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My Kitchen Ice Cream Maker

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Brand: Lakeland / Type: Ice Cream Maker

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2011 08:53
      Very helpful



      Tailor made ice cream

      I wrote a review recently on the zoku quick pop maker as my partner and I thought it would be a great idea to make our own healthy ice lollies. Along with this ice lolly making venture we also decided that it would be an interesting adventure to purchase an actual ice cream maker so we could make our very own (not so healthy) ice cream. With the same level of excitement displayed when purchasing our ice lolly maker we conducted our search for the most suitable ice cream maker and after much searching and reading of reviews we settled on one from Lakeland which seemed to fit the bill.

      **What is the Lakeland ice cream maker?**

      Probably seems like a silly question does't it? The lakeland ice cream maker is a device that you can store in your own home for making your very own home made sorbets and ice creams. Unlike the ice lolly maker this ice cream maker does run off of electricity so that the paddle and timer can be operated so that your ice cream can churn away slowly. In just 20 - 30 minutes you should be able to scoop soft ice cream from the ice cream maker straight into a bowl for your own enjoyment.

      **What do you get in the box?**

      The main components of this ice cream maker are a 1.6 litre freezer bowl which is a plain white plastic bowl with little green ice creams on the outside, with the freezing element hidden somewhere inside it; the main power unit complete with timer, a lid with an opening which allows you to pour in ingredients while the unit is churning; as spindle and paddle for mixing the ice cream; a non slip base which also doubles up as a lid if you want to store your ice cream in the freezer and a plastic ice cream scoop with a depresser for easily removing the ice cream from the scoop and of course a user manual to keep you right when using your ice cream maker which also contains some basic ice cream recipes to get you started.

      **How does it work?**

      The main principle for this ice cream maker is almost identical to the quick pop maker I recently reviewed, simply pop the ice cream mixing bowl into the freezer 14 hours before you plan on making your ice cream and you're ready to go. The ice cream bowl itself is big enough to make 0.75 litres of ice cream and doubles up not only as a bowl for making your ice cream in but also a bowl to store it in. Suitable for making both sorbet recipes and ice cream recipes in the Lakeland ice cream maker is quick and easy to use.


      Before you can use your ice cream maker first you have to assemble it following a couple of simple steps. Firstly fit the power unit with the timer on it into the relative slot on the lid, clip the paddle and the spindle together and slot the spindle into the hole on the underside of the power unit. Remove the already frozen bowl from the freezer and stand the bowl on the non-slip base and you're almost there. The last step is popping the already assembled lid on top of the bowl being careful to line up the lid with the 4 little slots and gently turning anti clockwise to lock. Now you're all set to start churning away your first batch of ice cream.

      **Making your ice cream**

      For best results I recommend keeping your ice cream ingredients in the fridge so they're all ready just to go. Most of the ice cream recipes are a combination of mixing and whisking and in around 5-10 minutes your ice cream recipe should be ready just to pour into the frozen mixing bowl - but be sure to use a jug with a good pouring spout otherwise you could end up with ice cream mixture all over your kitchen counters.

      Different ice creams I have found have different consistencies and some may take longer to freeze than others for example, we recently made a lovely vanilla ice cream which initially had a thick creamy consistency. The recommended manufacturers churning time for this particular ice cream was 25 minutes but after the timer had stopped the ice cream wasn't as frozen as we would have liked and resembled the really soft mr whippy ice cream you get from the beach front cafes and ice cream vans, so we ended up having to pop it into the freezer to freeze for a little longer to get a firmer consistency, using the non slip base as a lid. If you do decide to store your ice cream in the freezer using the non slip lid as a cover, then it's important for me to tell you that the lid itself doesn't clip on, it literally just sits neatly on top of the ice cream bowl so when taking it out of the freezer be careful not to lift it up by the lid otherwise that's all you'll get....leaving the ice cream behind.

      It's important to ensure that all of the ingredients you are using for your ice cream are thoroughly mixed before you start pouring the mixture into the frozen bowl as you may end up with lumpy ice cream which just would not be nice. If your recipe uses sugar you should also make sure that this is fully dissolved otherwise the texture of your ice cream won't be smooth (we made that mistake with our first ice cream and although it wasn't unpleasant to taste or anything it had a really gritty consistency). The beauty of having your own ice cream maker is the simple fact that you can come up with your own unique flavours and recipes and you don't even need to follow a particular recipe....just leave it to trial and error and you may find that you surprise yourself with your concocted flavours. Make use of seasonal fruits to tailor make icea cream to your taste using ripe fruit for best results

      **Storage and cleaning**

      Like the zoku quick pop maker, for convenience you can keep the 1.6 litre freezer bowl in the freezer so that it's always ready for the next time you need to use it to make ice cream. As with most electrical products it's important that you keep all of the electrical components away from water, and with this product you also cannot immerse the freezer bowl in water either.

      To clean the product all you have to do is unplug the ice cream maker and disassemble for cleaning. The ice cream bowl should be allowed to return to room temperature to allow the remaining contents and residue to melt down. All that is required to clean the freezer bowl is to wipe the inside and outside with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water. Rinse out with a clean damp cloth before drying thoroughly with a tea towel and returning to your freezer in preparation for you next ice cream making session. It is important that you don't ever put any of the ice cream maker parts in the dishwasher as they are not suitable for this type of cleaning.

      **Some things to remember**

      Be careful when taking the freezer bowl out of the freezer as it will be very cold....don't pick the bowl up with wet hands or you run the risk of getting your hands stuck to the bowl . Do not use metal scoops or spoons in your freezer bowl as it may get scratched and cause damage, always use plastic or nylon. For best results use only attachments supplied by the manufacturer as using foreign attachments could result in electric shock, fire or injury. When the ice cream maker is churning it's important that it is not moved and that you don't attempt to stick your hands or any other utensils inside the freezer bowl. Always use your ice cream maker on a flat dry surface away from any heat source such as your oven or hob. For safety, make sure your power cord does not hang down over the edge of your worktop.

      **Where to buy**

      As this is a lakeland product the only place you can buy it is lakeland, unless you find it for sale on ebay or some other auction website. Currently the ice cream maker is retailing at £39.99 which is what we paid for ours and if you want to make more than one batch of ice cream you can also buy additional ice cream mixer bowls from lakeland for £9.99 but I just read that they now have limited stock of this extra bowl and won't be getting any more in so once it's gone it's gone.

      **My final thoughts and recommendation**

      We have used our ice cream maker several times now, each time trying out a different recipe such as Strawberry ice cream and Vanilla ice cream. The results have varied with ice creams such as the vanilla one which turned out rich and creamy, whereas the strawberry one turned out more like a sorbet and as it turns out, the sugar hadn't been given enough time to dissolve and the ice cream was a bit gritty.....we did attempt the strawberry ice cream again for a 2nd time and I'm pleased to say that the 2nd time round it wasn't at all gritty but it was still more like a sorbet than an ice cream. The instruction manual that comes with the ice cream maker has a few different recipes included in it to get you started, but there are lots of other ice cream making books on the market for when you feel like being a bit more advance. We have a lot of fun making our own ice cream and I'm sure if you have kids they will love this method of tailor making your own ice cream so it comes highly recommended in my book.


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