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Yankee Candle Witches Brew

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7 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    7 Reviews
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      17.11.2013 12:43
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous scent from Yankee Candle!

      Yankee Candle Witches Brew Tea Lights

      I had this scent as a sampler version last halloween and I did burn it on halloween. It is a autumn/halloween exclusive and it comes out every year as far as I know. I wish this scent was in their permanent range though, as it is one of my all time favourite candles!

      - Product description (from yankee.co.uk)

      "The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating Halloween spell. Scented tea lights are perfect for decorating with fragrance. These colourful little candles offer lots of possibilities ... use multiple tea lights for dramatic style, or alone for a fragrant accent in a small room. They're also a perfect host or hostess gift! Conveniently packaged in boxes of 12 tea lights."

      - About the product

      Sadly this product is a halloween limited edition so you can only buy it around autumn time and even then it is a bit hard to find with some websites being sold out or saying it is discontined. The tea lights come in a box of 12 and they are all pre-cut - the wax for the tea lights is black so that when it is burnt were is black melted wax - great for halloween! The box packaging for the tea lights has a halloween theme too with cats, witches, pumpkins, frogs, skulls as silhouettes. It would make a great present.

      - Scent

      The scent is me is gorgeous and if you just smell the candles as they are, before they are burnt/melted then they do not smell as amazing as they do when they are being burnt. The scent while they are boxed is musky with licorice and berry notes (and a bit like mens aftershave then it is not being burnt). It is very mysterious and reminds me of halloween immediately. It is a gorgeous scent, I love it!

      - Using the tea lights

      As with the vanilla chai tea lights the wicks are already cut so you do not need to trim them usually. When burning they do smell better than when they are just in the box, they become more berry/licorice like and they do smell divine! When I smell them they like evoke all of the words that you associate with halloween - spooky, magical, mysterious but exciting and unique. The tea lights are not as highly scented as the sampler was last year. With one tea light you will only smell it very subtly and with two it is better but I imagine with three tea lights the scent will be amazing although I don't really want to use them up that quickly as they are difficult to find at the best of times! If you see these this autumn/winter I would definitely recommend picking it up, especially if it is a sampler or a jar - maybe not the tea lights. They burn for about five hours and the scent with two samplers is good and it travels to a couple of rooms but it is not as strong as I would like it to be.

      - Price and availability

      I bought these from clintons cards online for around £6 or less and they can be really difficult to find. They are currently available from yankee.co.uk for £4.99 which I think is a great price as they are usually around £6.99. They can also be found on ebay and maybe amazon. Although if you see this scent, pick it up quickly as it is rare and gorgeous!

      - Conclusions


      *Gorgeous scent!
      *Packaging and price when you can find them
      *Fairly good dispersion and they burn evenly


      *They are no where near as strong as I would like them to be
      *They can be really difficult to find

      Thank you for reading my review


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        21.07.2013 14:00
        Very helpful



        My bargain candle purchase from Yankee

        Yankee Candle Witches' Brew

        We have a bargain store in Derby where they sell end of lines and out of date bits and pieces. Sometimes you get the most amazing bargains. I have previously bought several Yankee Candle diffusers from here at less than a fiver each. Recently they have had lots of Yankee Candles. Some of the big jars for a fiver and these votives at three for a quid. They only had two scent options, obviously left over from Halloween, these were this and the Candy Corn. I bought a box of each and have been using them since.

        Usually I don't buy votives as I prefer the tarts as the scent seems to carry better BUT at this price I was not complaining. I burn the mini candles until they are as useful as they can be as candles then use the remaining wax as a tart and find that I get a good eight hours from this. I could just use them cut up directly as tarts I suppose but find them okay as candles so do it my way.

        I do like Yankee Candles as the scent does give a good carrying quality but I am not so keen of the wax they use as it is paraffin wax and it does give off hidden toxins I have been informed.

        I always put these candles in a heat proof candle holder and have found that they burn for about 6 hours constantly and then of course I collect the wax and get another eight hours at least. Sometimes I use only part of the wax at a time so I get excellent value from my 30p paid.

        The little votive if dark, dark purple and the label shows a spooky skelton/witch carrying a cauldron with another couple of similar heads in it - very bizarre.

        Yankee describe this "...The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating Halloween spell..."

        The smell of this lovely. It is deep, sweet with a woody and exotic with the patchouli hippy sort of aroma.

        I have had this burning when guests have come and everyone has commented on what a lovely smell it is. It is hard to describe in that it is sweet yet does have the woody heady patchouli as well. I am quite delighted that I have an entire boxful at not much more that I would have paid for one of these little candles.

        Yankee may or may not release this again. They do have other formats which were available for October 2012 and these were;

        Small "Sampler" Candles - Burn time up to 15 hours 
        Small Glass Jar - Burn time up to 25 - 40 hours (Prices around £7.50 - £8) 
        Medium Glass Jar - Burn time up to 65 - 90 hours (Prices around £15 - £17) 
        Large Glass Jar - Burn time up to 110 - 150 hours (Prices around £18 - £20) 

        You may find them still online or through Ebay if you are lucky. Meanwhile I think I am going to buy another boxful from my bargain store as this is a scent I absolutely love.

        Remember NEVER leave candles burning unattended.
        Keep them away from children
        Put them somewhere on a heat proof mat NOT on a TV as it may burn through the plastic and then you will have an electric fire.

        Candles and tarts are great for adding atmosphere providing you are sensible and take all the safety precautions so do take care.


        Yes for me. I love the patchouli sweet combination it really works well. The scent carries well around the room and lasts well too. It doesn't take long for the aroma to start to come through and then from this time onward you get the most wonderful heady aroma filling the room.

        It was not so great at coping with my step son's smelling fish cooking, nor indeed did it manage to totally eradicate the 'Boy' smell from his room. I think maybe the layer of dirty clothes and other things will have to be removed before it will start to help in there. He is going on holiday for two weeks so maybe I will stand a chance then to de smell the room!

        Thanks for reading. Anyone living near Derby who wants the address of this funny little shop message me!

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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          22.10.2012 14:14
          Very helpful



          totally bewitching!

          {Witches' Brew}

          Yankee Candle is an American company who specialise in scented candles and other treats for the home. Within the UK, there are hundreds of regular scents to choose from and also seasonal scents. The Halloween scents offered by Yankee Candle are less available in the UK but can still be sourced online.

          Witches' Brew, as you would expect, is a Halloween Limited Edition scent. Online, Witches' Brew can be found in a few different formats including the cheaper wax tart and various sized candle jars. Today, I will be discussing my use of the small housewarmer jar in this scent.

          Those familiar to the Yankee brand will be aware that they offer different sized jars. The smaller jar is of course, the cheapest. The jar itself is a simple yet well designed affair. The glass is clear and tapered at the neck and features a chunky round lid. The Witches' Brew small jar has a purple label illustrating a skeletal witch. Important safety information is on the base of the jar.

          Witches' Brew is a deep purple/black colour and features a single wick. The small jar contains 3.7oz of wax which should offer between 25 and 40 hours of burning time. The official description of Witches' Brew is 'the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell!'.

          {Price and Availability}

          Witches' Brew (in the various formats) can be bought online from websites including Amazon, eBay and www.yankeescents4.com. Expect to pay around £1.75 for the wax tart, £7.99 for the small jar and £16.99 for the medium sized jar. There are a few discounts to be had on eBay!

          {Hubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble}

          I am a fan of all things 'witchy' and also anything to do with Halloween. This combined with my love for Yankee Candles led me to purchasing a few small jars of the Halloween scents recently. I wish I had tried them earlier! I had planned on waiting until Halloween until burning this but as soon as my jar arrived and I popped the lid off, I was addicted. I have had to order more!

          Normally I opt for wax tarts at first to allow me to get a feel for a scent. The wax tart of Witches' Brew isn't as available as the small jar hence my purchase. I paid less than £5.00 for my jar but you can currently buy 3 for £8.99 from one seller on eBay which is an absolute steal! The jar itself is attractive and sits neatly in my alcove without looking out of place. It does warm up so I wouldn't advise moving this around when lit.

          {Totally Bewitching - A Cauldron of Scent}

          The opening of the jar is fairly narrow and I choose to use a long candle lighter as regular lighters and matches may result in burned fingers! Once lit, the wick burns down neatly and a pool of rich black/deep purple wax forms on the surface. The wick offers a decent amount of glow which never fails to warm up a room and create a welcoming ambience as it flickers in the background. It is important to keep the wick trimmed and I find this very easy to do before lighting each time. As a result, my jar and surrounding surfaces/walls have not experienced any smoke damage from the flame.

          Before lighting my candle, I was able to detect a gorgeous, sweet and spicy aroma from the solid wax. The strength of this scent has remained prominent through several burning sessions and I keep the scent fresh by ensuring I replace the lid once the wax has become solid again. Witches' Brew, even in jar format, offers an intense scent. As soon as the wax started to melt around the wick, a powerful aroma started to lift up and out of the jar and filter around my living room. Within 20 or 30 minutes, the scent was noticeable in my kitchen, hallway and our bedroom so it does travel well. I would imagine that burning this candle in a hallway would allow the whole upstairs and downstairs of a house to be filled with this amazing scent.

          Witches' Brew won't be to everyones liking. It is quite a heady, dramatic scent which I find perfect for burning in the evening. The flicker of the lit wick combined with the spiciness of the scent make it perfect for the cold evenings we have been experiencing of late. Witches' Brew is a high quality scent in my opinion and is full of character. It is perfectly fitting for the Halloween season from the design of the jar to the bewitching and absolutely addictive scent that takes over my home. I could imagine witches huddling around their cauldron whilst throwing in the different 'ingredients' to create this bewitching scent.

          If you aren't a fan of patchouli or spicy scents then avoid this one as you won't like it. Thankfully, I favour spicy scents and patchouli is a scent which has grown on me over the past few years so I found Witches' Brew to be the perfect scent for my home. The patchouli is the main scent and can be witnessed at a desirable strength - ultra spicy, rich and natural smelling. I can detect an earthy almost musky backdrop to the scent which was complimented by a delicate sweetness. At times, I was certain I could detect a faint hint of liquorice whilst my fiance was adamant he could smell aniseed as the scent lingered. At one point I likened the scent to a sweeter version of Midsummers Night that Yankee offer but without the overpowering aftershave aroma.

          At no point during the burning process did the scent drop or become weaker. The scent of Witches' Brew remained intense. Due to how quickly the scent took over our flat, I found it better to burn for an hour or two before blowing the flame out. The scent then hung in the air for a good two hours whilst the wax returned to a solid state. This means one jar will give off more scent over a long period of time - value for money for sure! This has to be one of the strongest Yankee scents I have tried and definitely suited to been burned in larger spaces rather than small rooms.


          I have been burning Witches' Brew for up to two hours at a time, allowing the scent to rest and then relighting most evenings. I've found that the wax burns down evenly and there is no wastage. I would say the higher end of the recommended burning time is about right and the small jar definitely offers value for money all round hence why I have re-purchased. The scent of Witches' Brew is highly addictive and well appreciated in my home and I cannot hesitate in recommending this small jar.

          Thanks for reading :)


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            06.10.2012 10:15
            Very helpful



            A beautifully scented Tart from Yankee that I would recommend..!

            I was lucky enough to get to visit a branch of the Yankee Candle Store in America back in May of this year and was delighted to discover a whole variety of scented candles that were unknown to me, being exclusive to America and thus, only being available to UK consumers via the internet. Among these unknown offerings - of which I purchased huge quantities of Wax Tarts to bring home - I noticed some more familiar scents and purchased many of them to bring home alongside their American neighbours.

            One such purchase at the time was the "Witches Brew" Yankee Wax Tart which I believe was available for a limited time in shops in the UK last year, unsurprisingly being released in time for Halloween. I purchased two of the tarts and brought them home with me as I had intended to try out the scent for myself when it was in shops in the UK last year, but missed out due to its limited availability.

            For anyone who is not aware, the fragranced Yankee Candles come in a variety of formats and sizes so you can choose the one which suits your needs best. The"Wax Tarts" which are available are small 'cake' shaped blocks of wax which, in my experience, seem to have a slightly stronger fragrance than some of the larger candles that are available too. The Wax tarts do not contain a wick in the way that other candles do, and they need to be placed in a burner with a tea light underneath them to allow the Wax Tart to melt and the fragrance contained within can then escape. Wax Tarts generally cost around £1.20 - £2, depending on where you buy them, and their burn time is around 8 hours.

            The other formats that I have tried out are all candles, which come in a variety of sizes:

            * Small "Sampler" Candles - Burn time up to 15 hours
            * Small Glass Jar - Burn time up to 25 - 40 hours (Prices around £7.50 - £8)
            * Medium Glass Jar - Burn time up to 65 - 90 hours (Prices around £15 - £17)
            * Large Glass Jar - Burn time up to 110 - 150 hours (Prices around £18 - £20)

            (Info courtesy of www.yankee.co.uk, correct as @ October 2012).

            I do actually prefer to purchase my Yankee Candles in the Small Glass Jar format, although this method is of course more expensive than purchasing the small Tarts. In any event, when faced with a fragrance that I am rather unsure of, I always try it out by burning a Wax Tart first to ensure it is suited to my own tastes before spending a considerably higher amount of cash on a Glass Jar.

            I could tell instantly that the Witches' Brew Tart contained Patchouli, which is a scent I am very familiar with. Whilst I like the scent and find it quite uplifting, I do find that it can become 'heady' very easily and so I felt slightly cautious at the strong scent evident even through the Tart's cellophane wrapper.

            All of the candles from the Yankee range have an attractive-looking label attached to the packaging, either stuck onto the glass jar or on the plastic cellophane wrapper in the case of the Tarts, and the Witches' Brew Tart is no exception to this. In this case, the label shows an image of a wicked-looking 'Skeleton Witch' complete with pointy hat, appearing on a purple and pink background that has some bats in the distance. Yankee usually colour their candles to correspond with their respective scents and fragrances, and in the case of the Witches' Brew Tart, it is an attractive deep black with a slightly purple 'hue' to it which ties in with the product - and it's Halloween theme - perfectly.

            When it came to trying out the Witches' Brew Tart for the first time, I removed its outer wrapper and placed it in my burner with a burning tea light placed underneath. It didn't take long for the enclosed scent to develop, which was quite noticeable after the tart had been burning for only ten minutes or so, probably thanks to its strong Patchouli essence.

            Anyone who is familiar with the scent of Patchouli will no doubt appreciate what I mean about its ability to become quite 'heady' very easily. I find the scent is incredibly strong, and whilst I do prefer strongly-scented wax tarts over more 'subdued' scents, I am always slightly cautious that their strong fragrances can become too much for my own taste.

            I found that the fragrance of the Witches' Brew Tart took hold very easily and very quickly, with it's strong patchouli vapours escaping easily from the Tart after only ten minutes or so. These vapours worked their way into a more intense aroma a short time afterwards, and it was at this stage that my concerns really piqued. I felt the familiar perfume-like 'haze' of the patchouli really came through at this stage, being very 'smoky' with an earthy undertone present that allowed it to feel like quite a natural scent rather than being something highly synthetic.

            Just as my concerns about the Tart's strength were being tested, I felt a warming sweetness come through that added a little calm to the strong earthy notes that were evident already. This sweetness reminded me slightly of being something with a malted trace, similar to the scent experienced from a cola drink that has been allowed to go flat. This added a richness to the earthiness of the patchouli and a beautiful balance was created as a result.

            The end result was a beautiful patchouli based fragrance that was without the familiar 'heady' tinge that I do admit can be over-bearing for me at times. It felt to me as if the sweetness in the scent 'reigned in' the deep smokiness of the patchouli and so its presence was very welcome as far as I am concerned.

            The overall scent struck me as being absolutely ideal for the cold, damp autumn nights as it offered a pleasant aroma that felt quite uplifting but it also had a deep calming quality to it that allowed the scent to create a relaxing environment. This is often lacking in Yankee Tarts in my experience, their scents being more 'awakening' than I would like at times. In the case of the Witches' Brew Tart however, the aroma felt extremely soothing and calming, much to my delight.

            The scent has actually become a bit of a favourite of mine over the past couple of months and I have subsequently ordered some more Tarts from eBay. I do find that the fragrance feels quite sophisticated when compared to other Yankee Tarts, and regardless of its Halloween branding and Witchy Label, the fragrance has a very 'grown up' feel to its essence.

            The Witches' Brew has performed well in terms of longevity, which is what I had expected given its strong patchouli core. I find that I can obtain several hours of fragrance that hangs easily in the room, even if the Tart is burned for only an hour or so. Burning it for longer allows this fragrance to last longer as you would expect, and if I chose to burn it for several hours I can detect a trace of the earthy patchouli in the room the following day too. I have no complaints in this regard and feel that this fragrance performs very well.

            Overall, the Witches Brew Tart is one that has really impressed me, resulting in me seeking it out to purchase it online. I would whole-heartedly recommend it if you are a fan of patchouli, or indeed any sort of rich 'earthy' scents and it comes with my full recommendation and full marks in the product rating score as a result. It feels wonderfully relaxing and calming when used during the cold and damp autumn nights and it has proven to be surprisingly sophisticated.... Beautiful!


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              12.10.2011 22:53
              Very helpful



              I've yet to come across a Yankee candle that I don't love...

              It's that time of year again; I just love burning scented candles during the grey, rainy and cold autumn/winter months...

              - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Patchouli [aka graveyard dirt] has long been used to tap into the energies of the Earth element. It is seen as a symbol of the nurturing power of minerals, plants and trees, as well as it being thought to repel evil spirits and vengeful ghosts. It is still used today, mainly to reinforce spells for healing, wealth and protection. Patchouli oil is also popular in aromatherapy, where some believe it is a aphrodisiac and can also be applied to aid fertility. So by reputation alone it makes for an obvious choice in fragrance for a special edition Halloween candle by Yankee.

              Patchouli is best described as smelling like damp soil, with a undertone that has a kind of organic spicy/sweetness to it. The spicy tang reminds me of cinnamon - perhaps there is some extra cinnamon added? I can't pinpoint the sweeter notes, but overall the results smell vaguely like cola to me.
              These above notes combine to create a darker incense note, with the smokiness of burnt wood underneath everything else.

              WITCHES BREW is a perfect fragrance for Halloween, as the perfume conjures up the image of a freshly dug grave, with the perfume from nearby funeral wreaths and smoke from bonfires lingering in the air.

              I don't like patchouli in perfumes or body products as it has a strong scent that can feel suffocating to me, not to mention that it can give me migraines. But I've found that when the patchouli is not in contact with my skin I actually like the earthy/sweet contrasts to it.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Burn baby burn
              - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              I mainly use my candles in my bedroom for a few hours in the evenings. A single Yankee votive sampler will last about seven days in total [sometimes eight days].
              Seven days, with two to three hours burning time per use, means that each votive has a burning time of between roughly fourteen to sixteen hours. My WITCHES BREW votive was one of the Yankee candles that lasted eight days or so. I'd guess that it lasted well over eighteen hours in total.

              As with all Yankee candles, the entirety of the wax is perfumed; I've used some candles where the fragrance burns up before the candle does, but that is not the case here. The fragrance lasts as long as the candle does and is strong enough to travel over the house. I even catch occasional wafts of the perfume whilst the candle is unlit.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              To have and to hold
              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Yankee sell some really lovely limited edition Halloween holders for their votives and tea lights, but in this case lovely means costly; some sell for £16 and the cheaper ones tend to be made to fit tea lights, so the melting wax will overspill and drip if you use a votive.

              I usually look out for similarly sized scented candles already in glass and tin holders in Poundland style shops, burn them down quickly and use the holders to hold the Yankee candles - I've had no problems so far.
              I've also just picked up a very pretty, metallic finish, glass votive holder, patterned with a design of leaf covered vines, from the Boots three-for-two Christmas gift store for only £2.50 - there are three different colours available [red, silver and gold].

              If you'd rather not spend any more money, just take a look inside your cupboards and cabinets; you could use a saucer as the votive will perfectly fit into most cup grooves in the saucer, and you could also look in your cupboard and size up shot glasses, small glass tumblers and small jars to find a good fit for the votives.

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Something old or something new?
              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              WITCHES BREW was originally released under the name Purr-Chouli and, as the name suggests, the wax used to be black like the traditional witches cat, rather than the dark purple colour the wax has had for the past few years. So if you should come across a site offering the discontinued Purr-Chouli candle at an inflated price, there's simply no need to part with your cash.

              It is easy to tell if you are buying old stock or not; the label of the 2011 version features a skeleton wearing a pointed hat and holding a cauldron.
              Patchouli has a strong scent, so I doubt that the fragrance of the candle will be affected if you need to buy old stock [my WITCHES BREW votive is from 2010 and it has a strong, lingering fragrance that travels all over the house], but it's still worth baring in mind. After all, why pay inflated prices for old stock that's been sitting in storage for a year or so?

              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              Sizes and burn times and RRP
              - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
              [A tart is a wickless wax patty, so you'll need to buy a tart burner to be able to use it]
              6 - 8 hour burn time - £1.20
              Sampler votive
              15 - 20 hour burn time - £1.65
              Small jar
              25 -40 hour burn time - £7.75
              Medium jar
              65 - 90 hour burn time - £15.99
              Tea lights [12 per pack]
              4 - 6 hour burn time per candle - £6.99

              I've seen the WITCHES BREW candles for sale in the above sizes. The availability of these sizes and the final sale price will differ from retailer to retailer as this particular candle is a Halloween special.


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                21.11.2010 19:24
                Very helpful



                Witches Brew Wax Tart from Yankee Candle

                **Please note that this review is for the Wax Tart variation of Witches Brew - Dooyoo now only add 1 entry into their database per variety from Yankee Candle**


                Released to commemorate Halloween, Yankee Candles (an American company) brought out a few candles and accessories specifically for the October celebration and included this year was "Witches Brew". I stumbled across this one in a specialist candle shop where I buy a the majority of my wax tarts and candles from the Yankee range and taken by the illustration on the plastic wrapper I bought a couple and brought them home with me.

                **Wax Tarts**

                I have written a few reviews on Yankee Candles, specifically their wax tarts and always mention that I consider these to be the most cost-effective choice in the wide range of candles and accessories available. They tend to retail for around £1.00 each although are often cheaper and unlike traditional candles these have no wick running through their centre. Instead a wax tart is a fluted, flat piece of wax which is designed to sit in the well of a tart burner and a tea light is lit and placed beneath it. Once the heat from the tea-light starts to melt the wax tart the liquid wax emits a fragrance and depending on which wax tart you chose to buy will depend on the aroma you get. Yankee are renowned for their authentic, realistic fragrances and their range includes a huge variety of scents from floral and sweet ones through to baby powder and even leather smelling wax candles and accessories. There really is something for everyone with Yankee Candles and all tastes are catered for, both my wife and myself have become massive fans of the company and their wax tarts since discovering them last year and the subject of this specific review, Witches Brew has become my new favourite.

                *Witches Brew*

                Measuring approximately 2 inches in diameter and around half an inch in thickness the Witches Brew wax tart is either very, very deep purple or black in colour. I say "or" as I can't decide if it is black or not as when the wax is melted it has a glossy sheen to it which seems to have a purple tinge to it, either way the wax is very dark in appearance and a perfect Halloweeny colour which contrasts the other orange Halloween choices perfectly. The wax tart itself is plastic wrapped with an illustration of a witch stirring the contents of her cauldron and as far as marketing goes this is pretty much spot on for the time of year it was intended for.

                Removing the wax tart from its plastic confines allows some of the aroma to become apparent and even before it is melted you can detect a heady mix of patchouli and spices. Once placed in position and allowed to gently melt the liquid wax produces a rich, deep patchouli scent which has highlights of 'vanillary' sweetness to lighten it slightly - this is by far the strongest wax tart I have melted from Yankee Candle and the aroma is noticeable straight away. Our tart burner sits on a small table in the corner of our room and the smell of Wiches Brew could be detected all the way round our home after 30 minutes, this really is a strong scent which, in all fairness, could be slightly too much for some peoples taste. I am a fan of patchouli anyway and my wife has a perfume which has notes of patchouli in it so this particular variety from Yankee Candle certainly appeals to me, however due to the intensity and depth of fragrance this could perhaps be a little much if you prefer the lighter, floral scents or ones which are fruity or sweet so do bear this in mind if Witches Brew sounds like something you would like to try for yourself.

                Due to its intensity I found that this was a wax tart to burn for short intervals before extinguishing the tea light so a single tart provided plenty of aroma over a good 3 or 4 day period, wax tarts are designed to give off around 8 hours of fragrance but with this one we easily got 10 hours out of it, maybe slightly more. It isnt one to leave burning for a number of hours in one go as the scent could become overpowering however for short, sharp bursts this is ideal and of course meant that for me it represented fabulous value for money.

                Being a Halloween 2010 edition the stocks of Witches Brew are going to be limited now and it is unlikely that you will find this on the high street anymore. It can be found online though and I made sure I bought plenty of these in once I discovered how much I actually liked the fragrance of this particular wax tart.

                Yankeedoodle.co.uk and yankee.co.uk both still have this available on their websites for around 99p each so if it sounds like it would appeal to you then I would suggest that you stock up now, due to the fact that I will not burn black candles because of the association with black magic and Satanism (I think I've watched too many horror films!) means that I will not buy Wiches Brew in any of the traditional candle format (Housewarmer Jars or Votive samplers) obviously if this isn't a concern for you then your choices will be larger than mine.

                As far as the scent goes Witches Brew is my new favourite, it is a heady mix of deep patchouli and features lighter bursts of sweet vanilla, do bear in mind though that it is very strong but a single wax tart will last you for ages if you space out how often you melt it.

                A perfect 5 star rating from me and highly recommended, be quick would be my advice as once stock of these have gone it is unlikely it will return until next year unless Yankee re-use the formula in a new wax tart with a different name.

                Thanks for reading my review, please note that this may appear on ciao under my username


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                  A limited edition halloween candle from Yankee Candle but has confusing scents.

                  "...The spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating Halloween spell..."

                  Sounds tempting doesn't it? Well, as I returned to the shop where I usually buy my Yankee Candle scents from, and if not online I was desperate to get any scent on discount on the Yankee Candle Halloween range. Alas though! Some rogue took the last Pumpkin Patch house warmer jars - the best scent so far for strong and wavering spicy scents in my opinion from this limited edition range.

                  Up until now I've already tried the "Witches Brew" from Yankee Candle in votive form and wax tart form - costing 90p and £1-75 respectively and initially thought I had bought a bad batch because I didn't get much scent from either of them. Like "Pumpkin Patch" in its deep orangey colour and 3D sticker label adorning the medium and large house warmer jars, "Witches Brew" is also encased in a spooky and scary gothic black colour and there's a likewise scary black 3D image label that shows a smiling witch over a bubbling hot cauldron with one hand lifted in the air with her magic wand contrasting with a close up of her not so-scary face! All in the spirit of fun, I guess!

                  This time however as I lifted the lid on the medium jar I found tucked at the back of the shelf (and yelped with joy), the familiar scent of the votive and wax tart from the jar version smelt a little heavier. Plus on the discounted price of £7-49 as opposed to £13-99 for the usual average prices that Yankee Candle medium scented house warmer jars cost, I think I got a bit of a bargain. That was, until I got it home and started to use it.

                  Like all Yankee Candle House warmer jars, this candle has a burning time of approximately 65 to 90 hours and is encased in the country storage jar style that adorns all the YC medium and large house warmer jar styles. The base is heat insulated but the sides aren't and since it is a scented candle it goes without saying that caution needs to be taken if this candle is to be lit around children.

                  So the scent takes an hour to pervade out of the glass. Well I thought giving it an hour would really bring spicy Patchouli through the rafters and I'd walk into a room that is would be spiritual and relaxing. However when I opened the door to the room very little herby scent comes from this candle after a couple of hours left burning. Instead there's a rather strange thick wave of what smells like a couple of bottles of stale, flat Coca Cola that have been opened up in the room.

                  Now it may well be me. It may be the fact that the last time I tried Patchouli in the purest sense was with the use of a massage oil of Patchouli essence and apart from staining my hands, I smelt like a bottle of Tea Tree oil had exploded over me. Patchouli in its purest form smells like deep mint and most products these days that claim to have it comes across as being deep and earthy. At its worst, stale Patchouli smells like wet earth/soil.

                  This candle isn't minty full on (more's the pity), so it won't give out fresh Patchouli. On the other hand, the scent that appears is one of sweetness, almost like a mix of Yankee Candle's "Trick or Treat," candle (it's a duo one that has buttercream and cookies mixed through it) where it is evident that Yankee Candle have tried to inject a similar buttercream smell as the base tone for "Witches Brew" and added wet soil scent. The mix is truly horrific when I come to think about it but playing up to the Halloween event of gruesome ingredients. Powerful on scent alone, "Witches Brew," doesn't appear to know what it is supposed to be despite the triple content oils and the whole idea becomes confusing, perhaps just like a Witch's spell!

                  To freshen a home with anything other than sweet scent of cookies or pies, there are so many other scents in the YC range worth looking out for aside from "Witches Brew". Whilst it doesn't freshen a home, "Witches Brew" does have a heavy sweet smell with Vanilla seemingly emanating as the middle tone making it a candle that I don't particularly want to burn for lengthier times even though it isn't the same French Vanilla that YC make which often brings on headaches for me- but another vanilla additive to stem the sweetness along. Then there's also a hint of mint - just a little and not too much, which comes across after the candle has been extinguished and the scent gets a chance to languish around. This combination of sweetness meets earthy promise doesn't do much for me - and yet even with the celebration factor of Halloween - being earthy and black in colour by the visual conjures up a very suitable candle for the fun factor, if nothing else. The concept of a candle just about works for the idea of promoting Halloween but if you're looking for liquorice or similar kinds of product with a black colour, you'll be instantly disappointed.

                  Like the rest of House warmer jars, this jar candle can be washed out manually with a little hot water to swirl around and loosens the hard wax. Make sure you knock it out on kitchen towel and not your kitchen sink drain as the wax can block the pipes. The jar is also dishwasher safe and once cleaned, can be used as a clear storage jar thanks to its air tight top.

                  In terms of being a scented candle then, "Witches Brew," is a fun looking candle that has enough scent on its own to pervade through the home without anything else burning. It certainly works as a sweet candle rather than the deep earthiness that Patchouli in its deepest form promises and there is the tiniest hint of mint within the layers of this candle apparent which gives relief from the overly boosted sweetness. It isn't a scent that I would strongly recommend though even if Yankee Candle have done well on the marketing and general design of the glass jar and that's a pity for a company so well famed for their excellent scent. Thanks for reading! ©Nar2 2010



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