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HP Deskjet 3000

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2012 16:44
      Very helpful



      no I will never need suduku grids!

      This is currently one of the cheapest inkjet printers around and can currently be bought for £40 pounds online. We paid £55.00 for our printer which I still think is quite a reasonable price to pay. The reason why we bought the printer was because our old one had given up on us and we like to print coupons and vouchers out as well making the odd poster and printing documents. We occasionally print photographs too but recently we have found that we tend to just display our pictures in digital frames rather than have a bundle of physical copies. For this reason, we could not justify spending a fortune on an all singing all dancing printer as a cheap standard printer would be able to perform all the the basic functions we need it for.

      Indeed this printer does the job, it is probably an excellent printer for school children so that they can print off their assignments and for someone such as myself who loves to print off tonnes of restaurant vouchers and coupons. There is nothing wrong a bit of thriftiness!

      ==Price and availability==

      You can currently buy the printer for £39.99 from online stores and we paid £55.00 from Curry's.


      The outer casing of the printer is black which it gives it a very modern contemporary appearance. It is curvaceous and smooth and these add to its sleek look. The black finish is sturdy and the whole thing has a firm, strong feel to that. Cheap printers are often very flimsy and poorly constructed. This one really feels like it is built to last or at least last longer than the last (wow look at the alliteration here!) The only downsize to the construction of the printer is that the paper tray will only hold around 60 sheets of A4. Anymore than this and I'm sure it will snap. It is a tad flimsy compared to the rest of the machine and a bit of a disappointment.

      The controls for the machine are at the left hand size and there is a thoroughly modern LCD panel that informs you of the function and ink levels for example. This LCD screen is great if you are stood above the printer but it is completely unreadable if you are stood a few meters away; you literally have to be on top of the printer to read it! There is a memory card slot so you can print directly from a memory card rather than the computer.

      The printer can connect via USB or WIFI. Hurray, I love WIFI and it is really easy to do, all you need to do hit a button and the machine tells you how strong the connection is. At the side of the printer panel there is a quick forms button that opens a mini office suite where you can print out calendars, graph and manuscript paper without the computer even on. Boy you can even print out Soduku paper, how useful is this going to be. I can really live without this feature and think that it is completely pointless.

      ==Print quality==

      After running the test sheets, I think I have finally found the best possible results for my printer. On the whole the printer is fine, when printing text the lines are sharp, black is black and there are no lines runnnig though it or bits missing. When printing colour; for example a poster that involves words and pictures, the quality is also quite good. There are no streaks or lines and the colours are as you would expect, not really bright but average enough for a poster. When printing a photograph with the quality setting turned up high on the computer the colours seem just a tad too dark and the ink seems to saturate the paper too much. This is the quality I would expect from a printer of this price, the images it produces are ok but even when using top quality photo paper, they seem a bit dark and I would not be displaying any of the around my house. Also if you are printing photographs, it takes around three minute for it to spit the photo out which I think is quite a long time and was expecting it to be a lot quicker. An average document takes 40 seconds so on the whole it is very slow.

      For making leaflets, posters or the odd picture it is fine but do not expect it to print high quality photographs as it really can't!


      So I bought a budget printer but this comes at a price as the cost of printing is extraordinarily high! A black and white document will cost about 4p a sheet and a coloured document will cost about £7.5 p. There are only two cartridges you need to buy; a black and a colour one and these cost around £23.00 - £30.00 each.


      This machine is fine for us as we do not use it that much. I would not want to be spending all the extra money on cartridges that do not last very long and would probably say that a cheap printer such as this is false economy really. Had I known how expensive it is to run, I may have chosen another one.
      Would I recommend it? If you do not want to do much printing then yes, if you will be using it a lot, then no!


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