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HP Deskjet 6980

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    1 Review
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      04.08.2008 16:13
      Very helpful



      HP Deskjet Guide

      - DooYoo Review - 04/08/08
      - Titled: HPPY HPPY Printing!!!
      -Hewlett and Packard > The HP empire -

      The HP empire - In the beginning the company was unfocused, working on a wide range of electronic products for industry and even agriculture for products to help with US growth coming out of the deep depression. HP soon set their sites purely on high-quality electronic tests that were to shape the new comings of the electronic age. Intially it was measurement equipment. The pairs methodology in solving problems were even evident when their partnership was formalised on January 1, 1939 with a then hefty investment of US $538.00. Hewlett and Packard tossed a coin to decide whether the company they founded would be called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett. Packard won the coin toss but named their electronics manufacturing enterprise the "Hewlett-Packard Company"; a birth of an computer empire was born, HP is still bigger than Dell as from December 2006.
      -------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------

      The URL's link for Hewlett and Packard is:
      -www.hp.co.uk -- www.hp.com-
      ------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------
      -Welcome to the HP Deskjet Printer series-

      For me the HP Deskjet printer is the laptops friend -- reason being is due purely on it's slimline weight distribution of 2.2 Kg; very different to many of HP earlier weightier models. Perfect for any work and travel scenario's, that seems so evident in our modern work lifstyles. The DeskJet has the capability to change from MT (Mobile Technologies) dealing with 3G -- 3.5G MT and Bluetooth data including digital camera data and then back to Laptop and USB/Cable PC/Mac. The three main modes for collecting data and printing information off. This printer reminds me of an 'one man band' except in digital data. It is no All in One' printer /scanner/fax, system that stays in one corner of the office never to be moved. The DeskJet is one for the road, versatile slick and easy to handle.

      -HP Deskjet's functionality-

      This printer is ideal, for any 1 - 8 employee business -- that is compliant with laptop/PC/Digital Media. It is not to be used as a mass production machine for a huge print run. It is limited to the size format and quantity of prints. A4 is the standard maximum size, envelopes and A5/A6 print runs is marked out on the papertray. The maximum amount of paper is 500 sheets at one time. The general print quality is excellent and is true to life regarding to colours and to the actual digital image and has a great text recognition mechanism while printing, earlier models have fallen short on print quality regarding the selected text. stematically prints out campaigns for mail-shots, small advertising campaigns, self- help manuals for a production line. This type of printer would be still stretched for mass/extreme print jobs of excess of 5,000 copies at one sitting -- Hence the adjustable batterlife will cut out at 4,000 copies. If you require that extra bit of freedom while on the move, the DeskJet is a great workmate. The main functions of On/Off power button (indicates power) - Ink monitor icon button (indicates whether the ink is running low)- Paper tray button (indicates whether paper is in the printing tray) All 3 work efficiently and is explained in the manual

      -PC/Mac Installations-

      Installation of all printing utility drivers and HP software which is called 'PhotoPrinting' are on the disk provided. The Installation is easy-to-use and does not take more than 7 minutes to install. Mac users are also able to install this printer, so click on the desktop icon when disk is inserted and follow instructions. The HP DeskJet is USB/Cable/Wireless/Bluetooth enabled. Depending on your computer processor speeds you may have to restart your computer for the computer to access the new printer hardware utility. A small printer icon should appear at the foot of your toolbar. This will be activated when prompted.
      Make sure that the black and colour ink cartridges that you are using are compatible with this type of printer brand. A list is evident on all cartridge packages. The packaging will list the HP Deskjet if compatible. Please note that the cartridges will have to be changed or swapped more frequently than a standard printer. The cartridges are on the right of the printer, as you look at it , in the picture provided.

      HINT: For all ink cartridges/refills buy online at Inkclub, or ink.com as the deals are 15% better than the extortionate prices of ink cartridges that you can purchase at a retail shop such as Staples or Officeworld.

      -Paper tray-

      The paper tray is adjustable and can be removed for paper refills. It is aided for A4 sized paper documents and what is very useful to paper size variations - is that it tells you on the A4 paper tray where to put the relevant size paper formats ready for a print run. Very helpful for non wastage due to the fact you do not need to test print a sheet; especially in this increasingly eco - orientated business world. The paper tray is of top quality and certainly is an unique selling point for eco-warriors. However, most importantly the quality of print is superb. No problem with alignment as of other earlier Deskjet models outside the DeskJet series.


      Ideally, with the help of HP's 'Photo-Printing' software such as determining the print resolutions and cropping/editing the inpending print run. The DeskJet is a mobile printer that would be perfect for a professional or an amateur photographer. The DeskJet would be a fantastic answer for 'prints on the move' presentations; just remember to pack your Flash/graphics card, digital camera, or laptop. This product could represent your working team while going mobile. It's versatility is unquestionable especially when it delivers top quality prints everytime. The 4800 dpi X 1200 dpi is still wanting for quality when dealing with hyper specification cameras that show visual qualities of extreme professionalism. Having said that this printer version is close to 98% there. Not bad for an inkjet that works with a twin set of colour and black cartridges.


      Yep, this is a weird phrase when used when collecting data from the PC to the printer. The length of time differs from how big the file is. I have found with this printer that the big file can take quite a while for the actual print job to take place. It can take up to 1 minute from after the prompt. Being quite an impatient person, I have kept on clicking the printing prompt button and found a spooling list dialogue that promptly confused the Deskjet and it can stall the whole process. It is mundane but very important to firstly be patient and if like me are not.... Click onto the toolbar printer icon and open up the printing lists and start cancelling them. Then start again. This is the only small irritation but it is worth a mention.

      -Wi-Fi Mobile Printing versatility and extras-

      The Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity is the most impressive feature on this printer, for mobile data reasons as well as PC/laptop reasons. I've had some great results via my own mobile phone to the DeskJet spooling to the printing. It does not take any-time to process and spooling data is quick and efficient. The biggest advantage is it's weight, or lack of it.

      -My Verdict-
      I have no doubt that the HP Deskjet is a printer for professional individuals and businesses alike. I quite like the fact that doing a small print run while you are on the move.

      The big plus is the price ----- it is an absolute bargain and as always worth shopping around for even a better deal. Pixmania.com is a fine place to start.

      This printer retails at £89.99-- Value for money 8.5/10.

      Thank you for reading this review.


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