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Belkin WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad

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    3 Reviews
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      25.02.2011 19:57
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      excellent to use as a substitute mousepad if you suffer from repetitive strain injury

      I received the Belkin Gel Mousepad for my birthday a couple of years ago. I do a lot of work on computers and I am always trying new mousemats for that extra bit of comfort and wrist support.

      The soft, gel hump at the base of the mousemat really provides that extra support you need. It takes away most muscle tension and stress on your wrist. I suffer from repetitive strain injury and some days it can be hard to continue working at my computer. Whenever I start getting pains in my wrist I whip out my belkin gel mousepad instead of using no mousepad.

      I prefer to use the mousepad only when my wrists start to hurt. Reason being that resting your wrist on the gel hump really slows the rate at which you can operate the mouse itself.

      You will find that your mouse easily flows over the surface of the mouespad providing smooth movement for graphic designers and other intricate mouse operations.

      The mousepad is hardwearing and has a large mouse operation area.

      It doesn't seem to attract dust and can easily be brushed clean.


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        05.10.2010 20:06
        Very helpful



        Quality mouse pad with cushion for wrist support

        I had never really thought about the pros and cons of various different mousepads, until I started using one at work and realised just how much better some form of support is for your wrist. Ever since first using a mouse, I have just assumed that my wrist is not under any strain. I couldn't be further from the truth.

        This Belkin wrist rest is very similar to many other rests you may come across, at least in the first instance. Essentially, it's a normal mouse pad, but with a gel filled elongated cushion at one end, designed so you can rest your wrist on the cushion and move the mouse with just as much ease as without one.

        I found that, from new, this was very good indeed, and the moment I actually popped my wrist on it and started using the mouse, my wrist was less tense and it was easier to use my fingers to click. It's almost like when you have regular steering in a car and then get behind the wheel of something with power steering! The difference is immediately noticeable, but there's no way you'd notice it without trying both ways.

        The mouse pad itself is very well designed. There's nothing special about it when you first use it, and indeed it feels very smooth, even though you know there's a series of minute contour differences in order to give the mouse good grip. The base of the pad is firm and will not move around, and this, too, is a plus, considering that there are a lot of mouse pads that move just when you need them not to.

        Really, the focus here is on the cushion, and at first, at least, it's great. I have found that after continuous use, it gets a sort of regular dip in it where I usually rest my wrist. I have been using it for a long time now, and ultimately it has lasted well. It has started to fray at the edges, and no doubt it will only be a matter of a few weeks of absent picking at the frayed bits before I accidentally expose the gel underneath, resulting in the need to buy a new one. This one has stood the test of time, and has come out well. It only costs around the £5 mark, and is well worth it for saving your wrist.

        I really notice the difference when using a mouse without a cushion support now. It feels like I am putting unnecessary pressure on my wrist, and I don't get some of the problems I know others can when using a keyboard and a mouse on a regular basis. I can highly recommend this one, although as my current one dwindles in quality, I've got my eye on a few other designs I have noticed people using at work, and have planned my next purchase!

        Despite the cushion wearing, the pad itself has stood the test of time, and although there are slightly shiny areas where it's too smooth to be perfect control, these are miniscule and rarely make any difference when moving the mouse around. Ultimately, this is a brilliant mouse pad that I can recommend getting. Thumbs up!


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          20.11.2005 00:54
          Very helpful



          Eases the stress on your wrist.

          I was given the Belkin gel mousepad as a gift from my sister,
          I have mild arthritis in my hands and had been using the basic flat as a pancake mousepad for a long time and noticed that my wrist and hand were begining to ache after an hour or so at the computer,

          I mentioned this to my sister who said she would get a gel mousepad for me as she uses this type at work and it gives a really good support to the wrist.

          Since using the gel mousepad I've noticed a big difference,
          I dont get any of the aches anymore and its much more comfortable and easier to use the mouse,
          I've had mine for 7 months, have never had to clean it and it's as good as new.

          The pad measures 25cm x 20cm
          The gel cushion is 8cm wide and 3cm thick
          The cushion is filled with gel which moulds to the contour of your wrist
          The pad is covered in a smooth shiny material which allows the mouse to move around easily
          It is lightweight
          Easy wipe clean

          Navy blue
          Forest green

          Cost £5.
          Computer shops & other high street stores.


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