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Canon Pixma iP4300

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    10 Reviews
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      13.02.2012 02:04



      You Get What You Pay For

      I can safely say that this printer is garbage.
      Blatant problems are that from the word go the printer seems to struggle to realize there is paper in the tray and ink in the cartridges, but when it finally does it can still (somehow) struggle further. Prints can come out with unwanted colours on (even when cleaned), sometimes the printer can go through phases of absolute erratic behaviour such as skipping parts of pictures/photos, but it falters further still by doing the same with the simplest of prints, bog standard black & white text. I have checked the printer over and over, looked at help sections, websites and found MANY others who have had the same issues with this trash.

      It does have a couple of upsides, it includes a nice CD tray that allows for printing directly onto paper topped CD-Roms. Thats pretty much all its got going for it though as it has many more flaws like how it rattles even the sturdiest of tables, it cleans itself more than it prints, accepts paper like a reluctant employee taking unpaid overtime, the ink cartridges mount up to being more expensive than the printer itself. Its true that the cleaning system can allow a brief spell of "average" prints, but eventually you'll find yourself doing this constantly in an attempt to keep this beast alive. You may think you're getting a good deal, a cheap printer off a top brand like Canon. WRONG. It's not even worth however much its going for. Don't be fooled by any awards or "features" that this thing is supposed to be brilliant at, because brilliant it is certainly not.


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      15.10.2010 20:18
      Very helpful



      A buyable, well-priced printer.

      I've owned my Canon Pixma iP4300 for several months now, and it has so far proven a very handy, well-manufactured machine. The size is standard, the styling modern, and the quality uncomplainable at current modest pricing.

      A spring-loaded rectangular button at the top-centre of the front panel releases carefully a drop-down tray designed to catch sheets after printing. This accessory works well and is strong enough to carry a healthy wod of completed A4 pages.
      The drop down tray also reveals two other buttons and a USB port. The buttons are pressed when either the printer has been out of paper, but has been refilled by you and is ready to continue, or when the printer is jammed. The only other button needed is the power button for turning the device on and off.

      As for computer usability when the printer is attached via USB, the device is compatable with all widely used operating systems and document programs (Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc), meaning quick and easy plug and print capabilities.

      This ink-jet printer is accurate and efficient using both official Canon ink-jet cartridges and cheaper alternative available online or in-store.
      Reasonably quick for an average every-day home printer, the quality created is of a high standard for a machine of this type.

      A look made to suit all office and home environments by simply blending into the background of any setting. Its dark grey/black exterior and silver cornering means it will more than likely match your screen and PC tower. The Canon manufacturer markings are hardly visible and the openable paper trays for input and output are a reasonable size.

      A great bit of kit for the every-day user, found at a marketable, consumer-kind price.


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      11.08.2010 20:39
      Very helpful



      If you ignore the price of ink - it's a great printer.

      The Canon iP4300 is a reasonably cheap printer, that doesn't mean it IS cheap - it costs a ton everytime the ink runs out.

      You can't refill the cartridges since they're chipped too. In most places these catridges retail for about £8 each - and it takes five - PGI black, black, cyan, magenta and yellow. That's £40 in total. And no, the ink doesn't last that long - they hold 14ml each.

      Okay, now I'm done trashing this product it isn't actually a bad printer. Photo prints look like they should - like ones you'd get professionally done (provided you use glossy paper and the right setting). It also prints on CDs!

      When not printing photo prints it does print rather fast - though it all depends on what you're printing. It also prints directly from compatible cameras which is handy - but I've only used that feature once or twice.

      The design itself is sleek - it has a front glossy panel. I can't say the printer itself is that durable since the front tray on ours broke. Since it relies on it being open to print and thought it was closed it was a screwdriver job fix!

      I'd say it's good printer otherwise - if you don't mind the ink costs. It's probably better for someone who doesn't print too often - bare in mind ink cartridges dry out overtime though.


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      10.02.2009 02:09
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An all round ideal printing solution.

      Canon Pixma IP4300

      I have had this printer for about 6 years now and it is still going strong. The quality print outs in normal black and white and photos as well are just outstanding for its age. It is a very easy to use printer and paper can be loaded from the back or in a tray along the bottom as well which is great if you need to save space. There is a pic bridge USB port on the front which is handy if you want to plug your camera straight into it to print off your photos. The driver CD that came with it are simple to install and once you've plugged it into your PC/laptop via USB cable, you can be printing in no time!


      When this printer was new and up until very recently, the cost of original canon ink cartridges for this printer were very reasonable when compared to other makes. They have since gone up abit in price but are still quite good when compared to other manufacturers.
      The cartridges that this printer takes are:
      Black - 8
      Magenta - 8
      Cyan - 8
      Yellow - 8
      Photo Black - 5

      If you look around on the internet, you can get compatible cartridges for £2-3 that work fine but may not show the ink levels. You may also have to swap the chip from an original cartridge over to these which can be a little bit fiddly.


      This is a very fast printer at 30ppm in black and white when comapred to some new printers which can only manage around 12. It is suitable if you quickly need an invoice printing out as there is very little waiting.


      There is very little wrong with this printer at all. I would say that it's biggest disadvantage is it's size as you can now get ones quite abit smaller.


      If you just want a standard printer and are not in need of a copier or scanner, then this is an ideal solution. It is reliable, fast and quite efficient on ink.


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      04.06.2008 11:26
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great quality images regardless of format, and a robust design.

      This is one of the best printers I've bought, in fact it's so good I've got 2 of them. Quality wise it's absolutely spot on, especially when you consider the price tag, this cost me £80 at PCworld, however they go for less if you shop around on the net. It's also quite quiet and doesn't shake the whole room around when printing.

      The cartridges are really expensive (it costs around £40-50 to fill with proper canon ones), and cheap alternatives don't work very well due to the need for a chip, however the ink that came with my IP4300 has outlasted any other printer ink I've had. I do a lot of photo printing and I've had the printer for almost a year, and I'm still on the factory cartridges on one!

      The twin paper loading system is great, as you can keep a nice big stash of A4 in the bottom tray while using the top tray for photo paper, envelopes, or even T-shirt transfers. Plus of course it has a CD printing option, which, when using the right discs, looks both professional and flawless.

      The software that comes with the printer is easy to use, CD labelprint lets you design and obviously print some great looking discs.

      Back to the quality of the print. It's brilliant. Great colours, no marks or lines, and unless I've had something really special to print out, I've not actually ordered professional photo prints since getting this printer.

      The machine it's self is of good quality. It's quite hard wearing, though I'd imagine that the fold out "out-tray" would snap pretty easily. It does seem quite flexible, though I wouldn't want to accidentally lean on it.

      Overall it's a really nice printer, and to top it all off it looks good too!


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        07.04.2008 21:11


        • Reliability


        reliable quality prints.

        A nice feature is the printer will stop to allow the ink to dry on the previous page before it continues to print. This slows the print speed down but at least it stops the prints from getting smudged.
        I have yet to try all the features out as I havent got a pict bridge compatable digital camera.
        I am looking forward to trying the duplex printing as it will help to reduce paper useage and every little helps to save the planet.
        The only minor point I can find about the printer is that you can only connect by USB as it doesnt have an alternative connector.
        My previous printer the Canon S450 had both allowing me to attch two computers to the same printer which was most useful.
        It is a big printer but if you have the space I highly recommend it.
        I have now tried out the duplex printing and im very impressed. Duplex printing is printing on both sides of the paper without having to remove the paper from the machine, it does it for you.


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        07.04.2008 14:21
        Very helpful


        • Reliability



        The only reason I bought this printer was that I had broken my previous one and therefore needed a replacement. By broken I mean I had dropped the power transformer onto the laminate floor as I had rather stupidly been carrying it by the cables, and the cable had come out smashing it into a thousand pieces as the plastic was so brittle from the constant heat. I decide rather than try and get a new power transformer for an old rubbish printer that was slow, noisy and whose print quality wasn't up to much even though it was a photo printer (some Kodak Lexmark thing) that it was a good opportunity to buy a new cheap printer (I promise I didn't do it deliberately, though if I had known how good its replacement would be it might have crossed my mind).

        Why the Canon iP4300?

        I like to look in Which? to see what are the Best Buys when I come to buy electronic goods (our washing machine, fridge-freezer, video and my digital camera were all chosen this way and I've had no regrets). At the time in the latest printer test Which? had reviewed the Canon Pixma iP4200 and this was a best buy, so I decided to buy it, but in my search for the cheapest price I saw that it had been replaced by the Canon Pixma iP4300, which on comparison was pretty much the same, and I thought surely it can only be better, and it was actually cheaper than the iP4200 that it was replacing. I bought the Canon Pixma iP4300 from PC World at the beginning of January 07 for about £58, but its RRP is £79.

        The Which? printer Best Buys in the test I looked at were dominated by Canon's so this suggested to me that the Canon printers in general were of a high quality. Which? tested the iP4200 but as the iP4300 is based on it I think it's fair to assume the test results would be very similar for it, and surely no worse. According to the Which? test on the iP4200, the cost of printing a black and white page is 3p, an A4 colour page 8p and an A4 photo 64p, which is very cheap. Performance wise Which? gave the photographic printing speed a rating of acceptable, they found the ease of use, versatility, quietness and black and white printing speed to be good, and the quality of both black and white pages and photographs to be excellent. The most important factors to me in choosing a new printer were print quality and low running costs, and as this printer scored excellent for print quality and as it had the lowest running costs of all the Best Buys it was a very easy decision to make. Alongside being a Best Buy it also got an exceptional value award and I can see why.

        My digital camera is a Canon Ixus 40, so this was another deciding factor in buying this printer, as I would be able to print directly from my camera using PictBridge, not that I ever intend to print my photos on it as it is cheaper to get them printed professionally, but it is nice to know that I can.

        About the iP4300

        The iP4300 is an all purpose photo printer. It is compatible with both PC's and Mac's, and the printer connects to your computer via a USB 2.0 cable. The CD that comes with the printer contains some software to make editing and printing easier; Easy-PhotoPrint, Easy-WebPrint, CD-LabelPrint and PhotoRecord software for Windows but only Easy-PhotoPrint and CD-LabelPrint for Mac. It can print up to a resolution of 9600 x 2400 dpi (dots per inch).

        The printer is black and rather large, it is 44.5 cm wide, 30.3 cm deep and 16 cm high, so it takes up a fair bit of space. The power button is on the front right hand corner and the USB cable plugs into the rear right side. Printouts come out of the front of the machine with the output tray folding up to become the front of the machine. From now on if I refer to the front of the printer I mean once the output tray has been opened.
        The iP4300 has two input trays, one at the top of the printer and a cassette that slots into the front (below the output tray). If you have A4 paper in the front cassette tray the printer is deeper. Each tray can take approximately 150 sheets of paper. There is a button on the front of the printer to switch between the trays and it clearly shows which tray is selected, this is very handy as you don't need to go into print setup on the computer as with some printers to see which tray you are printing from, it is also useful is you are printing via PictBridge. The cassette tray is internal so the paper in it won't get dirty. I didn't realise at first that this printer had two trays and was just using the top tray, and as the printer is large and filled up a lot of the room on my small desk (it's about 100 cm by 50 cm) I was placing junk on top of the printer. This is what was happening if I wanted to use the printer - remove all junk from on top of the printer, open the paper tray, search for wherever I had left the blank paper and then put it in the tray, once done printing remove spare paper and close the top tray, place junk and the spare paper on top of printer. The cat would then come along at some point before I next used it with muddy paws and the paper would be covered in muddy paw prints. Now that I have discovered the internal tray (I read the manual) I find it is very useful, there is always paper in the printer ready to print, and it's not covered in dirt. Having two trays is useful as you can use the internal tray for plain paper and the top tray for photo paper or headed paper etc, and it is very easy to switch between printing from the two trays.

        Alongside being able to print on standard paper, envelopes and photo paper it can also print on T-shirt transfers, photo stickers and CD's and DVD's. It comes with a special tray that allows you print onto CD/DVD's, and this slots into the front on the printer above the output tray. I have not used this feature and probably wont but I did investigate how to put the tray into the machine (I was curious, for some reason I thought it would go in the top and could not work out how the printer would print on the disk) and it seemed very straight forward and easy, you also get software on the CD for printing on the disks, which will make it easier.

        You can print photographs directly from digital cameras that are PictBridge compliant, without having to turn your computer on. The cameras USB cable plugs into the front of the printer, and to print you turn the camera on and use the cameras LCD screen to navigate the menus and select what options you want. There are no memory card slots on this printer, but I never used the card slot on my last one so I don't mind. I have had a go at connecting my Canon Ixus 40 up to it via PictBridge and it was very simple and easy.

        One very handy feature of this printer is that it can automatically print double sided. I did not realise it could do this when I bought it and it was a very nice surprise when I found out it could as I like to print on both sides to save on paper. It will not print your document as fast if you select this option as once it has printed the first side it waits for the ink to dry before printing the second side, and for some reason I found this highly amusing first time I did it (I think it was late).


        The paper manual that comes in the box has only 16 pages in English and is in 24 different languages, so it is quite chunky. It only contains very basic information, and on the whole the paper manual is not particularly helpful. You do get the full manual on the CD and this is far more useful and contains a lot of information, but it would have been nice to have this supplied in paper format. Installation and setup are explained on an A3 double sided sheet of paper that only contains pictures with references to the paper manual for more information, not that there is much more in the manual.

        Despite this setup is very easy. Before you start installing the printer on your computer you need to prepare it first. This basically consists of taking it out of the box, plugging it in and turning it on, installing the print head and ink cartridges (which light up if correctly installed). Once this is done you turn the printer off and place the CD in the computer, this will install the print drivers and takes about 10 minutes, the A3 sheet shows each screen and what to select. After these are installed it prompts you to connect the printer to the computer and turn the printer on. There is no USB cable supplied with the printer, so you need to ensure you have a USB A-B cable handy, I got a 1 m one for about £7 from Maplin. Once connected the Found New Hardware wizard appears and gets you to align the print heads and print a test page. I was a bit concerned as the test page only prints in blue and black and I was worried that the other inks were not working, but I assume this is normal as the printer prints all colours fine. I would have appreciated a bit more explanation of each step for setup along side the pictures but setup is very easy and you will be printing in no time at all.


        The iP4300 has separate ink tanks for each colour, this saves you money as you only need to replace the colour that is empty, and you don't waste any ink. It takes CLI-8 black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges and a PGI-5 black cartridge. You get a partially filled cartridge of each of these with the printer and I have yet to replace any of them. Whilst I don't use it a lot I was expecting to have had to replace one by now. Each cartridge has an LED that is lit if the cartridge is correctly installed (installing the ink cartridges is very easy). When the ink is getting low this LED starts to flash slowly, and when it is empty it flashes quickly, so you can quickly tell if you have any ink left without having to turn the computer on first. Each cartridge is also see through so you can see how much ink is left. You do get a pop up when printing from the computer if the ink cartridges are low or empty.

        I wasn't sure at first why it had two black ink cartridges but after a little investigation I found out that the CLI-8 cartridges are dye based inks and the PGI-5 cartridge is a pigment based ink. From what I can gather the pigment based black ink produces better looking text and the dye based inks give better looking photographs.
        The iP4300 has the ChromaLife100 system, which is where the print head, photo paper and ink work together to help your photos look better and resist fading. By using genuine Canon photo paper and genuine Canon inks together with the printer, the printed photos will resist colour fading for longer. According to Canon the photos printed using this system will resist fading for 100 years if album stored, 30 years if displayed under glass and 10 years if exposed to light and the atmosphere. Obviously I can't comment on whether this is true or not but it sounds good in principle.

        Each Canon ink cartridge costs around £10, which seems a lot when there are five to replace, but each cartridge lasts along time and you only need to replace the one that is empty. Instead of buying Canon cartridges you could try and save some money by buying compatible ones which you can get for under a fiver, but then you can't guarantee the quality of the ink. You can buy a CLI-8 ChromaLife Pack which consists of the four CLI-8 black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges and a pack of 50 10x15 cm PP-101 Photo Paper Plus Glossy which will save you a bit of money, and then keep the spare cartridges until you need them.
        Here are the page yields (number of pages you can print from an ink cartridge) for each cartridge according to Canon:

        PGI-5Bk - 520 t&g (mixed text and graphics) and 3095 p (photos 10 x 15 cm)
        CLI-8Bk - 5220 t&g and1305 p
        CLI-8C - 890 t&g and 387 p
        CLI-8M - 670 t&g and 271p
        CLI-8Y - 700 t&g and 291 p

        As you can see this is quite a lot of pages/photos so this printer does have low running costs and the cartridges are good value for money.


        According to Canon, this printer can print black and white pages up to a maximum of 30 ppm (pages per minute) but 14.8 ppm is standard, and colour text and graphics up to a maximum of 24 ppm with 11.6 ppm standard. I have not tested this claim, but I was shocked at how quickly it printed, it is very, very quick and makes my old printer look like it was from the dark ages in comparison. The print quality is also very good, with no lines or smudges, and text is crisp and clear and pictures are perfect. Canon claims the printer can print a borderless 10 x 15 cm photo in approximately 36 seconds. It doesn't take long to warm up either from being switched on, it is ready to print in approximately 20 seconds. I recently printed out 20 copies of a double sided word document that contained text, maps and photos, and the printer handled it brilliantly, the text was sharp and clear and the pictures were true to life, and all I had to do was set it to print and leave it for half an hour, and I didn't need to be there to turn the paper over as it can print double sided automatically.

        In Summary

        This is a very good printer that is easy to setup, easy to use and produces excellent quality documents and photos and is also surprisingly quick. If you do decide to get this printer you will need to ensure that you have a USB printer cable handy as unfortunately one is not supplied in the box, but it does come with all five ink cartridges, though they are only partially full. It does also take up a fair bit of space so it is wise to measure where you are planning to put it to see if it will fit, I found it to be a lot wider than I was expecting (didn't really pay much attention to its dimensions).

        I have had this printer for just over a year now and I have only in the last month or so had to replace the ink cartridges that came with the printer. I have used this printer to print the information leaflet to go in my wedding invitations and I was very impressed with the results. I also managed to get it to print my RSVP cards which were 4x4 inches by using the top tray. This model has now been replaced by the iP4500 which you can buy online for around £65.

        Thanks for reading. Also on ciao as rd52169.


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          03.12.2007 22:17
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Excellent purchase for home use

          I have been very pleased with my ip4300 since buying it months ago, using various types of paper and producing a single copy of a 100 page book on it. This last job was with heavy duty matte photo paper obtained from ebay and cut to B5 size.

          Instructions are clear throughout and the on-screen manual might be pedantic, but that is best for me anyway!

          My only gripe concerns the price of ink cartridges, albeit that is a problem with all inkjets anyway. A full set will set you back the price of the printer. As I use it quite a lot, I have found it best to buy generic cartridges at a fraction of the price although they are fiddly. Ebay have various suppliers that will sell you a full set at less than one fifth of the best Canon set price. The fiddly bit concerns the need to carefully remove the original cartridge chip and refix it on the new one. Once done successfully, there will be some messages to deal with and no level showing in the ink tank monitor window. That does not matter though as you will get symptoms of printing deterioration and can then confirm the need for new cartridge with the nozzle test. But only do this cheap cartridge thing if you are happy to chance the "fiddly bit" as a damaged chip will mean it will not work and the suppliers' installation notes can be sketchy. It's OK for me though and I have an excellent printer with low running costs.

          Glossy paper gives full photo quality. The printer is robust generally. Smudging is extremely rare. The cassette paper tray is very easy to use. When closed down it is a simple box to keep clean. Frankly, I am hard pressed to find anything wrong with it or indeed with the two previous reviews.


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          07.05.2007 16:28
          Very helpful



          Very happy with this printer. A vast improvement on my old Epson.

          Around the beginning of April, I switched on my old and trusted Epson 880 and went to print out a page, nothing happened. Nothing that is, except all the lights across the front of the machine flashing on and off. A quick reference to the handbook took me to the page that read, “If all lights are flashing, there is an internal fault. Please contact a qualified Epson engineer”. Well it was getting on for 10 years old and had served me well, so I decided it was time for a new printer.

          I was fully intending to get another Epson, but the sales assistant in PC World advised me that a the Canon IP4300 was a far better buy, and would be far cheaper to run than any of the Epsons. After he showed me some of the photographic results, I was sold and I got to admit, I am very pleased with my purchase.

          On getting the printer home, I found it extremely easy to install, I just plugged in the USB cable (not supplied) that was connected to my Epson, Windows XP came up with “New Hardware Detected” I put in the accompanying CD and loaded both the printer driver and some software called, “Easy Print Toolbox” that takes you through various printing tasks…

          Print digital photos
          Print Photo or Text on a CDR.
          Create Your Own Album
          Easy webpage printing without having to worry about complicated settings.

          In this program there is everything you want to know about the printing capabilities of this little printer.

          Within 10 minutes all was up and running and I did my first print from a webpage that was text and graphics. I must admit, it printed very quickly and was of excellent quality with the colours matching that of the webpage perfectly. As it was printing a little box popped up on my screen showing me the ink levels of all five cartridges or ink tanks as they are more commonly known.

          The Ink Tanks:

          There are the usual yellow, blue and red but two black tanks. One of these is an extra large one holding 22ml of ink. This is because most print jobs are expected to be of black and white text. The other black cartridge and the colour one is of 13ml. I noticed in PC world that the large black cartridge was only a few pence more than the smaller ones for the Epson, so it looked like it was going to be cheaper in the long run anyway.

          I have since checked out some prices on line...

          From Inkmaster.co.uk Genuine Canon cartridges are £9.90 each for the 13ml ones and £10.90 for the large black 22ml one. On Internet-ink.co.uk you can get compatible cartridges (not Canon) for £22.99 for the complete set of five. I used to use compatible cartridges in my Epson and must admit that I could detect no difference to the originals. However, some users may disagree with me, so you would need to make up your own mind about that.

          General usage:

          The paper is very easy to load and there are two places where it can be loaded. The first is in the conventional place where the paper slots into the back of the machine, and then there’s a slide-out compartment at the bottom of the front of the machine where you can load paper into a cartridge that has guides for difference paper sizes – the usual A4, A5 and custom for photo paper. I think the idea is that you can load photo paper in one place and plain in the other. There’s a switch on the front of the machine that selects where the machine will take its feed of paper from.

          Also at the front of the machine above the paper catching tray, there is a draw to slot in, using a supplied cartridge, printable CDs or DVDs I have not tried printing with this as yet, but have loaded one into it and it is simplicity itself.

          On the front of this printer is another USB slot and this is for something called Pict Bridge – that simply means you can connect a digital camera or camera phone etc. to it and print from it without your PC having to be turned on. This worked really well and is straightforward to operate.

          The only complaint I would have with this printer is that the instruction manual, although quite thick, is limited in instructions as most of the instructions are included in the aforementioned Easy Print Toolbox. The thickness of the manual is due to the fact that it is written in several languages. However, having used printers before, I found everything really easy to operate with little referral to instructions.

          Having used the Canon for about a month now, one thing I have noticed that did happen a lot with the Epson, is that if it not used for a few days, none of the ink tanks dry out and I have never needed to use the cleaning facility to get them primed again. This was a process that used to use a considerable amount of ink on my Epson, whether I was using genuine ink tank or compatible ones.

          The Canon cost me a little over £70 in PC world, but if I hadn’t needed a printer in a hurry, I could have found one from around £60 or less on line. Amazon is currently selling this model for £63.27

          Capabilities of this printer are…

          Borderless photo printing up to 10X15cms.
          Up to 9600 X 2400 dpi print resolution
          Easy direct photo printing
          Single ink tanks where each colour can be changed separately as it runs low, therefore saving money
          Canon claims that its “Chromalife 100 system” produces photographs that will last up to 100 years. (I think that is if you use genuine Canon inks).
          Compatible with Windows or Mac operating system. (I am running Windows XP)
          USB2.0 high speed interface, but will be backwards compatible with USB1.0

          In summary: I am extremely happy with this printer and I am quite pleased that I went for this and not another Epson.


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            24.04.2007 16:56
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            Superb all round printer that I highly recommend for home and small-office users

            I bought this printer to perform the dual roles of home and home-office printing. I’m a graphic designer and often create and print my own artwork, photos etc as well as printing off everyday things like documents and letters so I wanted an all-round performer.

            I’ve had many printers in the past and had been very unhappy with my last Epson purchase, so looked specifically at Canon and HP. My main criteria were;

            - A4 and photo size printing
            - Good quality photo printing
            - Borderless printing
            - High quality colour photos with strong colour representation
            - Ability to print on a variety of paper medium
            - Ability to source cheaper non branded replacement cartridges

            I’ve now had the printer for about 6 weeks and I am very pleased with it. The quality of printing is absolutely excellent and I would have happily paid a much higher price (it cost me just under £65) for the item it’s that good. Colour representation is strong and true and I have printed pictures that I also had printed at Asda a few months back, which look better than the Asda prints do.

            The printer is very quick to print and is easy to operate. The software that comes with it is good and most importantly works! It literally took me under five minutes to set the printer up straight from the box - the software drivers all installed like a dream and it worked straight away. The only problem I had was trying to figure out where on earth to put small 6x4 photo paper...

            Paper can be loaded from one of two separate areas, a paper tray that sits upright on top of the printer at the back and then a second paper cartridge hidden away underneath the printer. There are various sliders and rulers in this second paper tray but try as I might, I could not figure out where to put the 6x4’s. I turned to the quick start guide, then to the full manual but found no mention of it. I went online and used various searches to try and find out. I went to the Canon website and eventually, after about 20 minutes, finally found out exactly where to place the paper!

            The printer makes use of Pict Bridge technology which both my digital camera and mobile phone/cam have, and I have used this a few times which works really well if you just have a couple of pictures you want printing quickly without the need of having your computer turned on.

            Because I’ve not the item long I am still using the print cartridges that came with it. I have had a look and have found a couple of places on line that sell compatible non-branded ink. It is still fairly new though and I am confident that in the coming months there will be more and more places selling non-manufacturer replacement ink cartridges for it.

            In my opinion, for the price and overall quality of the printer you’d be hard pressed to find anything better. Set up and installation went like a dream for me (Windows XP Professional) and it just works brilliant. An excellent product and a great price!!


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          • Product Details

            PIXMA iP4300 is one fast, versatile photo printer. Thanks to its patented print head and 5-color ink system, you can quickly produce spectacular, long-lasting photos with borderless edges - from credit-card size up to 8.5" x 11" - along with bold, laser-quality text. The two paper trays let you hold both plain and photo paper, so you're always ready to print text or photos. And for convenience, you can print 2 sided without manually flipping over the page!

            Technical Data

            Product Description: Canon PIXMA iP4300 - printer - colour - ink-jet
            Printer Type: Photo printer - ink-jet - colour
            Dimensions (WxDxH): 44.5 cm x 30.3 cm x 16 cm
            Weight: 6.5 kg
            Inkjet Technology: Canon FINE (Full-lithography inkjet Nozzle Engineering)
            Ink Palette Supported (Colours): 5-ink - cyan, magenta, yellow, black, pigment black
            Max Media Size (Standard): Legal, A4
            Max Media Size (Custom): 216 mm x 356 mm
            Print Speed: Up to 30 ppm - black fast
            Up to 24 ppm - colour fast
            Up to 14.8 ppm - black normal
            Up to 11.6 ppm - colour normal
            Max Resolution ( Colour ): 9600 dpi x 2400 dpi
            Duplex Printout: Duplex
            Print on CD/ DVD: Yes
            Interface: USB, direct print USB
            Media Type: Envelopes, plain paper, iron-on transfers, photo paper, photo stickers, glossy photo paper, matt photo paper, high resolution paper, semi-gloss paper, DVD discs, CD discs
            Total Media Capacity: 300 sheets
            Media Handling: 150-sheet input tray, 150-sheet paper cassette
            Printer Features: Borderless printing
            Power: AC 120/230 V
            System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Apple MacOS X 10.2.8 - 10.4
            Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista