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Reader Rabbit Star Sparkle Rescue - Preschool

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2009 07:42
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      A nice introduction to PC games for younger children

      Join the nausiatingly cheerful Reader Rabbit and his friend Sam the Lion on their mission to free the sparkly stars from Mount Brill on the Island of Sparkalot. This is a progressive interactive story only available on PC which guides 3+ year olds through a series of extremely simple games which earn points and unlock harder levels of the same game finally enabling them to relese the stars and print out a certificate of achievement.

      The disc contains six mini games requiring letter regognition and colour recognition. Reader Rabbit reads the instrucions out loud so you'll need PC speakers and preferably headphones as the music is really repetative and very annoying although younger children seem to like it. Your child is allowed to navigate around Sparkalot at random choosing the games they want to play. One involves matching big shapes to smaller identical shapes. They've got wings and silly names to make this a bit more interesting. Other games involve colouring in flowers which are made up of shapes so the instruction would be colour the square blue. Once the flower is complete a colour is added to the waterfall until that is rainbow coloured signifying the end of that paticular game.

      Theres a rocket ship to which you add the correct number of astronauts to allow it to blast off and a train which moves when you place the correct coloured shapes in its carriages and finally the most complicated game of the lot which requires the child to select the correct word from a choice of three which float down a river on logs.

      Once your child can read very basic words they'll be able to complete the whole game in around two hours although you can save it whenever you like allowing you to limit their PC time to whatever you think is appropriate. I did find after 20 minutes my children had had enough.

      If you're lucky you'll find a copy of this new at PC world for 99p otherwise expect to pay £5. There is a UK version available with UK English spellings.


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