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Musso Stainless Steel Pola

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Manufacturer: Back to Basics

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    1 Review
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      28.10.2011 13:13
      Very helpful
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      Great ice-cream not so great price.

      Now the none existent Irish summer has long gone it's time to pack away one of the least used of all the appliances I have ever bought. The same as every year it's packed up and put in to the darkest corner of the lowest most awkward kitchen cabinets to join his winter buddies. The blender (that I use to make "oh so healthy breakfast smoothies", that for some reason I feel I don't need in the winter, because everything healthy goes out the window, and then the window is tightly shut until the cold goes away and the good weather returns. Also found in this cave under the countertop is a big clunky juice machine that I was hypnotised into buying while watching late night American infomercials. That's the reason they are on so late at night, because at 4AM you barley know your own name, so you'll buy anything. There is also some food processor looking thing,with about 50 White plastic attachments that looks like it was an 1980's wedding gift, and I'm not even married.

      Out comes the obligatory sandwich toaster after having a summer holiday in the dark. And in goes my large expensive ice-cream gelato machine.

      But did I use it at all during the summer or was it just a kitchen decoration.
      To be honest I did use it. And when I did, it made large batches of very good, high quality ice cream. But I really only used it when I had people over for a barbecue. And if I haven't mentioned before I live in Dublin and it's not twinned with Florida for good reason. So there aren't very many days to have a BBQ.
      But the couple of times I did, it worked great and everyone loved it.

      The worst feature of the Musso is quite simply its appearance. It looks like an old window set air conditioning system you find in bad hotels in New York. It's just ugly. It wouldn't have killed then to have made it a little bit easier on the eye.

      But as I've said in previous reviews, looks aren't everything (but they do help)
      Performance wise, as I said it works great.

      It has a 300 watt motor, which is a little bit noisy but not unbearable.
      The stainless-steel housing and blade give it a nice quality feel and appearance, as cheaper and even some middle price ice-cream machines can be made of plastic.
      It has a 2 Quart capacity. Which means it makes 1.89L of ice-cream at a time.
      And can make an impressive 6 quarts or 5.67L of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato an hour.
      Includes 2 quart 1.89L stainless steel bowl
      Unit measures 20"W x 14"D x 12 1/4"H
      One-year limited warranty
      And is made in Italy the true home of great ice-cream.
      Now for the worts news the price.
      990Euro that's around £870

      That is why I wrote this review, to tell anyone that's considering buying one, to just take a moment a think to yourself: how often will I actually use this machine? Will I get my money's worth out of it? Or will it be a seasonal gimmick only to be used once in a blue moon? After all you can buy a lot of high end ice-cream for £870.

      But on the other hand if you ARE going to use it often, and will get your money's worth.
      Then by all means yes, this is worth getting.
      It just wasn't one of my best choices.
      But I'm sure I'll be reaching into the back of that dark, kitchen cabinet come June.


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