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Elecom Dimpgel Mouse Pad WTM-DMP04BU

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    1 Review
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      07.10.2010 17:43
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      Circular cushioned mouse pad that's good but not great

      On discovering the delights of using mouse pads with gel cushions for wrist support, it's only fair that somewhere along the way there's something negative, however slight, to be said about them. The Elecom Dimpgel Mouse Pad is very good, something I think is important to say from the start, so any negatives I have are rather small compared to the positives.

      The design is rather quirky, for a start. The pad itself is circular, with the gel cushion set at the base, and the idea is to rest your wrist on this cushion while moving your hand that controls the mouse. Most mouse pads with gel cushions are square or rectangular, but this one has an interesting circular design. It makes it somewhat easier to move around your desk, particularly if there's a fair amount of clutter already on it. It's also quite comfortable to rest on, as what this has that a lot of similar products don't is a dimple in the cushion that's designed to follow the contours of your hand and wrist, making for more comfortable nestling.

      This works to a certain extent, and is very relaxing, but I do tend to move around quite a bit, and find that my wrist can often be at different points of the rest, and the dimple feels a bit funny. I have learnt to move my wrist back to the dimple every time, more out of habit than anything else, but to start with it's a bit tedious.

      The quality of the mousepad itself is high. It's raised, providing help to the wrist support, and has a firm non slip base which means it's not going to move around just when you don't want it to. The surface is sufficiently riddled with tiny dimples just enough to make a good base for any mouse, and it doesn't shine easily either, which I find a lot of mouse pads do. They're great when you first use them, but after time they become shiny and your cursor is flicking all over the screen. This one has quality design and doesn't deteriorate.

      Yet the design does have one element to it that I didn't like, and it's the shape. I guess it's because I'm so used to using square/rectangular mouse pads that have corners. I just can't get my head round the circular edge, and I find myself constantly having to lift the mouse and replace it to go to the four corners of the actual screen. It's an annoying feature that makes me choose other mouse pads over it, to be honest.

      That having been said, it's still a high quality mouse pad, and just because my mouse control means it's not best suited to me, I can honestly say that it's still one I'd recommend. Others have used it and found that the circular shape makes it easier to use, and I can see how my usage just doesn't match the contours. I honestly can't say how much it would cost you right now, although prices can vary from between £5 and £15. Mouse pads have moved on to more ergonomic designs as well, although pads such as this do still retain a level of quality and reliability. Recommended, but not perfect.


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