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Brand: Magimix / Speeds: Multiple Speed / Max Bowl Capacity: 1.58 Quart / Bowl Amount: Single

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2010 11:21
      Very helpful



      Value for money and surly worth a go if you are interested but unsure?

      I am writing this review after two happy months of using my Magimix 11042 ice cream maker. It was a concious decision to buy an ice cream maker this year as I have always like the idea of being able to make my own ice cream and if you watch a lot of cooking programs like I do you come across these machines quite a lot, especially over summer.

      I had two reasons for buying this particular Magimix: Firstly, it was my first ice cream maker and I was unsure how much I would use one or how good they were so wanted an entry level and inexpensive machine. Secondly, I have trust in the Magimix range of products and have a nice range of them in my Kitchen all of which have proved to be well made, some are over 5 years old.

      ----Product Information---
      My magimix 11042 is a clean, compact machine (Height 2.0cm, Depth 2.0cm Width 2.0cm). This is important for the infrequent user as it can find a home easily at the back of a cupboard when not in use. As pictured it is available in chrome (which is the same as mine) but there was also the option of white when I was buying mine.

      The machine can hold a maximum of 1.1 litres and although not enough to feed a group at a BBQ, is enough for a family of 4/5. It can produce sorbets and yoghurt ice cream in 20 minutes with what I think is little effort by me. You should be made aware that like most ice cream makers of this type and price, you need to place the bowl of the machine in the freezer so it is essential to have enough space available to do this.

      Cleaning is simple. The Magimix has been designed to ensure clogging is minimal and it can be easily taken apart for thorough cleaning.

      Yoghurt ice cream is really nice, creamy and simple to make. The results are as tasty as you want to make them as you can control the flavour. I have tried so many - start with a plain or flavoured yoghurt and then add whatever you like (fruit, raisins, chocolate pieces, etc).

      After freezing the bowl in the freezer it takes just 20 minutes for the machine to finish making the ice cream and I normally do this whilst eating my main meal. Your dessert is there waiting to be enjoyed and it just as easy as buying it from the shops.

      I paid £39.99, a quick search online at the time this review was written shows it is available for around £36.99.

      ---Final Thoughts---
      I wanted to give making ice cream a go and this little machine has proved a valuable member of my kitchen. It is simple to use, quick, easy to clean, and cheap enough for people who are interested like I was in making ice cream from home. Have fun if you buy one - there are so many combinations and if you have kids I think you would use this daily in summer, best of all you will be in control of what goes in their ice cream.

      Recommended for those who are still unsure if they will enjoy making ice cream from home and those who want an entry level machine. Magimix is a reliable brand, I have and would choose this over other cheap ice cream makers for this reason.

      5 Stars for Value
      4 Stars Overall


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  • Product Details

    Whether it's naughty ice cream or virtuous sorbet / this chrome machine makes 1.14 litres (2 pints) of your favourite home made dessert in less than half an hour / Comes with large feed, stainless steel bowl and recipe book full of tempting ideas / Short name: Magimix 11042

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