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Belkin WaveRest Gel Wrist Rest

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    2 Reviews
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      17.07.2010 13:40
      Very helpful



      A small addition to your workspace that can make a big difference.

      I use a computer, on average, about eight hours a day.....which, as I'm sure you can appreciate, is a very significant proportion of my waking life! For this reason, I am keen to incorporate any equipment which makes working at the computer a little more comfortable and user friendly, and it's my experience that a few little changes or additions to my workspace can make the world of difference overall.

      The Belkin Waverest Gel Wrist Rest is one of those simple devices which help to reduce the strain and discomfort if sitting at a computer for hours on end. I am a big fan of Belkin products generally as I believe they tend to be very well designed and good quality - and for this reason, Belkin tends to be my manufacturer of choice for any computer related accessories. I have many Belkin products and I am only very rarely let down or disappointed by my purchase.

      I purchased the Belkin Waverest Gel Wrist Rest from Amazon for £4.99 which was certainly the cheapest price I came across on the Internet. It arrived the next day after I purchased it in accordance with the next day delivery promise.

      The rest itself is black, although it does come in a variety of colours - but I tend to like to stick to neutral colours for technological products. It measures 21 inches x 4 Inches x 1 inch which means that it is slightly longer than the length of the average keyboard. The cushioned aspect of the wrist rest is constructed of gel which means it is soft and springy, but also provides a really good firm support under my wrists. I have used a foam support in the past and I have to say that this design surpasses that one in all aspects.    
      The material that covers the gel is also soft and non-abrasive and so even if you regularly move your wrists while typing, the wrist pad will not rub against the underside of my wrists.......where I find my skin to be very sensitive. Although the material is not waterproof, it can be wiped over with a damp cloth with no problems at all. 

      The bottom of the wrist pad is made of rubber which means it is non- slip and so once you have placed the pad where it's comfortable for you, it will not move unless you deliberately decide to move it.   

      This product does reduce the amount of repetitive strain placed on my wrists when using my computer for long periods of time. I would recommend it for all office workers or for anyone who spends long hours in front of a computer. It is a little and affordable addition that can be made to your working environment that can make a big difference.  


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        09.07.2010 00:54
        Very helpful



        worth your while if your a computer-holic

        I always find that it's the little things that make the big difference in most things.
        Because I'm not the only one that uses our main computer in the house there are others who spend a long time on the computer and just find it a little straining on the wrist after a certain length of time, I do get these wrist pains every now and again but I'm not on the computer long enough to really have a problem, few weeks back when I sat down to respond to some emails, I saw this black keyboard rest just sitting there in front of the keyboard, when I rested my wrists on them to start writing I felt the comfort instantaneously.

        The Belkin waverest gel wrist Rest's measurements are 21inches x 4inches x 1inch as you can tell just from those measurements its of a good size, but when it gets to the weight it is 300grams which in itself is not a lot but for a wrist rest you would expect it to be a bit lighter.
        When you are placing the rest at the base of the keyboard you do notice that its flexible but unless your going to try to use it like a boomerang it really don't matter here or there. As you rest your wrists on them you notice how soft and cushiony it is but also you feel the sturdiness of it, the feel of all of this together feels perfect and would accommodate many people.
        The gel-filled cushion allows your wrists to find a comfortable place however they are placed and that is due to its internal design which is basically material ontop of a rubber base with a gel that is separating the two, and it's this substance that allows the quick and easy comfort your wrist finds with almost every rest.

        Belkin is a company that people are beginning to trust more and more over the years and I have to be honest and say that every product I have happened to purchase of theirs has been of a good quality and a brand name to keep in mind when it comes to computers.
        Belkin design this wrist rest promoting that the way these are designed, they help avoid injuries and guarantee years of use from it before anything starts to effect its performance.

        You can buy the Belkin waverest gel wrist Rest from Amazon for only £7.25 and it is also available in:


        I personally think the price is ok and would be worth the money, now that I have used it and experienced its comfort, I'm more than happy to spend that money (if I had to buy one).

        Final Thought

        This is a great product to have if you spend long hours in front of your computer at home or in the office, making it ideal for where ever you go and require a long session on the computer, you need the Belkin wave rest gel wrist Rest.

        You wont regret it.


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