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    1 Review
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      09.10.2012 22:20
      Very helpful



      I'm happy for the price I paid, if a little annoyed by the wasted cartridge

      Lexmark Z1410 Printer

      I got this printer around 4 years ago in Tesco. I didn't have a printer at the time as I only ever really printed things occasionally such as flight tickets.
      I had just started a college course when I spotted this for under £30, it was a strange price like £27.59 or something but I can't remember the exact amount.
      The printer comes with a 1 year warranty.

      I thought this was a great price, especially considering it would cost more than this to replace the cartridges so it was worth it for the ink alone.

      I got the printer home and found a shelf for it to sit in most of the time, the top and bottom trays both fold and slide in and it is not very tall so it was quite easy to store. The measurements are around 46cm x 20cm x 12cm. It weighs around 2.6 kg and was easy for me to carry alone. The printer was well packaged with polystyrene to stop it getting banged around.
      It was easy to install the printer using the disc given, it also came with some photo editing software which I never used. I was pleased to find out that the printer could be used with a USB cable or wirelessly which was also easy to set up and very handy with a laptop as I could print things off from another room and there were less cables messing the place up.

      There is a colour cartridge containing magenta, cyan and yellow colours along with a black cartridge. The cartridges are easy to load and remove by flipping open a lid on top of the printer which has no fiddly catches or sliders and just flips open, the cartridges lasted me quite a lot of printing.

      The paper tray at the top holds a good chunk of paper and the edges can be moved for feeding in smaller sheets. I mainly used A4 paper, on rare occasions smaller paper without issues. The only thing I did find was that the paper would only go in really straight if you had quite a lot of sheets in the top, and putting in only a couple of sheets they would wobble around and not go in straight. On a couple of occasions the paper jammed, with only one or 2 sheets rather than a pile but it was easy to remove and start again.
      Personally, I was mainly printing off pages and pages of text, with a couple of pictures and diagrams. I didn't need or want a high quality printer for photographs or anything like that and I was very happy with the printing speed and quality.
      The printer can print up to 22 pages in a minute when using just black ink. I was mainly only printing off a couple of pages at a time so I never tested this out but I was more than happy with the speed, even with pages with coloured pictures in.

      Once or twice, I printed some photographs and was happy with the results, they were clear if not the best I've ever seen. There is an option to use a 6 colour cartridge for photo printing which I didn't try.

      So I was happily printing away, a couple of pages each day and had no issues at all for the 9 months I was in college. The printer was then ignored on a shelf for a few weeks until I went to print off some boarding passes, this was fine until the last page when printing stopped and a message appeared on my laptop telling me that the colour cartridge was missing.
      I then printed it over again in black ink and everything was fine so I assumed the colour cartridge must be empty or have dried up through not being used.
      As I wasn't using the printer much any more I decided not to replace the colour cartridge immediately - oops! I then saw the colour cartridge for this printer on offer one day and bought it, when I put it into the printer the same message kept appearing saying that the colour cartridge was missing. I read the manual, searched online, tried test pages and everything I could think of and still to this day my cartridge is apparently missing.
      By the time I bought a colour cartridge the 1 year warranty was up, and the new cartridge wasted.
      The printer still prints black, I refill the cartridges which works most of the time, the print quality with the refill isn't as good but is satisfactory for my needs and I don't really want to buy a new black cartridge in case this one decides to join the colour one on the missing list.

      Overall I would say that this printer was fantastic for the price I got it at as it was perfect for the first 9 months, it was definitely worth the money as it would have cost me more than the cost of the printer to replace the cartridges. For this reason I have no interest in trying to get the printer repaired as it's just not worth it. I am just waiting until I spot another bargain printer until this one is sent into retirement.


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