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Yonanas Ice Cream Maker

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Brand: Yonanas

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 22:53
      Very helpful



      Bananas into delicious ice cream......

      I read a review on this product a few weeks ago and just had to have one.

      I did an initial search and was surprised how expensive they cost, £54.98 on Amazon, I did a surf over several days and managed to get one for just under £16 including postage from ocean tree trading on Ebay, brand new but black graded(?) Anyone it arrived very quickly and I can see no defects on the item or box.

      Why I wanted
      Completely sold when read review. My fruit bowl often has bananas on the turn, and once they start going black on the peel, no one will touch them. So the thought of freezing them rather throwing out was very appealing. Also doubly appealing was the thought of creating ice cream from them as although my kids love fruit, it was still appealing to think of a healthy treat.

      The Yonanas
      Its basically a blender, with a chute to push the frozen bananas in. Its a bit fiddly to take apart to clean but relatively simple to dismantle and reassemble. Its mains operated.

      The Taste
      Despite the hype saying otherwise, we unanimously agree it tastes like mashed up frozen banana not ice cream and again agree YUCK. I do intend to drag this from the back of the cupboard once the strawberries and other soft fruits are free and in abundance to see if mixing them provides a better taste but it would have to be a massive improvement.

      Scoring a 1, as gutted. Was genuinely excited when I read about it and now I'll have this at the back of my cupboard till my next major kitchen clear out.


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        10.12.2012 12:32
        Very helpful



        Banana ice cream or creamed iced bananas..both are delicious but only one is healthy.


        Unfortunately, although I am reasonably health conscious, when it comes to food, I do have a very sweet -tooth and an exceptionally weak will, neither of which sit well together. Biscuits, chocolates and ice cream trigger a battle between will and tooth and my sweet-tooth wins every time. I want to eat sensibly, but once I start on a tub of ice cream, my will power melts, I throw caution to the wind and before I know it the tub is empty then guilt kicks in. To save myself from this battering, I rarely buy ice cream.

        Imagine my delight when watching one of the shopping programmes I saw an appliance called Yonanas demonstrated, a machine that was claimed, to turn bananas into ice cream. Well, how on earth could I resist trying this out? It would certainly bring peace between my Sweet-tooth and will-power. By the end of the demos, I was convinced that this gadget would convert bananas into a tasty ice cream like desert.

        At first, I thought surely it would only be cold banana, I would be eating and tasting, but they convincingly assured viewers that the banana, after being pushed through the machine, would taste very different from the freshly peeled fruit.

        I Googled Yonanas and found it was cheaper to buy direct from Bid-Up than on Amazon. I did not have to pay the usual £7.99 postage because I spent an extra £10 on another item. The cost of the Yonana to me was £39.99. Whereas Amazon, at the present time, are selling them for £55.98 I saved a further £1.75 phone call by ordering it directly from the Bid-Up web site.

        Enter the Yonanas Ice cream maker
        I received the Yonanas machine a few days after ordering. Already bananas were freezing nicely in my freezer ready to be converted into what I hoped to be a delicious desert resembling ice cream once my new toy had arrived.

        What was in the box?
        The silver and black motor unit.
        A glossy black plastic feeding tube, fitted with black, plastic cover for the opaque, silicone gasket and white, plastic blade cone, all of which, apart from the motor unit, are easily dismantled and dishwasher safe.
        The glossy black, plastic fruit pusher, which pushes fruit through the feeding tube.
        A comprehensive user manual, written in 13 languages.
        A colourful recipe booklet containing 12 recipes.

        External dimensions
        Weight: 1.5kg.
        Height: 35cm.
        Width: 15.5cm.
        Depth: 16.5cm.
        The internal diameter of the feed tube is approx. 4.2cm

        Energy usage: 200 Watts.
        No indication has been given with regards to the dB levels, the motor is noisy but a tad less so than my mini blender.

        This is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a delicious, healthy fruit desert from ripe, frozen fruit.
        The banana must be peeled and frozen for 24 hours prior use, then allowed to thaw for 10 to 15 minutes before pushing it through the appliance.

        It is recommended that only ripe bananas be used, the ones with brown spots on the skin, which are said to be sweeter and give a better overall taste and consistency.
        Other fruits can be combined with bananas, but they too must be frozen and partially thawed in the same manner as the bananas. None fruits such as chocolate, can also be be added to the banana but do not require freezing before going through the machine.
        Any fruits containing stones or pips, such as apples should have those removed before freezing.

        So the method is to take a frozen banana, put a clean receptacle in the recess under the outlet of the feeder tube, push the banana through the feeder with the pusher and hey-presto banana ice cream... though not strictly ice-cream in the true sense of the word. I would describe it as creamed iced banana.

        When using more than one type of fruit, or an additional ingredient such as chocolate, two bananas are required. The method is to push one banana through, followed by the next ingredient and finally the second banana. The resulting ice cream emerges homogenous and very colourful, not to mention delicious.

        It takes a couple of seconds to convert a banana into ice cream. It is recommended that to avoid overheating the motor, it is best to switch off the machine after two minutes continuous use and leave for a further minute before restarting.

        My opinion:
        Having tried a couple of the recipes I can confirm that the process is quick and the resulting mixture emerging from the Yonana ice cream maker does indeed give the impression that it is real ice cream, albeit a little bit more thick in consistency. Of course, there is a banana flavour to the mixture, and it feels like ice cream in the mouth, in that it has a smooth, creamy texture and is ice cold, but it does not melt on the tongue like real ice cream. I liked raspberries mixed with banana and could hardly discern any banana flavour, but that could be down to aging taste buds.

        I was pleased to find that one serving was sufficient to satisfy my appetite and sweet tooth; I was not left hankering after another helping.

        The feeding tube unit is very easily dismantled and cleaned. However, there will always be a few teaspoons of mixture left inside the tube right at the bottom so it is best, before serving up the desert, to spoon out the residue from the dismantled feeder tube nothing then will be wasted.

        This could be a boon for parents with children who will not eat fruit, they would not associate a Yonana desert with bananas, I'm sure.

        For anyone interested, http://www.yonanas.com/ is a useful link for recipes and demonstration of the Yonana

        I shall still treat myself to real ice cream occasionally and stoically brave the accompanying pang of conscience, but for the rest of the time, shall enjoy my fruit converted to ice cream.


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