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Yankee Candle Welcome Christmas

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      15.12.2011 16:52
      Very helpful



      a gorgeous festive aroma

      Yankee Candle is an American company who specialise in scented home products. The range includes various candles, reed diffusers and room sprays.

      ~Welcome Christmas~

      Welcome Christmas is one of the festive scents available from Yankee Candle. The Welcome Christmas scent is infused into various sized candle jars, sampler votives and also wax tarts.

      "Come home to a favourite festive greeting of a warm pine garland with bright citrus and sweet berries. This bright sweet fragrance is an open invitation to join the festivities and share the Christmas spirit"

      A wax tart is the cheapest way to sample a Yankee scent. It is a small, tart shaped disc of wax which is infused with essential oils. It should be placed into a tart burner with a lit tealight underneath. Once the tart melts, the scent is released into the air and each tart should provide around 8 hours of scent.

      The Welcome Christmas wax tart is a deep red colour (most of the Christmas range are white, green or red). It is shrink wrapped and features a name label with an image of star decorations.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Welcome Christmas will become more difficult to find after December (until next Christmas that is). Stockists and prices are below :

      *www.yankeedoodle.co.uk (major sale time) - wax tart (70p), sampler (60p) and jars (from £4.00)

      Amazon stocks this range but it is more expensive than the current Yankeedoodle sale so I would recommend checking out the site asap before all stock goes!

      ~My Thoughts~

      I recently bought several samplers and wax tarts from Yankeedoodle during the sale. I opted for Welcome Christmas in tart form and it cost me 70p which is a bargain given the quality. I have put in an order for more and this is on it! I love my home to smell nice all year around and especially like to burn candles at night to give my home a cosy feel. I adore the current line up of festive scents from Yankee and was pleased to use this one over the course of a few nights. I can see it becoming a favourite.

      The tart is well presented and easy to open. Even through the packaging, the scent was strong and this is the main difference between tarts and samplers - the scent is more concentrated in tart form. I placed it into my burner and within 15minutes or so, a deep red pool of liquid had formed. I have my burner in my alcove and appreciate a scent which will fill my living room and go further. This one fufills my needs and fills my full flat with a noticeable scent.

      ~Festive Cheer~

      Welcome Christmas is the perfect scent to burn either during the day or at night. It is cosy and inviting but at the same time offers a bright and vibrant experience. I had visitors during the day yesterday and had this burning. It created a welcoming, festive ambience for all. When I burned it the previous night, it seemed very fitting to have a festive film on and the tree twinkling in the corner - it is very Christmassy and even my Dad (who is a festive grump) commented on how uplifting and festive my home was. I would say it would warm the heart of even the biggest "bah humbug"!

      The official description of Welcome Christmas is spot on in my opinion. The scent is very strong and fills every corner with its delightful, cheery aroma. It offers a slightly unusual blend of scents which are perfect together and mingle gracefully though come through seperately if you pay enough attention to the scent. I would say the main scent is something very bright and sweet. Yankee say "bright citrus and sweet berries". I would guess something clean and lemony with a subtle bittery tang from blackberry or raspberry. There is an underlying hint of woody pine in the scent which adds a touch of "Christmas". I do feel without this element, the scent wouldn't be as Christmassy.

      Welcome Christmas is a heavy, multi dimensional scent. I burned my tealight underneath for 3hours each time and once it had blown out, the scent lingered in the air for another hour or two which is brilliant. After three 3hr burning sessions, there was still plenty of scent left in the tart and I managed another 3hrs from this tart before it started to fade. 12hours is brilliant from one little tart.

      The scent covers up any cooking smells around my home and generally freshens and scents my home.


      My home, guests and I all loved this tart. It is so festive and fresh and the ambience it created in my home was well worth it. I can highly recommend this festive tart to everyone so get in quick!

      Thanks for reading x


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        29.11.2011 10:54
        Very helpful



        Another great Christmas Yankee Candle

        I'm still ploughing through my stash of Christmas Yankee Candles and the latest one I have used is Welcome Christmas. I bought this one online in a pack with some others during the summer for a reduced price, although I don't remember exactly how much I paid.

        The candle is red in colour and the label depicts a garland decorated with pinecones and hanging snowflakes over what I presume to be a fireplace. I bought this in the form of a wax tart - a disc of wax with a fluted edge, which you place in a tart burner (or oil burner) and melt under the flame of a tea light. It is also available in the form of glass housewarmer jars (think sweet jars filled with wax), glass tumblers, votives and tea lights.

        The name Welcome Christmas is a bit ambiguous, but the official description on the Yankee website gives some idea of what to expect from the candle - 'Come home to a favourite festive greeting of a warm pine garland with bright citrus and sweet berries.' I immediately liked the scent of Welcome Christmas when I received it. The official description is quite accurate I feel, as the main fragrance seems to be a tangy berry, mixed in with a hint of pine. There is a market stall in town that sells real Christmas wreaths and it reminded me of the aroma you get when you walk past it. I'd say it's quite a light fragrance, which is refreshing as a lot of Christmas themed candles/air fresheners tend to be heavily spiced. I'd also say not to let the inclusion of pine put you off as this in no way smells like a cleaning product!

        I placed my tart burner on the coffee table in our front room, put the tart in the dish and lit the tea light below. I found that the tea light had been burning for quite some time before I could actually smell the scent in the air. I'd say I'd had this burning for around half an hour before I actually started to be able to smell it, which in my experience is much longer than most other Yankee Candles. When I finally did start to catch a whiff of scent from this I was quite pleased. It smelled true to how it did when solid and I did think it smelled quite festive. This wasn't the strongest scented candle I have ever used, but once the smell had finally came out I could smell it clearly in the room. The scent was intense enough to fill the sitting room, but I couldn't really smell it in neighbouring rooms.

        Each wax tart is designed to give around eight hours of fragrance and although I can't say I counted, I would say this estimate is about right. If you don't want to have the tart burning for a full eight hours straight then you can let it solidify and use it again at a later date. You can even break the tarts up and mix with another Yankee fragrance to create your own scent if you wish.

        The following burn times and prices are approximate and like most products will vary depending on where you shop. I'd recommend www.yankee.co.uk online or Clinton's Cards usually have a good stock of Yankee Candles if you want to buy on the High Street.

        Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
        Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
        Tea Lights (pack of 16) - Burn time 4-6 hours each -£5.99
        Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
        Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
        Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45
        Small tumbler - Burn time 35-40 hours - £9.25
        Medium tumbler - Burn time 45-50 hours -£14.49
        Large tumbler - Burn time 70-90 hours -£17.99

        Overall I found Welcome Christmas to be a nice scent. I didn't think 'wow' as I often do with other Yankee Candles and I wouldn't particularly say it's the most special candle, but it is pleasant and I'd be happy to use it again. I would recommend this, although personally I don't think it's worth splashing out on a jar or tumbler - but in votive or wax tart form it is worth a try.


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          05.11.2010 02:04
          Very helpful



          A nice change to spicy smells or cinnamon tainted Xmas candles.

          You can forget the idea that I'm going to put up a Christmas tree already! This hasn't stopped the neighbours down the street who have Christmas tinsel out already adorning their window frames and a clear view of green pine trees that have been put in their living room. Let it not be said that after Halloween, the UK go home to force with Christmas - already John Lewis have some Christmas decorations up and our local pound shop has already started selling Christmas cards! So it was that upon visiting my local shop to find no Pumpkin Patch on discount because it had sold out (yikes!) replaced by Witches Brew that was more or less, Witches Tit for all the good it gave, that I have come to buy another candle scent that is part of the Christmas only/seasonal scent called "Welcome Christmas." Even if I don't put up my tree early, at least I have a warped sense of adventure by trying and buying the candle early! I also have a death wish when it comes to most Christmas scents by Yankee Candle as too often they are quite strong on delivery and some of them induce coughing fits. There are more than 20 scents to look out for from Yankee Candle at Christmas time:

          Frankincense & Myrrh
          Jack Frost (pure white mint)
          Red Berries & Cedar (red berries, woody)
          Welcome Christmas
          Cider Apple (smells just like cider with strong red apples)
          Mulled Wine (just like mulled wine, very strong cloves)
          Sparkling Snow
          Mistletoe & Fig
          Winter Wonderland
          Christmas Eve
          Christmas Wreath
          Christmas Cupcake
          Christmas Cookie
          Red Apple Wreath
          Home for the Holidays
          Holiday Home Sweet Home
          Sparkling Cinnamon
          Balsam and Cedar (piney, woody & very strong, similar to an old scent "Hollyberry")
          Buttercream (spot on for Betty Crocker Vanilla frosting)

          For those members who have asked about particular scents, I've done my best in so few short words to tell you which one smells of what, in my limited Christmas scented Yankee candle experience! It is also important to know exactly what you're buying as many of the Christmas candles in shops that sell Yankee Candle are often grouped together and most are red coloured. The Christmas range for example are limited ranges but even as far back as 2009 ranges, you can still buy out of production scents such as "Hollyberry," or "Silver Fir," online which has not been made this year.

          "Welcome Christmas" has a gorgeously Santa like red colour and has a triple combination of scented oils. The scent is available in almost all kinds of Yankee Candle version such as scented tea lights (usually £5-95 / £6), votive candles (£1-20 to £2), wax tarts (90p to £1-20) small house warmer jars (£7-99 average), medium house warmer jars (£13-99 average) and large house warmer jars (£16-99 on average). Then there are also the single car air fresheners at £1-99 or a triple pack at £3-99 and On-the-Go travel spray pens (average £2-99). Lastly, look out for 2-wick wider glass jars on special edition status as they're not normally on sale (£17-99 22oz 90 hours or £12-99 12.05oz 40 hours) - but be warned as the 2-wick built jars are often not as strongly scented as the standard wider popular medium and large house warmer jars with single wicks.

          Upon lighting up the medium house warmer jar it only takes about half an hour for the top scent of fresh berries to come through and it's a very welcoming scent of British grape juice that comes out, a bit like Schloer and nothing like American cherries. This isn't such a bad thing though, because what comes afterwards is a delicious heart warming layer of burnt orange peel (or how it appears to me anyway) mixed with what seems to be like a strong mint like pine fragrance. The combination actually made me reach for the cookie jar when I first smelt it! After the candle has been lit for a couple of hours, there are other familiar scents like strawberry jelly, strawberry lip salve and even cherry tunes with its red berry and menthol like pine base tone.

          In terms of freshness, "Welcome Christmas," needs a good three to four hour burning time before it pervades its very relaxing scent through an average home. It isn't as strong as classic fragrances from Yankee Candle such as "Home Sweet Home," "Clean Cotton," "Wedding Day," or "Baby Powder," but this isn't necessarily a bad aspect. It is just a different fragrance that easily refreshes without stirring the nose too much and plays its card well as an introduction to Christmas. It also has undertones of cloves, similar to Mulled Wine, but this may be down to the pine additive. I've so far found that the medium house warmer jar is slightly stronger than the wax tart for example but the wax tart doesn't take as long to pervade its scent.

          The upside of "Welcome Christmas," then is that it is quite at home being a relaxing candle that doesn't come across too strong enough to induce coughing or sneezing fits and I say that in every review I do of Yankee Candle as not all scented candles are the same! "Welcome Christmas," is also quite versatile as I find it also fits in reasonably well for use in the kitchen for boosting my own baking rather than masking food pongs. I wish the "Mulled Wine" was like this as I'm banned from burning it at my parents' house since a couple of years ago it didn't go down well at a party and many guests broke out into chesty coughs! The candle is also suitably designed for Christmas not just in its dishwasher safe storage jar complete with air tight seal. The label on the front shows a cute picture of different coloured icicle designs with a background of green fir/holly and Yankee Candle's obligatory gold lettering that adds a touch of class. Certainly if you are looking for a candle that isn't too sweet but offers a good blend of winter scents, open your heart to "Welcome Christmas." It provides a good introduction to the relieving the stress of shopping at the very least! Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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