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Targus Travel USB 2.0 4-Port Hub

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    1 Review
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      07.12.2009 14:39
      Very helpful



      A gadget designed for those who love gadgets!

      ~ Personal Experience ~

      As I travel round the country quite a bit, I tend to take my laptop along with a bag full of peripherals and junk that is required to power certain items. For example I tend to take a mouse, keyboard, USB lamp to read books, USB cup heater which keeps my coffee warm (fabulous item!) and lots of different USB pens which store all types of useless data but still I need them.

      So when I come to plug them all in (uh oh!), I don't have enough ports to plug them all in at the same time. So what I decided to do what I do at home with my plug sockets and convert one into many. I went and bought a USB hub which allows me to plug a hub of USB ports into one USB port and it converts it from one to four in the blink of an eye (technology is wonderful when it works!).

      Yes, I can hear you thinking "I haven't heard of Targus, but neither had I until I gave them a go and to be honest it works as well as any other piece of hardware I have used for my laptop.

      ~ Shop, Price & Postage ~

      I paid around £4.26 for this recently from the www.amazon.co.uk website. It cost £5 to ship and cost around £10 in total which is roughly what I would expect to pay for a useful device such as this.

      ~ Can anyone set it up? ~

      Yes it's the question everyone of use dreams, can I install it without having to pull my hair out, or screaming at the computer and deciding to fist the keyboard in rage. The answer is yes it's as easy as putting the kettle on, or lifting up you TV remote or even putting a CD into a computer CD drive. It's plug and play technology so all you have to is plug it in and it works... simples!

      The hub itself is notebook powered to is draws power from your PC/Laptop.

      ~ Details about the device ~

      It weighs 300g, which isn't very heavy and that's important when your carrying lots of things to your destination, the last thing you need is a hub that weighs as much as a brick.

      ~ To conclude...~

      This device may look a bit boring and it is, it doesn't have flashing lights, but it does a very important job and allows you to plug more peripherals and devices into your computer than you thought was possible. Without this device I would to unplug and then re-plug items in, which would not be good for the stress levels.

      ~ Ratings ~

      Quality: 5/5
      Ease of use: 5/5

      Overall: 5/5


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