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Epson Expression Home XP-305

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    6 Reviews
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      06.06.2013 17:35



      Good printer until problems occured after a week.

      I purchased this printer as a replacement for my other Epson printer which has basically had its day. At first I was quite impressed with it. Firstly I got it for an affordable £45 a reduction of about £15 and when I got it set up, which was not difficult, the colour prints I produced were good quality and the speed was a lot faster than my previous printer. So everything was great.
      Then after about a week it started producing inferior quality prints. First the colour prints I was producing were coming out with a black ink mark at the end of each page. This then ruins the whole print so all that coloured ink had gone to waste. I then also noticed that there was a faint indentation running through the print. I first thought that it may have been the photo paper I was using so I tried a separate pack of paper. But it was still producing this line throughout.
      Luckily it happened early on in the life of the printer so I was able to return it. I took it back to the shop I purchased it from, Argos, and fair play they refunded my money with no questions asked. I could have had a replacement but decided to get a cheaper printer which does the job just as good and was £12 cheaper.
      I never got round to using the scanner option on this printer so I cannot comment on that part of the printer. This printer also has a Wi-Fi option which I have heard has caused problems in setting up. Personally I never got round to setting this up.
      I am not sure whether this is a problem which occurs with all this make and model of printer or if it was a one off. For the price it was reasonable value for money although there are other Epson printers around which will do the job just as good but are far cheaper.


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      22.04.2013 06:23



      I really never recomend it to any one it takes ages to print and copy. Please do not waste ur money on it


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      16.04.2013 07:23



      an ok printer, but nothing spectacular and let down by build quality

      As a professional photographer I am used to seeing printers that cost £100's, even £1000's. Huge 60" wide roll based printers- so seeing a teeny tiny desktop printer/scanner for under £40 is a bit strange.

      I got it just to print documents, and it does that task adequately, but it's clear that it's a budget product. For a start it's incredible noisy, making a right racket and I can't find any sort of 'night mode'.

      Printer speed is average, not too fast nor too slow- 33 pages per minute which should be fast enough for most people.

      Print quality is ok, but I have only tested it with documents on cheaper paper stock, I don't think it will be up to the task of photo printing though, it's just not that kind of device.

      It has wifi- but i've not used this function as it went in place of my old printer that broke so the usb cable was already in place.

      The build quality on the unit is extremely poor (as expected for the price), but the scanner bay cover has already broken off after just 2 weeks of ownership, and the unit creaks dreadfully when touched. It just doesn't inspire confidence.

      I have the black version and it's a fingerprint magnet with glossy plastic covering the entire surface

      It is a very small unit, one of the smallest 'all in ones' i've ever seen

      I am happy with the unit for the price, but since this is just my 'second unit', and I have a much better photo printer and a scanner at hand, i'm not sure the epson would be up to the task for a heavy use office- spend more money and get a better product


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      16.01.2013 08:52
      Very helpful



      Cheap small-footprint 'all-in-one'.


      I feel like I've been keeping you afloat single-handedly.

      Most people with an inkjet printer will have come to the conclusion by now that the low initial price of a printer is really a loss-leader to entrap you into buying the maker's inks at a price, that if calculated on a per litre basis would put it at the very top of the world's most expensive liquids - forget Chanel No. 5 or liquid plutonium (don't try making this at home kiddies), these are just 'tap water' by comparison!

      The only difference here, is that the last HP 'all-in-one' I bought, a C6380 was quite expensive at the time, and sucker that I am, was the second HP that I'd bought in succession, despite its predecessor having also let me down in a spectacular fashion.

      This time HP blotted their copy-book big time by forcing me to assume that a complete set of new inks were needed (Type 364 - people that also write on Ciao may remember them. They were the ones that Ciao sent you free printers to review them on?)

      The new inks at a cost of around £35 were installed, only to be told that they weren't genuine (total bo**ox), and that maybe the print-head needed cleaning. So I cleaned it and got it going after several attempts. However, the inks were by now showing only 75% remaining. Despite not having used it (I have a budget Samsung laser for most monochrome jobs), a month later, it was nagging me to by more inks 'soon'. Talking to another '364 user' it seems there are at least two of us who suspect that this stuff evaporates at an alarming rate whether you use it or not.

      Annoyingly, it just made it past the end of the 3-year warranty before playing up, so what a waste of money that was!


      Vowing not to touch another HP printer in this next Mayan calendar, I set out to buy just about the cheapest 'all-in-one' I could, provided that it was from a name I knew, but which wasn't HP (or Kodak for that matter, who have the receivers in).

      In our nearest large Tesco, I noticed the Epson Expression XP-305, heavily reduced now to £44.50. Standing in the car-park to get a signal, I browsed the web for reviews and the costs of inks on my smart phone, and went back in and bought one!


      It's a lot smaller than its predecessor, having a footprint of about 39 centimetres wide and 30 deep. Like my Samsung laser, it's gloss black, which is good in one respect as all my other kit is too, but that now means that it's ALL a dust and fingerprint magnet. There's a neat fold-out control panel at the front which sits propped at about 45 degrees making its LCD display quite easy to read.. It's a rear-loader, so only paper that has already been printed on is catered for at the front with a fold-down ramp, which if I'm honest feels a tad flimsy, but then I just have to keep saying '£44.50' to myself to see why. New paper feeds in at the back on a slant, so unlike the HP offering it only has to bend through less than 90 degrees, not 180! This stuff matters if you print on stout papers or even card. If using scrap, at least it's easy to see which side is going to get printed on, i.e. the same as is showing in the tray. The HP made you think about it first.


      This is where I'm less happy with my purchase. You get a quick-start broadsheet fold-out and a CD-ROM. The actual instruction manual carries only carries operating and troubleshooting details, nothing to help with the set-up.

      The main problem is that as soon as I inserted the CD-ROM and started clicking a few buttons, it discovered that there was a newer version and rushed of to the web to update itself. After this, it seems to bear no resemblance to the 'idiot proof' step-by-step quick-start guide.

      For instance, I was none the wiser as to whether the printer should be plugged in, in advance, or not.

      One advantage of actually having a physical USB connection is that the printer also had its firmware updated. Had the process waited until wi-fi was set up, it would have come at a more inopportune moment in the process I'll wager.

      There's also a confusing array of web-based services, like the ability to give the printer an e-mail address at the Epson server so that it can be printed to remotely, and by remotely I mean from anywhere in the world!

      Likewise, another Epson add-on is called E-Web Print, which despite sounding like the last facility is only a browser add-on to help with printing out web-pages which works with any other printers you have installed too.

      In the end, I uninstalled the printer and software and started again with the CD-ROM, this time with no physical connection to the printer, but with the wi-fi link already set-up. Curiously, this time it all went well and I managed not to install any of the web-based services on offer - I really can't see any application for being able to send to printer from anywhere in the world, besides which, it's set to time out when not used for a length of time.

      Home networking is a different matter. If you want to use this printer as a (home) network printer, you've two alternatives. Use the USB lead and leave your PC running, or use the wi-fi and leave only your router running. I bloody hate being dependant on wi-fi and at least the HP printer had an Ethernet socket as well.

      In the end, I've decided to give it a second chance, leaving it using wi-fi until it blots its copybook, after which, I'll learn my lesson and stick to 'Strictly Come USB'


      Like most printers, this one comes with a 'set-up only' set of ink cartridges. It's a 4-ink job, with separate cartridges for black, cyan, yellow and magenta. At least it doesn't need a fifth 'Photo Black' too like the HP.

      By shopping around and pre-ordering, i.e. not waiting till I'm desperate to print something, I've got the price of genuine inks down to about £21 a set, and more for the XL-sized cartridges, but I'm waiting to see if the inks in these spirit themselves away even when not being used before making any grand gestures like buying the 'big ones'. Also, the larger sized cartridges aren't a price economy at £42 a throw, since they merely hold twice as much ink. I'll leave the purchase of 'compatible refills' till after the warranty expires, which should then effectively halve the price of printing.

      My first impressions of its printing abilities were a bit of a mixed bag. Plain paper colour comes out just as expected, but printing on photo papers needs a bit of thought. Not actually having any Epson paper yet, I had to make my best guess as to which HP paper best fitted the descriptions used in print set-up. In the case of a post-card sized print of a friend of mine taken whilst taking part in Bargain Hunt, the result was just fine, but stepping up to an A4 print on glossy paper gave me a hideous result, with a sort of spackled finish like someone had used Hammerite paint. I assume that this is because the paper I was using was way too glossy and non-absorbent, but it serves as a warning especially when you see just how much your ink capacity has taken a dive on one A4 print.

      To be honest, it ability to print photos is neither here nor there as I much prefer to upload my files to Photobox or similar and let them print my work onto 'proper' photographic paper which is much more colourfast, and if you have more than one print that needs enlarging, it's probably also cheaper.

      Scanning works just fine, and colour photocopies are excellent, so good in fact that I scan/copied the test print page, and showed the result to my wife. She found it difficult to tell them apart.

      There's a card-reader slot primarily for SD cards and their smaller cousins by way of an adapter. However, because I have one of those 'intelligent' ganged mains adapters that turn everything off when the PC is shut down, the printer always needs to be switched on again manually at boot-up. This leads to an annoying fault report from the PC that the drive could not be connected. Well, it would wouldn't it?

      All in all, I'm pretty happy with my purchase, even if it was something I was forced into by the sheer unreliability of its predecessor. Needless to say, this time I didn't take out an extended warranty!


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      12.12.2012 12:21
      Very helpful



      Ideal for home use

      This latest offering from is one in a series of small all in one inkjets suitable for home use.
      The all in one term means it can be used as a printer, scanner and photocopier.
      Also this item offer a Wifi connection to eliminate the need for yet another wire poking out of the back of your PC and the ability to use in conjuntion with a smartphone, tablet etc. you can also e-mail documents and photos directly to the printer, and insert your SD card and follow the instructions on the LCD panel..
      I found the set up instructions easy to follow and the printer was set up and ready to go 20 mins after taking out of the box.
      Very impressive was the small footprint this printer takes up on a desk.
      I thought I may have problems with the Wi-fi set up but this was configured automatically after installing the set up software. There is USB connection for those who prefer hard wiring.
      Doing a few test prints, from my own photos the printer was shown to be capable of producing good to very good reults without the need to re-edit the photos, printing in greyscale was crisp and well toned.
      With a printing resolution of 5,760x1,440 dpi any decent resolution photo should print at an exceptable standard.
      An A4 or 10x8 photo takes less than a minute to print and banding is minimal, colour rendition is good and contrast constant throughout.
      With a claimed speed of 33 pages per min for plain text the printer will churn out your reports etc at a reasonable speed, without setting the desk on fire.
      As the printer uses individual ink cartridges you only need to replace the colour used, so you do not waste as much ink as the multi colour ink cartridges.
      On the subject of ink, my personal bugbear is the price of the refills.
      This unit uses the 18 series refills, eairily identified by a picture of a daisy on the box.
      The original epsons refills come in at about £9 for black and £7 for each of the three colours totaling £30 for a full set, almost as much as the cost of the printer!
      Depending on what you want to use the printer for, cheaper third party inks are availible but if you are looking for archival photo quality it is better using original epson ink
      You could always keep two sets, third party for gereral use and keep the originals for your treasured photos.
      The software provided is easy to install and use and is quite intuative.
      An 'all in one' is never going to replace three seperate units for quality but this latest offering does a very good job in combining three office machines in one small footprint, ideal for home office use.


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      14.11.2012 11:45
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Epson all in one printer.

      Choosing/Buying a Printer
      = = = = = = = = = = = =
      We needed a new printer at home, and seeing as my parents Kodak one had decided to pack in for the 2nd time in the past year I decided I would buy them a new printer as an early Christmas present. I had already decided that I definitely wasn't going to get a Kodak printer after such bad experience with the printer and the customer service team at Kodak. One evening we went to our local Curry's/PC World store to see what range of printers they had. We decided to go here as we could also see the printers and see how they worked and what size there were as well. I always prefer looking at products before buying them you so can get a good idea of what you are actually buying. They had a good range of printers available mainly Epson, with a few Canon and Kodak one's which happened to be on offer, how-ever I refused point blankly to get a Kodak one, especially after the sales assistant in the shop informed us that he had received many complaints about Kodak printers over the last few days. The Epson printer caught my eye due to the small, sleek design of the printer and how compact and small it looked. My parents wanted an all in one printer as my dad often uses it for printing, scanning or copying documents for work. My dad also decided that he wanted a printer where he could insert the memory card from his camera so printing off pictures would be much easier. After spending approximately 15 minutes in the shop and looking at the price of cartridges for the printer IO purchased this printer for them along with a 3 year cover.

      The Printer
      = = = = = =
      The printer is an all in one printer which includes a printer, scanner and copier with an LCD screen. The printer is black in colour and made by Epson whom make a large range of printers and other computer accessories. The printer can be used wirelessly or with a cable and can also be used for mobile printing or e-mail printing. This particular printer is one of Epson's smallest ever all in one printer and offers cost effective printing for home users who wanted the added benefit of Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD screen and mobile printing. You can print photos and documents wirelessly from tablet PC's and smart phones or you can print for anywhere else in the world simply by sending photo's or documents to directly to the printer to print. The printer has individual coloured cartridges which means you only eve need to replace the colour used, meaning it saves you money. The design on the printer is very nice and sleek looking in a matte black colour with a shinier black surface used on the lid which lifts to reveal the scanner. There is a memory card slot on the left hand side which takes SD memory cards. There is a small panel on the front of the printer which is the on/off button, home button, directional buttons and a stop and start button. Most of the buttons are self-explanatory; how-ever you can look in the book which comes with the printer if you are unsure of what these buttons do. There is a small LCD screen on the panel which measure 3.6cm; this is the perfect size for viewing photos when printing them off. The new Claria Home ink for this printer is ideal for affordable, reliable printing which produces crisp, clear text documents as well as glossy, lab-quality photos. The printer is mainly used for printing off documents but is occasionally used for printing off photographs as well so were pleased this this would apparently print crisp pictures.

      = = = = = = = =
      I purchased the printer from my local Curry's/PC World store for £59.99, which is good value considering the RRP should be £79.99. The three year cover (approximately £11) which comes with the printer means if the printer goes wrong or becomes faulty it will replaced free of charge with a new printer. The replacement cartridges work out about £12.99 each, how-ever you can also buy the cartridges in a multi-pack for approximately £45 which includes all 3 main colours as well as the black. The replacement cartridges are Daisy T18 which is also available in XL sizes which cost slightly more money, but this does means the cartridges will last longer and will print more.

      Setting up the Printer
      = = = = = = = = = = =
      In the box with the printer should be a leaflet which unfolds to A3 size which tells you how to set up the printer. There should also be a sealed small bag which contains an installation disc as well as a booklet about the printer and what to do if any problems occur when using the product. There should also be a power cable with the printer as well. Please note that it does not come with a USB cable so if you decide not to use this wirelessly you will need to purchase one of these. We actually had one of these from the old Kodak printer so we didn't need to purchase one. We weren't intending to use the printer wirelessly just yet. The printer was packed well in a box with polystyrene to protect it from getting damaged. At first we couldn't find the power cable for the printer, how-ever this was inside the printer where the paper comes out. This was a little awkward to get out and took a good few minutes to take it out carefully to avoid breaking anything on the printer. There is also some blue tape on the printer holding some of the doors down.All the tape and pieces of polysterene need to be removed before plugging the printer in. There is also a pack of cartridges which comes with the printer. The printer was very easy to set up following all the instructions on the pull out leaflet included in the box. During this process we learnt how to install the cartridges and initialize the printer. The cartridges which come with the printer only have enough ink to print off about 80 sheets of paper and then you will need to purchase new ones. When you open the lid to install the cartridges there are colour codes on the printer tray which shows you where to put the corresponding cartridge in place. Once this has done you can then plug the USB cable into the printer where it may or may not install drivers onto your computer. At this point we put the disc that came with the printer into the computer to install. You have the option of what items you would like to install onto your computer. There are various different things such as a user manual, which we chose not to put on. Once the selected programmes have been chosen and they have finished installing you then get the chance to register your product with Epson which takes just a few minutes. We chose to do this as it also put's your name into a prize draw to win the money back from the printer you have just purchased. I actually made my mum do most of this so she could learn a bit more about the printer and how to install the cartridges, etc. as she would be using it more than me. The whole process of setting up the printer and registering the product took approximately 5-8 minutes.

      Scanning Documents
      = = = = = = = = = = =
      The scanner can fit upto an A4 document on to scan. To scan a document simply use the directional buttons on the front panel. Simply use the right arrow to select scan and then press ok. You will then need to select which device to send the scanned picture to which in this case is the PC via USB cable. After you have chosen the appropriate selections simply press the green button on the scanner to start scanning the document. A small screen will pop up on your PC screen to say how long the scanning process will take. I actually scanned a DVD insert cover to see how well it scanned due to all the bright colours on the cover. Scanning the cover took slightly longer than it would to scan a simple document, how-ever the scanner was very quiet when scanning, compared to our previous Kodak printer. The image appeared on the screen after it had scanned looking bright and sharp. The colours were fantastic. When you scan a document it automatically saves to 'My Pictures', but you do have the option to change this if you wish. I could then print the document or save it to print off later.

      Copying Documents
      = = = = = = = = = =
      You can copy document or photos very easily. Simply lift the lid to the scanner and place the item face down onto the glass. Ensure that the item is in the bottom right hand corner and then simply select the copy option using the directional buttons on the panel of the printer. You can go into the settings and change the density and quantity of the copies if you wish. You can also choose to enlarge the item or make it smaller. Simply press the green start button when you are ready to copy the document or photo. We have only used the copier once since purchasing it. Depending on how detailed the document or photo is depends on how long it will take to copy, it takes just a few minutes to copy the document or photo.

      Printing Photo's
      = = = = = = = =
      You can choose whether to print photos from a memory card which fits into your camera or from a picture already on your computer. For some memory cards you will need to purchase an adaptor so it fits into the slot in the front of the printer. When you insert the memory card a small green light will appear, don't force the card into the slot. On the panel on the front of the printer you need to select Print Photo's which is the camera picture. You can then go through the photo's using the left and right button to look for the photo you want to print. The pictures appear on the small LCD screen. If you want more than one copy of a photo you can simply press the up button to select more copies. When you have chosen the photo simply press ok, choose the paper size and then press the green button to start printing. You can also choose whether to have a border around the image or not. At any time if you need to stop the printing you can press the red button on the panel. The photo paper is very easy to load into the back of the printer. I had some Kodak glossy photo paper, so I used this to print my chosen photo out. When the picture starts to print you will see that a small box appears on the screen this show you the progress of the printing and you can also see the ink levels in the printer as well. The printer wasn't very loud when printing and the photo came out looking fantastic and just as good as it would if I had gone to boots to print a photo out. The photo was crisp and clear and the colours were fantastic.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      The printer is very small and compact which was a reason for buying this particular printer. It also has the memory card slot in the front of the printer which is what my dad wanted so he could put his memory card in and print photo's straight from that. The LCD screen on the panel is a nice size and is very clear when you are looking through photos on your memory card. The printer was very simple and easy to set up and didn't take long. I can't comment on using the printer wirelessly as we have only used it with a cable, how-ever from reading the instructions on the manual it sounds and look fairly simple. Although the manual that comes with the printer doesn't go into too much detail it gives you basic information on how to Scan, Copy and Print Photo's. These are represented in the manual as pictures and writing in a range of different languages. In the manual it also tells you how to replace the ink cartridges, sort out a paper jam and there is other information if you are having other issues with the printer. As of yet we have had no problems with the printer so haven't needed to look up this information in the manual. The print quality is fantastic, especially when printing photo's on glossy photo paper. The photos appear crisp without any blurry lines or edges. My mum isn't very good with using the latest technology; how-ever she can use the printer really well and finds it really easy to use. At the moment I haven't actually found any downsides to this product as nothing has yet failed or gone wrong with it. In terms of value I think the printer is good quality and reasonable value when comparing it to other available printers. The cartridges can be purchased from other places for a slightly cheaper price, how-ever for the best print quality it's best to use Epson cartridges and not other cheaper makes or brands. The disc that comes with the printer does install an Epson programme on your computer which allows you to edit, re-size and take red eyes out of pictures before printing them. I have used this a few times when printing photo's but it's not my preferred programme. Overall this is a brilliant printer and one that I hope will last a lot longer than our previous Kodak one!

      Technical Information:
      = = = = = = = = = = =
      * Print Technology - Inkjet
      * Print Resolution - 5,760 x 1,440 dpi
      * Formats - A4, A5, A6, B5, C6 (Envelope), DL (Envelope), No. 10 (Envelope), Letter Legal, 9 x 13 cm, 10 x 15 cm, 13 x 18 cm, 13 x 20 cm, 20 x 25 cm, 100 x 148 mm, 16:9
      * Speed (ppm or sec) - B&W: up to 33 ppm, Colour: up to 15 ppm, Per 10 x 15 photo: approx. 38 Seconds
      * Scanner Resolution - 1,200 x 2,400 dpi
      * Format - A4
      * Compatible Memory Cards - Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick, Micro M2, Magic Gate Memory Stick Duo, SD, SDHC, Micro SD, MicroSDHC. For all other cards you will need to purchase an adaptor.
      * Computer Interface - USB 2.0 Type B, Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
      * System Requirements - Windows 7/Vista/XP/XPx64, Mac OS 10.5.8 or later
      * Dimensions - 145 x 390 x 300 mm
      * Weight - 4.2kg

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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