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Kensington Mouse Wrist Pillow

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    2 Reviews
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      28.10.2010 11:12
      Very helpful



      works very well for us

      Kensington sounds dead posh doesn't it? Kensington make many accessories for PC and Macs and do a vast selection of mouse mats. This is one mouse mat that we have for our work and it is a delight to use. Breaking away from the conventional flat vinyl mat, this mat is designed to offer comfort and stability while working for longer periods.

      The mat can be bought for between five to seven pounds online and I believe that the mat comes in a variety of different colours too. The bold colours stay true and the one we have had has not lost any of the colour, though the central section of the mat has deepened with a blacker colour from there the mouse has been busy over months of moving back and forth.

      The surface area has a weird feel, it is soft, squidgy and almost felt like. When you run your finger across the mat, the mat has a slight textured grainy effect and it is rather soothing to get the nails into this and rub it back and forth. With a built in cushioned pad at the side, you can rest the wrist for periods on this piece so that your arm does not go dead while you type. While it can be awkward at first getting the positioning of the arm right, you will feel comfortable with the set up.

      The mouse we use on this pad glides effortlessly around and the pad also keeps free from dirt and crumbs and can be easily cleaned with a few shakes. As for for the size of the pad, this is spot on I would say, perhaps an inch more would have allowed for that bit more room, but it is quite workable. Overall, a high performance mat that is ideal for working on.


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      04.10.2010 19:41
      Very helpful



      It works and reduces wrist stress


      When one gets to a certain age things or rather parts tend to start to show signs of wear and tear. Knees start to strain at the stress of most probably carrying too much weight. Back maybe plays up now and then.

      And if like me you are using your computer a lot then the wrist might have the odd tendency to get a bit tired. All these symptoms although primarily associated with age, can also be produced by repetitiveness. According to them in the know there is now a thing called RSS Repetitive Stress Syndrome.

      Heck they come up with some high tech names for lots of things these days, and a lot of it I just don't listen too. Don't drink the water don't do this don't do that. We'd end up doing nothing and eating nothing if they had their way.

      However sometimes I am inclined to believe them and in the instance of tired aching and sore wrists I tend to think they might just be right. Luckily there are many inventive and clever people about so anytime we are told there is some kind of problem, the inevitable happens and a solution arrives.

      Many times the solution isn't actually required, it's simply been created for an in reality non-existing complaint. A waste of time in other words.

      The Pain

      In all honesty we all have probably at some time or another suffered some kind of wrist pain whilst wheeling the mouse all over the mouse mat to get it into the chosen position. In doing so you have moved your wrist into positions it might only encounter now and then, in which case there would not be a problem.

      In over using the wrist as it were you have created a strain on a part of the wrist called the carpal tunnel. I'm not going to get all medical for 1. I don't possess all the knowledge required to impart a totally accurate picture and 2. It would most probably bore the pants of you; suffice to say some very important parts travel through this tunnel to control both your wrist and hand. It is roughly located around where you might expect to get your pulse taken.......................no not your neck, your wrist.

      In using your wrist more frequently than might be considered normal this tunnel gets restricted and causes problems with hand and wrist control, and in doing so can cause some considerable pain.

      Having something to rest your wrist on and relieve some of the strain can dramatically help, but continuing in the manner to which you have become accustomed might lead to something more serious than just a sore wrist, and might necessitate the need for surgery. This is in really serious cases, so don't go getting all worried up cause you've got a sore wrist, as in a lot of things prevention and a little aid can make a big difference.

      The Product

      Well it doesn't really look anything special being that t is a mouse mat with a serious lump at one end. It works just as every other mouse mat works but the lump can significantly reduced pain and helps avoid anything more serious.

      The raised portion at the end or the lump as I have named it, is covered by the same material as the mouse mat and this your wrist pretty much stay where you want it. Had the covering been something more shiny or slippery this product probably would have failed.

      It does take a little getting used to resting your wrist on the lump and moving the mouse as normal from this position rather than using your arm and wrist to motion it into place. I can't see any reason why a combination of your old method and this shouldn't provide some kind of relief, but I think that using it all the time does provide far better results.

      I no longer walk away from the computer shaking my wrist to try and get rid of pain or simply to wake it up. These mats retail at a couple of quid, which is small price to pay for a little wrist comfort and easing of any pain.

      The lump supports well and is filled with a foam like substance, which forms around a little to aid in the comfort. As I mentioned it is a little uncomfortable to start with, awkward is probably more accurate, but this is not the mats fault, this is because you've spent months or years raising and dripping a wrist so that feels like the norm.


      Not everyone is going to have pain, some are probably just getting little twinges here and there, and some might only be able to spend short times at their computers because of quite bad pain. This mat has definitely helped my pain and I believe it will do similar for others in a similar situation. I have to recommend this, it's cheap effective and although it might not be as pretty as some other mouse mats, it IS going to help. It's pretty well made and should last you a while. It can be wiped clean if a spillage occurs.


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