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HP Deskjet 5552

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4 Reviews
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    4 Reviews
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      09.07.2012 16:12


      • Reliability


      Great printer which is still supported today!

      This printer is basic compared to ones out now aways but it does what it says and keeps doing it!
      I think i've had mine for maybe 10 years and it's still going strong originally i think it was around £60 from PC world.

      Uses up to 2 cartridges 1 black and white and 1 colour although it will run with only 1 and the ink lasts a fairly long time. For the colour you have a choice of 2 cartridges photo and the normal tri-colour.

      Pretty bulky compared to newer ones but everything is well built.

      Ease of use:
      Has only 3 buttons
      #1 Cancel print
      #2 Continue (AFter it ran out of paper and you changed it)
      #3 On/Off
      and automatically switches off after x amount of minutes inactive which helps save electric and stops the ink drying up.

      Single or double sided printing up to A4 including envelopes and card.
      2 sided printing is achievable with additional purchase of hardware (duplexer).

      Changing cartridges:
      Changing the cartridges is as easy. Lift the lid up and the cartridges slide across on a bar, lift up a clip and cartridge can be taken out and changed. Once you put the new one in, shut the clip and shut the lid and it takes just a few seconds to prime and your good to go.

      From windows 7 the printer drivers are built into the operating system so literally is plug and play! Although you may want to install the CD to take advantage of the full features of this printer including cleaning the heads and alignment.

      Sometimes it grabs a wad of paper and tries to send it all through the printer and like most printers sometimes suffers from jams but the advantage of this printer is a hatch on the back which comes off (For the double sided attachment) which helps unblock it.


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      01.07.2010 19:06
      Very helpful



      A good printer for occasional, long lasting use

      ** My Experience **

      I have had this printer for years and it was fairly cheap to buy. I can't remember the exact price but I think it was around £30-£40.

      It prints well and can either print in black or in colour. The speed at which it prints is fast and efficient. It also has a clear display on the right hand side which indicates if there is a problem with your printer. The first light flashes if you need to change the ink and the second light flashes of you have a paper jam - both problems are easy to fix and the manual talks you through them if you are not very confident with technology.

      The ink for this printer is quite expensive to buy - around £20 for black ink and around £35 for coloured. I have also found that the ink does not seem to last that long - it may just be the volume of things that I am printing (I am a teacher and am constantly printing things off) but it seems to last roughly a month.

      I have had my printer for a number of years and it is now starting to make the most horrendous sound when it is printing. I think this is probably because of its age and I can't really complain because it has been reliable for many many years.

      ** Technical Information **

      Bluetooth: No
      Borderless Printing: No
      Disc Printing Function: No
      Ethernet: No
      Feed: Sheetfeed Only
      Gdi: No
      Graphic Device Interface (GDI): No
      Graphical Device Interface (GDI): No
      LCD Display: No
      MAX. PRINT FORMAT: 12' (30 CM) A4
      Maximum Output Format: 12 Inch (30 cm) A4
      Maximum Print Format: 12 Inch (30 cm) A4
      Maximum paper size: Greater than A4
      Memory Card Slot: No
      Memory Card/Stick Slot: no
      Mobile Printer: No
      Multifunctional: no
      Number of Colours (incl. Black): 4
      Number of Prints per Minute in Black & White: 17
      Pages per minute in colour: 12
      Photo Memory Card Slot: no
      Photo Printer: No
      Photo Printer Type: No
      PictBridge: No
      Portable Printer: No
      Postscript: No
      Power Supply: Mains
      Print Technology: Inkjet
      USB: Yes
      USB Interface: Yes
      Wireless LAN: No

      ** Price **

      Most high street retailers now stock a newer version of this product. However, you can pick one of these printers up online from one of the auction sites for a very reasonable price - around £10-£20.


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      09.06.2010 23:18
      Very helpful



      Still a decent printer for everyday needs

      I know this not exactly the most up to date or sophisticated inkjet printer around but i've had it for quite a few years now and its been reliable throughout and has easily fulfilled my needs.

      The installation of the software was easy, with just a few clicks needed to install the driver and software on XP.

      It has four different qualities of printing, although when printing using 'best' quality it can be very slow but produces a decent quality document. It also detects what type of paper is being used (eg glossy or matt).

      Like the other reviewer of this product said occasionally it will take more than one sheet in so you often find your work is printed across a couple of sheets of paper.

      It is also a bit big and clumsy so probably not too good if you have limited space but overall I still find this printer good for my everyday needs.


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      21.12.2005 18:21
      Very helpful



      A quick long lasting printer, though a bit large and noisy

      I've had this printer a couple of years now. Its been reliable throughout and has easily fulfilled my needs. This length of time of about 3 years is the longest a printer has lasted me.

      Installation was nice and simple. Its connected to the computer by a USB cable (although a normal printer cable can be used) and was recognised as plug and play, however I installed the software that came with it for use of changing printing standards, test prints etc. The installation of the software was easy, with you just needing to click next and follow the on screen instructions

      Its four different standards of printing allow you to choose the type of print you want, compromising between quality and speed. At best quality the printer really does well and although the printing is slow, the quality is very and ideal for holiday pictures. On glossy paper, they come to life.
      At lowest quality, its still ok for general use (such as some internet documents) and is a lot quicker. I keep it on the standard called ‘everyday’ which although isn’t the fastest, especially compared to some other printers, is still quite quick whilst giving a good quality – Good enough to hand in for coursework etc.

      This printer is quite versatile, so is useful for use within a family and printing documents for school, work, or just those to be used for reference around the house. The replacement cartridges aren’t too expensive either and last a while, meaning if your kids get print happy it shouldn’t break the bank!

      I’ve only used HP's ink cartridge replacements and have no problems with bleeding inks or alignment. I use the printer often, printing items off the internet, college work, a few posters and the occasional photo, and still only have to replace it once every few moths.
      The printer holds two ink cartridges which is black and colour or photo. Replacing them is quite easy as you open up the main pat of the printer, open the flap of the required in cartridge, pull out the old one (which can be a bit stiff), then push in the new one into the space. The official HP replacements come with a pre paid envelope inside for sending off old cartridges for recycling.

      The paper feed is ok but is one of the only problems I've had. Occasionally it will take more than one sheet in so you often find your work is printed across a couple of sheets of paper. Also very occasionally it brings up the on screen message of paper jam for no reason. I have also found that it doesn’t always feed the paper through completely straight, even when it is aligned straight in the bottom tray, making some print outs slightly skew. The envelope feed works fine and keeps the envelopes straight for address printing.

      Above the paper input tray, there is an output tray where printed documents are collected, with a flap that folds out to prevent documents from sliding out. I have found when printing at the quickest speed, the printer almost throws the document out when its finished printing and pages have occasionally gone over this flap onto the floor, so aren’t collected as required.

      I use it through USB and it appears to have a good printing memory allowing for quick printouts. I have found there is however a slight delay when printing a lot of photos in one go (which may be expected), or large PDFs.

      When printing the printer can be quite noisy, more so on the quicker speeds and has a tendency to shake a lot, so needs to me on a secure surface or the whole lot seems to move. It detects the type of paper being inputted which is good for when using glossy or coloured paper.

      Its a bit large on physical size, but something else like a scanner or speakers could easily be placed on top and just moved when the cartridge needs replacing. The large physical size is mainly due to the paper feed being horizontal (paper tray positioned under), rather than vertical.



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