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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2006 00:22



      Excellent value, ink cartridges inexpensive, separate colours. A3 prints.

      Needing a printer which would do good quality A3 sized documents I opted for this model and have not been disappointed. It is quick and the print quality is excellent and can be suited to your requirements quite easily, for example borderless printing.

      Compared to other makes of printer, the ink cartridges for this one are competitively priced, easy to install and as the colours are in separate cartridges you need only replace the ones that run out.

      The paper feed has an extension support which supports larger size paper and the paper guide allows accurate placing of paper.

      The only downside to this printer is that it takes up a large amount of desk space, but then this is to be expected with a printer that handles A3 sheets.

      I bought mine from a website, so shop around and check out prices carefully as they can vary and not all retail outlets stock such large printers.


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      12.02.2004 01:56
      Very helpful



      Introduction ------------------------- Canon has been very successful in its attempts to diversify into many markets. The reason they have succeeded in many computing markets such as the printer, camera or calculator market is that their products are well known for their excellence in quality and meeting consumer demands. Canon would defiantly be my first choice for any products I need and they supply. Now when it comes to printers, I know from pass experience and many reviews that canon floats first position along with their top competitors such as HP in the printer?s market. The reason Canon is known to top the printer league is because when ever a canon printer is released into the market it captures many customers (such as retailers). Many consumers? attention turn towards the new features the printer will provide that not many printer manufacturers think of. For example many years back Canon had released the ?Bjc 5000?, a really good QUALITY bubble jet printer that supported A3 paper, its price was very cheap compared to other printers that offered a similar choice. That?s basically why canon is still known for its popularity in consumers, they offered excellent quality products for cheap prices that met their consumer demands. Well that?s enough with the business and historical side of Canon now its time to see the exciting information and technical side (to do with the Canon BJ I6500) ^_^ Why A Printer? ------------------------------- When doing some kind of work from home (coursework or general work (job)) you?ll need a reliable printer to print your work off with out quality loss or and hassle such as setting it up. Now for people like me that love word processing their work because their handwriting is untidy or like keeping their presentation really attractive a printer is a very useful for everyday use. It can easily print over 100 documents depending on what kind of
      a cartridge it supports. The greatest advantage of a printer is that it?s cheap and fast, this means when you want your work to be copied many times, its possible to scan it (via scanner) and then allocate the number of times you want your document to print out via some kind of package i.e. Ms Word. This prints multiple copies of what you want really quickly and cheaply as you wouldn?t need to keep going to the shop to photocopy it with 5/10p?s which add up. When I did a project in ?graphics? I found out that printing multiple copies of the same developing work gradually worked out cheaper and quicker than to keep re doing it by hand. Why the Canon BJI 6500? -------------------------------------- I decided to write a review about the Canon BJ I6500 because I was very impressed by the quality and performance of the printer. It offered a high range of tools and features. Product?s Information --------------------------------------- *Brand: The manufacturer of the Canon BJI 6500 is the well known, Canon. =P *Printer?s Resolution The Canon BJ I6500 consists of a high resolution of 4800X1800 DPI and as they say the greater the Dots per Inch (DPI) the better the quality is. I really loved this part of the printer, when I printed off my mum?s photograph I had taken with my digital camera it came out crystal clear, really! The quality was outstanding and quite unbelievable. It defiantly impressed my newbie mother. ^_^ Note: The printer uses advanced Micro-Fine Droplet Technology; that?s why it?s resolutions at 4800 x 1200 dpi is unreal (Incredible)! Note2: the printer uses 5 picalitre, that?s how small the droplets of ink are; bare in mind the smaller the droplet, the better your image ends up being printed. Note3: Just for my ego? 5 picalitre is super good! I see crystal clear quality images on paper! =) * Pages per minute - mono As
      I was talking above in my ?Why A printer?? section people like myself need a quick printer (I?m very inpatient and leave printing to the last minute ? most of time) especially when needing to print just a black and white document. The Canon BJ I6500 can print 17 ppm (pages per minute), which is much quicker then any average printer. *Pages per minute -colour The printer can print 12 ppm (pages per minute), to me that quite amazing and very useful, when I had finished my graphics project I had about 40-50 pages to print in A4. I decided to use the Canon BJI 6500 to print my work off. I can truly say it had made my day. It printed all my pages much quicker then what my Epson stylus would of done (yes I?ve changed my printer so many times) *Maximum print size A beautiful aspect of this printer is that it supports paper sizes up to A3! That really impressed me as it was much quicker than my Canon Bjc 5000 (which supported A3 also) which I use to print my documents from. My canon Bjc 5000 when printing onto A3 paper was really slow and annoying but this printer Canon BJI 6500 printed really quickly, efficiently and smoothly on an A3 paper without losing quality. *Talking About the Speed Now that I have stated how fast the printer is, its time to state that it?s one or probably the fastest A3 printers around (I have already stated how my Bjc 5000 looks compared to this superb printer). Another reason why the printer is so quick is that it uses bidirectional printing and is ran by using many enhanced mechanical tricks (driven by a 5 motor system) That?s what I mean when I say they release new products that catch consumer?s attention straight away. ^_^ *Connection via: USB The printer?s interface to connect the printer to the computer is via USB (Universal Serial Bus). This is up to date technology. The USB port is famous for its really quick speed. This means that the computer m
      ay send any files/documents that are in the printing queue really quickly to the printer?s memory. Note: You are given a USB cable with the printer (it establishes the connection between the printer and the computer) *Connection via: Parallel Amazingly enough, the printer supports dual connections. This means if you have a really old computer that doesn?t have a USB port onboard you can connect the printer up to your computer by using the parallel port. Though this isn?t as fast as the USB connection it still does the job. *Dual Link Aye? An advantage of having a dual connection is that if you decide to upgrade your old computer that didn?t have a USB port to a computer which does support it you may then change to it USB connection as it has more advantages. Note: If one interface (USB or Parallel) on the printer gets corrupted you may always use the other. *Sheet feed capacity The printer allows a user to put a maximum of 100 sheets at a time in its tray This didn?t bother me to much as 50 sheets in the tray would be enough for me. * A4 borderless printing A4 Borderless printing is supported by the printer. Basically A4 borderless printing is a job done by the printer to make the photograph look and feel like a more traditional photo. *4X6 borderless printing 4X6 borderless printing is also supported by the printer. It basically does the same effect as what is stated in the point above (A4 borderless printing) ? Makes a photograph sized 4X6 look more traditional) *Supported Ink Cartridges The Canon BJI 6500 (aka Bubble Jet 6500) supports the following top class ink cartridges. BCI-3e BK ? Black Cartridge BCI-3e C ? Cyan Cartridge BCI-3e M ? Magenta Cartridge BCI-3e Y ? Yellow Cartridge The ink cartridges all cost between 10 to 50+ pounds depending on the brands name. PCWorld (here in Luton/Du
      nstable) sell their own brand of the ink cartridge for a really good price ?> 15 pounds, so be careful where you buy your ink from, and also note refilling cartridges may also be MUCH cheaper. *Supported Paper The printer supports many types of papers including all of the basic ones such as (It?s a Photo Printer so it supports much more types then normal printers do) glossary paper (all types ? thick, shiny), envelopes, letter papers, transparency sheets. * 39dB dB - sound level Supported Not many printers support 39dB dB - sound level mode. This is an exciting extension to the printer for advanced users. You can basically change the mode of the printer to suit how loud you want you?re printing sound to be. I?m not to sure about how to use the mode sufficiently though, as I don?t really look that advance, but I?ll be more than happy to research it ^_^ *Memory The card allows memory cards to be put in, so you may decide what capacity you want the memory to be, the more memory you have the more files you can put on the printer?s queue. *Supported Os. The Canon BJI 6500 supports basically every operation system. These are such as?.Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP and Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x / Mac OS X and with its plug and play hardware it?s easier than ever to set up? Note: some older operating system i.e. Windows 98 (first edition) still require you to install the drivers (you may use wizard which appears when you first plug in the printer). -Only have to do once.- Not to worry, you a given drivers with the printer. Note: It is also shareable on the network, so more than one user can get access to the printer?s facilities and printing options. ? May Need optional adapter or run some kind of built in wizard i.e. in windows XP you may run the printer network wizard. *Canon?s manual and Service The manual you are given with the printer is very helpful and may bu
      ild up your basic level knowledge of the printer, but to be honest a user can learn the printer?s feature very easily as its easy to access menu?s, etc so the manual is not really need unless You?re really struggling to set the printer up  Doubt that will ever happen =) . I didn?t need to phone Canon?s customer service office as the printer was straight forward to set up. I?ve heard their employees are really polite and helpful. *Warranty Like a typical printer the warranty varies between 1 to 2 years. I believe you can extend your warranty with Canon if you fill out a registration card. *Software that comes with it This is just a list of the applications that the canon comes with, however I will explain briefly what each of them is used for later on in the review. Web-Print Photo-Print Many Drivers are given for the printer (Example: Two Cds with totally different Operating Systems drivers I.e. Mac and Windows. How to set up the Printer? ----------------------------------------- After you?ve unpacked your printer and put it in an ideal accessible place then you?re ready to go. You may connect the power cable up to the printer; the busy self test should begin. Don?t be frightened when the lights start blinking it?s the usual startup test. While the lights are blinking it may take paper in and then spit it back out, that?s also a normal routine when ever paper is left halfway in, so these weird symptoms are all part of the self busy test. After the self test is finished, windows (or what ever your operating system is) should auto detect the printer as it is plug and play. Updated operating system such as Windows XP Service pack1, etc should be able to install the printer by it?s self, but just in case the printer isn?t automatically install and you?re asked for a driver, you can just put in the driver you were given with the printer and click on browse and
      direct windows straight to your drivers, remember you must direct it to an *.inf type of file, as they tell windows what to do. That?s it, you printer should be up and going now, you may install the manual software if you want. Items that come with your printer With your printer you should get 1x Manual 1x USB Cable (4 Pin Type B) Parallel Cable (36 Pin in ECP or EPP Mode) (You may need to buy a parallel cable if you need it) 1x Printer (OF COURSE!) -May be given cartridges x4 to find out which ones refer back to earlier of my review. 1x Power Lead -When the printer is online and running it uses 33 Watts of power Otherwise when its ?sleeping? just idle it only uses 3 Watts of power (Good energy saving printer) 2x Cds (Drivers and Software) Software ? WebPrint is an internet explorer plug-in. It installs a WebPrint toolbar for Internet Explorer (integrates into the toolbar creating a new one). From this toolbar you are able to quickly print and change features, including automatic Scaling, multi-column and multi-web page printing. It?s very useful for people that print information or pictures of the internet. -PhotoPrint is used to make high quality prints from images taken from digital cameras. With this software you can enhance and alter images. -The Printer also supports PostScript Support this is optional software that makes your printing very precise. The Looks -------------------------- The Bubble Jet i6500 looks very fancy; it?s got a ?sly? shape inherited from older models. The printer has two trays, like the BJC 5000 it?s got a normal A4 trays (which is at the top like any other desktop type printer) and its got a mouth at the back where you slide the A3 paper in, it aligns the A3 paper by its self, but I would always consider double checking its taken the paper in right, sometimes it prints ANGLED! About one i
      n every 10 goes (when I become lazy) it comes out bent. One thing I love about this printer is that its very easy to access the inside of the printer, say you need to replace the ink cartridge all you do is lift up the lid that?s on top of the printer, and bingo, you?ve successfully accessed its vital parts. You may also look for paper jams in the compartment if your led turns orange (led is also on top of the printer) My first impression on the printer?s looks where ?Woah? expensive! ?But it managed to work out for my dad; he got it dead cheap from work. The Price --------------------- Depending on how lucky you are you maybe able get the printer in this price range £250 to £305, if you?re wondering how much the cartridges cost I?ve stated that earlier in the review. Replacement parts are also available; to find out more information about them you may look at the contacts section of the review (Go Straight Down ? Last part of my review) Comet.co.uk sells this product for £305.52. Printing ------------------------------- What more can I say?! I?ve stated how brilliant the printer?s quality is many times above. Well here it goes again. As it supports 4800X1800 DPI that uses Micro-Fine Droplet Technology and 5 picalitre the quality of all print outs are superb, its really hard to see any ruined pixels as it sustains quality all the way through (unless you pull the paper out of its exit tray while its printing ? my ?mad? sister did that to one of my printouts and you can guess what my presentation looked like, had to print another one, but as stated above its super quick, hehe) Packaging -------------------------- When you I first opened my printer's attractive box (the box contains information about the product and a huge picture of the stylish printer) you are amazed at how they've put all the items inside, all really carefully packed together with
      a lot of spongy cubes surrounding it. The items came in plastic sealed bags (my ink cartridges came in a special one of these, I guess so my ink wouldn't dry up). Size ------------------------------------- The printer is a desktop printer. Its dimensions are as follows 57.3cm (W) X 33.4cm (D) X 19.6cm (H). It weighs about 7 kg. Conclusion ----------------- Whoooooo I feel so exhausted after that long review. My overall final feelings towards the printer have been REALLY POSTIVE. So far I?ve had no problem at tall with the printer, the Canon BJI 6500 (Bubble Jet 6500) is the best printer myself and my dad have invested in, I have no regrets at all, it fulfills every desire I have (printing wise =P). The quality, speed and efficiently to me have passed all barriers of many printers and the printer has exceeded any expectations I had of it. If anyone is looking for a printer then I would highly rate this one, its really good for personal and business usage. Though the printer is expensive it gradually pays of as the technology of the printer is outstanding and should survive for couple of more years. If you know you?re going to invest in a printer now and are not going to change it for a few years this printer is defiantly worth buying. *Sorry if I?ve missed out any vital information Ahh its 12:55AM now =( Thanks a lot! for reading my Review Cya Saiyan. Important Contacts You May Consider -------------------------------------------------- Comet UK (Very Useful For Advice) Customer Information Centre - 08705 425 425. Open Dates: Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 8pm Saturday: 8.30am - 6pm Sunday: 10am - 5pm You can also write to them: Comet Group Plc Customer Services George House George Street Hull <
      br>HU1 3AU Canon UK http://www.canon.co.uk Email - https://self-service.canon-europe.com/ssentry.cgi?l=en&r=uk Phone - 08705 143 723 Other Contacts -http://www.canon.co.uk/Contact_Us/Local_Canon_Contacts/index.asp?ComponentID=4224 0&SourcePageID=25110#1 Where to buy - http://www.canon.co.uk/Where_to_buy/index.asp


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