything with such a foul after-smell burning on the best day of my life!

        Despite this, I have burned Wedding Day since - basically because I received a couple in a mixed bag of wax tarts I bought from Ebay. I'd been hoping that my first tart had been a dud as nobody else seems to have experienced the awful bitterness, but I suppose everyones tolerance to revoltingness is different - I obviously have a low tolerance! The fragrance of the tart lasted for around six hours (equating to three tealights), which is quite poor considering the majority of my favoured tarts have a burn time of around ten hours.

        Would I recommend it? Well, you know, I might. I know I've written quite a negative review here but as something to commemorate your own wedding day this is a nice enough item - I'd definitely recommend you buy it in wax tart format to begin with rather than paying out for the much pricier housewarmer jars just in case you feel the same way as I do. Of course, fragrance reviews are subjective and what might seem cheap and nasty to me might just be the best fragrance you've ever come across. I doubt it in this instance, but...

        I know the Royal Wedding has been and gone but Wedding Day is still available in all the formats you'd expect from Yankee Candle, with the wax tart being priced at around the £1.20 mark. I don't think this is good value for money considering the short fragrance time, although again if you are planning your wedding (and I appreciate not everyone is) this might be something to look at as a change from sugared almonds.


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          01.06.2012 14:09
          Very helpful



          A lovely scented wax tart but fails on it's lasting power

          I'm a big fan of Yankee wax tarts ever since I started reading some fantastic reviews on here which urged me to buy a burner and subsequently stock up on tarts. I bought a petal base burner back in November and have been buying wax tarts frequently - normally every week or so, sometimes from a local Hallmark card shop where they sporadically have them on sale at 60p, but mainly if I've any spare money in my paypal account my preferred method is to buy from reputable sellers on Ebay.

          When I came across a mixed assortment of 10 for the bargain price of just £8 inc P&P I thought this was too god an offer to turn down and placed my order. When the tarts arrived I was very pleased to discover there were several varieties that I hadn't tried before, as well as some of my favourites and this review focuses on my experience of a new one, for me anyway, entitled 'Wedding Day'.

          As you may well imagine by the title, Wedding Day is a very romantic sounding floral affair which sounds simply beautiful as Yankee describe it as being "..sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits.."

          So having burned this recently what are my thoughts?

          This wax tart as mentioned was part of a mixed bundle but can be purchased separately from various stockists from around the £1.15 mark though prices will vary depending on where you choose to shop.

          Wedding Day comes presented in the same way as all Yankee wax tarts in a clear plastic wrapper with a sticker on the back telling us the size (22g), how to use and estimated burning time etc, whilst on the front we have a sticker depicting a bunch of white flowers - very apt.

          On opening the wax tart there was quite a strong flowery aroma escaping which was exactly as I had imagined and there was a strong rose/ lily essence that I could immediately detect. I'm not normally a fan floral based fragrances, whether it be in candle/ wax form or perfumes but there was something very alluring about this and I was looking forward to burning it.

          On placing in my wax tart burner and lighting the tea light underneath I found the aroma to start to intensify once the wax tart began to melt. The initial rose/ lily aroma I detected on first opening it became far more prominent once it started to melt and I was actually pleasantly surprised to learn that I liked the fragrance.

          The wax tart has an approximate burning time of 8 hours though this is where I feel it started to let itself down. After around half an hour of the tea light being lit underneath I found the scent to be at it's strongest and the pretty floral fragrance wafted gently through to each room without being too overpowering, but strong enough for it to make it's presence known. Although I normally keep my burner in my kitchen (for safety reasons and for the fact my kitchen is the most central room in my cottage) I did move it to my bathroom when burning Wedding Tart and found the fragrance to equally distribute to all of my other rooms without being too intoxicating in the bathroom itself.

          After around the half hour mark though the scent seemed to wane slightly and after about 2 hours of burning the fragrance seemed to have disappeared completely which was very disappointing.

          Would I recommend this?

          For the fragrance alone it would definitely get the thumbs up and 5/5 as I'm not a floral fan at all but there is something very beautiful and romantic about this wax tart that I can't help but love. It offers a real freshly cut flowers scent and smells incredibly authentic without even a hint of anything fake or artificial which is why it's so disappointing that it fades so quickly. The wax tart has a 'clean' appearance to it too being in a bright white whilst the floral aroma has a fresh and clean scent that smells like a bridal bouquet so Yankee have got it spot on really apart from the longevity.

          If it had kept it's strength for longer then I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this though due to it's weak longevity it's not one I will repurchase in the future myself. Because of the beautiful aroma it initially offered I am going to go halfway by giving it 3 stars though if it had of lasted for longer then it would have been awarded the full 5/5.


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            07.04.2012 16:40
            Very helpful



            a great gift to buy or receive at a wedding

            I love Yankee Candles, and recently when we were at a wedding, all the ladies invited were given Yankee Wedding Day Scented Candles in their guest favours. I think that this was a lovely idea and it gave us all something nice to take home with us to remember their day by and also it is actually a usable present. I have our Wedding Day candle in our hallway at the moment and burn it from time to time to give our house a little freshen up. This candle is white and has a picture of white roses on it, it also says wedding day on it and is quite elegant looking as a present to give away at a wedding. I think it would also be nice to buy a bride this candle as part of her wedding present.

            The Scent
            This candle has a really sweet floral smell to it, it has a very fresh and pleasant smell that isn't too strong and blends into the room quite nicely.

            Burn Time
            The candle that we received came in a small jar, so far I have burned it for around 6 hours and there still seems to be a lot of candle left, on the Yankee Website it says that the smaller jars of Yankee Candle have a burn time or around 25-40 hours, which I think is about right, as other Yankee Candles I have had in the past have at least lasted an average of 25 hours (though I am only really estimating).

            My Opinion
            I really like this candle and thought it was a lovely party favour at a wedding, it has a lovely scent that fills the room quite quickly, but isn't too strong. It is perfect for sitting in our hall way. I have so far got quite a bit of burn time out of this candle and I still have loads of candle left so I am pleased with how long it is lasting. I couldn't be happier with this candle, it looks lovely and decorative and it smells lovely and fresh.

            The scent from this candle is quite strong, and sometimes even when it is not lit, if I leave the lid off it, the scent diffuses throughout the room and you can smell a very faint smell of it. I find sometimes when I walk past this candle, and it is not lit, I get a burst of the scent from it, which is an added bonus as you do not even have to have it lit to enjoy this candle. I find that this is the case with most Yankee Candles that I have bought.

            The only disappointment I have had with this candle is that sometimes when I am burning it, black smoke comes from the flame and the edges of the jar look a black, when I cleaned it with dry tissue paper, they were all sooty. However as long as I give it a wipe between uses, this does not seem to happen, so it is good keep these candles clean around the edges, especially if you burn them often.

            You can buy these candles in a range of different sizes, here is a list of the sizes and prices:
            Wax Tart (burn time up to 8 hours)- £1.25
            Sampler (burn time up to 15 hours)- £1.75
            Small Jar (burn time 25-40 hours)- £7.99
            Medium Jar (burn time 65-90 hours)- £15.99
            Large Jar (burn time 110-150 hours)- £18.99

            I think that the prices for these candles are a little expensive, however in our local furniture centre they are on offer all the time 3 for 2, which makes them worth their price, I like to look out for these on offer when I can. I usually but the samplers or the small jars as I like to change scents quite regularly, I get bored of the same scent around the house quite quickly.

            Overall this is a lovely candle, it was lovely to receive it as a gift at a wedding, though I think it would be just as nice to give it as a gift to the newly wed bride and groom. It smells lovely and has a really fresh floral smell to it and if they are on offer, they aren't even that expensive to buy. The only problem with this candle is that it went a little sooty when I was burning it, though as long as I wiped the edges, this wasn't a problem. Overall I would give this candle 4 out of 5 stars.

            *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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            25.03.2012 20:30
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A fantastic wax tart from Yankee Candle.

            A couple of months ago a large shop here was closing down and they had Yankee Candle products reduced by a further 50% on top of the already reduced closing down prices This seemed like a fantastic offer to me and prompted me too pick up a massive basket full of candles and I paid just 50p each for wax tarts in the Yankee Candle range. I had smelt the wedding day candles in the past and I was prompted to pick up around 10 wax tarts because this is all that they had left in the wedding day range.

            The concept of a wax tart is very simple. You place it in a special wax burner (a deep one to hold the liquid - mine is a Yankee Candle branded one) and then you light a tea light underneath to burn the wax tart down. This will release a wonderful smell and the wax tarts are designed to last with around 8 hours of fragrance.

            The colour of this wax tart is an off white colour and it makes me think of a wedding day as soon as I see it! This has a sweet yet floral scent as soon as it is held near my nose and the plastic wrapping is simple to remove as with all of these wax tarts.

            On the first time I used this I lit up my tea light and within about 10 minutes my room started to fill with this wonderful scent. The scent from this wax tart is quite strong but I do not find it heady or overpowering in any way. There is a lovely sweetness to this wax tart and it is also very floral. I feel that my home is fresh yet filled with an inviting rich scent when using this wax tart.

            The scent of this wax tart definitely fills my home and on occasion I have left on burning for a full day to help get rid of strong cooking scents (in combination with open windows) and this has worked very well for that.

            I have found that the burning time completely with scent is around 11-12 hours for this particular wax tart which is fantastic considering the 8 hours of suggested longevity. I have used about 5 or 6 of my wax tarts now and have found this to be the case with all of them.

            Overall I am very pleased with the quality of this particular wax tart. I would not hesitate to purchase it again if I was to find it at a bargain price in the future.


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              11.01.2012 18:42
              Very helpful



              Wedding Day Candle

              When I got married two years ago, my work colleagues were kind enough to buy me a few gifts and, amongst them, I received two Yankee Candle Wedding Day sampler candles. I guess you could say these candles were a niche market, I had not seen them before, but then I had not had cause to look at 'wedding' candles. They were, however, a lovely thoughtful gift to receive.

              The candles are, in keeping with wedding tradition, white in colour. They came wrapped in a tight plastic covering with a sticker on the front which had cream coloured roses and the 'Wedding Day' labelling. On removing the wrapper, I was not hit by an overwhelming burst of aroma like I usually am with the Yankee candle samplers. I would definitely say that this was one of the more subtle fragrances of theirs that I have come across. The Yankee Candle website says that the wedding day variety is 'sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits', which - to me - sounds lovely and just what you want for your wedding day.

              I started to burn these on the morning of my wedding day, whilst getting ready. The fragrance was definitely very gentle but it did fill the room none-the-less. I had the two samplers burning together and the room wasn't very big so I would say that one candle in a slightly larger room probably would not fragrance it very well. The aroma was very floral, I could not detect any fruitiness to it at all. To me it smelt predominantly of roses, a nice scent but not one of my favourites. It was definitely more of a background scent than one that hits you when you enter the room.

              The candles have a burning time of 15 hours but I burned mine for about three on my wedding day and haven't burned them since. That's the thing with occasion candles like this, it feels wrong to burn them at any time other than when they are meant for. The scent did not hold for long in the room once the candles were out and, as such, I wouldn't recommend these as a room scenter.

              Overall, I was disappointed in the candles and did not feel that they lived up to the usual high standards that I have come to expect from Yankee Candles. For me, these are all about the sentiment and, at around £1.50 a candle they do make a cheap, thoughtful small gift for anyone on their wedding day. I much prefer fruity scent to floral anyway so this is, in part, just personal taste but I believe that even if floral was more my thing, it would just be too subtle for me.


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              10.08.2011 22:25
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Another nice fragrance from Yankee

              As you may have seen from previous reviews I am a fan of Yankee products whether its candles or wax tarts for my oil burners. A couple of weeks ago I got married, along with all of our presents from the day as part of a present from one of our guests we received the Wedding Day Yankee Candle Wax Tart. I have tried many of the different fragrance Yankee wax tarts but never knew that a Wedding Day one existed, so I was keen to try it.

              A lot of people know what Yankee Candle wax tarts are but for those that do not they are basically a small round wax disc with fluted edges which look almost like a small flat candle, however these do not have a wick. When heated and melted in a burner the wax tarts fill the room with their fragrance making a lovely air freshener. The wax tarts come tightly wrapped in clear plastic with a small square paper sticker on top, this usually has a small picture on it which relates to the name of the wax tart which is also printed on the label. There is a further round label on the bottom of the wax tart that has the name of the tart repeated in small black writing (Wedding Day) and also shows you how the wax tart can be used, however this is in picture form and not overly clear.

              My 'Wedding Day' wax tart has the words "Yankee Candle" written at the top of the label in black writing along with the name "Wedding Day" written at the bottom. In the middle of the label is a picture of cream coloured roses laid on what appears to be lace, as I have mentioned most of the time the picture is in keeping with the name of the wax tart. The picture is surrounded by a gold square border, just below this is a thicker gold band with the words "with pure natural floral extracts" this gave me some indication as to the type of fragrance the wax tart was going to have. The Wedding Day tart was made of a creamy white coloured wax, again the colour of the tart often fits in with the theme.

              You can often smell the fragrance of the Yankee wax tart through the clear plastic wrapper, and I could tell that the Wedding Day wax tart was going to have quiet a floral fragrance to is as suggested by the label.

              When I first used the wax tart not long after I lit the tea light in the burner underneath it I could start to smell the floral fragrance around the room. As the wax melted I noticed that the fragrance began to get slightly stronger but in no way over powering. Whilst the fragrance was predominantly floral it also had a musky sweetness to it, I'm not sure whether the floral part of the fragrance was supposed to be rose as shown in the picture I was unable to tell but the overall fragrance of this wax tart was definitely one of a sweet yet musky floral fragrance. I particularly liked the sweetness mixed in as it meant the floral smells were not too harsh and over powering.

              The fragrance was strong enough to fill the whole room leaving it smelling fresh, I have an open plan house and I could even smell the Wedding Day wax tart when upstairs, although the fragrance was weaker compared to the lounge where I had the burner lit.

              I had the burner lit for a few hours before I blew the candle out, I could still detect the fragrance of the wax tart several hours afterwards so in terms of 'smell' it was certainly long lasting.

              I have used the Wedding Day Yankee wax tart 2 or 3 times now for a few hours at a time and there is still plenty of fragrance left when it re-sets so I will get a few more goes out of it yet meaning that it has a long burning time.

              Obviously the Wedding Day Yankee wax tart was part of a gift for me so I am unsure as to where this particular one was purchased, however Yankee wax tarts are available online from various sites Amazon.

              The price of wax tarts is usually around 99p, although this can vary slightly depending on where it is purchased from, again I am not sure how much the Wedding Day wax tart cost as I did not buy it. The Wedding Day wax tart is of an excellent quality as are all of the Yankee products with it being long lasting with a strong (but not overpowering) long lasting fragrance.

              I would definitely recommend the Wedding Day wax tart, it has a lovely sweet floral fragrance which leaves your rooms smelling fresh, the fragrance is strong enough to drift around the house and last for several hours without being overpowering or too harsh. The wax tart has a long burning time and can be melted and re-set as many times as you like until the smell finally disappears.

              I feel that the Yankee wax tarts are reasonably priced as you do get a long lasting air freshener for very little money. I would recommend the Wedding Day Yankee Candle wax tart to anyone whether you are a fan of the Yankee products as I am or just wish to try them.


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                07.12.2010 16:53
                Very helpful



                A classic Yankee Candle scented candle that is well loved for a reason.

                When I was first introduced to Yankee Candle scented candles, it was through a family member who had brought a white coloured wax candle as a gift for my mum. The marketing behind the candle is supposed to conjure up memories of your wedding day, thus aptly known as "Wedding Day," it has been a classic fragranced scented candle that always seems to grace the shelves of YC products and without a doubt has always been very popular to ladies because of its deep flowery aspect.

                With this product and its inclusion on Dooyoo being the probable 19th review I've done on another Yankee Candle product - by now - and let's face it - most buyers like cheap prices, they aren't going to be swayed by YC products on strength alone. So many members have commented that the prices are too expensive - and yet, against what is available in supermarkets, considering the cheap prices - it just seems that buyers are prepared to put up with "average" scent rather than full on. So, as with many YC products, not all formats are the same and where "Wedding Day," is concerned, although it isn't a scent that I would go out on a limb to buy, it is a scent that I have come to admire over the years as being infinitely feminine by choice, but yet holds a special place in my heart, as with most YC products, "Wedding Day," is appealing to both man and woman on the basis that it isn't just a full on expression of flowery scents. Despite the best efforts of several other premium scented candle companies and many associated imitations, there has never been in all my years of scented candle experience, a candle that has come to better "Wedding Day," and even the "washing powder" favourite, "Clean Cotton," takes a back step where Wedding Day and I are concerned.

                The candle, in most cases/formats is pure white in colour and belies the flavours and scented oils that hide within. As with most YC products, this scented fragrance wax candle can be had in many forms, but the classy label of white and gold lettering proudly showing off the Yankee Candle name and brand title is always there as a reassurance and with its easy to peel off label, makes a versatile gift for anyone who may be about to get married or just loves home accessories that are simple, elegant and do their job. After all, if you buy the small jar at £7-95, it will give Glade's "half price" scented candles a run for the money with comparatively similar burning times and a steady flow of scent that can be detected without burning your nose as you try and detect the scent!

                All through the week of burning this candle at certain hours, our home becomes enlightened with the sweet scents of white lilies and white musk as the top scent, occasional baby powder seeping in from the middle and a slight fruitiness due to a slight tint of pomegranate as the base tone. The fruity tone is extremely subtle though and takes a fair bit to come through over the flower and musk tones. However not all formats are as long lasting on spreading the scent as thinly as possible. In wax tart form for example, Wedding Day is very strong and overpowering and I strongly recommend that you cut the tart in half before placing it into a suitable deep filled potpourri oil burner to avoid getting headaches. In the house warmer jar formats, Yankee Candle have been careful not to overdo the oil additives and as a pong shifter, Wedding Day creates an exotically romantic backdrop for some whilst also entertaining others in certain circumstances - such as a dinner party - whilst working up a good appetite to mask pongs when instantly needed. The versatility of the fragrance is therefore one that the White Company has probably tried to imitate - the quality and richness of Wedding Day is a surprising scent on the basis that for the most part, Yankee Candle in general has a lot of Americanized and recognizable sweet scents on offer, or spice and plenty of it from several different scents available. Wedding Day is a very classy fragrance that sits outside the realm of "typical Yankee Candle," and seems almost unheard of amongst the myriad sweet Americanized scents that UK buyers are made to embrace from the American company.

                In terms of freshness and enticing the buyer in, Wedding Day is an extremely rewarding scent to burn if you give it a couple of hours. There's no point in burning the candle for a quick ten minute burst of freshness, although again in the house warmer jar formats, it only takes half an hour for the fragrance to pervade a home and maintains its freshness and warmth as the candle continues to burn. Perfectly able to shift odours within an hour, it is a great candle to consider for the bedroom as well as the kitchen because of the strong flavours on offer whilst its white wax, when lit looks the part for most decors and gives off a very strong light on its own. If house warmer jars are purchased (small, medium or large) or the votive/sampler type candles, both wax candles, when finished can be removed by swirling a little hot water into the jars or votive holder to loosen excess wax. The house warmer jars also burn evenly on a level surface, have heat insulated bases and make excellent storage jars thanks to their thickened glass air tight lids.

                Because of its classic fragrance strength and boldness, Wedding Day is available in many formats and has always been a popular fragrance. Unlike a lot of Yankee Candle products however, in votive form Wedding Day gives a lovely light airiness of the scents on offer without ever becoming heavy and this is a much better aspect - something that I would never say about votives from the company as they are often a waste of time and fail to deliver - if you want a light air of the scent rather than heavy. From my experience though, the products that aren't candles by their true content can't always be trusted for the same kind of strength and scent. The car air freshener hanging jars for example only last for a couple of weeks, the reed diffuser is a waste of money whilst the plug in from Yankee Candle however is the worst product that I have since found to be avoided, as it doesn't give enough of the content even if plugged in for 24 hours, almost coming across like a stale air freshener spray product that dies down after a couple of hours - despite being left on in its highest 3-stage mode.

                Wax Tart (22 grams, 8 hour duration, 90p each)
                Votive candle (1.75 oz 15 hour duration, average price £1-75 to £2)
                Small housewarmer jar candle (7 oz 25-40 hours duration, £7-99)
                Medium housewarmer jar candle (14.05oz 60-75 hours duration, £13-99)
                Medium 2 wick tumbler (12.5 oz 45-50 hours duration, £12-99)
                Large housewarmer jar candle (22 oz 100-150 hours duration, £17-99)

                Large 2 wick tumbler (22.7 oz 70-90 hours duration, £16-99)
                Lidded glass tumbler (7oz 35-45 hours duration, £8-99)
                Car tab housewarmer jar cardboard freshener (6-8 weeks duration, £1-99)
                Car air vent gel pack (4-6 weeks duration £2-85, 3 pack additional at £5-98)
                Car Pump 'n' Go clip on air vent freshener (4-6 weeks, £7-20)
                Tea light scented candles (240 grams, 4-6 hours per candle, 12 in a box £5-99)
                On-The-Go Travel scented air freshener pen (limited edition) (£5-99, 65 sprays duration, contains odour eliminator additive.)
                Plug In Scent (£5-99 4-6 weeks duration, 2 capsules per box, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)
                Plug In Plug and "free" scent starter (£14-99, 4-6 weeks duration, also fits old Air Wick plugs.)
                Reed Diffuser (limited edition) (£11-99/£13-99 8fl. oz, 12 reeds 4-6 weeks duration.)

                I can't say enough of how impressive "Wedding Day," is as scented candle. Lit up from its white wax content, the candle looks classy, as is the scent that the candle gives out. It isn't a scent that may be appeal to everyone, but then again this simply isn't the point. For freshness and for a true warmth that the candle gives off, both on look and scent appeal, the end result is always endearing rather than enduring. If only, all candles were the same as Yankee Candle's "Wedding Day." Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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