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Hama Mouse Pad Pro Flames

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    1 Review
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      07.08.2010 12:46
      Very helpful



      Another Wicked Mousemat From Hama!

      I've got quite a lot of mousemats, nearly a whole drawer full actually..... when I see a cheap one that I like I buy it and then it might only get a couple of days use because I've got so many! I've ended up with quite a few Hama mousemats because the shop by me sells them pretty cheap and they're quite often on special offer, this one was from Amazon though and cost about £9.00..... which is LOADS more than I would usually spend on a mousemat.

      It looks exactly like the one in the photo Dooyoo have got up, the mousemat isn't all that bright even though the main colour is orange. It's got a bit of a kidney shape and there is a wrist pillow at the bottom of the mat. This one is really just suitable for right handed people because of the shape of it, and also the fact that the pillow feels too weird to use for left handed people..... I'm right handed but my aunt is left handed and she can't use this mousemat comfortable at all.

      The wrist pillow is made out of memory foam and that's useful for when you're using your mouse a lot in one go, it stops you getting that achy feeling in the tendons at the bottom of your wrist and moulds itself to the shape of your wrist. The wrist pillow is just the right height and it doesn't feel weird to use like some of these ergonomic mousemats.

      The only bad thing about this mousemat for me is that it's covered in like a fabric material. That means that over time it's going to get grubby and there's no way you will be able to wash it, I've had fabric mousemats before and once they DO start looking dirty they will start looking sooooooo grotty that I just want to get rid of them.

      The bottom of the mousemat is made of a rubbery non slip material and that works well, the mousemat stays where it's put and doesn't start slipping and sliding all over my computer desk. My optical mouse grips onto the fabric covering of the mousemat nicely but I reckon a ball mouse would stuggle because it feels quite slippery to the touch, I've had these fabric mousemats before when I still had a ball mouse and they're not much good because the ball can't get the right grip to move the mouse smoothly.

      I deffo recommend this mousemat, it's majorly comfortable to use and looks wicked sitting on my computer desk. It's a bit expensive considering you can buy mousemats in the pound shop these days but for such an attractive design I reckon it's well worth the extra money.



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