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Hama Laser Strawberry

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Hama Laser Strawberry - Mouse pad

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    3 Reviews
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      03.12.2010 18:14
      Very helpful



      A good mouse mat

      ~ A fruity little mouse mat~

      I had a Hama Strawberry themed mouse mat some time ago for use with the computer which I bought as I thought it looked rather inviting, fresh and pretty. I also hoped it would be highly useable as the mat had a special non sticky sticking capability that I hoped would keep the mat in place when in use. The look of the mat is attractive with a photograph of some rather juicy looking freshly picked strawberries on the top and that was also something that guided me towards purchasing the mouse mat. The slim feel of the mat was something I worried about at first although I found in use it worked well.

      ~Tell me more?~

      The main points about the mat that stand out aside from the very striking strawberry theme it has are the surface that your mouse glides along on, the sticky yet not sticky grip surface to the underside of the mat, the slim yet useable work surface for your mouse to roll and track on and the fact that the mat is well suited to laser mice due to its special top surface. In practice I found that the strawberry design was attractive and durable, although I did eventually tire of it, there was nothing wrong with it when I swapped it for a new mouse mat.

      The base of the mat with its ability to grip and not slip about when in use was very useful and I found that it was superior to other mats that do not have the same series of small super grip micro dots on the underside. The top surface of the mouse mat can feel a little noisy due to the material used. As the mouse glides across and over the mat it is not as quiet as I have found other mats have been and this is a slight issue in situations where you want to use the mouse with minimum noise interference.

      ~Price, summary, rating~

      The mat is a good size and it allowed me to use the mouse with ease. I found that the mouse didn't stick at all, although it could be a little noisy at times and that might be an issue for some users. I liked the non slip ability the mat had and I was able to lift the mat to clean it and wipe underneath the mat as and when needed with no problems what so ever. Once I placed the mat back down it remained in place as it had previously and did not curl up or slip about. The surface design remained in good condition and as a whole I feel the mat worked as it was meant to when I used it.

      In terms of value for money the mat was reasonably cheap to buy at just under £4. The only set up required is the peeling of the backing on the mat which exposes the micro dots underneath, other than that the mat is quick to set up and use. The mat is very slim and so may not suit certain users or certain computer mice and that has to factored into any purchase. Over all I found the mat was well priced and easy to use and so it gets a 4 star product rating.


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        23.07.2010 23:42
        Very helpful



        A Fruity Looking Mousemat That Does The Job Well

        I've got LOADS of mousemats and most of them came from Poundland, I'm pretty sure this one did but couldn't swear to it. I swap and change my mousemat and have this one out quite a bit for my laptop and the PC. It's a nice mousemat mainly because of how thin it is, it's a lot thinner than the rest of the mousemats I've got and that makes it proper comfortable to use.

        It's got a nice design with fresh looking strawberries all over it, I think it's a bit weird in a way though because most of the strawberries is showing the half that has been cut through instead of the juicy red half! Have a look at the photo Dooyoo have got up and you'll see what I mean because that one's identical to mine!

        My mousemat is a bit different though because according to Dooyoo and a couple of other websites this mousemat should have an adhesive back. Mine hasn't, it's a thin rubber than holds the surface of the table good.... thank god it's not a sticky one because I wouldn't have bought it, I couldn't STAND just using one mousemat all the time and having it stuck in place!

        The surface of the mousemat is quite smooth but very slightly dimply.... and I mean VERY slightly. It's designed to work with a laser mouse and actually doesn't work all that well with the roller ball mouse I use with my laptop sometimes, the ball doesn't grip the mousemat and the mouse isn't as responsive as when I use another mat.

        With my optical mouse it's wicked, the clicks and directions all work quick and you can tell the surface of the mousemat is making the mouse as responsive as it can be.

        Another good thing is that the mousemat has kept it's shape good, the problem with other thin mousemats is that the edges can curl up but this hasn't happened with this one. I can look at some mousemats and i'm kind of only keeping them for sentimentals because they're looking soooooo old, but the glossy finish and rubbery back has kept this one looking brand new even though I've had it for a couple of years now and have used it loads.

        You can get the mousemat on Amazon for £4.00 but NO WAY would I have paid this.... a mousemat has got to be proper special to pay more than a quid for it and this isn't all that! Reckon it would have been a Poundland bargain like most of my mousemats!



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        26.03.2008 13:12
        Very helpful



        The Only Mouse Mat You Will Need

        The Hama Laser Strawberry mouse mat is a eye catching mouse mat with practical use. I actually bought this because was in one of those discount baskets at my local PC shop.

        This mouse mat is designed especially for laser mice as you get perfect control of your cursor on screen. It sits on a thin pad which wont feel bulky. The coated material on top is special for the laser to work on properly and has excellent grip on the surface. The adhesive bottom side helps the mat hold it in place when in use. Also the mouse mat comes in various design prints from strawberries to lemons and flowers. This simply looked ok to me so i got this one with strawberry design.

        Compared to other mouse mats this one is different not only because its designed for laser mice, it is hard wearing and can use it for years. The mouse mat i had before wore down in a few months and was abit bulky. Also my previous mouse mat the corners of it started to roll back and it always came in the way when i used it. It felt as though my mouse mat was shrinking! So thats why this is a good, hard wearing mouse mat.

        Main features and functions:
        - Thin pad
        - Special material for controled surface
        - Designed for laser mice
        - Perfect grip
        - Adhesive bottom side

        Overall the Hama Laser Strawberry mouse mat is very simple and effective. As stated before i bought this from the local PC shop, it was in a bargain basket for only 50p. I needed a mouse made so i thought i might aswel buy it.


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    • Product Details

      Hama is committed to developing and delivering products that achieve the highest performance at a most competitive price, within easy reach of everybody. Hama has dedicated manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world to meet the needs of all its customers for years to come.


      Very thin mouse pad;
      Special surface material for exact scanning and precise control;
      Especially suitable for laser mice;
      Perfect grip on desktop through adhesive bottom side;