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Canon Pixma iP1300

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2008 16:11
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      Good cheap printer, prints well but looks naff

      Ok I got this printer about a month ago because I wanted a better quality printer for my photos but I didn't want it to be expensive. I found this on the Internet for £20 and it had a nice description so I thought why not and I bought it.
      5 days later there it was sitting on my desk waiting to get going.
      -The box-
      Ok what's in the box. You will receive 1 printer (obviously)and instructions on how to get started. This is all contained in a nice cardboard box. You will also receive an ink cartridge for it too. Software is included but some shops will look for extra for this.

      Ok it's not the most stylish printers around. It's not to big at 43cm wide and 25cm deep but it is ugly. Its grey and it is completely square. The feeder tray is all right but it does look like it shouldn't belong next to modern computers, even though it is new. The logo on it is ok but I just hate the colour. It is really bringing down the rating of this product, as it is just so ugly and terrible.
      Ok now the really selling points. It ways just under 3 KG so its not that heavy. Its also not that big as I said before as it uses fine cartridges. When operating it gives off 44Dba of sounds so its all right, its not sillent but who really cares as long as its not really loud. This printer can print border less phots up to A4 size and can also print envolopes and double-sided photo paper. I said before that it uses fine cartridges these have a minimum size of 2pl so there are quite precise. The printer feed can hold up to 100 sheets of normal paper.

      This printer delivers great quality photos in 70secs. That is really quite fast for an 10x17cm picture so this is good. The quality is undoubtedly excellent, which is what you come to expect from such a highly rated company like canon. The colours are so life like and it would seem so bad to waste it with a poor quality picture so get a good camera please.
      -The software-
      The printer will work with any of the canon software or any Photo shop software either. The software provided is ok. It is basic but will allow you to crop and edit photos. It will also let you get rid of red eye and add anything too it if you wish. Some shops have this as an extra so don't assume you will get software with the printer.

      I can't argue about the price. It has ranged from £50 all the way down to £15 but most shops sell it at about £20-£25. This is a great price for such an amazing printer. It is small as it only uses one colour fine cartridge and it prints great but there is that style issue. Anyway for a great printer this is an amazing price and I couldn't believe it myself when I saw it. I thought I would get a rubbish thing but it is great. As soon as I ordered it I had doubts about it and I wondered if I could get a refund for it but as soon as I opened the box and got it going all doubts where behind me. I now print loads of photos and I love it. I haven't had to buy a new cartridge yet so I don't know the price of them.
      There are fully detailed instructions with the printer. From starting up the printer and changing cartridges to editing the photo quality. The instructions are detailed with pictures and diagrams of the printer and software. It is easy to follow for anyone even computer virgins.

      -Other notes-
      Ok as it is a cheap printer you probably wont expect much extras but .... Ok there are no extras. It doesn't even come with a output paper tray so lots of your new printed photos end up on the floor. Also as it doesn't use black ink they text isn't great quality unless you change the colour. About a week ago I was printing a photo of my Christmas when the printer jammed.. lots of curses and explicit words later I realised it had taken 2 pages in and one page had went squint. It was easy to fix as I just stop the printing and manually took the unwanted squint page away and there you go problem solved. It was so easy. It is connected to your computer via USB.
      There are other more expensive printers in the range so I would expect they were slightly better and nicer but this does it for me.
      This printer is amazing for small scale or A4 photos. It will keep on printing and printing until the cartridge runs out. Pure class quality photos. Very ugly and not for anyone with a nice new apartment or office as who would want a big ugly grey thing there. No paper tray and no extras so no that well equipped but good for basic photo usage.
      I would recommend it to buyers but I would also say look at other options like the more expensive ones in this range (If I were to have the choice I would spend the extra money)
      4 stars over all.


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