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Wacom Graphire2

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    1 Review
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      11.02.2011 01:20
      Very helpful



      A pen for your tablet

      The not-very-excitingly-titled 'EP-120EST' is the standard stylus pen which arrives with Wacom's Graphire2 tablet. Made from grey plastic, the pen is roughly the length and width of a regular biro (145 x 12.5mm), albeit a little chunkier. The EP-120EST is comfortable to hold, feeling nice and lightweight at only eleven grams. Halfway down the pen's shaft is a double blue rocker switch, whilst another button sits at the end where a pencil's eraser would be - more about both of their functions later.

      Price & Availability
      - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Prepare to be shocked... the cost of this plastic, digital writing implement is rather high. Some retailers are currently selling the device for £39, which is a lot when you consider the fact that you're investing in a small amount of plastic. That said, you can get hold of the EP-120EST for a more reasonable sum should you shop around - the lowest price I've seen new is £20, athough eBay prices can be considerably less. My advice would be to not lose the original EP-120EST in the first place, and then you won't need to pay through the nose for this replacement.

      Using the Graphire2 Pen
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      It should be pointed out that the pen doesn't require a power source to function, as it works in collaboration with the Grahire2 tablet which draws its power from USB. The EP-120EST's plastic nib is nice and strong, and hasn't shown any signs of wear in the six years that I've owned it. The side buttons and 'eraser' that I mentioned in the opening paragraph can be assigned a number of functions relating to the product's operation, depending on your individual preference. When I use Adobe Photoshop, I have the eraser assigned to... well, erase - In other words, I can digitally draw with the nib side of the pen, but when I turn it round and apply pressure to the tablet, Photoshop's eraser function will be automatically selected. All the buttons can be set via the Wacom software which ships when you buy the tablet.

      Final Word
      - - - - - - -
      The EP-120EST is a long lasting replacement product which is comfortable to use - not only is it compatible with the Graphire2, but also the majority of Wacom's other tablets. The only downside is the high price, although as previously mentioned, eBay prices are much more reasonable.


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