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ClickySticky (IPad App)

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2012 20:56
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      Fun application that keeps my Daughter entertained for a long period of time.

      ClickySticky, (I love this name), is an I pad application aimed at children aged 2 and above. Basically all it is is a sticker book on your I Pad. My Daughter loves stickers. She especially loves sticker books, where there is a background and you add whatever stickers you want to create a 'scene'. If you aren't familiar with these, then just think fuzzy felt.

      You can download the application from the App Store, and it costs £1.50. All you need to do is search ClickySticky, where the application will appear at the top of the menu, click buy, install, and away you go. Downloading and installing takes less than a minute.

      Opening up the application, you arrive at the home screen, which is very bright and eye catching, especially for children. There are 7 pictures featured at the home screen. These are the scenes, and just tapping on one of them will open up that scene. At the moment there are 7 scenes available on this version of ClickySticky. These are:

      Space - This has what looks like the top of the moon, and a dark blue background with stars on. There are 20 stickers in this scene, which range from funky looking aliens, to space men, meteors and space vehicles. One of the best scenes within the application, and grips my Daughter due to the funny looking aliens.

      Wildlife - This is a wild scene, featuring grass, a waterhole and a bright blue sky. There are 17 stickers within this scene, all wild animals such as tigers, elephants and zebras. There are also a couple of trees and plants. An ok scene, not one my Daughter chooses very often, even though she loves animals, I can see why this scene bores her.

      Dinosaurs - This scene is a prehistoric desert featuring a volcano, and the 19 stickers feature different dinosaurs. There are some eggs and a couple of different plants in this scene too. My Daughter loves dinosaurs, so plays on this scene now and then, but often gets bored quick, probably due to the lack of range of stickers.

      Runway - This scene is a runway featuring 11 stickers of planes. Probably the most boring of the scenes within the application. My Daughter never plays on this scene, as there isn't much choice within the range of stickers. If your child likes planes, maybe they'd like this scene, but it is pretty boring.

      Dressing Room - This scene is a dressing room with a mirror and chest of drawers. There are 50 stickers in this scene, 10 people and different outfits, shoes and accessories. The best scene in the application in my opinion, due to the vast range of dress up stickers. My Daughter, obviously with being a girl loves this scene and plays on it more often than any other scene on the application.

      Under the Sea - This scene is under the sea, and has 40 stickers of different sea creatures. Just like the Space scene, this grips my Daughter as the sea creatures are fun looking, unlike the wildlife ones, and many are bright and happy looking. I'd put this scene joint second with the space scene, as my Daughter plays on this an equal amount of time with both of them. It's especially fun for my Daughter, whose other obsession in a long line of many is bubbles, as when you just press the screen, it makes bubbles under the water.

      Snowy - This scene is animated as it is 'snowing'. This has 30 stickers of snowy animals such as penguins, igloos, fishes, Eskimos, ponds and snowmen. A good scene with a good range of stickers, my Daughter likes it just because of the penguins and the snowman!

      Using the stickers is really simple for your child to get to grips with as all they need to do is swipe across the top of the screen to see which sticker they want, then they can just drag it down onto the scene. An upside to this, rather than a real sticker book where you only get one of each sticker, is that your child can use the same sticker a million times in the scene, like my Daughter loves to do, without running out. This means you get a snowy scene just full of penguins or a wildlife scene featuring about 50 elephants!

      If your child drags down a sticker they didn't want, then they can either drag it back up to remove it or tap twice and click the red x which will appear. Also, if your child wants to reset their scene without exiting and going back on it, all they need to do is shake the I Pad and all the stickers will disappear. These are very simple instructions for a toddler/child to understand, so there's no complicated buttons and your child passing you the I Pad every 2 minutes when they want to change a scene.

      Some of the stickers in each scene are animated. These range from the Space scene where there is an alien with wiggly legs and another who shoots lasers, to the Under the Sea scene where there is a crab snapping his claws and a diver flashing a torch. Once your child had made their scene, there is a play button on the lower right hand side of the screen. This makes the scenes 'come to life'. I like this as this really entertains my Daughter. Rather than just a few animated stickers, even the unanimated ones become animated when you press the play button. All this does is, like on the Runway scene, the planes will run down the runway and take off, in Under the Sea the fishes with swim around, and in the Snowy theme the skiers will ski about and penguins will hobble around. The only ones that don't have a play button are the Dinosaur scene, which I don't understand and the Dressing Room scene. The dinosaurs could walk around and the eggs hatch, but for some reason, you cannot play that scene. Unless this is something they are working on, I do not know.

      Other things you can do include saving a scene to your photo album or sending a scene via email to somebody. To get to these options there is a small arrow at the top of the screen, which some children won't see but I'm guessing most will like my Daughter, who will try and send emails to people, not on purpose, but it comes up and she starts playing with it. This is just like any other I Pad or tablet application, as with it being touchscreen it's easy for children to wander off their game and onto other things.

      In my opinion, £1.50 isn't really worth it, it should be one of the 69p games, but then again my Daughter likes it, so £1.50 isn't a massive price to pay, as it costs this in shops for real sticker books, where they can only be used a couple of times before losing stickiness, and also they aren't animated, so £1.50 is ideal when you think of the value you are getting compared to real sticker books. I would recommend to parents whose children like sticker book scenes.

      There could be a few more scenes, but on the developers page, they state they are creating new ones for future updates on the application, so hopefully there will be a few more, but what is there at the moment grips my Daughter enough anyway. This is a children's application, so even though I don't really like it and think it's quite boring, my 3 year old likes it and finds it funny when, especially the alien scene is played and their walking about with wiggly legs and shooting lasers. So, from observing my Daughter and coming from a 3 year olds perspective, I would recommend it to other children her age.

      You can get the application for I Phone, I Pad and I Pod Touch. It is created by Invocore who do a range of educational and fun applications aimed at toddlers and children. You can visit mergemobile.com to see their range of applications.


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