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Lexmark Color Jetprinter 43

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2 Reviews
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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2009 21:33
      Very helpful



      Good little printer at a bargain price

      I like Lexmark because they are the everyday people version of IBM - one of those dinosaurs of the printing world. They evolve with the times and create solid products that can handle the workload that you put on them.
      So, when I walked into my local Staples, it was a choice of buying another cartridge for my older Lexmark, which still worked fine but was slow and noisy, or blowing money on a new printer. Ever the cheapie, I opted for the Lexmark Z43 as it only cost me $45 ( £30 approx) more than the ink cartridge for my old machine would have done, and I wanted to stay with a Lexmark.

      They have served me well over the years!
      My husband wanted to go with a laser printer, but I really couldn't justify that expense. So, the Z43 it was. Cheap machine at $99 (about £65), came with black and colour cartridges - I thought I had a bargain! We took it home, unpacked and hooked it up to my computer. Very easy to programme the driver in too.

      I still feel the same way, that I got a bargain - in fact, maybe that I got MORE than what I paid for! This is a no-frills machine, yet it prints clear copies, quickly and efficiently and has done marvellously well on the reprints of old photographs, which I have been doing a lot of recently. I was really surprised - I had expected it to not perform as well as a more expensive machine, but to be honest, I can't see any deficiencies at all.
      When it comes to a solid piece of equipment + reasonable price = Lexmark Z43. If you are looking for a new printer, you really can't go wrong if you choose this machine.

      2400 x 1200 dpi (black and color) on all paper types.
      (That's nearly 40% higher than 2880 x 720 dpi models, apparently)!

      Up to 12 pages per minute black and 6 pages per minute color
      (They say) Accu-Feed(tm) paper handling virtually eliminates paper jams while handling a wide range of paper from envelopes and transparencies to paper stock up to 150 lbs

      Features one-click printer driver software installation, simple cartridge loading and convenient ink level indicators
      And it's both PC/Mac Compatible

      The only complaint I have about this printer is that sometimes, when you hit cancel to stop the print, it just has a mind of its own and carries on printing to the end. I could see this might be a bit of a problem if you were dealing with some kind of a paper jam.


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      19.11.2008 21:55
      Very helpful



      ok printer, but pretty basic

      This ones one of them printers I would describe as a home printer. Its not amazing, but it is good for the simple things most of us want to do with our printers, e.g. print off word documents and maybe even the odd photo too.

      The price of this, depending on where you get it from will be round £20, some coming over a little at about £25 too. This is really very cheap for a printer, and is even cheaper than the ink is on most printers and I bet the ink for this printer is actually more expensive than the printer its self.
      The reason why its this cheap is simple, it doesn't have much, if any features built in. it does do simple things though so if you can live without some special features most printers now have, then maybe the price will persuade you into buying this one.

      In terms of printing speeds, its really not that fast however it depends on how you look at it. Because I test a lot of printers, 12 ppm, (pages per minute) really doesn't seem fast to me. However that does mean about one page of black and white writing every 5 seconds which will seem fast to most people and doesn't seem slow to me, however I know printers that can do a lot better, but are probably a lot more expensive.
      It can also handle 6 pages per minute of colour printing, so that's one page every 10 seconds which is pretty reasonable too.
      The paper is stored in the top of the printer at a 90 degree angle sticking out of the top, this flap that folds out acts as a back rest to keep the paper in place and can fold away when there's no paper in the printer so that its easier for storing.
      This paper feeder can hold 100 sheets of paper which is around the average amount.

      The actual print quality Is defiantly above average, and noting that this is a cheap printer is amazing.
      The black text printed over this really looks like it stands out from the page and is really sharp and clear to read.
      The photos printed on normal paper appear of quite good quality however sometimes there was lines in the photos if they were too bright or dark.
      When printing onto photo paper, (glossy paper), the print results were a lot different. They were really good quality and I had no problems with lines or ink splotches anywhere on the page.
      Altogether this is a great printer, which is really cheap and Is defiantly a steal.
      However the features or should I say, the lack of features this printer has really is a turn off for me and probably a lot of people too.
      Also it doesn't look that great, just like an ordinary and quite boring printer.
      But if you can get over the downsides of this printer and just need something cheap for simple home printing then this is a great one to have.


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