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Kensington Hypermood

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2010 20:59
      Very helpful



      fun mouse mat

      I had one of the hyper mood colour changing mouse mats a while back and it was great fun to use. The mat was easy to work with and had the added bonus of changing colour when an object was placed on its surface.

      You could put your hand on it and it would change to show the outline of your hand on the mat. I think it was very clever and I had a lot of fun messing about making colour change imprints on it when I first got it.

      The colour change idea is very cool but the mouse mat also worked ok with my mouse as well. I got this as a gift and I don't know how much it cost but I would be happy to pay £3 or £4 for one of these.

      The top of the mouse mat was a black colour when it was at its normal temperature but it could change when it reacted with an object of a different temperature placed on the surface. It even made a few paw prints when one of the cats walked over to say hi when I was using it. Very cool.

      I think the mouse mat was a good dual purpose mat. It worked fine with my mouse and I could scroll down and click with no problems when I used it on this mat. I think its great fun too and can be a bit of a stress buster when you use it because it is a bit of fun.

      I think my hyper mood mouse pad was heat sensitive because it had special liquid crystal stuff in it that made it change colour when it reacted to temperature change. The info said it can change depending on a users mood but really its only heat sensitive on the top of the mat. It can't judge how you feel.

      I think the size of the mat was ok it was about 25 by 20 cms and that was enough to let my mouse work well. The mouse didn't get caught or stuck on this mat and the surface was good. I think it was flat, even and easy to roll the mouse over. Well it was until I put my warm mug on it to test it out, big mistake.

      I had to get rid of the mat after I spilled my mug of hot chocolate all over it and that was a shame. The chocolate made a right mess of the mat. After that it had a funny musty smell even when I wiped it down and rinsed it and chocolate powder bits on it. It was never as good after that but that was my fault not the mats.

      I would recommend the mat because it works fine and is good fun to use. Don't drink tea or warm milky drinks that can get spilled with the mat other wise it will end up like mine did and have to be put in the bin.


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