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Hama Keyboard Pad Pro

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  • Jod done
  • Wheres my pound sign!
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    1 Review
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      23.10.2015 17:10
      Very helpful


      • "Jod done"


      • "Wheres my pound sign!"

      Wheres the bloody pound sign??

      So hands up who has ever managed to purchases a keyboard that allows you to tap out the pound sign first go? No, me neither. They say you have the keyboard on a default US setting and that’s why, but whatever you do, you will never find get the pound sign to work by pressing Control and 3. I currently get a hashtag when I do that, which is not to as bad as I would have no bloody clue how to get a hash tag otherwise. The other classic is when you press Control + ‘ and that ends up as quotation marks and control quotations mark is @. I’m clearly doing something wrong but this happens with every keyboard I have ever had. And it only ever happens with @ and £. I have to cut n paste the pound sign off my toolbar.

      So, apart from that mystery annoyance we also have the age old problem of wearing out the letters and keys on the actual keyboard. The main vowels are first to go followed by S and then T and R and then W, W for being too close to R and S and so on. I have reached that stage and so the new keyboard arrived from Amazon and in place. Unless it’s an Apple Mac these things are extremely generic and anything will go with anything. You don’t need to worry about brands or cost. A basic keyboard is less than ten quid in PC World. If you need a replacement Apple keyboard then you can guarantee the connector port is a different size on those babies. That’s why I have never used Apple products. For brand that’s supposed to be so clever you get some dumb consumers falling for that. And don’t get me started on those welded in Apple batteries you can’t replace!

      This one was £12.99 on Amazon and, as expected, nothing has gone wrong with it. It’s a USB port and pretty basic tech so unlikely to go wrong. They are pretty durable and light with a basic chipboard and plastic frame. The keys make nice happy tapping sounds like a butterfly in tap shoes but not backlit or anything like that. They are not as smooth to the press as I would like so a little tension required to register the word on the screen. Touch typist out there (how do you do that!!!) will probably say it’s not for them as they need that very light touch so to glide over the keyboard for speed.

      Nothing for the blind with this Hama model. Sometimes you get little nodules on certain spaced letters on the keyboard so they know where they are on the keyboard. Mine is in black so you can’t see all the grime and that’s the main reason why white or grey keyboards are always on sale on Amazon. The prices for all colors are set to fall in the coming years as PC usage disappears as tablets and laptops rule the roost and then what ever comes after that. Verbal or retinal instruction keyboards can’t be far away. I would love to talk to my netbook and get it to write for me. I’m guessing there is dictation software out there that can do that. I hope they can correct my grammar and punctuation as well as I still don’t 100% know where a comma is supposed to go.

      It doesn’t heat up and the download disc provided allows you to make some alterations in text and language for the country you live in. I’m guessing my pound sign problem is to do with the wrong kind of default set up and I am in East Coast American time or something. If anyone knows how I can get my pound sign back then please let me know.


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