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Kenwood AT956A Chef Ice Cream Maker

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Brand: Kenwood / Type: Ice Cream Maker. / Colour: White

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    3 Reviews
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      11.09.2012 09:45
      Very helpful



      Quite expensive, certainly an inpulse buy for an ice cream lover.

      I had gotten a bit fed up with making ice cream the hard way so ended up buying one of these little gadgets back in 2010 after much nagging from the kids.

      It's a solid little machine made out of plastic that's capable of making 1 litre of ice cream which doesn't really last long with a couple of kids in the house. The gadget comes with the usual instruction booklet that includes some great little recipes. Inside the plastic outer bowl is a separate stainless steel bowl that contains a gel like coolant.

      Read instructions first! Turn the machine on first before pouring in any liquids or you could risk damaging the blade. Needless to say it comes complete with a mixing bowl. I usually use condensing milk, custard and whipped cream with flavourings such as mint, add a little drizzle of food colouring plus some chocolate chips and you're good to go! If I have time after I've mixed a batch I then pop it into our main freezer to freeze for a further 90 minutes.

      After freezing you ice cream is as smooth as a babies bum, tastes amazing to say the least. If at first you find the ice cream to be too soft, them simply freeze it for a little longer. After consumption simply wipe it over with a warm damp cloth. Try also experimenting a little and make some refreshing sorbets. Maybe wise to buy a second bowl so that you can always keep one in the freezer whilst making other ice creams.

      One thing that is a worry is the flimsy plastic paddle inside. Ours broke after only five months of light use, which I'd say would be once a week. Needless to say that we contacted Kenwood giving them the model number and the paddle was replaced with no problems or cost to us as it was under a year old.

      It's an expensive buy for what it is and to be completely honest you'd be better off just looking u a few ice cream recipes on the net and making them yourself and then freezing them in a tub - after all it's pretty much the same.

      Purchased from Curry's for £44.99.


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      14.06.2012 15:34



      It's definitely recommended to someone who likes Ice-Cream & Is passionate about It. Must HAVE¬

      Bought this a year and a bit ago didn't disappoint. It's much more easier and convenient for me rather than going out and getting Icecream I can make It at home without any major hassle.

      I wouldn't say It's cheap but If you can afford It love Ice-cream this is the product for you. A downside I would believe Is - You can' just get up and start making Ice-Cream. You have to plan It a day beforeas you have to put the freezing bowl Into the freezer.
      It doesn't take much room In the freezer but it's a decen size and you can make around a litre of Iceceam at once.

      I've made ice cream using a simple custard base, and left it in the machine for 30 minutes, and it turned out delicious and perfectly creamy and soft. You don't have to stick to one recipe, I can make any recipe that I want. It takes approximately 35-40 Minutes to make It fully. I do admit though, Give he Instructions and manual a good read otherwise you will struggle! Another thing to lookout fo Is, When you're pouring the mixture make sure the paddle Is churning or It may get stuck which will add stress.

      I'm very satisfied with it and our whole family is enjoying fresh, homemade ice-cream! I've also added chunks of fruit and chocolate, without experiencing any problem. Just follow the instructions.


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      03.02.2012 11:25
      Very helpful



      Yummy home made ice cream

      Last year I finally bought myself a Kenwood Chef, a kitchen appliance I had been lusting after for years ever since I used my Aunt's as a kid when I did some baking with her.
      One of the things that appealed to me about it was the different attachments available for it, one of which was the ice cream maker attachment.
      My other half loves ice cream and he'd been hinting at us getting the ice cream maker for a while, so when we were in a Makro store just after Christmas and spotted it at a bargain price of £33 (inc VAT) it somehow made it into our trolley.

      The attachment comes in a cardboard box - which could have probably stored two of the attachments.

      *What's in the (oversized) box?*
      When you open the box up you get:
      Plastic mixing bowl
      Freezing bowl
      Bowl cover with pouring chute

      *How do I use it?*
      Before you make your ice cream you have to decide the day before at least and put the freezing bowl into the freezer, the freezing bowl is a metal bowl which is shallower than the mixing bowl. It then has an outer plastic skin and in between the two is some blue liquid which freezes.
      You are also advised to put the paddle and bowl cover into the fridge 24 hours in advance.

      Make up your desired ice cream mixture, and leave it to cool.

      When the mixture has cooled sufficiently get your Chef ready to make ice cream. The larger plastic mixing bowl locks into place as the normal metal mixing bowl would, then once the freezing bowl has frozen this goes into the plastic bowl. You then need to hold the paddle so that it goes through the hole in the bowl cover, making sure it stays in place the cover goes onto the bowl and when the Chef is lowered into the mixing position the paddle slots into where the K Beater attachment would go.

      Switch the mixer on so that the paddle is moving and pour the ice cream mixture through the chute in the bowl cover. The ice cream mixture will freeze as it churns, and after about 30 minutes your yummy home made ice cream should be ready.

      If you aren't going to eat your ice cream straight away, put it into a suitable container and store in the freezer.

      *Cleaning the ice cream maker*

      Before washing make sure the freezing bowl has reached room temperature again. Then wash along with the other parts in warm soapy water. It is not suitable for use in a dishwasher.

      *What do I think?*

      The first time I used it I followed the recipe included in the instruction booklet, but tweaked it slightly and as I was in a bit of a rush to make ice cream for a New Years Eve party I didn't leave the mixture to cool properly which meant that it took a bit longer to freeze than it probably should have done. As it wasn't being eaten straight away, I just put it in a freezer until we wanted it.
      Since then I make sure the the mixture is fully cooled before adding it to the freezing bowl.

      Washing it is very easy, as there aren't any nooks and crannies on any of the parts where ice cream can get stuck. It cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher but as I don't have one this isn't a problem for me.

      In the instructions they suggest storing the freezing bowl inside a plastic bag in the freezer, I don't have the room in my freezer to do this so I just put it in the freezer the day before I want to use it.
      I store everything in the plastic mixing bowl in one of my cupboards and it doesn't take up too much space.

      I like the idea that I can pretty much make any flavour ice cream I can think if I can get the ingredients. I'm thinking of trying chocolate and fudge flavour soon.

      It can also be used to make sorbets although I have not tried this yet.

      I'm really pleased with the ice cream maker, especially at the price I paid for it. It seems to retail anywhere between £38 and £60, although I don't think I would be prepared to pay more than £40 for it.

      *A Recipe*

      Nat's Amaretto & Amaretti Ice Cream

      This is my own recipe which I thought I would share.

      1 pint full fat milk
      1/4 pint single cream
      1 tsp Amaretto
      3 egg yolks
      6 oz caster sugar
      Crushed Amaretti biscuits

      1 - Combine the milk, cream and Amaretto in a pan and bring almost to the boil. Set aside to cool slightly
      2 - In a large bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar together until thick and pale in colour
      3 - Stirring continuously pour the milk/cream mixture onto the whisked egg & sugar. Ensure that the sugar has completely dissolved.
      4 - Return the mixture to the pan and over a very low heat continue stirring until the mix coats the back of a spoon.
      5 - Cool thoroughly.
      6 - Pour into the ice cream maker and mix until firm adding the crushed biscuits before it has completely frozen
      7 - Enjoy


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    • Product Details

      To further enhance the capability of Kenwoods Chef and Major Kitchen Machines a wide range of attachments have been developed. Each attachment uses a specific outlet according to the speed it needs to run at and each outlet is optimized for a range of dedicated food preparation tasks.The AT956A Ice Cream Maker is an easy-to-use attachment positioned on the bowl outlet of the Chef Kitchen Machines. Perfect for making delicious home made ice cream sorbets and healthy frozen yoghurt in less than 30 minutes. The clear cover keeps the mix cool whilst its chute allows ingredients to be added easily. Suitable for up to 1 litre (2 pints) ice-cream capacity.

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