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PC compatible, bidirectional parallel interface(s), 1200 x 1200 dpi max. B&W resolution, 4 page/min.

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    1 Review
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      12.03.2004 16:44
      Very helpful



      My little old printer will be 6 years old this year and although it’s a little old fashioned compared to most, it stills serves me rather well. It came as part of a package along with my Compaq MV720 computer, hard drive, scanner and web cam from PC World back in 1998, we are not much of computer buffs I’m afraid but I will try and explain it in plain English the best I know how. It will work with most systems, as long as it runs on Windows 3.1 or above and requires 16MB Ram and 10MB hard disk space. From memory it was easy to install, even though my clever sister in law done it all for us because as I said, Craig and I are a bit clueless when it comes to computers. The printer drivers were pre-installed when we got it home and started to put everything together, most computers these days have a selection of printer drivers pre-installed, so it’s fairly easy even by my standards. It does print very slow (4 pages per minute) so it’s probably not ideal for heavy users but I tend not to print too much, except a few years ago when my brother and sister in law married, I had volunteered to print some stationery for them, it took ages and did seem heavy on the printer cartridges, which incidentally cost around £28 for full colour and around £24 for mono (black and white), but normally I would maybe only print around 10-15 sheets per week and a printer cartridge would normally last me 2-3 months, the good thing about it is it tells you when you cartridge is running low, so you will have plenty of notice to get yourself a new cartridge. The cartridges are easy to install, simply lift the flip top lid at the front of the printer and the old cartridge comes along to the middle for ease of removal, simply pull it from the top corner downwards, the cartridge comes off it’s mounting, then simply remove it and to replace you place the base of the new cartridge on the holder and push upwards towards the ba
      ck of holder, it locks in place, simply place the lid back down and computer is alerted that there is a new cartridge installed and prompts you on some simple exercises for alignment, easy as that. It takes any sized paper up to A4, even envelopes, there is an edge guide which is easily adjusted to hold paper in place, paper thickness doesn’t seem to be a problem, I’ve even managed to print on heavy card, although the thinner the paper is, you do tend to lose some of the quality of the print, so the better quality paper is always best to work with, a nicer finish and more professional look. I’ve also managed to scan photo’s and re-produce onto photo paper, it produces a rather good quality image but can be a little expensive to do as it tends to use quite a lot of your printer cartridge and it takes ages. Be careful not to load too much paper into the machine as it will jam and everything stops immediately and lights on printer start flashing on and off, it’s easy to sort, simply remove the paper, re-load a smaller amount of paper and press the re-set button. It weigh’s around 1.8kgs and is rather bulky at just over 37cms wide by 21 cms deep, but it does the lighter user very well, produces good quality colour printing and is easy to maintain, because it’s a colour inkjet printer the images and colours produce sharp text and rich vibrant graphics that most will be pleased with especially for a budget printer. I would imagine you would be able to pick one of these up fairly cheaply now, perhaps around £30, have a look out at car boot sales and perhaps even ebay, you never know you may find a bargain. A nice simple printer for nice simple people, well it suits me then. Thanks for reading, take care, Heather :o)


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