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Creative Headset HS-300

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2 Reviews

Perfect for Voice-over-IP applications such as Internet voice chat, video conferencing or multi-player Internet gaming. Unique microphone noise cancellation technology eliminates background noise for clearer sound and speech reception. Convenient volume control with mute switch. Ergonomic and light-weight neckband with soft foam cushion ear pads provide stability and comfort during extensive use.

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    2 Reviews
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      24.11.2010 17:09
      Very helpful



      works fine

      I had a creative headset a while back to use for gaming and also for web chats. I didn't mind it and it was a budget priced bit of kit that I got for less than a fiver. I think you can buy it for less now which is great value. I have seen it for less than £4 and think thats very good.

      I had my headset for a good year before I had to replace it and then it was my fault not the headset. I often forgot about the wires and one day I pulled the headset off too quick and the connection to one side got yanked out and my ear phones were ruined.

      I totally blame my heavy handedness for that what happened and not the headset and I would still recommend it as a budget product. I could still use it but wanted to have both sides working and ended up replacing it. My tip would be to make sure you keep in mind that this is wired unlike me and you will be fine.

      The feel of the ear phones was good on this one and the noise cancelling microphone worked well picking up my voice in a clear way with only a bit of muffling if I put it too close to me when I spoke. I think the angle of the microphone was ok for me and I didn't find it hard to move it to get a better fit when I needed to.

      The unit had a helpful volume control and mute switch on it. I found it easy to plug in and go and didn't have any problems with compatibility when I had my headset. I liked the fit of the headset and it felt ok even if I had it on for a long time.

      I found the sound quality was ok and I could hear fine when I used this except after I pulled the wire that time. After that only one side worked for me which was a pain. I liked the easy way you could plug this in and get on with using it because I didn't have to mess about trying to work out what to do with it.

      There was a 2 year warranty with the headset but I couldn't use that because it was my fault the sound packed in. I think that only covered faults with the product that were due to workmanship. The only down side for this is that its wired. At this cheap price its not bad and it works fine.


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      20.03.2006 17:31
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Light,Strong and Very Loud!


      When you're sat there either flying your F-22 lightning 3 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft or sneaking along a ridge so you can snipe at your enemy in HALO or Chatting to your Aunt in Glasgow, you need a good Microphone/Speaker system..... This is it!!

      About The Unit

      The Creative HS-300 is designed for Gaming, Voice Conferences and Internet Phone Calls.

      It sits on your ears with the Band around the back of your head so you don't get that slight pressure across the top of your head all the time.

      Thanks to a Noise cancelling Microphone you get better voice transmissions and less of the "Say that again" comments.

      As with all Headphones it is perfect for use at Home or Work with Maximum privacy that Desktop Speakers can't give you. And with them being Dynamic Technology Headphones you know it's going to be a clear sound no matter what you're doing.

      There's no Software for the HS-300 as it's a Plug'n'Play system that uses your Microphone & Headphone Jacks and doesn't tie up another USB port.

      The HS-300 uses wires so that's one of the things you have to remember as you will forget at times you're wearing anything. I've sat here for hours before and forgotten about them.

      On the wire is a handy little add-on comprising a Microphone Mute Switch & Additional Volume Controls for the Stereo Earphones. (Try turning the volume Right up and hear those Missiles Fly!)
      With a Sensivity of 113dB and an Impedance of 32 Ohms you get a very nice sound.

      The Jack Plugs themselves are Colour-Coded for the Mic & Headphone Sockets to match on most PC/Laptop Systems and Gold-plated ensuring a more reliable connection.(They only work on PC based systems. ( I tried them in my Discman, TV & HiFi and it didn't work))

      The Headphone cord is 8ft (2.4m) long enabling you to move around a bit whilst still using the HS-300 Headset.

      The HS-300 is Extremely Light and weighs less than my Nokia 6610i Mobile Phone at 86g.

      My Opinion

      I needed a Headset Unit that would be comfortable to wear and very easy to use, in fact I like the Hands-Off Aspect so I don't need to "Press to talk". Thankfully with the Mute Switch on the Cord, I've narrowly avoided disaster!

      Athough I looked at several Headsets, I liked the look of the HS-300, nothing fancy, no Infra Red, No "Independently Controlled Speakers and no Band over my Head!

      The HS-300 is a strong headset (My Daughters have gotten hold of them a few times)it's been thrown across the room,dropped, stood on (I Don't recommend doing that on purpose) and the cord has been slammed in a drawer.


      I use the HS-300 every day! for Teamspeak, MSN and Voice-to-Text Functions. I haven't had a problem with it yet!
      Very User-Friendly and Neutral Colours!

      Definatly a Purchase I am very happy to have done!

      I paid £15 for mine and you can pick them up from as little as £5 on E-Bay and up to £30 I saw in one shop!

      The Manufacturer Warranty is 2yrs as Standard and I can say that I doubt I'll need to use it at all

      If I can be cheeky.. Get this Headset, it's spot on and I can't find a major fault with it at all!



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