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Question Mark software makes it easy for educators and trainers to write, administer and report on assessments, tests, quizzes, exams and surveys using PCs, local area networks, the Internet and intranets.

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2001 21:13
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      I first came across this package in a computer lession on my HND course. What is Question Mark?? This is basically a program which allows you to create and deliver test's to people. I am writting this opinion from the angle of "How useful would this package, be for a person with a disability". Screen layout and Ease of use The screen layout is uncluttered and is clear. It has a easy layout that is simple to use- both the Question and session manager. Data throughout the program is constant so this would be good for a person who has had a some sort of head trauma or memory loss. However, this program is not designed for a person with a visual impairment because there is not feature included in it too increase the size of the screen. Locations of the menu buttons are predictable, constant and all of the buttons are in sequence. For a person without a sensory or motor disability it is very easy to use. Use of Color The use of color is fairy plain and dull, with a plain gray border. I would recommend that Question Mark include more colors in there package to make it more attractive. User designed preferences Question Mark allows you to set a time delay to allow you to set a time for the target audience. This package allows you to give error messages on screen after each question if you want. The only thing that you can do is maximize the size of the screen. Other than that you can not set any auditory cues. Navigation and Manipulation Question Mark session and question manager is a bit difficult to navigate because some of the icons are quite confusing, but once you get use to them they are no problem. The same can also be said for when the questions are displayed on screen. This makes it easier for a person who has a screen reading device or has impaired low vision. You are able in both of the Question Mark programs to return to the main menu without en
      countering any problems. This package is unable to present the information in the auditory form without the help of the screen reader. Easy of Reading This package avoids complex screen layouts so it does not look and feel complicated. Question Mark does not have any flashing screen that is unpleasant for you, the user to look at. The icons need to be a little bit bigger or even customizable in size. The icons on the toolbar / menu contain individual objects and they are also named when the cursor goes over them. Auditory information cues On this particular package the user can not select text and obtain a speech output. Compatibility with technologies Question Mark is compatible with the following technologies:- Mouse or Trackball Keyboard Touch screen Single Switch Multiple Switches Documentation and Help Facilities Getting to know the basics of the program is fairly easy and the documentation is well-written and clearly presented. Question Mark Perception 's has a 300 page manual includes a short tutorial which introduces to the main features of the program. Additional help and/or hints can be built into the tests to assist students. Multimedia Features The only bad points are there is no sound features that are included in this package. It would be helpful if there were some as they would benefit some groups of people who have certain disabilities. Also their could be more colours included in the package to make it look more attractive. There is a good combination of sound and text which compliment each other. This package avoids complex screen layouts so it does not look and feel complicated. This package has clear text plus icons of a constant size. The colour is constant through the package making it easier to follow. Suitability for target audience Age Range The age range for using Question Mark Percept
      ion ? Question and session manager are suitable for people over the age of 12, however to complete the on screen tests I would recommend that the age range would be over the age of five years old. I would also say that Question Mark Perception ? Question and session manager target age range would be geared towards people who are of a high academic standard, for example tutors, teachers and also office workers. Ability Range Like I have stated previously the ability range should be suited for a person over the age of 12 years old, but to answer the questions on screen I would recommend that a child would be able to complete them. Able/Disabled This package of software is not targeted for a person with any sort of visual impairments i.e. low vision, or a person with motor problem or limited hand problems. This piece of software is suitable for a person who does not have any of the above disabilities. Hope that you have found this useful- Leigh:-)


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