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Yankee Candle Winter Wonderland

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9 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    9 Reviews
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      18.12.2012 20:40
      Very helpful



      Smells more like candy canes and mint - but not seasonal for me.


      ===The Brand===

      Yankee candles are a well known USA brand who have been making candles since the late 1960s.

      ===The Product===

      Disc of white wax wrapped in cellophane.
      Called 'Winter Wonderland' with an image of snow covered fir trees, a snow covered house and people skating on a frozen lake on the front.
      Made with pure natural extracts.
      The back has a round sticky label which details lots of basic safety advice.
      22 grams and made in the USA.


      £1.20 from Ebay - but wax tarts are around that price in most places.

      ===My Opinion===

      I was given a lovely little Christmas Yankee candle last year but could not recall the name so looking at the labels online thought it was this one - but once I received it and smelt it through the wrapper I knew that it was not the one.
      However I was hoping for something seasonal and festive but this one smelt sort of minty and more like candy canes to me.
      The Yankee website class this one as part of the 'Festive' range and state that this fragrance is 'So real you can almost hear sleigh bells ... the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines'.
      However although this wax tart had the same strength and staying power as other tarts I was not too keen on the fragrance.
      It s quite fresh and minty in my opinion and I do not really smell any pine notes at all. In fact it does not really have a festive aroma to my mind at all and could just be one of the ordinary tarts and is definitely not one I would want to burn to get a Christmassy smell. It is pleasant enough in its own way - if you just wanted something to freshen up the air in a bathroom or kitchen, but not one I would want to use in the living room or bedroom to create a cosy and warm feel.
      To me the main notes seem to be minty and not what you would expect if you were smelling an 'icy breeze'.
      I realise that it is very difficult to describe fragrances to sell but this one does not speak of 'Winter' at all to me.
      I will use the rest of this tart up in the bathroom and kitchen to freshen the air but this is not a fragrance that I will want to buy again.
      I will just have to keep trying other seasonal fragrances until I find a suitable seasonable one.

      ==Star Rating===

      3 Stars. The aroma lasts just like all the other tarts but the smell is just not one I like much.

      ===Would I Recommend?===

      Not really.




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      26.10.2012 11:50
      Very helpful



      One of my favourite cool weather home fragrances...

      Whilst I do love this fragrance enough to have bought both jar candles and tealights for the past few years, I personally don't find WINTER WONDERLAND overly Christmassy; it is more of a everyday fragrance for autumn/winter, so I don't think it should be labelled as being part of Yankee's 'Festive Collection'. Anyway on to the actual fragrance...

      WINTER WONDERLAND is described as being the scent of "the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines". I find that it does indeed give the feeling of pines and ice in the air on a woodland walk on a chilly morning. I think I can make out some cinnamon or nutmeg and some apple too, that gives the fragrance a bit of warmth and adds a lightly festive touch. I also love how they have used peppermint to give the fragrance the feeling of chilled air on a winter morning.

      The fragrance is nice and fresh, but a tiny bit spicy and sweet too. A lovely balance between the two.

      As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed; I've used some candles where the fragrance burns up before the candle does, but that is not the case here. The fragrance lasts as long as the candle does and is strong enough to travel over the house. I even catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit.


      I've found that the tarts and tea lights throw off a stronger scent than the candles, so I think that they are the better buys.

      I personally prefer to use the tealights; as well as having a stronger fragrance, there's the fact that for the price of a box of 12 scented tealights you get a total of 48 to 72 hours burn-time, so they offer the most value for money. The tealight costs less then 12 tarts or samplers would, so as well as being cheaper - and offering a similar burn time - then either the small jars and tumblers, and over half of the price less then the medium jars or tumblers.

      The tealights come in individual clear plastic cups, so you don't have to bother with a tealight holder if you don't have one; just sit the cup on a saucer. Yankee do many special ranges of tealight holders all through the year - many of the decorate models are under £10, and their basic tealight holder can be found online for only £1, so it won't cost as much as buying a tart burner.

      And for a final stab at a selling point, I'll add that the tealights float, so you can, umm, float them in your swimming pool - or more likely in a garden pond - during a party.


      [A tart is a wickless wax patty, so you'll need to buy a tart burner to be able to use it]
      6 - 8 hour burn time - £1.20
      Sampler votive
      15 - 20 hour burn time - £1.65
      Small jar
      25 -40 hour burn time - £7.75
      Medium jar
      65 - 90 hour burn time - £15.99
      Tea lights [12 per pack]
      4 - 6 hour burn time per candle - £6.99


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      29.04.2012 23:28
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I think this one might grow on me more with more use, but I was unsure.

      'Winter wonderland' is a festive scent available from Yankee Candle. I received this votive candle as part of a Christmas memories gift set. It is a festive inspired fragrance, although to me it is a clean scent that I would be happy to use during other seasons in the year.

      A votive candle is a 49g candle aimed at giving you a taster of what that particular scent is. It is also available in wax tart format, tumblers, tealights and jars.

      The price ranges from £1.15-£18.45 depending on the format you choose. To buy my votive candle on its own it would have cost me £1.60 from yankee direct.

      I liked the look of this candle before opening it. It came packaged in shrink wrapped plastic, and I could see the brilliant white candle inside. The sticker on the candle depicted a snow scene with an American style house with porch covered in snow, and a big fir tree. There are people skating on an icy lake and wrapped up from the warm.

      Initial sniffing of the candle, I felt it was quite a soapy scent. I couldn't really pick out any one scent, but it smelt really clean and fresh.

      Upon lighting the candle, I felt a little disappointed at first as I was not really getting much from it at all. It took a little while for me to detect some scent from it, then I was hit by a menthol type smell that I could feel a little at the back of my throat.

      I wasn't overly keen as I used to smoke, and before I quit I switched to menthol cigarettes, and my first connotation was that experience. I did also get some sweetness from it. I am pretty sure I could pick up some vanilla notes.

      The longer it burned, the more I picked up minty fresh undertones. After I put this one out, the minty aroma hung around for quite a while.

      I really cannot work out whether I am a fan of this particular fragrance or not. It is certainly fresh and quite unusual, but I don't find it that relaxing to sit and smell the fragrance. I feel this is more of a daytime fragrance than an evening fragrance, and for me, I am more of an evening girl for burning candles once the kids are in bed and I am sure they are not going to touch it.

      I think the quality of this one is really good. The layers in the fragrance were interesting, but I am not convinced it is for me. I have given it 3 stars as I am impressed with the level of scent and the fact it is not a sickly fragrance.


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        24.04.2012 18:31
        Very helpful



        A great scented candle that can be burned throughout the year.

        At Christmas I was searching and searching for a little stocking filler for someones present. I eventually came across a Yankee candle Christmas box (featuring the small jars - 104g). Unfortunately (for them) I lost it and did not find it until I moved earlier this year and decided to keep it for myself. Thankfully, the three different candles went with the different rooms in my new place (white, red and green) and the smells were not too 'christmassy' to be used throughout the year.

        This review will focus on the Winter Wonderland candle (which is appropriately coloured white) and burns nicely in my living room.

        ** Yankee Candles **
        I had never bought Yankee Candles before but I knew that they were well loved by many people I knew. I had also smelled some in shops before and knew that there were some gorgeous smells.

        Yankee Candle is an American company which sell a wide range of candles (featuring 150 different fragrances). These include their 'Housewarmer' range as well as seasonal and specialty candles and home/ car fragrance accessories. Their range of candles come in different sizes from tea lights to the 150hr burning time of the large (glass) jars. There is something for everyone and every room.

        **Winter Wonderland **
        I bought the small jar which has a burning time of 25-40 hours. As I said above, the candles do not smell too 'Christmassy' though they do smell divine. The downside of this is that your home is not going to smell Christmassy at Christmas. On the upside it means that I can burn it throughout the year without it seeming out of season. It has a definite pine scent which can be guessed from the label on the front featuring snow covered Christmas trees. I love the smell of pine trees so this one was a nice treat. I wouldn't say it was definitely 'true to life' scent but it is close. It results in a nice, refreshing type scent in the home.

        It is a nice fresh scent which lingers in the air long after the candle is blown out. After an evening of burning this candle, when I enter my living room in the morning I can still smell the candle. This speaks words for the quality of the candle compared to cheaper varieties.

        ** Price and Availability **
        I bought this as pack of three for £14 but individually these small jars can cost about £7-8. They can be bought from a wide range of retailers (including Yankee Candle directly) such as card shops, Debenhams and Ebay.

        I feel for the quality and burning time of the candle that it is well priced. Normally I would not spend so much on a candle but I can appreciate the quality of Yankee Candles.

        ** Conclusion **
        I would recommend this Winter Wonderland scent and Yankee Candle in general. This scent is refreshing and lasts long after it has been blown out. Though the price may be higher than other candles I think it is definitely worth it for the quality that you receive. After using this candle I have been encouraged to try other scents that Yankee Candle offer.


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        30.03.2012 15:09
        Very helpful



        a Christmas refresher!

        Yankee Candle is an American company who offer a wide range of scented treats for your home. Yankee scents are infused into various sized candle jars, sampler votives, wax tarts and tea lights.

        ~Winter Wonderland~

        Winter Wonderland is one of many festive scents within the Yankee range. It is available in the above formats but for the purpose of this review, I will be discussing the small house warmer candle jar. This candle jar weighs in at 104g and has a burning time of 25-40hours. The jar is round and made of clear glass and finished off with a slip in lid. Each jar has an individual wick and should be kept trimmed to avoid smoke damage.

        Winter Wonderland is presented in a white wax which is infused with natural extracts. The jar features an image label showing a lovely snow scene and outdoor Christmas tree. Yankee describe this scent as..

        'So real you can almost hear sleigh bells ... the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines'

        ~Price and Availability~

        Winter Wonderland is available online :

        www.yankeescents4u.com - 99p (wax tart), £1.50 (votive) and £13.99 (large jar)
        Amazon UK - 99p (wax tart), £7.40 (small jar) and £12.99 (medium jar)

        Also stocked on eBay and other Yankee websites.

        ~Dashing Through The Snow~

        Winter Wonderland isn't a scent I would have picked up based on the description alone. I bought a set before Christmas and received a small jar of this scent. This particular set has this scent, Christmas Wreath and Christmas Eve - it can still be bought from the Yankee Scents website for £12.99 which is a fair price for 3 jars.

        The jar is very pretty and the white wax gives the candle and fresh and clean appearance. When I first removed the lid, I was actually quite taken with the scent. I do normally opt for sweet and fruity or spicy scents and tend to avoid the 'pine' type scents. This one took me by surprise as it had a delicate pine scent but was full of freshness. It also looks lovely and frosty on the surface as the wax melts then turns solid again. Winter Wonderland isn't an evening scent - it is too 'cool' a scent to relax as it burns. It is very much a day time scent which is perfect for burning when doing the housework.

        Once the wick has been lit, the scent of Winter Wonderland become noticeable and travel around my home. I chose to burn this one (mainly) in my hall way whilst doing my household chores. It enhanced the 'clean and fresh' feeling of my home after doing my house work and despite not being a warm scent, it is still welcoming. The scent travels well but the main aroma stays within the area the candle is being burned. The rest of my home simply smelled refreshed but without any cleaning type aroma.

        Within my hall way, a beautiful, uplifting aroma was noticeable. The main feeling is something fresh and chilled. The pine aroma isn't too strong but I can detect a lovely aroma of snow covered trees. The scent isn't as overpowering as a real Christmas tree in your home and is more subtle and distant. Something I did notice and appreciate from the scent of Winter Wonderland, was a rich, creamy mint scent. This added sweetness to the scent and complimented it perfectly but without detracting from the freshness.

        ~Jingle Bells..Lovely Smells~

        Winter Wonderland is a surprising scent. It is quite distinctive in a refreshing sort of way. I burned the candle for a few hours at a time and when I blew the wick out, the sweetness disappeared but the fresh feeling remained present in my home for a short while. I didn't time the overall burning time of this candle but would estimate I got about 30 hours of lovely scent.

        I can highly recommend this scent. It is perfected for burning during the festive months but I do feel it would also be ideal for burning in the warmer months to 'cool' the home down a little.

        Overall recommended..4 stars :)


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        30.12.2011 21:05
        Very helpful



        A disappointing candle from Yankee

        I am gradually working my way through my Yankee Candle samplers selection. I went a bit mad on the Yankee Doodle website just before December as they had amazing savings on the Christmas range and I ended up buying enough to last me the year! I didn't buy any of the samplers for any particular reason, I chose them either because I liked the name or liked the fragrance, there is no real logic!

        My current candle for the past few days has been Winter Wonderland. Now on the Yankee Doodle website there is no real information (or picture for that matter) on what fragrance this candle will offer so I bought it purely because of the name, it sounded wintery and was worth a go at less than £1! When it arrived I picked it out immediately as it is pure white in colour and apart from having the name of the front of the label it has an image of a lovely house set in a snow scene.

        What Yankee Candles say:

        "Take off on an enchanting adventure this Christmas with the Yankee Candle Winter Wonderland Housewarmer Jar Candle. Winter Wonderland, a new fantasy fragrance so real that you can almost hear the sleigh bells with the aroma of a frosty crisp breeze blowing through icy pines. A magical fragrance available for the most magical time of the year."

        On opening the candle from its celophane wrapper I didn't notice a fragrance whatsoever which compared to other Yankee Candles was a bit disappointing as normally you are met with an instant aroma but once I actually smelt the candle itself I did finally get a hint of a pine scent which was subtle, a bit too subtle for my liking. However, it doesn't always mean that the candle will be disappointing as once lit the aroma could may well become stronger.

        Obviously using a sampler couldn't be easier, you simply put the sampler into whatever candle holder/dish you want and then lift the wick up and light it. I did notice with Winter Wonderland that it did take a while for the wax to start to melt around the wick and even after about 15 - 20 minutes the wax wasn't melting as quickly as other candles I have had. Not a fault or problem but just something I noticed with it. However, on the plus side because the candle is white in colour once it is lit it provides a lovely, warm yellow glow which really does give you that warm feeling and makes the area by the candle feel quite homely.

        As for the fragrance I have burned this candle for the past couple of nights for around 30 minutes each time until it had completed disappeared and left me with a burnt wick. Unless I happened to buy a duff Winter Wonderland the fragrance was so subtle that is was barely noticeable unless you were sat right next the candle you really couldn't smell the fresh, Christmassy pine fragrance which was a real shame as when you smell the candle up close it has a fragrance which reminds you of freshly cut Christmas trees which certainly gets you into the Christmas spirit. I think I must have bought a badden considering some of the reviews I have read have been quite positive!

        Overall, based on my experiences my Winter Wonderland was a big winter let down! The fragrance just wasn't strong enough to be smelt even a few feet away in the same room. Personally, I want to smell a candle when it is burning, I want to smell all the different notes and aromas but neither me nor my other half could smell anything at all. I wouldn't personally buy again or recommend.

        ~ Useful Info ~

        Brand: Yankee Candle
        Availability: Online and in store (although now a sale item as it was a Christmas item)
        Varieties: Sampler, votive, jar, tumbler, multiwick and tea lights
        Wax Type: Paraffin


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          27.10.2011 14:38
          Very helpful



          A nice candle that is strongly scented - but its not for everyone :(

          Yankee Candle - Winter Wonderland

          I have been looking at yankee candles for a while but I have only just started buying them. I have bought some candles before but they have only been from supermarkets and ikea - you have to love ikea! I have purchased a few christmas candles and some of the regular line recently and one of the christmas candles is this one - Winter Wonderland.

          - About the product and a description

          The candles from yankee candle can be bought in a range of sizes from wax tarts, samplers, small tumblers, small jars and medium/larger jars too. As I had not tried any yankee candles before, let alone the specific scents I purchased, I just bought the small samplers - so I could try quite a few scents without breaking my bank balance (as some of the candles - such as the jars are a bit expensive). The candle is described as " So real you can almost hear sleigh bells ... the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines" (yankee doodle uk). The samplers come wrapped in clear plastic and they each have a different image on the front depending on the scent you buy. For this candle the image was of a a snowy scene with pine trees, I really like the packaging for these candle samplers, as in my opinion they look quite cute and in turn would make really nice presents. There is also a sticker on the bottom of the sampler with images of the dangers of candles - such as do not leave the candle unattended, do not place candles close together and do not let children or animals near the candle when it is burning.

          - How to use the sampler

          The samplers are really easy to use, you just unwrap the candle and then I cut some of the wick off as the wick for this particular candle was really long - I think the best/optimum wick length is supposed to be 0.5cm. I then straightened the wick and lit it using normal cooking matches - obviously caution must be taken when using matches and candles. I have ordered a sampler holder but in the mean time I used a glass container that had once stored a large candle and it worked really well - although the shorter the container the quicker the candle will burn as it is exposed to more air than if the container was taller. I also keep my candles on a coaster and on the window still away from the blinds.

          - Scent

          As I read the description of the candle it sounded so nice, I expected there to be a heavy pine/woody scent but to me the scent is a lot more minty/pepperminty than I expected it to be. The scent is very nice and it does remind me of christmas and snow but it is not as I expected it to be. The main scents I can detect from this candle includes: mint or peppermint, a fresh cotton/linen scent and a bit of a woody scent - but for me the main scent I can smell is mint and cotton/linen. Overall, the scent smells very fresh, comforting and it does remind me of the winter time and christmas. But I would have liked the scent to be a lot more pine/woody smelling.

          - Using the candle - scent dispersion and burn time

          The candle is really nice to use and it also looks nice in the glass container while it is burning. The scent of the candle when in a small room is noticeable after about 15 minutes or so and in a larger room it obviously takes longer to be detected - about 30 minutes or so. The scent is really quite strong and the scent does disperse really well throughout a room. I have used this candle in my bedroom and also in the living room and in both cases the scent of the candle has been very noticeable, fairly strong and spread throughout the rooms.

          The first time I used this candle I allowed the candle to burn for about three hours, which is probably a little bit too long to burn it continuously for. During the time it was burning the scent was really nice and strong and after four hours the candle had burned to nearly half way - so in four hours the candle only had half of the wax left. Also after about three hours the scent did become quite sickly which is not good. But the next day I did not let it burn for so long, after about two hours I extinguished the candle - with this candle I would say that you should only burn it for a couple of hours at a time, as it does melt fairly quickly and also as the scent can become quite sickly after more than two hours, in my opinion. My sister and my dad hated the scent of this candle but myself and my mum loved the scent - so this is definitely a marmite situation!

          Also I love the atmosphere created by candles, it makes any room look and feel really warm, cosy and inviting in my opinion, which is great in the autumn and winter months. After the candle has burnt out fully there is just a small metal disk at the bottom of the candle in which the wick was placed, so I just throw this away and scoop out the very small amount of wax that is left in the glass container and clean the container fully so that it is ready for another sampler.

          - Overall, would I personally buy the winter wonderland candle again?

          No, I don't think I will buy this candle scent again as: there are a lot of other scents that I really want to try and also the scent after about two hours did become quite sickly, in my opinion - and also my sister and my dad hated the scent! I would recommend the samplers as they are a fantastic, cheap way of trying a lot of different scents.

          - Price and availability

          I bought this candle from yankee candles amazon site and this sampler cost me £2.60 with postage and packaging which I think is a fairly good price. This candle can also be bought from various online sites and it also comes in a range of sizes including: a tea light form, a large jar, a medium jar and a lidded tumbler.



          *Easy to use
          *Scent is really nice - it smells to me like mint/peppermint, clean, fresh cotton/linen and a bit of a woody scent which all combine to make a fresh, christmas/wintery, warm and cosy scent
          *Cheap - it was only £2.60 from amazon
          *Scent is strong and it disperses well throughout a room
          *Will last for about 8 or nine hours in total


          *It is a marmite scent, in terms of its love it or hate it scent!
          *The scent can be really quite sickly after more than two hours

          Thank you for reading my review x


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            31.07.2011 12:15
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Pine fragranced sampler candle

            **Please note that this review covers the votive version of Winter Wonderland, dooyoo add only 1 entry per Yankee fragrance to their catalogue**

            The '''Winter Wonderland''' scented votive formed part of my recent online order with yankeedoodle.co.uk and was offered at a sale price of just 60p instead of its usual £1.60, I never let a bargain pass me by if I can help it and remembering the fragrance of this one after melting it last year as a wax tart I went ahead and placed my order knowing exactly where it would fit in within my home.

            Winter Wonderland is pure white in colour and as well as being seasonally named it also carries a seasonal illustration on its packaging sticker as shown in my picture. As with all sampler candles from Yankee this one is the usual 2 inches in height and is infused with fragrance and essential oils and is designed to give off a scent once its wick has been lit. I remembered this one being a combination of light Pine notes highlighted with lemon and bought it specifically for use in my kitchen where I wanted it to provide some refreshing and uplifting fragrance and that's pretty much what I got from it.

            It is Pine fragranced that much can't be denied and many people might assume that this would be too reminiscent of kitchen or bathroom cleaners and in some ways they would be right, however rather than having a harsh chemically smell to it Winter Wonderland is far lighter and fresher and a lot brighter than anything you might clean your kitchen with. It is fragrant even in sampler format and whilst not as strong as the other Pine-based fragrance that Yankee produce (Mountain Pine - which was _too_ strong for me) the inclusion of a citrus note (probably Lemon but I can't be certain) gives this one a much more rounded edge to it and stops it from being too heady.

            It isn't a fragrance that would suit a lot of rooms in a home, in a living room this would feel out of place and I knew that before I bought it, however for a kitchen or bathroom this would be ideal as it does act as an excellent odour eliminator and would certainly lift any cooking smells or general fustiness. It's a fantastic little votive to light after cooking due to its strength and whilst it isn't as strong in votive format as I remembered the wax tart variation to be it still provides quite an uplifting punch and it is a fragrance that I actually like. In other Yankee reviews I always mention that I tend to favour sweet and fruity fragrances and that much is true for burning in my living room however in other rooms of my home I like different scents and I wanted something light and airy for my kitchen and that's what Winter Wonderland gave me.

            Although votives have a burning life of around 15 hours it's very rare (or never in my experience) to get that much fragrance out of a single one and Winter Wonderland is no different. It is however one of the longer-lasting votives I have burned and because of where mine is and the fact that I don't have this burning for extended periods of time I seem to getting the most out of it and having had this one burning for a few days now for 30 minutes at a time I can still pick out a gentle indication of pine and citrus and overall I have been quite impressed with this one and for a change for me and my Yankee reviews I would recommend this format for this fragrance.

            Whilst Winter Wonderland isn't as strong in votive form as it is in a wax tart it's still an impressive little votive and for the price I paid for this one I think I got excellent value for money. I bought mine on sale from yankeedoodle and although this one will only be able to be found online due to its seasonal name it is one I would recommend. As a decorative candle its colour is neutral with it being white and should fit in with any decor in a home, its small size makes it unobtrusive and the only thing you need for burning a votive is something for it to sit in and holders designed especially for them can be bought for as little as a couple of pounds.

            Winter Wonderland is a fantastic fragrance for a kitchen or bathroom and met my requirements entirely, its lightly aromatic fragrance should appeal to plenty of people and whilst the association with kitchen cleaner is an obvious one to make it's not as astringent or as harsh as a cleaning product and it would be one that I recommend.

            Four stars from me as a rating which is unusual as I don't normally award high scores to Yankee's votives as I mostly find them to be a disappointment, Winter Wonderland is one of the better ones in this format though and is one to check out if you like the lighter, fresher scents.

            Recommended. Thanks for reading my review.

            Please note that this also appears on ciao under my username.


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              14.12.2010 17:01
              Very helpful
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              A lovely winter candle

              I couldn't resist buying a couple of Christmas/Winter themed Yankee Candles a few weeks ago when I was out shopping, despite the fact I have drawers full of wax tarts at home already. One that I purchased was Winter Wonderland which I really liked the smell of in the shop.

              This particular Yankee Candle is white in colour so is quite neutral to look at and should fit in with any colour scheme.

              Winter Wonderland is a little ambiguous a name for a fragrance really, and it's hard to know what you're getting just from the name. Yankee Candle simply describe this on their website as 'so real you can almost hear sleigh bells, the tingle of a frosty breeze blowing through icy pines.' Again, not a huge indicator of what the candle will smell like, other than the fact pine is mentioned. In fact, the candle does smell like pine, and it does remind me of Christmas trees. I think there's also a hint of something sharp and citrussy in there too which gives a little kick to the fragrance.

              When I think of pine I often think of cleaning products or disinfectant but I don't make that association with this candle. It's definitely a pleasant fragrance and it's a very fresh, crisp scent.

              As with all Yankee Candles you can get this in many forms. The most recognisable are the glass house warmer jars, but you can also get tumblers, tea lights, small votive candles and wax tarts. I bought this in the form of a votive, which is also known as a sampler because it is a small candle that lets you sample the fragrance before buying it in a larger, therefore more expensive format.

              In the past I have found that the scent I get from the votives can be quite weak compared to say the tarts or jars and take a while to filter around the room. This one filled my sitting room with a strong, yet in no way overpowering fragrance within about 10 minutes of lighting it, which I was really pleased about.

              The scent subtly lingers in the background with this candle. It isn't sickly as I've found with one or two other Yankee scents. I found that the scent lasted for the entire duration that the candle burned, which was around 15 hours, which is the estimation that Yankee Candle give.

              The candle burns evenly too, and you don't get 'tunnelling' where the candle burns straight down the middle, leaving a ring of wax as can happen with cheaper candles.

              The votives cost £1.60 each, and can be bought from www.yankeedoodle.co.uk. They are not widely available on the high street although I seem to see them more and more lately, especially in card shops.

              Overall, I would say that this was a nice candle, but not one of my favourites, just because there are other scents I prefer to this one. Still, it creates a subtle pine scent which does have a slightly Christmassy vibe to it, and it's a good scent to choose if you simply want a fresh, background scent for your home.

              *review first posted on Ciao


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