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Fellowes Mouse Pad With Microban Protection

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    1 Review
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      15.11.2010 11:44
      Very helpful



      Fellowes Gel Mouse-Pad - Elderly wrists will flock to holding their zimmer-frames

      Fellowes Gel Mouse-Pad
      Harry Fellowes founder of Fellowes was established in 1917

      Since the dawning of my adult-hood I kept a miserly watch for any bodily functional deterioration which is destined to occur during each stage of my aging process. Not that I'm too far gone down the track of irreversible aging, I'm fully aware the signs are progressive - one being - comfort. Especially when comfort is so vital while on a workstation, because when you prefer the personalised intimate desktop experience, like I do, surrounded by all that you treasure at arms length; resembling a safe embryonic cocoon; invitation via request only. Basically the only movement warranted is wrist and hand action and eye-ball movement, notably at the same time. Who says that men aren't good at multi-tasking?

      Over time I've been slowly aware that my right handed wrist wasn't what it was, that being, soft, supple and very flexible. I'd noticed changes to my once spongy lower palm, it had hardened up quite considerably, and it predominately was where I rested my lower palm on my slide-out keyboard panel next to the mouse and mouse-pad. Rapid movements whilst working with the mouse caused mild irritation and sometimes made a protruding red area appear, with heed I measured the reddened area and documented the dimensions just in-case any other abnormalities would derive in the same vein elsewhere. One major mistake was searching the internet after a night-out on Jim Bean (it's a whiskey) the horrors that transcended medically kept me staring at my fifty pence sore area for days, and it got redder due to my incessant over examination from testing its hardness.

      After several more sleepless nights pondering possible frightening self diagnosis's - I spoke to a sensible person about my poorly wrist. After the spontaneous hilarity subsided and calmness resumed; it was advised I was to change by faithful 'flat as a pancake mouse-pad' to add support to my aging wrist which had signs of repetitive strain injury - at this point I was resigned to aiding my right wrist and hand to a more suitable, decadent style of living. I had to get a protective mouse-pad gear to provide cushion type support to my decrepit wrist and irritant right palm; this was the first realisation that wrists too, get old. My comfort regime had now gone as far as my wrists. What next, will it be cushioned soled slippers with an internal heater? So I looked up some Fellowes to help me out.

      Fellowes Gel - works in the same means as memory foam. Exactly the same material that expensive bed-ware is made-of for those of you required to really pamper the body from persisting creaking bodily ailments; except my right wrist gets a bed for itself, while working tirelessly, what a contradiction in terms 'bed' and 'work.' The size of the Fellowes Gel mouse-pad: Height - . 875" x Width 8.25" x Diameter 9.875" - Two gel parcels sit at the base of the mouse-pad where you rest you're wrist lower palm; it works as a support pivotal point to the hand holding the mouse. The clever ergonometric padding moves with ease depending where you take the mouse on the pad. It does take about a couple of days to getting use to and in effect the gel has to get to know your wrist positioning also for it to be as smooth as transition as possible. Memory foam has similar traits in use - making the benefits long-term, with comfort and health at the fore of this products unique selling point.

      The common agent working as a foam type product is called polyurethane polymers which were pioneered by German, Otto Bayer (1902 - 1982) in 1937 - this material is in all forms of modern life, and has been a tremendous health addition for the elderly and their dysfunctional joints. Another bonus factor on this product is the Microban is in-built into the mouse-pad to stop a build-up of microbes from festering over time. Impressive foresight considering the product is in constant contact with hands and therefore inevitably bits of unsavoury luncheon and snack particles, something I didn't think about while using a desktop mouse; helping to stop the transmitting of viral infections.

      For he's a jolly good Fellowes

      Priced at 9.99 GBP it isn't just a healthy option for your wrist but also overall, price-wise, it is a five pound bigger investment compared to the average standard mouse-pad - then again the comfort factor over-rides all of that - I've opted for the sky blue so it goes with my eyes. Aesthetically the mouse-pad doesn't look out of place; although the two protruding oblong gel addition (that is supposed to rest below the palm of you're hand while using the mouse) teeters on the geriatric, I can't help but marvel at the simple innovativeness - especially as now comfort is shamefully rising in my lifestyles priorities. Soon I'll be croaking to party revelers, "It's freezing, put a coat on!" - I wonder if Fellowes has thought about 'heated gel mouse-pads?' There is no hope for me is there, although my wrist has improved and lower palm almost back to baby softness.

      This mouse-pad is highly recommended for all wrists.

      Thank you for reading.


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