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HP Deskjet 9800

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2008 18:39
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      a3 printing printer

      Most printer owners are used to printing onto a4 and smaller sizes of paper, some people might however need a printer that can print onto the large a3 size of paper for whatever needs.
      I guess if you don't need this feature a lot then this printer is kind of wasted on you as you wouldn't use it that much and also its a lot dearer than a normal a4 printer, however if you do want to print off onto a3 size paper and you would use this one a lot, then this printer is a real buy.

      This one has the capability to print onto a3 size paper, this could come in handy for anyone who needs to print large documents, maybe to make some kind of large presentation, or someone who needs to print off large, good quality images.
      All this does come at a price though, and this printer will set you back around £250, which is really dear compared to a decent a4 printer of the same quality. However you have to think, this is a great feature to have, and even if you don't use it as much as a4, you do still have the capability there to print out normal prints too so there is more options out there.
      Also even though this does sound dear, its a lot cheaper than most of its rivals equivalent a3 sized printers.

      This printer is very large, but you would expect it seen as it can print such large documents, however its sheer size doesn't make it look ugly, in fact it looks pretty cool. Its very neat, and very tidy and has a nice rounded design to it. Also its black and white outer shell looks very modern and it also weighs a very hefty 12 kg, which is a lot but makes it seem very robust indeed.
      The input paper tray is located at the bottom of the printer which makes it looks better as you don't always have paper hanging out of the top. It can hold 150 sheets of paper of all different sizes.

      The print speeds for this is amazing, however as the paper sizes go up, so does the print speed and for a full a3 best quality picture it can take quite long.
      For an a4 black text document though, the print speed is a very fast 30 pages a minute which is a lot faster than most printers.
      For a full a3 size picture of best quality though, the time is a quite long 4 or 5 minutes, most printers do take a minute to print off a photo though so the fact that this is a lot larger than an a4 photo means that the time isn't really all that long.
      The pictures quality of this is fantastic, even on the huge a3 prints there's never any running ink, or splotches of colour where the ink heads have messed up a bit. Some of the bad quality pictures printed off don't come off that well though as they are memorized and don't look as good quality, but as long as you've took a good picture it will come off fabulous.

      This is a fantastic printer, however it does cost a lot and therefore probably isn't best for most people. Defiantly if you need to make a lot of large presentations or folder work in a3 size then this is great, and if you enjoy doing art or do it for a living then this is also a fantastic printer to have. It will be out of the price range for many people, and also most people wont ever need to use this either, but its fast, got great print quality and is an all round good printer.


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