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Yankee Doodle Eggnog

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3 Reviews

Brand: Yankee Doodle / Type: Scented Candle / Category: Home Fragrance

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    3 Reviews
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      28.12.2012 18:28
      Very helpful



      Not one I would buy again

      Yankee candle eggnog small jar

      I bought this small jar candle earlier in the year, in the after Christmas sales I think as it was only £4! I hadn't tried this scent before and I don't know what eggnog is supposed to smell like as it isn't really a British thing, it is more American.

      - Product description (from amazon.co.uk)

      "Warm, inviting and perfectly spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and clove, the Yankee Candle Eggnog House warmer Jar fills your home with the festive spirit. Sweet and delicious, this mouth-watering fragrance is rich and indulgent, with warm notes to envelop your senses in pure bliss. All Yankee Candle House warmer Jar Candles are beautifully presented in the distinctively traditional Yankee Candle glass jar with a removable lid."

      - About the product

      The Yankee candle jar candles are so well presented in my opinion, I think they would make great gifts as they look quite expensive and put together. The small jar candle is 104g or 3.7 oz and it is supposed to burn for about 30-40 hours, although none last that long with me as I am burning them all of the time basically at this time of the year. The small jar candle for this scent features an image of eggnog in glasses with cinnamon on the top which does look gorgeous. The jar has a really cute mini removable lid with 'Yankee Candle Company' embossed on the glass. The eggnog scent is obviously a festive scent and it is only available at this time of the year.

      - Scent, using the product, throw and longevity

      I first cut the wick of the candle as they should be about 05.cm and the wicks are usually longer so you need to cut them. The candle lights easily and the candle takes about half an hour or so for the scent to become noticeable in the room. The main scents in this candle are that of creamy, milky vanilla, cinnamon and clove. The mix of the scents is just gorgeous and it is very christmasy - when asked people say the three scent straight away as vanilla, cinnamon and clove. The candle is very christmasy and festive which is obviously great for this time of year; also the scent is quite spicy.

      The scent initially is mainly vanilla and cinnamon which are both really strong and the cinnamon cuts through the vanilla easily and it is one of the main scents. Then after about an hour or so the clove comes through which makes the candle smell really quite spicy and strong - this can make the candle smell quite spicy but sickly after a while. The scent is really strong and usually this would be a very good thing, in my opinion but with this candle the scent is a bit too strong because it is strong and spicy/sickly which isn't that nice. The candle is strong but the scent dispersion isn't fantastic - it does travel to a couple of the surrounding rooms though. The longevity of the small jar is really quite good, in my opinion, as all of the small jars last fairly well.

      - Price and availability

      I bought this earlier in the year as it was on sale for around £4 which is a great price, in my opinion, for a Yankee candle jar candle. This product is now not very widely available - I cannot find this product on amazon and on some candle website this product is described as being discontinued - although you may be able to find this scent on ebay.co.uk.



      *Gorgeous, cute packaging/jar
      *Really nice festive scent, on the whole
      *Quick/easy to use
      *Burns so evenly - no waste wax
      *Good scent strength


      *Scent can be too spicy and sickly after a while, in my opinion
      *Scent definitely isn't for everyone
      *Scent dispersion isn't fantastic

      Thank you for reading my review


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      08.03.2012 10:27
      Very helpful



      Eggng scented tea lights from Yankee Candle's.

      Yankee Candle "Eggnog" Scented Tea Lights

      Never one to let a bargain pass me by and eager to try a Yankee fragrance that was new to me I couldn't resist picking up a box of Eggnog tea lights when I saw them on offer in store at Clinton Cards for a little over £3.00. I've used scented tea lights before in a variety of Yankee fragrances and whilst they wouldn't normally be my first choice of format given the fact that I generally buy the wax tarts and sampler candles the saving against the usual price of these (often over £6.00 depending where you buy them from) meant that it cost very little for me to see what this fragrance was like. As I've mentioned in my past Yankee reviews I do tend to favour the sweet or fruity fragrances that Yankee produce and Eggnog appealed to me from the offset, I liked their creamy mottled colouring and the attractively designed box and even though these were probably originally released as a Christmas or seasonal scent I still thought that they would make for a delicious aroma to have burning in my living room on a night time and as I have been burning these for a few nights now I thought it was time to share my opinions on what I thought of them.

      For the money you get a box of 12 scented tea lights, each tea light sits in its own holder and they're about the same size as a ten pence piece and around half an inch in thickness. Yankee claim that they have around 4-5 hours worth of burning time per candle and that the essential oils and fragranced wax that make up their composition give off a consistent aroma throughout the lifespan of each candle. In my experience with Yankee's tea lights I've found that I need to burn at least 2 at a time to get a noticeable amount of aroma emanating from them and that's what I did with these. Placing 2 in a couple of holders and lighting the wicks it took around 10 - 15 minutes for the fragrance to become noticeable and whilst I was expecting a warming, spicy fragrance reminiscent of the Christmas-favourite party tipple I instead got something that was not what I've come to expect from a Yankee fragrance.

      Eggnog as a drink is usually spicy, it's a warming creamy, sugar based drink usually spiced up with a drop of rum or brandy and was a perennial favourite in my grandparents household when I was growing up. As a child I wasn't allowed the alcholhic version of the drink but do remember taking a few sips from my grandfathers glass and I would be made my own child-friendly glass each year at Christmas time. For Yankee to replicate this as a fragrance I expected something that was going to be vanilla-heavy with sugary highlights and a cinnamon or nutmeg edge, a fragrance that was going to be warm and inviting whilst making my living room feel cosy. After around 15 minutes there was the unmistakeable scent of vanilla that was noticeable and whilst Yankee use this fragrance a lot in their wax products I have to say that in Eggnog it seems to be the over-dominating note that has a nasty artificial and almost harsh edge to it which immediately reminded me of the cheap air fresheners that you can buy. Normally Yankee gets vanilla spot on, it's usually creamy and sweet and I would say it's probably one of my favourite fragrances that they produce as its used in a lot of their 'baking' aromas, here it's overused and completely overpowers the other notes and rather than being the heart of the fragrance it simply takes over and smothers the sugary undertones and spicy highlights. In the promotional blurb that Yankee produce to accompany their fragrance they claim that these are "tempting Christmas tea lights that capture the aroma of eggnog spiced with cinnamon, fresh clove and vanilla." but I would disagree and would say that they're far too reliant on the vanilla inclusion and rather than being called Eggnog they might as well have called these "Spicy Vanilla".

      If this fragrance had been produced by anyone else I may have been more sympathetic and this review may have been less harsh but I've come to expect a high standard from Yankee now and Eggnog has disappointed me. I think it's a bit of a cop-out using vanilla too much in a fragrance and what usually sets Yankee apart from its competition for me comes down to their clever use of different scents that usually give a Yankee fragrance its complexity, I can often detect the different notes that go into a fragrance but for me this one is far too generically vanilla to be remotely interesting. To be fair though I easily got a good 5 hours worth of fragrance from each tea light and they were strong enough to be noticeable but they didn't flood my room with a warming, cosy scent instead the smell lingered malevolently in the background and it was like I had sprayed a cheap vanilla air freshener around my room whenever I walked past my candle holders.

      I don't even think that these represented good value for money even at the reduced price I paid, I could have bought a can of cheap vanilla air freshener for less than the reduced cost of a box of Eggnog tea lights and I certainly won't be buying this fragrance again in any other format that Yankee produce. Had it just been tweaked a little then this would easily have been one that I would have loved, Yankee's other vanilla scents are heavenly, Christmas Cookie and Cupcake being two examples of vanilla-based fragrances that I've enjoyed and I don't really understand how Yankee got this one so wrong in all honesty as it should have been a real winter-warmer and a resounding success.

      Eggnog is a seasonal fragrance, it's available in all the formats that Yankee produce and the tea lights generally cost around £6.00 for a box of 12. I wouldn't buy these again as already mentioned and I don't think they have anywhere near the same appeal as similar fragrances available from Yankee. Mine were on offer in store at Clinton Cards, probably as a post-Christmas clearance bargain offer but even at £3.00 I don't think they were a good buy and I certainly wouldn't recommend this fragrance to other people after my experience with them. Scented tea lights are usually a good, if not expensive bet when it comes to Yankee as they are long lasting and there's no clean up involved with them once they're used up but I'm only awarding 2 stars as a rating here as I was disappointed with the fragrance they offered me even if they do last for quite a while and do produce enough fragrance to be noticeable.

      Thanks for reading my review.


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        11.12.2011 11:28
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        a festive scent from Yankee

        Yankee Candle is an American brand offering a wide range of candle and other home fragrance products.


        The Eggnog scent is one of the Christmas exclusives from Yankee Candle. It is quite rare but is available in various sized jars, wax tarts and votives. This review discusses the sampler candle which is a small, votive candle. The votive has a long wick running through it and is secured at the base with a silver disc. The votive should be placed in an appropriate holder and burned for a few hours.

        Each votive is said to contain up to 15hours of essential oil scent. This particular votive is shrink wrapped in clear packaging and features a small label showing cups of Eggnog.

        The Eggnog scent is supposed to capture the traditional eggnog drink which is popular in American during the festive season. The official description of this scent as taken from the Yankeedoodle website :

        "Cheers..... Toast the Christmas spirit with a rich, creamy classic laced with rum and spiced with nutmeg"


        The Eggnog products appear to go out of stock frequently but it is worth watching out for them on www.yankeedoodle.co.uk. The sampler will be priced from £1.00-£1.60 depending on current offers. This sampler can also be bought from www.ebay.co.uk for £1.55.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I am determined to try every Yankee candle scent that there is and there is no better way than by purchasing samplers or tarts. I currently have a Christmas obsession and this includes festive scents. I have been waiting for this to come back in stock as I was desperate to try it and finally got to order a sampler. I did want a tart as I find them to be strong in scent but unfortuantely at the time of order, I could only get a sampler.

        Eggnog is a creamy, off white colour and on unwrapping, doesn't have a very strong scent. I popped it into my votive holder and lit it. It took a good 30mins for the pool of wax around the wick to offer much scent. I have never actually tried or even had the pleasure of smelling real eggnog but the description of this scent had always tempted me. I've burned this sampler over a few nights and have been quite impressed with it.

        ~Warming Up With Some Eggnog~

        I wouldn't say this is one of Yankees strongest scents - it is rather quite subtle and gently filters through my living room but doesn't quite greet the rest of our flat with its aroma. Eggnog is a very enchanting scent and the glow from the votive holder blended with a warm and inviting scent is very relaxing to experience. I had this burning in the background whilst chilled out watching Christmas films and it is rather festive.

        Despite not being overly strong, the scent that can be witnessed is divine and it is heavenly to catch a whift of it as it filters around the room. It seems to offer little bursts of scent rather than a constant scent and is full bodied. I can imagine it to be very much like the actual drink - full of flavour with a smooth texture. It is a classic, creamy scent which is very dessert like in terms of scent. It is sweet like a natural vanilla scent but not as rich as many of the vanilla candles available. As the sampler burns, the vanilla scent lingers and is boosted with a distinct, warm spiciness from the nutmeg which compliments the scent perfectly and sets it apart from a typical sweet scented candle.

        I wouldn't say the rum scent is all that strong though if I sit near to the candle, I can detect a faint hint of alcohol which simply adds depth to the overall scent. Overall the scent is very delectable and smooth. The sampler burned down evenly allowing me to get 12hours or so scent before I could barely notice it anymore. I do feel the tart would have been longer lasting and more powerful so I will be keeping an eye out for this becoming available again.


        Eggnog is something different from the usual Yankee scents that I burn though I wouldn't say it is anything special. If you can find it on the website then buy it to try out as it is lovely though I do not think it is worth going out of my way to source it whenever it goes out of stock. It simply isn't strong enough for my liking but is a decent scented candle.

        Thanks for reading x


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