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D-Link DES-1008

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2005 13:55
      Very helpful
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      Dlink DES 1008D

      Why a switch?

      Switches are the backbones of a network. They are the devices that at all the computers in the office have no choice but to use. They are a great tool in modern computer networks. The switch allows communication between computers, servers and network printers.

      What does a switch need to do?

      1. Connect multiple computers
      2. Be Fast
      3. Be Reliable
      4. Be user Friendly

      So will the DES 1008D model handle the pressure?

      1. Connectivity

      The DES 1008D has a total of 8 ports witch means that you could have 8 computers connecting simultaneously, or you could have a variety or pcs, servers, printers, and other networks switches connecting to it.

      8 ports will happily support a small office or home based network.

      2. Speed

      So we have found out that it has 8 ports so what will the speed be like.
      Well the switch can support speeds of up to 100mbps. This means that any device with a network 100mbps network cards can connect at 100mbps the means all 8 devices has the ability to connect at a speed of 100mbps.

      3. Reliability

      Is the switch reliable?

      In a networking environment the most important part of a network technician is keeping the Down Time to a minimum. This means that the equipment used has to be reliable.

      The DES 1008D is as most switches reliable. It will run smoothly for year or so then it will start to play up. But don’t panic all switches do the same. The solution is simple, all it take is a reboot. By unplugging the power waiting 30secs and plugging it in again will sort the problem for another few years. This it generally caused by a build up of static so it is nothing unusual.

      So is it reliable?
      It is relatively reliable but it is no different to any other switch on the market in terms or reliability.

      4. User Friendly

      Is it user friendly?

      Yes it is the easiest thing it the world to use. It is a plug and play switch plug you computers in to the ports on the back and plug the power cable in and it is done. The only complicated part is windows set up which I wont go in to as all versions are different.


      So the DES 1008D does live up to the requirements of an office environment. And at the price I don’t think any one could complain. The price is around £20 – £35 and is worth every penny.

      Dlink products are generally one of the best developed and created networking instruments on the market. They offer reliability and a great customer support facility. And for this they should be respected.


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