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Canon Pixma iP2702

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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2012 11:33



      Great if you just want a basic printer

      This is ok depending what you want it for. As a straight forward printer for things like word and normal text it is great. Simple to use easy to set up. Comes with a disc so that you can install it onto your laptop or computer straight away. The ink cartridges are easy to put in, but they are very expensive. I brought this for college work and thought it was great for that. But the ink did run out fairly quickly and when trying to replace it was going to be over £20 for the black cartridge (that was in Tesco about 6 months ago). One thing that I think is disappointing about the printer is its claims for being about to print photos. Never buy this if that's what you want its purpose to be. This part is shockingly bad. Basically it is just incapable of it. In a summary, good little printer but basic.


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      27.06.2011 01:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A modest but inexpensive tool that accomplishes all my printing requirements along with very satisfa

      Be prepared for yet more random sub-headings! :D

      ~ Reason For Purchase ~ 'Creative Writing' ~

      Printer on the blink and reams of coursework, no time to mess about! As I've yet to come into those elusive millions as Delboy would say, I had to go for something cheap and cheerful. In fact, I went online to Tesco Direct, came across a £30 Canon printer with scanner and decided this was fine for my needs. When I went in store to pick it up, found it was further reduced to £25! Got it home, ravaged the packaging only to find it was the wrong one! :( Still, at only £25 and no time to spare, I kept this little gem.

      ~ Product Description ~ 'Studying The Fine Print' ~

      The black printer came packaged very secure with sturdy foam fixtures and covered in plastic to protect its veneer. Included in the box with the printer is an AC Cable to connect the printer to the mains. A CD/DVD to initiate the set. An excellent comprehensive 29 page User Manual that covers everything from how to get the best use out of the printer to trouble shooting. I leave these tasks to my son so generally don't need to consult the reference notes. My son insist that I watch him while he sets up technical tools should the need arise for me to do it myself if he's away. Additionally, there are two starter ink cartridges to enable the
      consumer to start printing immediately; compatible Cmy Cartridge CL-511, CL-513 and Original Black Cartridge PG-510 (Optional PG-512) It really is such a neat unobtrusive little tool with measurements in inches; width 17.6, depth 9. 9 and height 5.2. The printer only weighs 3.4 kg which is just 7.4 lb, I find this very easy to lift and move! Compatible with Windows (not W's 98) means it fits the bill with the majority of PC's.

      ~ Setting up ~ 'Paper Chase' ~

      I placed the computer on a small but long coffee table next to my PC. I changed the position I initially placed it as I was soon to find out that the printer had no tray to catch the printed sheets! The printer now faces towards my PC on the left, giving room for printed sheets to fall on the table and not the floor! My first task was to print out information using black ink that would only take up half of an A4 sheet. Umm...now where's that USB cable...grrr not in the box! Good thing my son keeps PC odds and ends in a container just for times like these! Firstly, I removed the protective orange tape from the external parts of the printer; these were holding down the loose mechanisms such as the printer paper holder lid. I also removed a transparent cover tape that was protecting the shiny surface on the printer's topside. Opening the front cover, I noticed there was more orange tape protecting the inner tools of the product. This was a little trickier as I needed to carefully remove the tape from the fragile components on the front side, without disturbing the elements . Next, I connected the power cord to the mains and pressed the 'ON' button, located to the right on the front cover, which lit up in a bright green colour.

      The next stage involved my opening the front cover, this set off an automatic response from the machine; the cartridge holder moves to the installation position on the left. To proceed I needed to insert both the colour and black cartridges to their corelating slots. I needed to grip fairly firmly on the locking cover to open it on the right side. I then removed the ink cartridges from their packaging. Pulling the orange tape in the angle of the marked arrow allowed me to then place the cartridge into its slot. I did need to apply a certain amount of pressure until I could hear a click that indicated the cartridge was in place. After having placed both cartridges within the unit, I then closed the cover. A neat feature to this printer is that if one hasn't connected the cartridges correctly, you won't need to find out until you try to print. The printer alerts the consumer by flashing an orange alarm light that is located directly underneath the power button; at this stage of me closing the cover, the green power lamp flashes for a good two minutes until finally staying lit.

      Before any printing can take place and connecting the printer to my PC, my laptop in this case, I needed to install the setup software (disc) that is provided onto my laptop's hard disk. I opened my CD Rom case, placed the disc inside, closed and the process then started automatically. Each stage is so easy, just right for me! I simply followed the directions on my PC screen; clicking 'Run Msetup4' on the 'Auto play, followed by a click on the 'Continue' on the 'User Account Control' box. A few more clicks on the easy to follow instructions had me ready for the next stage of connecting the USB port. I was very happy to find that this whole process was accomplished in less than 25 minutes! The software soon directed me to connect the USB cable, the port located to the right at the back of my printer. Registration info is on page 19 of the manual. By clicking 'Exit' the setup was complete.

      ~ Usage Experience ~ 'Wall Paper' ~

      Within half an hour, I was 'choppin' at the bit' to get started with a printing task. Pages 23 and 24 deal with photo printing, I love the easy step by step guide to accomplish this task. As an example of actual printing usage, I will comment on my first task. I had to print an appointment confirmation that only took up half the A4 sheet. I was now ready to open the paper support, also located on the front of the printer. On the opposite sides to this lid is located the paper guides; I gently moved both guides to their opposing edges. Although the paper support can hold up to 100 sheets, I generally only place half that amount in the machine. I will not normally use above this amount while performing task. I proceeded to load the A4 copy paper into the support tray, ensuring they were all level. I then slid the paper guides against the sheet edges, which glided easily into position. As mentioned in my 'In the Black! Canon PGI 5' ink cartridge review, 'this black ink cartridge is vibrant, clear and is smudge resistant. Due to the components of the ink, the pigmented particles of the cartridge apparently settle into the hemp of the paper and adhere as the ink dries. This has the effect of making your printing more resistant to fading, lasting well and gives a rich fluid finish', and using it with this printer gave me exactly the same results. As the information I was printing was for my records, I decided to save on ink by setting the PC print information at a much lower percentage. Again, as noted in my black ink cartridge review, this practical saving affords a far lengthier lasting capability. 'I have found that the 26ml ink cartridge provides me with approximately 360 A4 pages of printing utility but as long as I adjust my PC to print at 5% ink coverage; which is adequate for all my printing needs. But I do tend to operate on a deeper shade for CV's, exam coursework and legal documents'.
      Even though set at such a low percent, the black ink came out only slightly less sharp.

      But here's the downside of this printer, it is so noisy! I selected 'Print' on my PC, this brought up the printing box of choices. I selected one sheet with general settings; clicking 'print' from here took 7 seconds for the printer to recognize the command with info. Then the printer took only 8 seconds to print the half page of information. This task was performed in a fairly quiet manner, but as I continued on with some other activity, I was distracted by a much louder noise indicating the printer switching itself into shut down mode. This whole loud and chugging process took a full one minute and ten seconds! I can be this specific as I printed the same material again, timing the process because I couldn't believe how long the printer took to 'settle down'! Since then, I have had regular use; my daughter also pops over to complete document printing task too! The sheets load up with such ease; the printer only needs a couple of clicks to set in operation too. The printer continues to take the same duration in printing task, only lengthened by extended task and more sheets to print. The printer still makes a very loud noise closing down its power mode but I have gotten used to this now.

      The manufacturers promise that their technology of 'ChromaLife 100+ works by combining Canon's FINE technology with Canon Genuine Photo Paper, which offers vivid colour and high durability, and dye-based inks, which allow rich colour reproduction and further durability'. No doubt it does, but I can't afford the higher scale photo paper. I purchased mine from the Tesco medium range of paper and the results are just fine for me. As an example, I printed a 10x15cm picture of my grand-tots that was saved in my photo's folder. Taking less than a minute I was presented with a colourful array of images! The tots are depicted in sharp vibrant quality. I did need to handle this lesser priced card with care as it took a few moments for the colours to dry! But the results are smashing, really almost as good as a top photo printing outlet. I generally pop gift prints into frames, waiting a day to ensure complete settling of the inks before enclosing in airtight frames. Non reflective glass frames truly bring out the quality of the printer's colourful process. For my personal photos, I tend to print a fair few, I love making colarges. As long as the prints are kept away from excessive heat variations, such as the kitchen or bathroom areas, the prints stay sharp and without noticeable change in the vibrancy of colours.

      ~ Maintenance ~ 'Wipe The Slate Clean' ~

      To clean the external parts of my printer, I simply wipe with a clean moistened soft cloth without any solvents. I tend to buffer soon after with a soft dry cloth which brings up the machine shiny clean. The printer comes with a booklet in 27 languages, entitled 'Canon' with a bold heading underneath 'Read before setting up the machine'. It provides all the safety information a consumer needs regarding safety cautions for the printer's internal, external protection and consumer's safety. For example, the booklet warns that as the 'product emits low level magnetic flux', if one has 'a cardiac pacemaker and feels abnormalities' to 'move away from' the printer and 'consult' the doctor! I mention this out of interest because I hadn't realized this issue before and it was noted on the reverse page concerning abrasive materials. With all printers, after an extended period of usage, the internal mechanisms tend to become stained with the ink. This can be a nuisance when changing cartridges, getting on fingers, and if you're like me, on clothes too! This is easily avoided; I simply clean my ink cartridge holders with my grand-tot's wet wipes.

      ~ Recommend? ~ 'Talk Is Cheap' but it seems, printing is even cheaper! ~

      For £25 too right I recommend! This printer is such an inexpensive way to furnish consumers with excellent quality printing along with remarkable long lasting photo images in high resolutions of no less than 4800x1200! The printer's software included in the price furnishes me with the capability to edit, design and print from on-line sources, great for when my daughter 'tags' a wonderful photo of my grand-tots for me to print off for us! I really wasn't expecting much from this incredibly cheap tool, but I am thoroughly impressed with not only the more expensive and stylish look of the printer, but more importantly, its superb printing quality....if a little noisy! Currently available through Tesco Direct, this Canon iP2702 Printer with Catalogue number: 208-8704 is £24.97! If that's not remarkable enough, you also get 48 club card points thrown in! :D


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