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I-Doser Software Package

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The I-Doser application scientifically synchs your brainwaves to achieve a specific mood or experience, as outlined by the dose you are taking. It scientifically synchs your brainwaves to achieve a specific mood or experience.

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    1 Review
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      06.06.2007 14:54
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      It was worth a try though not worth keeping

      I Doser is free to download from Download.com and the package really does download very simply but needs a re-boot to get it into working mode. I was dubious when I downloaded it, though curious as well since it claims to alter the pattern of brainwaves and enable to user to experience those feelings that would be induced by use of either alcohol or drugs, though this wasn't the reason it peeked my curiosity.

      It's a known scientific fact that sound has been used for recreational purposes for years, shops showing huge displays of relaxation music and sounds, and birth rooms playing sounds to make the transition of birth easier. In fact sound is used in my own relaxation classes to an effective end. What I wanted to know is whether the program could help relax me naturally and whether it would assist sleep.

      Being a very active person, my mind rarely relaxes and I suppose that my anticipation was a little enthusiastic when I downloaded this program. The first thing that you notice is that you are able to buy doses and it struck me that this was perhaps commercialism at it's worst, selling moods to vulnerable people.

      The facts on the site f I Doser are quite specific in that they tell you that treatment must not replace medicinal treatment but should be used as an enhancement to mood only. However, people in depressed or vulnerable states may be brainwashed into thinking they have found a cure, and I was concerned since the site offers doses that purport to cover the following requirements:

      *Drug induced states
      *Alcohol induced states

      There are many other areas that the program covers, though the two free doses that you get with the program are for relaxation and alcohol, and I dread to think how much people will spend in order to experience those brainwave activities that they should experience naturally, and certainly worried about the effects of the treatment on children.

      The thought of buying orgasm made me laugh really and I thought that those desperate enough to pay 4 dollars for an orgasmic experience seemed rather sad when I can get them for free without the use of brain distortion, though I guess there will always be those that experiment with these programs to see what they do. Even if I did use it, I certainly wouldn't admit it !

      The nicotine one is probably a good seller with the world turning away from smoking and isn't too bad at a price of just under 3 dollars, though what worried me was the vulnerability of those people grasping at straws for an instant cure to their problems.

      The free doses were strange, and the one that is supposed to induce alcohol related feelings was positively irritating and I really could not take the full dose, although here it made me wonder a little as to it's efficiency, since it would be realistic in that in real life I can only tolerate small amounts of alcohol. The sound was almost like you imagine on brainwashing programs, and certainly made me worried and agitated .

      The relaxation one was easier to take and lasts 20 minutes, and although it did calm me, it didn't really fare much better than relaxing music would have done, so scores no points on the strength of what it offers.
      The worrying aspect of the product is that doses of LSD and hallucinatory drugs are available and it really does worry me that the long term effects of treatment may not have been researched sufficiently to know whether the doses cause any long term damage. Yes, they have been tested and the makers say that they work, although who will be there to help the individual who is asked to take responsibility for their own actions ?

      My advice to anyone thinking of using the program would be to stick to the free doses, and try the relaxation one because at least it does calm the mind, although distorting the mind with those drug related doses worries me. I can see people using the nicotine one and wish them well in their search for a cure to their smoking habit. We do need all the help we can get, and the risk factor financially is so small as to be insignificant, although taking the program to it's more serious level, would advise against trying any of the psychedelic experiences simply because no one knows what these do long term.

      There was a book written by Aldous Huxley called Brave New World where a magic potion called soma took away not only those thoughts that were contrary to society, but also which spelled individualism. People were happy and content, illness free and forgot that the major element of their experience was that their lives were controlled. Stepping into an area like I Doser puts me in mind of the diminishing values of mankind and the quick thrill of controlled experience shown in the book, and I , for one, value my independence of mind and spirit more than that, and have deleted the program from my computer because it worries me every bit as much as real alcohol, real drugs, and the need for any kind of stimulation that I cannot achieve simply by living.

      The sun is shining and makes me happy, the book beside my bed will lull me to sleep, and I really don't need to be controlled.


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