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Saxon Insurance

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Insurance company specialising in student insurance

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      07.06.2001 05:39
      Very helpful



      Heard of Endsleigh? (If you're a student you have!!) Ok, now forget that name and learn this one....Saxon. Heard of them before? Well I hadn't and I will tell you what happened to me?.(drift off into a daze and picture myself 6 months ago) If you can remember back to just before Christmas there were reports of floods everywhere. In my area, Wolverhampton, they suspected there was going to be quite bad flooding. "Oh no!" I thought panicking, as I have double door window thingeys leading outside from my bedroom and I'm on the ground floor: so if we got flooded I'd be screwed basically! Luckily this situation gave me a good kick up the bum to get some insurance at last. So I began the process of sorting out my insurance. First of all, How much would I need to cover? Well after adding everything up I estimated I would need a value of at least £6000. Firstly I looked up Endsleigh's price. Around £110. Well I thought I could do better than that! Next I phoned HSBC as I bank with them and they do student insurance. It would have cost £106 and I got a bit of an impolite order. "Sorry, we only cover up to £5000." "But I need about £6000 worth of coverage" "Well Miss Curtis. You are a student and we would strongly advise you to take home anything over the £5000 limit." "But this is my home now, I have more or less moved out of my family home. I don't have an 'official' bedroom at home" "Well we do not give more than £5000 cover out to students". Well stuff you then!! I thought. I CAN do better!!! Also, I must add both Endsleigh and HSBC would only cover single items up to £250. Not good considering that this included my videos and DVDs as collections not single items, but also my DVD player which was over £250 when I bought it. So anyway, onward the phoning went. I contacted all the usual companies; and they all basical
      ly said "No! We don't cover students". Then one nice lady, who I can't remember which company it was, told me that you have to insure your stuff through your parents home insurance. I was a bit confused, but at least someone had finally told me no one could help! Anyway, I have detracted a bit. I then remembered that I had been given a bundle of information and leaflets when I first moved into halls. Too cut an already long story short (too late) I phoned Saxon Insurance - and they could help me. And I DID do better! Saxon are designed specifically for students. They can give you insurance in your student house or in halls (against fire, theft etc.) They also do a kind of student life insurance I suppose you could say (in case you harm yourself) and also the Fee and Loan insurance (where if you die/have an accident etc. they pay your debts). Here is a quote from their literature to give you a quick idea "Uni-Shield - this award winning plan can protect parents and students throughout the whole period of study. Cover includes liability for tuition fees, accommodation charges and student loans should a student fail to complete the course." I only have insurance for my belongings, so unfortunately I can't comment on the other things in terms of price or what they specifically include. So then money! Ok, I wonder if you're dying to know how much better I did?? How does £43 for a year sound? Well extremely good to me! Saxon's prices start from £18 per year. This covers you for up to £250 per item. And yes, each single video or DVD or CD counts as one item! They don't do it by a "If your postcode is this?" they are just basic amounts and I think are the same for halls or houses. Computers are a basic £10, but for each additional £10 you pay, the cover goes up. For example; I pay £10 for the computer insurance then an extra £10 so that my computer
      is insured up to £1000 and all other items are put up to £500. (Good for my DVD player!) and I also wanted my guitar insured. So for £5 I got that insured for a year. So this is the cost broken down: Basic package £18 Computer £10 Extra cover £10 Guitar £5 Total for one years insurance £43 My cover does include a £50 excess - however as I only pay £43 a year and *if* I get broken into etc. I will have to pay another £50, bringing the total to £93, its still cheaper than buying elsewhere and includes more cover! You can also have your bike, your sports equipment, basically anything insured. And it all seems at a pretty reasonable cost. You can equipment insured for around the country also, instead of just your accommodation, so if you take your equipment elsewhere then you'll know it's covered. My boyfriend and another friend of mine also got insurance from Saxon after I'd told them how cheap it was, and both have insured different types of things (blokey more guitars and amps, friend camera's and stuff) and both say that it seems cheap. After I phoned and sorted everything out (they take credit cards as payment too!) I was insured as soon as the payment was received (so basically immediately!) and I received the forms explaining everything within a week. I must add here, I fortunately haven't had to claim (obviously I am hoping I will not have to claim because I like my things and I hope nothing will happen to them : ) ) So I cannot comment on what they're like when you need to claim and stuff, but the staff all seem pretty helpful and happy when you ring up. They have won awards aswell for their service, in 1999 and 2000 so that's encouraging for us all! Well it certainly pays to ring around!! I'm glad I found them and I hope more people will use them, as I don't think they are that well heard of
      . You might get a bargain too! They can be contacted on 0116 264 4618 and their website is www.saxoninsurance.com If you read my last update then you'll know that it looked a little like it all went a bit pear-shaped when that insurance place went into liquidation...However! I have a renewal letter from them and it all seems fine now. They are now underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance. And my renewal amount is £43!!


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