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Yankee Candle Kiwi Berries

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Brand: Yankee Candle / Type: Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      17.08.2011 14:05
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      A lovely scent, I'm just not sure it was the scent of kiwi!

      There's an outlet store not far from where we live which has a Yankee Candle section, so of course I like to pop in from time to time to see what's on offer. Recently when we went I got a range of wax tarts since they only cost 77p in there, a little less than the £1.10 RRP and I actually managed to pick the Kiwi Berries wax tart up for just 55p in the sale - bargain!

      Yankee Candle are probably best known for their Jar Candles, which look like big, old fashioned sweetie jars filled with wax. I have had quite a few jar candles in the past, but they're expensive and I find that I get bored with the scents after a while, so I tend to buy the wax tarts instead. Wax tarts, for those of you not familiar with the brand, are small fluted discs of wax which are melted in a burner. They don't have a wick, so are not actually a candle as such, but they have the same scents as the other candles in the range so are great for getting an idea of what a scent is like before buying the full sized one.

      The Kiwi berries tart is a lime green colour and the label on the front depicts kiwi, blueberries and raspberries.

      I am a real fan of the fruity fragrances and this one was incredibly fruity. The thing was, to me this didn't overly smell of kiwi, it seemed a bit sweeter with a real tang to it. My boyfriend said that it smelled like lemon-lime, but I would have perhaps said lime and raspberry.

      As it burned, I found the scent was fairly slow to permeate around the room. Every now and then I would detect a fruity burst of scent, but the fragrance was by no means constant. The longer this burned the more I felt that I could smell it, but I was really disappointed that the fragrance was not stronger as it really did smell quite lovely. I found myself moving the burner closer to where I was sitting at the time, so that I could experience more of the fragrance! I did find that when I left the room and came back in, a subtle fruity scent - a bit like tropical juice drinks - was fairly noticeable in the room.

      The tarts claim to give around eight hours of scent and I would say that was fairly accurate. I had thought perhaps it would not last that long given that it was quite a subtle scent, but it did have longevity despite not particularly having much strength.

      Of course, the Kiwi fragrance is not only available in wax tart form, please find below a list of formats, burn times and prices, but note that they are approximate and will vary.

      Wax Tarts - Burn time 8 hours - £1.10
      Votives - Burn time up to 15 hours - £1.60
      Small Jar - Burn time 25-40 hours - £7.45
      Medium Jar - Burn time 65-60 hours - £15.45
      Large Jar - Burn time 110-150 hours - £18.45

      Overall I did like this fragrance, I just thought it was a shame that it wasn't stronger. I also didn't think the name 'Kiwi berries' was particularly great considering there is not much of a kiwi scent to it. Perhaps something like 'mixed berries' or 'kiwi and raspberry' would have been more appropriate. If you are looking for a fruity scent that isn't too strong or 'in your face' then kiwi berries is a good one to go for and I would recommend it. If you like your scents to be strong, I'd advise perhaps trying the 'Fruit Salad' or 'Bahama Breeze' scents instead which are a little more intense.

      *Review originally posted on Ciao under username pink_champagne


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        15.01.2011 17:57
        Very helpful




        There's nothing like a relaxing, home pampering session with a lovely candle burning away in the background, right? Or if you're like me then you have a candle burning at all times! The subtle glow from the flame and the scent filling the room makes me feel all cosy inside, and call me crazy, but for a short while it seems like all my problems just drift away and I'm 100% relaxed. My current favourite candles are of course by Yankee Candle, one of the most popular candle companies in the world. I tend to stick to the fruit category (mainly Black Cherry), but I have recently formed a slight a obsession with Kiwi Berries (although it is my bad books at the minute, but more on that later!).

        I could quite easily pad my review out with the history of the company and the life story of the founder of the company, but I'm well aware that no one cares about these things, and everyone knows how to use google anyway! I will, however, point out that Yankee Candle is one of the most trusted candle companies in the world, and it is for this reason that I will continue to give them my custom.

        In this review I'll be talking about the Kiwi Berries small tumbler - the scent stays the same in each form of this candle, but the packaging varies. You could also pick this up in a small, medium or large jar, a medium or large tumbler, tea lights, votives, tarts or even air fresheners for your car!

        The small glass tumbler is roughly 5 inches in height and comes with 198g of wax which roughly equates to 35-45 hours of burn time. The glass is clear, enabling you to see the lime green wax inside. The tumbler comes with a metal lid which has a safety seal inside to ensure that the lid is secure when in place. Yankee Candles are all very simple to look at, with the label on the front showing a different image for each scent and not much else going on! The label on this candle shows some juicy looking kiwis, raspberries and blueberries to give you an idea of the scent inside...

        Upon opening the lid, you can instantly smell the sweet berries, and shortly after you are hit with a subtle tang from the kiwi. It's always promising when a candle has a good cold throw (the strength of the scent before the candle is burned) as it is essentially a guarantee that you will have a strong smelling candle. I trimmed the wick to roughly 0.5cm (they advise 0.3cm, but this always seems too short for me) and lit my candle, ready for the scent to fill my room. Within no time at all - I'm talking less than 2 minutes - I could smell the sweet berries and tangy kiwi wafting up my nose. Think of a sweet, summer scent or a delicious fruity cocktail. Within around 10 minutes my whole room (medium sized) was filled with a strong kiwi berry scent, and after 20 minutes my mum came through to tell me she could smell it next door too! Some may be put off by the slight tang that this scent has from the kiwi, but when burning the candle you get a perfect mix of tanginess and sweetness from the berries. I can mainly smell raspberries, and if asked I would never have guessed there were blueberries in there, but it is delicious nonetheless.

        As for wax pools, I have experienced no tunneling with this candle - or any other Yankee Candle to be honest with you! The wax melts evenly all the way down, leaving a clean tumbler at the end of your candle!

        I burn my small tumbler for around 2 hours at a time, and have been doing so everyday for the past week and a half. I'm now halfway down my candle, so I'd say I have another 10-11 days worth of burning to get through! The scent doesn't only fill the room (and the rooms next door) whilst it's burning, but the scent lingers in my room for a good few hours afterwards too. Although it isn't as strong, the subtle scent of sweet fruit is always welcomed in the hours after burning.

        You might now be wondering why this lovely candle is in my bad books then?
        I'm the kind of girl who likes to have a few candles burning whilst having a bath, and I'm also the kind of girl who needs to shower after a bath (lying in your own dead skin and sweat isn't something I like to imagine!). I foolishly left the newly blown out candles at the edge of my bath and whilst having my shower, I dropped a bottle of shower gel onto the candle causing it to plummet towards my foot, smashing all over the place and burning me with the hot wax. I now have a sliced foot surrounded by blisters, and I'm being stubborn and blaming the candle instead of accepting the blame myself, haha! Moral of the story? Move your candles before your shower!

        Despite my ugly, injured foot,t his candle really is incredible, although at £8.99 for the small tumbler you might think it's a little steep but I truly believe that Yankee Candles are worth every penny! You can usually find Yankee Candles in gift shops, chemists and garden centres - I usually pick mine up from Dobbies as they seem to have the largest selection in my city, but I'm also aware that there are certain areas of the world lucky enough to have Yankee Candle stores!

        *The safety instructions are also given on the label on the underside of the candle, but these are all available online at yankeecandle.co.uk and have nothing to do with my review as they solely depend on how you treat your candle.

        - strong scent throw, both hot and cold
        - delicious, summery scent
        - melts evenly, producing a clean jar at the end of the candle
        - great value
        - looks lovely sitting on your bedside table...

        - ...doesn't look so lovely in the bottom of your shower covered in blood!

        Thanks for reading!


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          10.10.2010 12:44
          Very helpful



          Very Fruity Wax Tart from Yankee Candle


          Since discovering the range of Yankee Candles late last year we have worked our way through many of the choices available. Sold in various formats we tend to buy the wax tarts as they are a cheap way of sampling the fragrances the company has to offer rather than paying out for an expensive glass-jarred candle which can cost up to £18.00.

          The wax tarts from Yankee Candles are just that; a fluted edge flat disc of wax which unlike a traditional candle does not come with a wick. The idea with a wax tart is that it is placed in a tart burner and melted from beneath by a tea light. The tart burners themselves can be bought from as little as £4.99 and are easily cleaned allowing you to change the wax tart itself as and when you require. All of the Yankee Candle range have proven to be authentic smelling and you can pretty much guarantee that the scent they are supposed to release will be recognisable, its just down to your own personal taste as to what suits you.

          Kiwi Berries

          Kiwi Berries was one of the latest wax tarts we bought, and like others in the range cost around £0.95 - £1.05 depending on where you purchase them. This one as shown in the illustration above comes packaged in clear plastic and measures around 2 inches in diameter and around half an inch in thickness. It is light green in appearance and has the Yankee Candle name imprinted onto the wax itself so you know it is a Yankee original. The illustrated label features kiwi fruit along with raspberries and blueberries and this, as you can imagine is one of the more 'fruity' wax tarts that are available.

          Once placed into position on the burner and the tea light lit from beneath the wax begins to melt almost immediately and within 5 minutes the wax begins to release its fragrance. The first thing I noticed with this one was the sweet smell of raspberries which is the overriding scent and the strongest of the 'flavours' contained. It really is no exaggeration to say that the room in which the wax is melting in does become filled with fragrance and this has certainly one of the sweetest and recognisable of all the Yankee range we have tried. I tend to chose the sweet/fruity wax tarts rather than the floral/flowery scents as I prefer the sweeter fragrances and this has certainly been one of the nicest that we have tried and from a single tart you can easily get a good 8 hours worth of fragrance from it.

          Unlike some of the more subtle scented wax tarts even when this was in its solid form when there was no tea light underneath it there was still a light hint of raspberries coming from this tart and we melted this on and off for a good 3 days before it started to lose its fragrance. Those with a better 'nose' for these things may be able to detect the other ingredients in the mix (the kiwi fruit and blueberries) for me though this was dominated by raspberry and really was an authentic and realistic fruit scent.

          We prefer to melt wax tarts rather than using air fresheners in our home as they are a longer-lasting way of creating a pleasant atmosphere and as we have a couple of pets we don't like spraying aerosols around our home. Kiwi Berries has proven to be one of my favourites in the Yankee range and is one that I would like to buy in the future in candle form, it is definitely suited to the warmer summer months rather than the winter ones and from me would come highly recommended.

          A lot of the Yankee range can be bought on-line from Amazon and YankeeDoodle.co.uk but can also be found on the high street in candle shops. Expect to pay around a pound per wax tart which I think is extremely good value for money and depending on what you buy you can expect to get a good 8 hours worth of fragrance before the tart needs replacing.

          Kiwi Berries is a 4/5 rated wax tart from me, only losing one star as I couldn't personally detect the other fruit - if this had been marketed as purely raspberries then it would have received a perfect score from me.

          Definitely recommended, thanks for reading my review.


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